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Can we appreciate the handsome, underappreciated men of Gensokyo?

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I love Rinnosuke so much has a cutie.

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You damn right we should appreciated the men of gensokyo

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I want Rinnosuke to bear my baby!

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Drac kun > Drugger kun

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Everyone is secretly gay in Gensokyo. No exceptions.

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Is that rance? Why isn’t he banging everyone in gensokyo?

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Is he ranking so far as Fortune Teller?

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What about that one guy who walked to the shrine even when the path was haunted by a hunger god that made everyone else turn back or fall unconscious?

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Why does his mustache look like lip creases?

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Rare pics of druggy-kun before ending up in Gensokyo

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ZUN should introduce a notable young male character around the age of 2hus instead of grown/old men characters.

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Druggie-kun is probably the best.

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Look at the happy face of a average Human Villager. Doesn't he look like somebody that just loves living in Gensokyo?

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Please don't scare Reisen.

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What's wrong with adult men?

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He never will because it'll piss off the entire fanbase who only want nothing but waifus to fap over.

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If that was the case, wouldn't the fanbase be pissed off about any male ZUN introduced?

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same thing that's wrong with hags

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All two of them?

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And what is wrong with hags?

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They have those voluptuous things on chest. Like fucking gross man.

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They have those voluptuous things on chest. Like fucking gross man.

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Then >>19143084 is wrong, since adult men don't have voluptuous things on their chests (unless they are very fat, which isn't the case here).

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He can bring new young male character, but the safest way to introduce him is on the print works and not directly related to Gensokyo (aka The Sealing Club way)

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Men are disgusting.

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Agreed. Their vulgar bodies can do nothing but violate the pure and innocent like wild apes that they are.

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The pure and innocent exist to be violated.

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