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Why is ZUN so mad at the people who post endings to his games? I never got that.

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because he is a sadist and wants you to feel the pain of firing bullets at lolis and dieing over and over again just to find out they all share a cup of tea.

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he doesn't like spoilers

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Isn't that what happens in every single game anyway?

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Because then, people who have never played the games can act like they have played and beat it.

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Everyone knows Touhou games are renowned for their deep storylines.

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ZUN hates secondary touhou fans

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ZUN sounds like a bitch

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I think that's the deal here. Also, he didn't like the idea of Maikaze's anime since it would spawn lots of fans who aren't even familiar with the games.

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but his games are shit.
everyone loves touhou for the doujins and characters, sure, the games are fun to play for a boredom killer, but they are just shit, you can't deny it.

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I hope your comment isn't sarcastic, The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil had an awesome storyline.

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A vampire has covered the land in a harmless red mist. Beat the shit out of her and her sister.

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Reimu sees a redmist and gets angry, so she goes around fighting lots of people who had nothing to do with it?

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Repeat it with me:
shmup plots are NOT deep

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Did you mean Perfect Cherry Blossom had an awesome story line?

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It wasn't about beating the crap out of her.
Also, the red mist covered the whole area in Gensokyo blocking out the sun and making everything dark. Seems like a disaster to me that needs to be dealt with. Also, Remilia just wanted to walk outside during the day time. A bit selfish, but that's just her.
The ending of EoSD actually made me cry.

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The only time Touhou made me cry was when I was playing Orin.

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He probably did, it's the only game in the series with an actual story (except IN maybe, but that story sucks ass).

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PCB story was terrible. It made no sense.

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Maybe cry from dying so many times...

No, I'm kidding, but even if you did cry from a Touhou game, I'd say it's because the characters are good and you've grown attached to them, not because the plot is good. By which I mean spoilers shouldn't really be that big of a deal. One can be moved by watching Pretty Cure, but that's not because the "monster of the week" pattern and predictable happy ending is revolutionary. Touhou's the same sort of thing.

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Isn't it always like that?

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because he thinks his story is worth the effort of playing through the game.
lol ZUN

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Someone post the Reimu plots again.

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If you developed games, you certainly would like the people to play it.

As it is now, even if ZUN stops stops emitting CO2, he can't stop the Global Warming that is Touhou.

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>touhou game
>good characters


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Sanae-chan is the best character ever, have at you!

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I doubt ZUN actually gives a shit. He made a comment like that years ago and obviously he didn't think of stupid gaijin who would need a translation. And getting good endings isn't a problem anyway since you can just do it in easy (except for eosd).

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It's rather funny that I've never seen the endings posted anywhere. It's as if anyone were to do so would get struck down by ZUN himself.

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Actually, I think it's because nobody gives a shit about the story in touhou games.

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Here is a synopsis of every good ending of any touhou game:

(Player character) and (Stage6 boss + buddies/subordinates) have tea/cake/dumplings somewhere and talk about nothing in particular.

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He has said, before, that he doesn't want foreigners to play his games.

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Reimu punishes the youkai.
Marisa has a magical, lesbian adventure.

Its the same story in every game. Concealed the Conclusion is more interesting than anything ZUN shit outs, and thats not exactly a great story either.

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It does rather sound like a few rabid elitists in the western community trying to justify their own ideals by trying to find something he said which might support them, yes (and then others passing it along thinking it correct). I also notice that he's never truly quoted here, it's just something he's supposed to have said, at some point, sometime. And don't bother about the context and stuff, he's obviously been correctly interpreted here.

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It's funny when you think about it

I'm not sure about the sales figures, but a part of me suspects that he could get a more profitable following in gajinland than anywhere else.

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What's really dumb when it's one of the unpatched games. How does "ZUN wants you to beat the game to see the endings" make any fucking sense when I can't read the ending when I do beat it?

It's not even the endings themselves I care about at this point, I'd just like people to stop being annoying uptight nerds and sucking ZUN's dick from across the ocean when he does't even notice or care

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Who cares about the story?

They're shmups.

If you want story, go read a book.

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ZUN's a dick

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do you want the normal, or republican version?

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I want to understand Patchouli end.

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The quote regarding his feelings about people outside Japan comes from a question from someone trying to get a license to officially release in the US.

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I don't really mind if Touhou is never officially released over here in britfagland.

I just wish the people translating the games would do it faster.

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The UK was one of the places I was looking at releasing it. I had wanted to do a release in the UK, CA, and USA with an English translation for EoSD, PCB, and IN, I think at the time.

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