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>tfw forever 9dan

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Just practice more 12s bro

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Sup /jp/,

I started playing IIDX again a few weeks ago after being out of scene for a few of years. I last played around the time Pendual was released.

I picked up the Sinobuz offline server, and have a few questions since I haven't been able to find any kind of documentation for it.

1. It looks like I can manually set some settings in the xrpcd-iidx24-config.xml, but there's a couple of things I'm not sure what I would enter for the values. Mainly I want the simple note skin, and the small note burst (not sure what exactly it's called, but the visual effect that plays when you press a key)

2. Every so often the game will crash after I enter the PIN for my card. The only fix for it I've found is restoring my xrpcd-iidx24-config.xml from an older copy. Is there a way to prevent this?

3. Score data seems to bugged. Some songs will have maxed out scores on difficulties I haven't even played yet, and it seems to randomly forget songs that I've played. My DJ points will sometimes even subtract after a session. I also can't use the personal best pacemaker, since even on songs that it has a saved score for, the pacemaker starts at a score of 0. Can this be fixed?

Appreciate any help.

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at least i have timing...

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>sdvx babbies

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If you are on the offline server make sure you don't fuck around with other modes, stick with premium free, otherwise you'll fuckup your data.

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How is this hard?

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How do I explain to my gf how to get better timing?

I’ve tried teaching her how to count music and how to listen to the beat n shit, but she just potatoes as soon as consistent 8th notes come in, for literally any rhythm game.

Also my girlfriend does not have a penis. Thank you for asking.

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Because it's fast as shit, making it not only physically hard to hit but also dense as hell to read. Don't pretend like you'd hit that with no problems.

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Is that Lowermost Revolt? Ganbare sdvx kun.

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Looks like HE4VEN mxm to me.

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>256 BPM 8th chords in a repeating 4-2-2-4-2-2 pattern where you don't even need to move your hands

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Was your girlfriend born with a penis?

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She was not.

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is popn harder than iidx

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IIDX SP and pop'n are probably mostly comparable, but IIDX DP is definitely harder.

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Why do the top players use Hard gauge instead of Normal or Ex-Hard?

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Because Hard is easier than both Normal and EX-Hard.

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pursuing timing in IIDX gave me a new appreciation of music and rhythmic patterns

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>that 30 year old boomer that still plays DDR

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I’m not a IIDX main but is this what this game does to you?

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because 11s and 12s are dense enough that even the best of players can slip up for half a second and fail on ex hard and that could potentially cause you to lose an otherwise good random/score/etc.

whereas if you're good you can play everything on hard gauge and never fail

tldr exhc bad meme

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Give me info on how to time

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notice how it is only written in english? autismal western players love to get mad at video games

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Find your optimal setup for hitting pgreats and try to hit pgreats.

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It's the part before the lanes go away yeah.

For some reason I can use my left thumb in pop'n or SDVX or jubeat but not IIDX.

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>notice how it is only written in english?
Are you blind?

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play and hit pgreats and focus on hitting pgreats and when you hit a pgreat think about what you had to do to do that, then figure out how to replicate it

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Nigger did you see the words tech support anywhere in this thread?
You wanna know why?
Because tech support ain't our fuckin business, that's why.

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Are you sure? Have you asked her?

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t. can't read chink

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What should I be aiming my green number for? I use 307 and 225 white with sudden+. Also is using headphones bad for timing since you can't hear your keys?

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Green number is just down to preference. Mine ranges from 286 to 304 depending on the density of the chart. I can get decent scores with headphones on (A couple 95s on 8s, 9s, but nothing major) but I haven't really tried playing with my speakers for an extended period of time so feel free to experiment with that.

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>where you don't even need to move your hands
Seriously? Nigga, okay, pop'n is the harder game, but implying that it's child's play is just fucking silly. Even mid-tier inf dans struggle with that part. It's not an overly complex pattern, but the speed makes up for it. Really, you should try to play it and see for yourself. I hate this "heh, my game's harder than your game attitude".

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I have just after reading this. She told me no. I will settle for that answer and live happily in ignorant bliss.

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Your post isn't saying much other than that your average Inf dan isn't very good at pressing buttons, which isn't shocking information. You should probably get used to the fact that there will always be people that think what you think is hard is easy. There is a 10 in IIDX that has comparable patterns, at the exact same BPM even.

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I had a look at it, that's nowhere near as hard mate. I don't think you understand this as well as you pretend to. These are jacks of 4, with something that you can presumably alternate with both hands. The pattern on HE4VEN MXM is continuous 258 bpm 1/8th jacking with alternating between BT and FX, so good luck having the wrist speed for that.

You sound like a cheeky IIDX 8th dan to me who thinks he'd be the shit at anything button related in SDVX.

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Sure, it's not exactly as hard since it's not as continuous, but it's the first similar example from IIDX I could think of, since I already provided one from pop'n. Assuming you hit FX with thumbs and BT with index and middle fingers, a comparable pattern in IIDX with 1048 style would be 1346-25-25-1346-25-25. Just jam it.

>something that you can presumably alternate with both hands

>so good luck having the wrist speed for that
A pattern like this is best done with the arms and not the wrists. Maybe that's why you're struggling.

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Okay. That is epic.

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>Even mid-tier inf dans struggle with that part.

voltex-only players struggle with fucking "day 1 stepmania lesson" daiuchuu stage they have no fuckin clue how to hit buttons lmfao

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really dumb when people try to argue about which game is 'harder' im decently achieved in ddr, iidx, and sdvx but never did i decide i liked a game better cause it was 'harder'. playing with a broken controller is harder. if a game is easier, it just means you can go farther with it and push the boundaries even more. dp is definitely harder than sp but that doesnt mean its as fun or interesting. theres really limited ways to hit patterns so theres not much way to be creative with how you play since both hands are just planted on each set of keys. not to down dp players, im just saying that 'harder' doesnt mean better or more interesting. i love most bemani and am unsure why people try to shit on other peoples games

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>tfw you're an sdvx-only shitter
I just play this game for the genesis cards tbqh.

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What are you on about? If we're talking about players with no prior button vsrg experience, they'll hardly have played difficult buttons charts when they start out with 17's. The difficulty of the game up to that point lies in learning patterns and pressing shit with one hand while doing lasers with the other. Daiuchuu is a sudden difficulty spike in button focus, so no shit they're struggling, you retard.

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im saying "voltex players struggle with this button pattern" is an obvious statement because relative to every rhythm game that uses pushbuttons, voltex only players are bad at pushing buttons

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Not if they're already well into 19's. The focus shifts at that point, lasers become less relevant, and you have shit like Blastix Riotz, Dyscontrolled Galaxy, FUP etc.

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best SDVX girl

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I just play it because I like the feeling of being perpetually on crack.

>> No.19296480

I’ve pretty much established her as the “Penoeri” waifu, despite being featured on a couple of songs that aren’t done by him.

Speaking of which, Penoeri and Camellia both deserve a 20.

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>camellia deserves a 20
he already got one

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>lanes don’t even disappear

Nice try Camellia

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I thought it was the girl in black. Both are fine though.

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I think it’s because I find PV to be the epitome of SDVX music.

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>1 month without playing IIDX

Might as well retire at this point. There's no way of derusting before killing myself out of frustration.

>> No.19298923

but you will be better after you derust

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>keep seeing the same player on the scoreboard after a song
will they be notified in game that i added them as a rival in iidx?

>> No.19299751

daily reminder the "best" rhythm game has mendes black and special summer campaign pegged as the same difficulty

>> No.19299754

They won't be notified per se but there is a page on the web ui on Arcana that shows a list of people who have you rivaled.

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>i invested enough time into this game to get to playing 12s but it's too much work to look at a community tierlist or use the in-game clear rate sort

>> No.19300435

>community tierlist
Whats that site again, I forgot.

>> No.19300443

there's more than one but iidx12.tk is really nice since it's a tier list + clear tracking solution that works regardless of whether you're on official eamuse or not

>> No.19300646

SDVX used to have the same problem until IV.

>Gott EXH was the same level as Black Emperor GRV

>> No.19301113

Only noobs and shitters care about the arbitrary difficulty numbers that are assigned to the songs. I've cleared some baby 12s on DP and wouldn't disagree one bit if they were all rerated to 11s. Who cares.

>> No.19301763


>1500 notes vs 2600 notes

hmm its almost like there is an ingame stat you can use to determine which songs of the same difficulty are harder or easier...

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does anybody wanna be my friend?

i try to socialize in public discords but theyre gay. i want someone i can spam with scores who will act like they care

i like sdvx and ddr and iidx

>> No.19302386

What is that, whiteout? I think I’m having that same problem at the intro but usually I make up for it with the rest of the song.

>> No.19302448

I will be your friend! Post your discord and I'll add you

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theres a cheatcode but you get tons of nears. alternate abr, abcd on eighth notes

are you already my friend? i feel like you are

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no bully pls and ty, please add

>> No.19302525

fuck off discordnorms

>> No.19302543

Oh waaait a minute, it’s just 8th notes on your left hand and triplets on your right. Damn I’m stupid.

>> No.19302547

*16th notes on your left

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did you change your mind

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i feel like sdvx's ratings were actually in need of a fix because that game basically started at 14 while iidx's difficulty is a much more gradual curve and 12s really are the only point where you can begin to argue that "many" of the ratings are confusing

there are obviously weird outliers in the lower ratings, like silvia drive spn or four-leaf spa or 3y3s spn or burning heat spa but it doesn't really matter as long as a new player doesn't get caught up on them and feel bad for being unable to do it

>> No.19303795

which chart is this, it looks fun

>> No.19303813

恋はどう?モロ◎波動OK方程式!! (sp another)

it's often referred to as science pop by western players (see filename) because that's the genre in pop'n and it was in that game first

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I finally hit sdvx 11th dan on an official cabinet after moving to an area that actually has music game cabs. Coming from playing for about a year on kshoot and our bowling alley's broken bootleg cabinet, I feel liberated. But now I realize how shit unlocking blaster gate is going to become since the cab I used to play on just had everything unlocked.

>> No.19303986

hmm it's almost like the game doesn't show you this stat until you've already wasted a credit playing the song

>> No.19304450

Play while blaster accel is on and forget about it when it's off

>> No.19304634


>> No.19304636

>tfw got rekt at revolver

I blame Maxima's ass

>> No.19304673

Better take advantage of accel, bro. We haven’t had one for like two years.

>> No.19305006

how long is it untill?

>> No.19305309

The 5th of July

>> No.19305835

What songs should I pritoritze blasting? I'm currently 10dan gold wings and have blasted all of the 11dan stuff. Should I be doing the unlock chains for the 20s or the other 19s in inf dan courses

>> No.19306010

If I want to play Taiko with TJAPlayer3, is there really no song pack out there? Having to download everything individually sucks dick.

Also, where the fuck do I get a decent skin?

>> No.19306105

I personally priorize blaster gate since the damage done is cumulative throughout the day, cause then ODim is a one and done deal.

>> No.19306603

Is DDR still dead?

>> No.19306893

Last update was a week ago, but they were just songs from the Touhou event from 3 years ago. In Between is the only new thing we've had since Reach The Sky, Without you.
There really hasn't been much in the way of DDR exclusive content in the past year. However, we still get crossovers from time to time. So, it just largely depends on your definition of dead.

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>Neo Gravity EXH

>> No.19309090

is pump it up fun

>> No.19309103

Someone on Niconico asked what is PIU. The answer they got was beatmania for your feet.

>> No.19309354

it's fun yeah it's got most of the fun elements of both itg and ddr charting in one game

>> No.19309448

iidx makes me want to gouge my eyes out, chop off my hands, and de-brain myself

>> No.19309893


Its got the best doubles, by far.

However, it can get frustrating because Andamiro has a really different approach to how they think rhythm games should work.

>> No.19311396

is it like in djmax where nightmare sc jacks are literally too fast for humans to hit

>> No.19311785

Now this is some DDR tier gimmick.

>> No.19313322

Downloading Black Square pack here we go!
Respect officially best console music game in the market.

>> No.19313433

that final track crash sums it up so well

>> No.19314414

>Heart of Witch
Not bad at all. Took them a little too long.

>Respect officially best console music game in the market
What the fuck did it even compete with? Crappy Taiko ports?

>> No.19314518

respect is a quality rhythm game but i don't think it's fair to compare it to console games because there was never a better rhythm game on a console that wasn't an arcade port

>> No.19314531

>tfw just discovered about DANCERUSH
>wtf, this looks fun
>tfw another game I'll never play

>> No.19314546

yeah it's great

move to a real country

>> No.19314626

>beat RD mission on the black square pack

Suddenly Glory Day played live video

That was neat I guess. They keep adding those weird twists with each dlc content. I would also fuck the singer, preferably, while in cosplay.

>> No.19314764

>move to a real country

>> No.19314926

good luck, anon

>> No.19314937

are there any other interesting unlocks in those missions?

>> No.19315160

Not that I've seen.
Still trying to figure what "The Other" is of this Link disc trophy set and how to obtain the Metro Project plate.

Does anyone know? I cleared both Metro Project missions but I don't think that's it.

>> No.19316277

what was musynx designed to be played with? The Switch touch screen, DS4, or something else?

>> No.19316911

Why the FUCK does the NA PS store take forever to release dlc?

>> No.19318291

the console version is obviously made to be played like djmax. I heard they are even going to include similar vertical style theme in updates. Though its playable with the touch screen too but I'd say mobile version is better for it.

>> No.19318373

Tbh I don't want to help you here. Maybe else where but no.

>> No.19318389

I bought a FPS. Waiting for it to arrive.
Anyone got a feedback about this controller?

>> No.19318459

It's good except I keep hitting the start button while scratching

>> No.19318671

I have an fp7 and i also do that. I guess it's a shitty players' problem

>> No.19320744

how do i do a crossover

>> No.19320758

practice the motion
watch others do it
get used to trusting your feet to know where the panels are so you don't miss
practice shifting your weight distribution on your legs (and the bar if applicable) so that you can do them on reaction instead of planning
practice lifting one or both hands off the bar for specific crossover patterns, if necessary

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>AA failed For ultraplayers EXH
>try it again
>it's even worse

>> No.19322675

im the only 6th dan who can AAA 8s and 9s right? please validate my laughable career

>> No.19322683

i could do that when i was 6dan

>> No.19322777

>6th dan
Not relevant until you achieve 7dan+

>> No.19322814

Is there anywhere else to get assistance

>> No.19322816

guess i will be irrelevant forever then, i am never touching dan-i mode ever again

>> No.19322871

Play 7dan on mirror
The pattern's easier that way and you're probably mindblocked on it anyway

>> No.19322872

Go to your local site for pigs. Not here.

Keep trying my dude. The Safari feels like a finger curling chart.

>> No.19322891

As you should. Dan ranks don't mean shit unless you somehow play exclusively non-ran.

>> No.19322895

not caring about dan mode will make you objectively a better player

>> No.19322915

IIRC there's a 10dan guy in SDVX with 9600 volforce. That's better than some inf-dans

>> No.19322946
File: 122 KB, 600x450, 69381668_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19322965

Ought to mention SUIRI too, then. 11th with 10144.

>> No.19323598
File: 20 KB, 333x349, [Ohys-Raws] Hisone to Masotan - 10 (BSFUJI 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_12.49_[2018.06.14_16.49.19].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ctrl + f chunithm
>0 results
why the lack of love?

>> No.19323619

Only a select few can actually play it.

>> No.19324470

it looks harder than it is

>> No.19324597

Because 1 country on the planet can play it?

>> No.19325338

huh I thought chunithm was a more universal thing
Do other countries not have mai mai or gitadora either?

>> No.19325803

How? Whats your setup like, I swear I cant AAA because of mine

>> No.19325866

Really popular in Thailand, probably HK and TW too.


But Chunithm is really Japan only thanks to licenses and shit.

>> No.19326482

Do other countries have nostalgia?
It's pretty much chunithm w/ different songs and no aerials

>> No.19326615

Not in Thailand yet

>> No.19326655

Do European or American countries not have arcades?

>> No.19326714

100g springs and 50g switches. Though I have AAAs on my local arcades too with their worn down springs and lighter switches. It's not so much about the setup but rather working on timing and scores every session.

>> No.19326770

Dunno about Europe but there's Round 1 in the US.

>> No.19327541
File: 318 KB, 1000x1200, weg museca.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know I should've saved up for Taiko no Tatsujin instead, but I just can't help it

>> No.19327548

Flipland have ONE nostalgia arcade, and it's in the most inaccessible place in the capital city

>> No.19328138 [DELETED] 

I guess thats why people never reply to my chunithm threads, no chunithm or similar games exist outside japan
from what I heard its a bit on the easy side but how is it?

>> No.19328150

It's shaping up to be a good beginner's Otoge. It will get overshadowed if anything big like DJMax Switch Portable comes in, but for now, it's the most serviceable Switch rhythm game that rivals Deemo

>> No.19328165

I guess thats why people never reply to my chunithm threads, no chunithm or similar games exist outside japan
so is it worth the price for someone who's more used to harder games?
Also i deleted my last post because i thought i shouldve worded it better

>> No.19328213
File: 30 KB, 601x695, wonder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, I'd like to say yes. I haven't scored high 6K above lv 7 (highest is lv 10), so there's still a good deal for me to improve.

It's good to mention that, aside from 93 songs, there will be DLC songs on future updates, all of which are free.

>> No.19330833

Is trying hard 18s or 19s and getting BTFO the only way to git gud?

t. 8754 volforce 10dan

>> No.19331338

whats the difference between musynx and musync?

>> No.19331359
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>> No.19331471

even danevo seems to get more plays than dance rush now that the initial hype has worn off. big swing and a big miss by konami?

>> No.19332028

>100g springs and 50g switches
I guess the only way to try these is to take a gamble and buy them. Where can I buy these for my fp7?

>> No.19332676

Dunno wtf you’re talking about, Dance Rush is killing it here.

>> No.19332889

some people just have no sense of rhythm. there's nothing you can do

>> No.19333003

>dance rush
>not popular
Are you just some idiot that cant running man?

>> No.19335958

Your keysetup has nothing to do with timing just git gud lol! Also dans before kaiden dont matter.

>> No.19336081

there is an inherent bonus to teaching them literally any instrument first

>> No.19336167

yeah timing easy stuff can be done on anything from light to heavy setups although most players are going to have an easier time scoring hard stuff on light setups

but just learning how to hit a pgreat is a skill that can be gained on any control setup yeah

>> No.19336338

Kaiden doesn't matter

>> No.19336384

Scores below 40 BPI don't matter.

>> No.19336408

this but unironically

>> No.19336437

You are correct, actually because kaiden is too easy to get... Everyone nowadays is kaiden!

>> No.19337928

if she doesn't already care she probably never will

>> No.19338002


i quite literally see more people playing dance evo on a daily basis than dance rush. must just be where i live. it was popular for a bit for sure but has tapered off.

>> No.19338934

where do i find somebody to unlock shit for me in sdvx

>> No.19338959

make friends anon

>> No.19339065

I've seen numerous home IIDX setups on a certain other forum using the PS2 KACs, so I guess it's not impossible to use them. What PS2-USB adapter works best with them?

>> No.19339083

Before I got an FP7 I used a mayflash ps2 adaptor

>> No.19339086

im not good at that

>> No.19339091

How was it? I had a Dao but sold it in a pinch but I still have a KOC.

>> No.19339110

It worked fined I guess but when I got my FP7 I was beating all my scores. I only got up to 9's on the USKOC though

>> No.19339441

I used a blue triangle before I got my dao and the lag was unbearable.
I think a brook adapter might be better but I haven't tried one myself.

>> No.19339611

Im 6th dan and i just got my first AAA!!! it was a level 5

>> No.19339693

how bout that DTX guys? :(((((

>> No.19339908

Why play DTXMania when you can play Gitadora

>> No.19339972
File: 147 KB, 1280x720, 36514992_1424617090972519_4166988141141426176_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sdvx revival when

>> No.19340040

Do you rest your fingers on the buttons or hover them just above?

>> No.19340149

Hover them.

>> No.19340628

Its been more than 2 years since A came out

When the fuck are they putting out a new DDR already?

>> No.19340986

Ideally way above when you have the stamina and hand speed.

>> No.19341766

>got 11dan in home setup
>still at 10dan on AC

Not looking forward to clearing the 10dan courses one by one.

>> No.19343540

Hover is the most optimal. Resting makes it harder to switch fingers between buttons when needed.

>> No.19343601

Next KAC, maybe? I'm not surprised they've stuck with A for so long. It's done really well, even outside of Japan, so they can probably afford to hold onto it until the next KAC at least.

>> No.19345398

when is djdao going to update the US store

i want a sdvx controller

>> No.19345436


>> No.19345706

You don't even save more than like 40 bucks getting it from the us. Given he's been so unreliable stocking it I'd just buy from China

>> No.19345839

should i buy a fp7 or a switch

>> No.19345846


>> No.19345854

Depends on if you already own a IIDX controller and if you actually enjoy the game.

There are plenty of cases in which the Switch would provide far more entertainment for your dollar.

>> No.19346298

lol just wait til infdan where you have to blast and pass every 11 course

>> No.19346892

There's only 6 11dan courses compared to 10 10dans.

>> No.19347285

Last time I checked, blasting is way more expensive and time consuming to do than courses. 11dan is way more obnoxious.

>> No.19347299

There's one course that requires blasting 3 songs. Xepher is the worst of the 3.

Also there's blaster start at where I'm going.

>> No.19347309

But still, I'm not in a hurry to go for inf-dan. I just passed a 11dan course with a SVSE5 and there are lots of 18s that utterly wreck me.

>> No.19348293

>Check DJmax thread on sows
>Everyone hate each other and are constantly fighting

The heck. IIDX threads are way more friendly

>> No.19348322

found your problem

>> No.19348461
File: 1.34 MB, 3264x1836, 20171111_200712.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw 6th dan and the only time you AAA is when you play without eamuse card because forgot it at home

>> No.19348772

>get to a decent level of ability playing taiko on the computer
>get the chance to play at an actual arcade
>skills barely seem to transfer over
i couldn't even figure out exactly where you're supposed to hit for the rims, it seemed really inconsistent

>> No.19348802

dude, you have expand judge on

>> No.19348916

Cursed image.

>> No.19349055
File: 645 KB, 636x818, 15025643657865.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reminds me of this

>> No.19349178
File: 60 KB, 530x530, gato.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>99% on 7th kyu class
>failed 6th kyu on final stage with 13% overall
I-I'll get there someday, right?

>> No.19349389

by the end of the week you will be 4th kyu

>> No.19349412

its basically glas testing his capacity to be a stupid pissbaby vs the entire internet

>> No.19349423

>26 greats/goods and 47 misses

>with expand judge

sorry to inform you that you're fucking retarded

if you don't sdg everything with expand judge your regular play timing is abysmal

>> No.19349778

Kek. Exposed. How can you tell though? Never used it and I'm not seeing it.

>> No.19349862

47 bp and 14 greats
dead giveaway

>> No.19349873

more misses than greats is usually a clue but as a player with unusual hand technique and good timing i've almost had scores that looked like that before. nah the real giveaway is that the previous score area is blanked out and replaced with lines

>> No.19350125

I'm sure most people haven't even tried it, but jesus fucking christ the Pop'n portable layout on psp really fucks with my fingers.
Trying to squish a nice, linear 9 button layout onto a handheld was a mistake

>> No.19350151

i want to try the co-op pump it up charts but i don't have any friends

>> No.19350238

Pop'n Music Portable 2 was my first rhythm game, lol. I managed to clear some hypers, up to level 30 or so, but any higher than that was pretty much impossible/not worth pursuing because of the limits of the PSP's buttons and my thumbs. It was a pretty silly idea to put the series on a handheld and I wish they just made proper CS releases of 15 and 16 instead.

>> No.19350385

What do you use as a home bar for dance games?

>> No.19350459
File: 186 KB, 176x240, Dazzlin' Darlin.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Dai turns 40 this year

>> No.19351498

I'd still fuck him

>> No.19351517

Chair with weights

>> No.19351576

How long does it take you guys to warm up for your game? It takes me at least 1 hour for iidx.

>> No.19351590

3-4 games so 15-20 minutes I think

>> No.19351813

like half an hour or so with iidx and a few songs with dance gamee

>> No.19352091

A couple of credits for IIDX.
I usually play around 150 BPM charts in 1st credit and shift faster ones in other credits.

>> No.19352104
File: 186 KB, 1920x1080, hourofiidx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It takes me about an hour before I start getting the big improvements, and then I have an hour at most before I get tired.

>> No.19352178

Anyone else think DDR should have Dan courses? Working through the Dan (kyu in my case) mode in IIDX has helped me a lot in regards to learning where I'm competent and where I need work but since DDR no longer has any courses at all, it's kinda hard to know if I'm really progressing.

>> No.19352306

it would be cool if ddr had course mode but using iidx dans as a guide for skill improvement is laughable since that only tests your ability to not miss notes on (4 x number of dans played) handpicked nonrandom charts and does nothing to teach you about scoring or the patterns that become common when using chart modifiers like random

>> No.19352800
File: 208 KB, 339x481, 1479863350635.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's another "DDR update that quenches any excitement due to coming with challenge charts for songs that aren't available in the US because lol fuck you Americucks" episode

>> No.19354595

>>It's another "DDR update that quenches any excitement

At least Konami finally set up a Twitter account for DDR. And two Extra Exclusive songs within a month is a hell of a lot more original content than we had been getting.

>> No.19354667

Depends, anywhere from 30 minutes to not being able to warmup to decent levels at all on some days. What is consistency.
On average I'd say 1h, but push sessions where I reach my top are like 1 in 5. It's getting tiring, really. Maybe it's about time I retire.

>> No.19355139
File: 13 KB, 238x255, 1523273680344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any opinions on the DLC pricing for Groove Coaster PC?
They're charging 2 usd per song (not even new ones).
The base game with 36 songs costs 20 usd, are we going to pay around 4 digits like mobile users?

>> No.19355148
File: 496 KB, 700x600, muri.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lowermost revolt mxm

>> No.19355180

Doesn't really seem worth it at those prices desu.
Maybe we'll get a dao or something for the game now for HDD's though, at least.
Actually, do we even have data for the game? Never really looked into it.

>> No.19355771

>1 in 5
Lucky. More like 1 in 10 or 15 for me.

>> No.19355862

There are times when it just clicks and you end up plowing through stuff you won't even touch a few days ago.

t. just happened to me

>> No.19356144

I think you are looking for the word quelch, not quench.

>> No.19356217

>Just 1% mission in DJmax respect
>Hours playing and dozens of retries just to reach the final song
>PS4 overheats and turns itself off

Well just fucking kill me and this shit console.
I give up on this gay trophy. I bet the next DLC pack will have an easier way to unlock the metro project plate anyway.

I'd rather grind and improve on IIDX than keep playing those lame gimmicky missons.
Fuck this game. I'm out.

>> No.19356236

i know being compelled to play games a certain way or go for certain achievements is more of a brain wiring thing than a conscious choice but i feel so fucking bad for anyone who sets foot into djmax respect's mission mode

>> No.19356469

Dumb question: what are the IIDX/DDR announcers actually saying with "side cola"

>> No.19356480

music saikou da!

>> No.19358784

what is the best bemani denpa song

>> No.19358901

trick question, denpa is a shit genre

>> No.19358903

space war prim is good

>> No.19358929

Don't talk to me.

>> No.19359008

personally my vote goes to casino fire kotomi chan

>> No.19359153

papypaypa bass is actually really good

>> No.19359201


>> No.19359620


>> No.19359889

Easily the spada death metal prim with way too long a name

Bring it back Konami, you fuckin cowards

>> No.19360079


if you mean 1y.o. idol momokarin that song needs to be in gitadora very badly

>> No.19360434

Noah songs in gitadora when

>> No.19360659

by far
iosys is master class

>> No.19360870


>> No.19361887

Nisohime is probably my favourite, sokuseki nouchoku music system is another good one and there's a pochiko song in pop'n that's a guilty pleasure for me

>> No.19362321

finally beat this after so many tries. honestly the feeling of accomplishment was better than sex

>> No.19362493

finally cleared this shit
i still cant do whiteout though lol
hope yall had a good independence day

>> No.19362890

the pochiko song is fucking fantastic and I've been guilty of having it stuck in my head before

>> No.19363230

For reference
Doo Wah Chu Chu is nice too

>> No.19364191

sorry to inform you timinglets that it wasnt on and the score wasnt saved because like i said in the original post i was playing without eamuse card

>> No.19364264

sure buddy

>> No.19364289

>Claims to rarely AAA stuff but accuracy is somehow 95%+
>Pacemaker is only at A

>> No.19364294

t. timinglet projecting his habits

>> No.19364304

Yeah, and next you'll be saying you AAA'd Setsugekka in a week of playing.

>> No.19364322

see >>19364294

>> No.19364348

when u 98 fly above after 3 days of playing

>> No.19364482

You and I are backwards then. I take massive dumps on Whiteout but I is a bit tricky to me.

I wonder what the psychology is behind that.

>> No.19365117

RIP Overdrive Accel

>> No.19365145

would love this on IIDX, though it fits sdvx better.

>> No.19365492

>消失 exh

I feel like I'm destroying my SVSE5.

>> No.19365689

Is Guitar Freaks (Classic 3button) better than Guitar Hero/Rock Band? I remember back in like 2007 people used to get really heated about Guitar Freaks but I still have never played it, as much as I'd like to.

>> No.19365818

GF sucks even now, the game does not have fretting or hammer ons and it feels like shit to play.

DM is alright though

>> No.19365826

Time to wait two years to enjoy unlocking stuff again

>> No.19365839

okay angry anon

I can already tell the bass is on 1 and the snare is on 3 and those bits with the bursts of kickdrum are scratches

>> No.19366022

The chart doesn't help either. Especially the ABCD chords at the end

>> No.19366078

I would live on those for days

>> No.19366302

GH/RB is more fun to play but we just hate anything non japanese by default and GH was mainstream so it gets a bad rep.

>> No.19366792

guitarfreaks 3 button and gitadora gf both suck complete shit

both drummanias are top tier otoge tho

>> No.19368040

Do you guys have a certain routine when playing? Like do you warm up by playing certain difficulties, move on to hard stuff above you level, then go on to stuff below to practice timing, etc.

>> No.19369634

really just depends.

in voltex ill usually just start on hard stuff, but make sure to like touch my arms and neck to warm up my hands first. id say the strike zone in sdvx is playing songs where you score sround 960-990, so i mostly just play 18s

in iidx there is a lot more directions to go. ive been working on clearing lately but ill still start off with a few 10s to get used to my offset and green number again before jumping into 12s

>> No.19370131

In IIDX I can really only time 10s and some 11s, so if I want to work on timing I start with easy stuff like 7s or 8s and slowly work my way up.
For clearing I'll usually start at 9s and go as fast as possible into 12s by playing one or two songs for each level.

>> No.19372975

Classic and modern GF feels wretched to play because the games are really fucking bitchy because of how honest it demands you to play. When people say it's the "hardest" Bemani game. they actually mean to say that it's the most hardass about its game mechanics. Top rankers can't even consistently FC or get high 90%s on 9.5+ in a good session while it's fully expected for top rankers of other games to fucking crush boss songs even if they are playing well below par (this wasn't true for DDR until American's came into the picture and exposed every country in Asia of being weak at the game).

>> No.19373779

What's your excuse?

>> No.19373955

Playing a wrong note counts as 2 misses IIRC. 1 for missing the right one and 1 for strumming a note that isn't there.

>> No.19373971

>last note is loud as fuck
>fuck it up
>everyone in the arcade hears it

>> No.19374016

what are some good charts (lvl 7-11) to get better at trills

>> No.19374030

inb4 R5

>> No.19375265

>touch screen rhythm games

>> No.19375301

to be fair anon the mission doesn't even start until you reach the final song. think of it this way: you barely got anywhere and didn't stand a chance.

>> No.19378159

when this happens your only recourse is to put on COMPRESSOR 3 and spam the last note over and over again

>> No.19378885

Why is this isn't in pop'n

>> No.19379815

are my personal favourites

>> No.19379945

I wasn't having much trouble with the final song though. Even though it's level 14 8b with tighter timing windows.
You don't lose a lot of life missing notes in the mission and you recover it fast.

The moment i stopped being stubborn, trying to max combo the songs, I deliberately missed awkward to hit notes and managed to hit the final song. I was like 60% through rolling on the duck until I choked and the shitty console overheated while I rested.

There's even some korean video giving you advice of the best spots to miss notes.
So I did have a chance. Maybe.

>> No.19383144

When do new iidx games usually get announced and released

>> No.19383944

Probably announced within a month and releasing sometime in November

>> No.19385226


How am I supposed to sightread this

>> No.19385545

when was the last time turbocharger controllers were restocked?

>> No.19385830
File: 35 KB, 499x338, 1529532560732.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he uses random

>> No.19385846
File: 131 KB, 495x656, Dhhh87bU0AA0FHh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19386296

when u see that guy at the arcade hard clearing nonran 11s with Bs

>> No.19386318

Do not bully me, please

>> No.19386360

i saw some guy playing 10s and 11s with auto scratch and assist easy and barely getting As

>> No.19386387

errybody gotta start somewhere nibba

>> No.19386594

are there any good PC rhythm games I can just use a keyboard for or something? I've been playing DJMax Respect but using my thumbs with the DS4 kinda sucks

>> No.19386679

stepmania or osumania

>> No.19386757

bms, djmax trilogy, stepmania. Don't play osu.

>> No.19386791


>> No.19387045

>excessive clear a 18
>found out I have more nears than other people around my score
I feel like I'm sacrificing accuracy for clearing ability and I don't like it.

>> No.19387080

when i see someone getting a grade under aa on anything below 12s or maybe outlier hard to time 10s/11s, i think drastically less of them as a player

>> No.19387184

Plenty of people play BMS on a keyboard.

>> No.19387533

Good thing no one gives a shit about your opinion of them.

>> No.19388092
File: 2.31 MB, 390x277, 1513211976802.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's true, if you're past 6s and content with As........

>> No.19388176

>play random level 9
>manage AA
>play random level 7 hoping to do better
>get B

>> No.19388309

No one plays on exc to have a better score anon, it’s ok. You did what you had to.

>> No.19388421

>I feel like I'm sacrificing accuracy for clearing ability and I don't like it.
I feel like I'm doing the opposite and I also don't like it.

>> No.19388601

Same. I can MAX- 10s now but I can't clear S tier 12s for jack anymore.

>> No.19388643


>> No.19388739

to be fair there is a lot of 7s that are harder than most 9s from old styles

>> No.19390244

>Can AAA 10s
>Still can't do the same to burning heat [a]
Good song though

>> No.19390299
File: 29 KB, 551x415, DhdjUQqVMAAht7I.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rasis is a fatty

>> No.19390711

If you're not the type of person who is regularly EXCing 18s, then just be glad you're shaving off errors. No sense in getting bent out of shape over an EXC with 25 errors and 60 nears when you were getting 50 errors and 45 nears a month or so ago.

>> No.19391176

what is the best song in cannon ballers and why is it back spin sweeper

>> No.19391196

i have several 97% scores and i'm barely under a burning heat aaa still that chart is silly

>> No.19391512

>2 excessive clears from 60 18 clears
Yeah I guess.

>> No.19391855

the chase

>> No.19392338

The Cannonballer

The image of cars drifting comes to my mind

>> No.19392344

it's 1001 escape. honorable mention to illusionary

>> No.19393026
File: 1.75 MB, 260x323, tumblr_inline_p8jcizUIYB1ueb6d8_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>MFW Dancerush is killing it in sales and i'm stuck with this stupid ass pile of shit game full of awful music polluting the rest of the music games section

>> No.19393339

sinobuz was 5x better than cb and the best style since tricoro

>> No.19393689
File: 104 KB, 250x350, 1512187007726.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sinobuz default line-up was bretty guud
Also check that

>> No.19393802


>> No.19393855

Yeah it's a shame really. I really like cb's theme but the songlist is nothing special.

>> No.19393901

I feel the opposite way. Decent songs but the theme is like Copula 2.0. Don't really want to upgrade and lose the sexy Sinobuz frame when the data releases.

>> No.19394025

Think we'll ever reach a point they'll just let us customize and choose any theme?

Or the theme changing depending on the respective expansion's folder?

>> No.19394033

Don’t be mad just cause you’re shit at dancing.

>> No.19394151

will you nerds laugh at me if i use downscroll in ddr

>> No.19394200

I'll laugh at you for calling it "downscroll".

>> No.19394215

Sure hope so. Either of those would be cool.

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