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I merged my fate with Border of Life the first time I listened to it.
When I listen to it, I think about the challenges in my future, and also my existence in this world. This is where music shows its power.

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you should listen to more songs about suicide.

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My Lady, I don't think I can grasp what you are saying.

And please don't eat the butterflies.

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It makes me think of Yuyuko's tits.

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but that would only encourage my to kill my- OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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And it sucks.

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Every time I hear Border of Life it reminds me of that remix where a bunch of horny japanese touhou fans sing about their favorite touhoes.

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Every time I hear Border of Life..

I click the Next button so I can skip to UN Owen

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I tend to enjoy all stage 6 boss music.

That said, Remilia is a filthy whore. She got the best remixes in both IaMP and SWR. As if Septette didn't have a million fan mixes already.

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Well fuck, IaMP remixes are the best thing ever

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border of death is a pretty cool song

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EoSD was ZUN's first real hit, because you didn't have to be one of the 5 guys in Japan who owned a PC-98 computer. And Necrofantasia is whored out just as much.

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But Septette is the 20th best videogame music of all time!

Japan agreed, don't bother them about it

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They're always rock/metal remixes for some reason. And this:


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>>EoSD was ZUN's first real hit, because you didn't have to be one of the 5 guys in Japan who owned a PC-98 computer.

Except the majority of Japanese used a PC-98 back in the early/mid 90's, silly goose.

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What's it's real name?

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ITT: What the fuck are we talking about?

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How awesome IaMP remixes are

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You would know if you weren't such a faget.

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You don't know your Touhou music.

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Border of life song is so derp

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I still think PCB has the best soundtrack, not including IaMP

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what about it?

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IaMP is the best version of her theme ever made, but the SWR one just sucks.

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I like every single Stage 5 and Stage 6 boss themes for the Window Touhou games. Border of Life is one of my favorites, behind only two of the three songs in IN that include the word "Moon".

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What's the matter, too organ and piano for you?

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>IaMP is the best version of her theme ever made, but the SWR one just sucks.

Nothing beats her IaMP song.

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Hey Alabama.
I thought you died on me, but I see that you also want to be the little girl.

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Which version of her IaMP theme do you prefer? The in-game version or the Arranged version on the OST?

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It's just a major disappointment. It isn't as great as her IaMP theme, that one was just brilliant.


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You guys just set me up for this one...


>what the Touhou anime looks like


>what the Touhou anime could have looked like

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I've always been the little girl. You just never noticed. And I'm not sure who Alabama is.

In-game. It is god.

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>And I'm not sure who Alabama is
Same person.

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I thought that too. Even the size is the same, you can see an equal amount of the wings.

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You take that back young man!

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I don't follow at all.

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It wasn't that bad. You all just have your standards too high from those years on /a/. It's a doujin project, and that wasn't the end of it, so give them time to improve.

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IMO the Touhou anime is much better than most of the shit we've been getting lately and I don't even like Touhou.

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More cool Yuyuko art

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I thought it was pretty damn good for a doujin project, myself. Sure, it's not top-notch animation, but god damn it, how often do fans of anything get together and make a fucking cartoon with good voice actors and all that? Not often, that's for sure.
So I just enjoyed it for what it is.

Oh, and when I hear Border of Life I usually think about this picture, which inevitably leads me to think of Yuyuko's tits.

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OP, go away, you're ruining your thread with more of yourself.

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Too big.

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Well, Yuyuko will eventually eat those dango, and then it won't be so big, so don't worry.

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Needs more loli Yuyuko.

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Only thing I have

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cute, uguu, etc...

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I think of food whenever I hear Border of Life, and it's all this video's fault.

http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm3362630 (EX)

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... which will end up in Yuyuko's tits anyway.

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ITT; The remixes are better than the originals.

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>The remixes are better than the originals

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I tend to like the originals more. But I like it best when the songs are played on piano, etc.