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Hiya /jp/, decided to ask here since /a/ couldnt help. Anyone know of any free japanese adult dating sims that have been traslated? Stuff like Kanon, Air, School Days and what not. I have Kanon but cant find the English patch, nor can I get it to run in a japanese environment.

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>nor can I get it to run in a japanese environment.
Why are you so useless

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Somewhat translated, I guess?
Translation coming on maybe sometime?
>School Days
Translation coming on maybe sometime?

Other translated VNs here http://shii.org/translate/

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>I have Kanon but cant find the English patch
Translates it and adds voices.


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>japanese adult dating sims
>Kanon, Air
Just no. Get out

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Better than you jacking off to Naruto

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>translation is as of now roughly 80% complete
>Update - 20th of September, 2006
This makes me very annoyed. And what is Mirror-Moon doing these days?

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>translating without TakaJun

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Thats like saying music and movies cost money...

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BROTIP: None of those are free.

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Not dating simulators, dipshit.

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lol @ you getting butthurt over what genre they're classified as. I couldnt care less, I just want em.

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BROTIP #2: If you are going to be an ass no one is going to help you.

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/jp/ is against piracy.

Get your warez back to /b/.

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I think he's still part of that group, and they've got like two translators other than him. They could easily do something like Hello World, Love&Dead or Cross Channel.

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Dont bother with him, /jp/ is a bunch of uptight cunts who think they are special or like, their opinions matter

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You're not helpful anyways

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Yeah, right. And they could also easily do every other popular well known and best rated visual novel out there. But they won't.

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You're a retard, troll-san.

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not same person at all

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If you shut up I'll help you.

From Mirror Moon's site(http://mirrormoon.org/)) you can get translations for Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night and Utawarerumono. Most of their other translations are of little to no interests. You still need disc images of the games to play them.
Clannad's translation is here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=suwv73b0 If you're using Vista, download the voiced version as the original hates VistAIDS. And game is much better with voices anyway.
People already gave you link to Kanon's patch.

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Actually it's not, but 226 is right. Most uptight serious business board evar. Al I asked for were links to translations or free games, not the genre, piracy, and manner police

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My name is not Al, and I also presume it's your first month on 4chan, because considering this thread serious business exposes your newfaggotry

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You got bunch of links at >>1903180

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Nuclear flames would be the only suitably cleansing agent.

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>adult dating sims

Kanon, Air, School Days

( `ー´)

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if someone came into /a/ and asked for "good free jap cartoons and how do i watch them on my computar and where ken i download them", that would be the equivalent of your opening post. And then following that up with... "haha go watch naruto faggot"... It's just difficult not to rage at it, bro.

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I think when he said 'free games', he was referring to things like Brass Restoration, which are honestly free.

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Awesome thread guys.

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Read this, OP. And lurk a bit before you start a troll thread.

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>free japanese adult dating sims
>stuff like Kanon, Air, School Days

i dont think so.

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I guess I'm just too willing to assume people have the best intentions...

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>best intentions
You really are new here.