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this is Otaku Culture Board
not your "hey i have a question about Japan" board, or "hey can you help me translate this" board. And definitely not "hey im travelling/ working at Japan" blog. Request goes to >>>/wsr/ and your travel & working blog/larp goes to >>>/trv/ anyway Reimu is the cutest.

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could reimu beat gundem?

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But it's supposed to be obeying her anyway, with the help of KYOJIIII

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im sorry but whats a gundem?

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you know, gundem.

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obey the rules!

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Japan General

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Thank you for wasting a thread slot to make this announcement that nobody will read.

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this is Otaku Culture Board
not your "hey i have cute pics of reimy" board, or "hey can you help me find more 2hu pics" board. And definitely not "hey im fapping to lolis" blog. Cute goes to >>>/c/ and your porn & nsfw /erotic rp goes to >>>/h/ anyway Reimu is the cutest.

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could reimu beat the previous generation's hakurei miko?

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What if someone were to pin it?

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I read it. Not that I needed to read it...

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there are people are bitching when janny deleted their thread but moderation in /jp/ is quite lax to be honest

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>moderation in /jp/ is quite lax to be honest
Seriously, it's like they're back to only modding the idol threads again. There are two (2) youtuber generals up right now when usually duplicate threads get deleted. There will probably be 3 monstergirl generals and 5 akb generals tomorrow at this rate.

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i guess that is why /jp/ is slow and comfy.

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No it's not. It's an idolfag board now.
/idol/ when?

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Reimu isn't very cute at all.

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weekend reminder

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/jp/ is a shitposting about idol whores and discussing seiyuu farts board

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This, so much.

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And please stop posting your discord invitation link in /jp/, it's against the rules.

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holy fuck that's the coolest looking reimu. Cooler than mokou on any level

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Reimu beat up at least 2 tanks before so yeah

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>discussing seiyuu farts
what, is this true?

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the idol thread/generals are all dead, heck /jp/ is getting slower compared to the usual.

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>slow ?
Can't even have a denpa thread on /jp/ last longer than 10 hours, for reasons such as this.

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>Can't even have a denpa thread on /jp/ last longer than 10 hours, for reasons such as this.
Or maybe it's because you have nothing to talk about? This is a common problem with general threads. They're full of people who want to talk about a thing but don't know what to talk about or how to talk about something to begin with.

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/jp/ is still a little faster than usual right now. The thread with the longest time since the last reply is only at 1 day since last reply. I am happy the retard wave is dying down finally.

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sorry you seem to have misspelled golem

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I disagree cute is one of the three faces of reimu

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cute things don't have 3 faces like some monster.

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Is this supposed to be Remi or Reimu?

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this board is obviously for lonely anons' passion for mating pressing and underage 2d girls

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Daily reminder

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by what standards are 2d underage?

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What year is it?

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This isn't the "join my chat" or frogposting board either.

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All images must be allowed to mature for at least 18 years before you can masturbate to them.

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i finally get this joke after 11 days

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What with the sudden influx of 2hu LINE sticker packs?

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this is a very important thread

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If they don't look like JCs... If i remember the terms correctly...

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/jp/ is comfy

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ZUN recently lifted the ban on sale of fanmade Touhou LINE stickers.

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Hey, I have a question. Does sinking/drowning/the ocean floor have any special significance for the Japanese?

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as people who live on a chain of volcanic islands, it's a very real threat.

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Does Reimu pilot this like in G gundam?

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Why did ZUN used to hate drawing shoes?

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Could Judao or kamiyu beat Youkais with their newtype powers?

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>10% ZUN
What a rip

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>10% ZUN
What a rip

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why don't we have a rules sticky here in /jp/?

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Has any other board ever benefited from having such a sticky?

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You got your point there, thanks, i understood now.

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If we make a sticky with Kanna politely asking to take it easy people will listen.

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Because /jp/ barely has any real rules and even the mods don't really know what moot wanted to go here.

>All images and discussion should pertain to light and visual novels, figures and other otaku paraphernalia, Touhou Project, Vocaloid, doujin works and music, and diverse niche Japanese interests (kigurumi, idols, mahjong, tea).
>This is the appropriate board for the discussion of Japanese visual novels and light novels. Western visual novels should be posted to /vg/, and translated visual novels are fine on either board.

I really wish "all images" would be enforced more. It's only really enforced against frogposting but there's all kinds of dumb unrelated reaction images leaking in nowadays. I wish there was a rule against roleplaying too, but really if anything is stickied, it needs to be the global rules.

>16. All request threads for adult content belong on /r/, and all request threads for work-safe content belong on /wsr/, unless otherwise noted.
>6. The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments.
>5. All boards that default to the Yotsuba B or Burichan (blue) themes are to be considered "work safe." Violators may be temporarily banned and their posts removed. Note: Spoilered pornography or other "not safe for work" content is NOT allowed on the work safe boards.

I do wish /jp/ was able to contain itself so it could have light moderation for maybe stuff like VN scenes and other ero games, but it would end up needing a "no porn dumps" rule like some NSFW boards have. Although "no porn dumps outside of porn boards" should be a global rule, honestly.

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bump for a good thread

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PC-98 characters didn't have smelly feets.

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why don't people just ask question at /qa/?
i think that's a more appropriate board for it.

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/qa/ is a ruleless meta board.

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Too many idol threads for this to be an otaku culture board. More like otaku culture/celeb board

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Why haven't mods deleted this kuso yet?

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This thread is a good thread. There's tons of "say something nice" and shit threads the mods can't get around to removing. Meanwhile this thread is helpful to all /jp/.

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I wish the Japan question threads were pruned, but I also wish touhou and characters threads were banned first.

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japanese idol is otaku culture
touhou is /jp/ and shouldn't be banned.

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Touhou shouldn’t be banned. Idolshit should be banned and only done for IM@‘s.

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If only moot had deleted /jp/ before he left...

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how about this:

/celeb/ for celebrities
/jp/ for Japanese culture and language
/to/ for Touhou

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Want to learn something new?
The /int/ Wiki is a language learning guide created by /int/ users like you.
Cultural resources:
List of world cultures
Flags of the world

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Why is this board being spammed with stupid shit all day again?

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infiltration from /pol/ and autist from DJT thread
they are pretty obvious

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Pretty much this>>19274765

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stay comfy /jp/ !

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I think off topic threads can exist and be discussed, if people still use sage to not bump them. I feel like many don't use it these days anymore.

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If you could have one of these
-your own Nu Gundam
-loyal servant harem
-Reimu as your sidekick

And had to fight the remaining two to the death, which would you choose?

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2 of those aren't servants

>> No.19282710

Can Reimu kill servants?

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Why is Rider so big?

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i wouldn't be surprised if it was true

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>/to/ for Touhou
Just name it /2hu/ and we're good to go.

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ok, request sent:


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Doing Kami-sama's work there anon.

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/jp/ is the touhou board and always has been
You'll need to accept this even if you don't like it

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If this is the Touhou board, why are most of the threads on the front page not Touhou related? Just make /2hu/ already and be done with the idolshit, JAV generals and the rest of the 3dpd shitting up our board.

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It's not worth not bumping anymore. The entire first page will be hidden threads if not for bumping.

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what the fuck is this shit

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I wish they would ban generals, from all boards but mostly this one because I like it

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The AKB thread being so cancerous that they not only make two threads a day but have two more spinoff threads there.

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If they have so much to talk about, why don't they actually have their own board? I kinda get idolfags saying that "2hu has many threads that aren't condensed into a single general, how it should be" but they don't do that either

Idolfags should belong on /mu/
JAV should belong on /s/

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I don't like this stupid subreddit mentality of splitting everything up into generals or separate boards, it feels like there's no community anymore on most boards ever since the catalog

>> No.19304698

The idol fags and non idol fags don't want to share a community though.

>> No.19307108

Maybe if there was something like threads could only be bumped by a new ip unless several other ips posted in between, and maybe some sort of cooldown on being bumped at all.

>> No.19308415

>and maybe some sort of cooldown on being bumped at all.
Can you explain this?

>> No.19314795

Like the thread can only be bumped once an hour or something.

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I've honestly never found that mispronunciation funny. It's quintessentially EOP and in bad taste.

>> No.19318538

Because it's not JUST the Touhou board, as moot himself said when he created this place.
Also please kill yourself.

>> No.19319045

That's why it's funny. It's like when people say "Sir-no" or "Flan-dray" or "Moh-ku"

>> No.19319159

its been etched into my brain forever, I say a lot of names correctly but so many names I can never break the habit of saying incorrectly.

>> No.19319710

I'm glad I don't have to listen to such people, but having to hear the mispronunciation in my head when I'm seeing "2hu" grinds my gears.

My first exposure to the word was in the form of "Toho". Incidentally, I love how autistic (as in, that person probably has autism) macrons make anyone look who attempts to use them casually. Kompaku Yōmu! Fujiwara no Mokō!

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Dodged a bullet there with that u-less spelling. Imagine: two ki-you. I can accept toe-ki-yo because that's as good as English phonetics can do, but the former is comically wrong.

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This board is just autism and Touhou, like

guys it's JUST Touhou


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lurk moar faget

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Toukyou would almost certainly be said as "Toke-you"

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That's okay, I think I've had enough.

Enjoy your containment.

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Today's reminder

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This needs to be updated with "/jp/ is not /cgl/" too.

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More doujin threads, less threads about japan!
Nothing is more otaku than doujins, doujinshi wouldn't exist without otaku.
Caring about the dated news of japan and groups I don't like affecting japan is not otaku.

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Does "Japan" even exist, or have I been lied to all these life?

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Why is /jp/ so shit right now?

>> No.19338109

/v/ and some particular autist who wants to spend his entire summer vacation making repetitive shitposts.

>> No.19338475

Generals are cancer incarnate and should not be allowed

>> No.19343641

Repeated daily dose threads too.

>> No.19347322


until the next earthquake

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Cute Reimu

>> No.19355265

I'll never understand why the people who keep complaining that the board is too fast don't just move to a dead imageboard that nobody uses (and stop making threads about the same fucking thing over and over)

>> No.19357124

People don't want to abandon their home.

>> No.19357279

Explains why they cling to the "board culture" argument on why a new board needs to be made when Hiro basically shat all over that concept banning a single general from /sp/ and effectively killing /asp/ by turning into the mandrama 2hu board instead
Maybe they think today's 4chan and the internet as a whole is the same as it was 10 years ago too, and we're still an underground lair protected by secret handshakes at the door

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>someone needs to build a humble but advanced sustainable extra terrestrial colony!

>> No.19358897

can't we just sent all the 2hu to the infinity chan? I'm sure they can take some more cancer

>> No.19362807

/jp/ - my friends are here

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When's there gonna be a golem touhou?

>> No.19369961

Knowing that 2hu gets more irrelevant by the day and better threads are taking it's place is the best.

>> No.19370094

What's a 2hu?

>> No.19372349

Sequel to 1hu

>> No.19372788

I wish there was a seperate /2hu/ board so that I wouldn't have to see idol threads, onahole threads, or the random ''why is that in japan x...?'' threads.

>> No.19373025

There's a /2hu/ on the other site but it's nothing like /jp/.

>> No.19373229

The other site is kuso, I want a /2hu/ board here thats free from all the spam.

>> No.19373456

/jp/ is Touhou board idolman, deal with it.

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