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I dont like the other patchouli thread so im making a new one

So, /jp/. What do you think the REAL patchouli is like?

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The real patchouli just reads book and has some tea. Pretty basic life. Plus dealing with the scarlets and sakuya. Maybe the occasional drop by from marisa also.

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Why is she so perfect? Fucking hell, anon, don't ask for a nicer Patche thread and then post something so wonderful.

Fan works have her performing a lot of rituals and magical experiments. Any truth to that?

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The REAL patchouli makes my dick stand up.

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She's a surprisingly hospitable person as long as you aren't thieving or rude, and even if you're thieving she may deign to assist you if there's a good reason for it. Kind of dark, likes the idea of evil just as Remi does, but overall is mainly obsessed with research and magic.

A good girl.

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Like any magician she reads and experiments a lot.

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Real Patchouli is fat

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Probably an autist from the lack of frequent social contact

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>In 1890s Japan

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>don't ask for a nicer Patche thread and then post something so wonderful.
what do you mean? thats exactly the kind of quality i was hoping for.

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what book did she just read Remi to make her cry? I hope she would be willing to read it to me too...

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Who are you quoting exactly?

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Alright, but a Patches like >>19085237 is gonna make me all lovestruck, and that generally leads to the sort of threads you dislike.
Unless you mean you don't like Fatchouli. Is that it?

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patchy is a friendless hikki!

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Nah. She's got Remi, Koa, maybe Sakuya. Introverts prefer a few good friends too lots of lesser ones.

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i wish she would try to get along with the other magicians...

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That would require leaving her library. Also one of those magicians is a dirty, rotten thief. Patchouli is just fine where she is, thank you very much.

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That’s kaguya anon...

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Those baggy eyes, that messy hair, that poor complexion, that slight slouch, that uncertain expression, that utilitarian cut on her bangs, my god she's so perfect!

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Post the poncho one!

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patchouli knows a lot of bizarre stuff

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Like what?

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I want to spend a cozy rainy day with Patche.

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Drinking tea/coffee, then dozing off together.

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I like my Patchy slim. She'd probably be more of a "forgot to eat" king of bookworm like some scientists were than the fatso she's usually portrayed as.

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I like her slim too, but I need a modest chest at least. At LEAST.

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well it's nice that both of us clearly see which is better on your picture
sadly, our answers don't match

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I am content with agreeing to disagree.

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Indeed she is! i bet the library smells like food all day because of her

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shes strange
she always has an impatient stare and doesnt blink much
it always seems like she just wants you to get out of the library
it doesnt help that the library has a dark and dusty atmosphere but its unnerving

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This is peak performance. Would creampie while squeezing her love handles.

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She probably does want you to leave. You're distracting.

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I love peace and quiet, so she'd probably be fine with me.

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The presence of another is still annoying. If you love peace and quiet, you should know how that works.

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This picture really managed to capture the natural elegance of Patchouli in her natural habitat.

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As someone who is a bit of a loner you don't constantly want to be alone. Sometimes company is preferable.

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Look in her nylons.

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What if Sanae is just small?

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That's Marisa. Either way I want to swap places with her.

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That's true, of course, but if she's giving you disproving looks whenever your eyes meet, it's probably not the case with her.
That or she's tsundere or otherwise bad with her feelings. Which isn't all that unlikely, if we're being honest.

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It's hot, it's hot, it's so hot. 99 degrees is too much for spring.

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Yes, just like that, though not quite so overly cute.

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Don't laugh.

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I never see the unedited version of this. A shame, cuz it's cute. Patches acting stiff and nervous about recommending a book to someone, something any book snob normally loves doing, speaks volumes and is just so super cute.

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Familiars/Servants aren't friends "Koa".

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I'll return it so I can have an excuse to meet you again.

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Patchy speaks to me on a spiritual level

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That was the plan. Perhaps she'll have another book for you then. Or perhaps something else...but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

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That's a very cute Patche.

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It is a proven fact that schoolgirl Patchy is good.

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Looks like someone needs a diapey

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Me too

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Diapers can be cute too!

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I love her looks.

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Bunch of cunts being noisy outside my house tonight, Patche please come and Royal Flare them.

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Why does Patche have a moon pin on her hat like Reisen has on her shirt?

Could it be that she's a Lunarian hmm?!

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She just likes the moon, and Remi likes all the house's residence to have a consistent theme. Patches is most assuredly not from the moon.

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That's what she wants you to think!

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Earth Wind & Fire Sign "September"

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Sakuya doesn't like procrastination

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I'd take it back and play some 2player games with Patche.

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Patche prefers to play single-player

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Shut the fuck up nerd.

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That is not nice!

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The heavy and strong scent of patchouli has been used for centuries in perfumes and, more recently, in incense, insect repellents, and alternative medicines. The word derives from the Tamil patchai (Tamil: பச்சை) (green), ellai (Tamil: இலை) (leaf). In Assamese it is known as xukloti. In Kannada it is known as Pachhethene.
Pogostemon cablin, P. commosum, P. hortensis, P. heyneasus and P. plectranthoides are all cultivated for their essential oil, known as patchouli oil.

Patchouli grows well in warm to tropical climates. It thrives in hot weather but not direct sunlight. If the plant withers due to lack of water, it will recover well and quickly after rain or watering. The seed-producing flowers are very fragrant and blossom in late fall. The tiny seeds may be harvested for planting, but they are very delicate and easily crushed. Cuttings from the mother plant can also be rooted in water to produce additional plants.

Extraction of patchouli's essential oil is by steam distillation of the dried leaves, requiring rupture of its cell walls by steam scalding, light fermentation, or drying. The main chemical component of patchouli oil is patchoulol, a sesquiterpene alcohol.
Leaves may be harvested several times a year and, when dried, may be exported for distillation. Some sources claim a highest quality oil is usually produced from fresh leaves distilled close to where they are harvested; others that boiling the dried leaves and fermenting them for a period of time is best.

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That's really, really cute.

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Yes, and used ones are better

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An unbearably aroused Patchouli is a wonderful thing.

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Check this one too if you like the art and emotionless.

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So cute
From my favorite patchy doujin

>> No.19169437

Why would you steal her hat

>> No.19170480

Sakuya, however, is.

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I love patchy

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Oh noes, what happen?

>> No.19172018

its non-h and verycute

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I love the one with the kotatsu.

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>ZUN "Patchouli doesn't have any stripes."
>Twilight Frontier staff "Everybody thinks Patchouli has stripes except ZUN-san."
I'll just assume she has both type of dresses in her closet.

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Patche's outfit is the comfiest looking outfit ever.

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Me on the bottom left.

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That's a big patche

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Fatchy? More like

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File: 130 KB, 884x1069, __touhou_drawn_by_miyo_ranthath__c2b775be02ba8a697160ee75a39106e7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do people draw her with this boob window? It doesn't suit her at all.

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Anyone care to explain this shit?

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That does seem like the kind of game a young ZUN would like...

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>> No.19195003

so that one may gaze upon her bosom

>> No.19195058
File: 456 KB, 1400x2100, __patchouli_knowledge_touhou_drawn_by_maho_moco__40a76d1582b715dd21549676382260f7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So perfect it hurts. I want to fluff that fluffy hair.

But it doesn't suit her at all.

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>> No.19199220

In this moment patchy realized that the "big titty spell" would only last for one more day.
She started to cry, knowing that Marisa would never awkwardly stare at her gigantic breasts during their conversations again.

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All these pictures of Patchouli drinking tea, reading books, and hanging out with Remi, but...where's the magic? Why isn't there more art of Patchouli casting spells?

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Summer Patche!

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Antisocial and a bit grumpy defensive, insults people in weird ways she read in old books that probably don't make sense to them other than the vague sense of being insulted.

If you're closer to her you learn she's not really unhappy or anything, and she'll be fairly hospitable to you as long as you shut up unless you've got something meaningful do say, she dislikes people who run their mouths meaninglessly

>> No.19210069

She must hate you, then.

>> No.19210092

I'm turned on by that

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Patchouli doesn't like summer.

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Die in your sleep

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She should stop eating those shouldn't she

>> No.19219550