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Kagerou > Momiji

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I found this Imaizumi Kagerou the other day. Is she legit? Should I keep her or throw her away?

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Aunn > the other doggos

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Keep her as sex slave

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there needs to be more art of the awoo without her ears since shes only ever a werewolf when its a full moon

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Aunn is the goodest girl.

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Reminder that Kagerou always has her wolf features, she just turns into a hairier awoo on full moons.

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Reminder to never trust background cameos

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Breeding sex with the lewd boobie wolf!

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I want to keep her. but she doesn't seem to like me

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ZUN is very specific about everything drawn in the manga these days (including who/what is put in the background), and obviously checks to make sure everything is the way he wants it before he gives it the okay. SSiB is a bad example since ZUN wasnt as strict back then and the whole manga is filled with errors as a result. Yes there are some inconsistencies even now (like Aya's wings) but ZUN himself also isnt the most consistent.

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At this point it's obvious that Aya can retract her wings at will.

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>there are some inconsistencies even now (like Aya's wings)
Aya's wings are very consistent in FS. They are visible when she appears as a Tengu, and hidden when she goes among humans as an investigator.

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i can see her anus!

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Kagerou is the chu chu's mama!

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Let's get started!

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Whenever I see Kagerou, I can't help but feel the urge to run up to her silently and cum on her clothes where her butt is.

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what's that stuff around her head?

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Looks like some kind of paper.

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how did meido kagerou even become a permanent trend? was it just the efu fanwanking?

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Momiji is barely even an actual character. I hate her so fucking much!!

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Don't hate the character, there's nothing wrong with some being less developped, it's just how it is, some are, some are not. Hate the people who... misused the character (I guess?).
Unless you hate her for just that reason, fuck you too then.

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I hate Momiji because her popularity is completely undeserved, and I dont mean from the awooshit crowd. She is a shitty made sprite, nothing more. She doesnt even have a tail or animal ears and teriteries still draw them. She's not even "less developed", she'd not developed at fucking all. She's a white haired bitch who got lucky she is paired with a secondary fan favorite like Aya who she leeches fame off of. She even leeches off of Kagerou just for being a wolf when Kagerou is ten times better than her as a character. Being a mere guard dog fuck toy with non-existant animal ears with somewhat decent fanart is all people like her for.

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Hating anything because of its populairty is no worse than blindly following a crowd. It's just the opposite. I'd advise not to care about majority. Since you're already here, you should be able to do that. I hope.

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I dont hate her because of a crowd. I hate her because her crowd gives her undeserved praise.

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Ergo, you do hate her because of the crowd. Its actions to be exact.

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Girls poop and fart too you know.

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no, wrong

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best dog

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Miwol is largely responsible for my affection for Kagerou. She's good, but he's great.

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Miwol is able to make a good style and adapt it so nicely with his characters. He can do some dumb spongebob joke yet it works well because of what he’s using

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I agree with this, im just saying inconsistent for the sake of argument. Pro wings fags and anti wing fags love too throw a fit whenever Aya does/doesnt have wings.

This is the exact same thing as with Aya's wings. Momiji sometimes has a tail and animal ears in ZUN approved art and sometimes she doesnt. I think its pretty apparent though that Aya (a crow tengu) and Momiji (a white wolf tengu) would have some physical traits of their respective animals.
To be honest though I think its going a bit far too call people who draw Momiji with animal ears and a tail tertiary's considering people who work on official materials, the most dedicated doujin artists, fangame creators, and people in general way more involved in Touhou than yourself draw her like that. Now im not too keen on her myself but its important too keep in mind that just like other characters like Koakuma they have an important existence despite being non characters. They are actual blank slates that the fans and creators can do whatever they want with and personally I think its good too have existing characters that sort of fill this role in place of creating some sort of OC.

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Did art of her howling at the moon sorta die out or is it just me?

>Pro wings fags and anti wing fags love too throw a fit whenever Aya does/doesnt have wings.
It's only the latter.

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A very revealing wolf

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the one on the right is just as beautiful as the one on the left

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How do I court a lewd boobie wolf?

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Why Kagerou h-doujins are mostly shota? It hurts

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We need more Kagerou rape doujin.

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too lewd

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No we don't!

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Kagerou is wide.

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no kagerooo

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I always thought she was pretty cute, and had a cute personality, but when I noticed that her dress is based on a hanafuda card, it was instant love.

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Kagerou is pure Awoo!

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Translate it "kudasai"