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patchouli is going to catch you, should you not run

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Fatchy is too slow!

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I'm going to catch Patchouli.

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she doesn't have the best health, so I think I could easily out her

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Patchy is a Flatso!

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patchouli is too slow and lazy, she would just give up after a few minutes

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I don't think i have to run.
Patchy is boarder line lethargic. So she can't run for long.
I have nothing to worry about unless she has Koakuma assisting her

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Haha! That NEET can't even walk, let alone run!

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She can just fly after you obviously. And then drop onto you with all her weigth.

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I can outrun her easily, and I’m a bit of a fatty also

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I want to snatch the Patch

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i want to be crushed by her huge and fat ass

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Nothing gross about Patchos fat butt

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You fatfags ruin everything.

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Imagine being crushed by that ass, hot.

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I want to fuck Patchouli.

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Can't she fly? Why doesn't she just stop herself from falling?

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She is floating

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I think it's happening again.

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Why would I run away from my wife?

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He's going to catch her with his dick.

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It's one of those things couples do for fun.
Yuuka chases me around all the time.
She fires Master Sparks at me too.
I think ive only been hit once. I lost my arm. But Eirin sewed it back on. And gave me medicine. It looks as if nothing happened. I also remember nothing about being chased around.
Yuuka's more violent now. I think she's become a sadist if she wasn't one already.
My agonizing screams mustive activated her almonds when she hit me.

How do i remember this shit? I just said I don't remember anything!

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Rank the following Patchouli thread posters from best to worst and explain your choices:
Skinny Patchy posters
Fatchouli posters
Pache feets posters
Koakuma kunny posters

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1. Fatchouli posters
They tend to have a very high IQ
2. Koakuma kunny posters
Koakuma is VERY cute
3. Skinny Patchy posters
Delusional as HELL. Any intelligent person knows that Patchy is Fatchy
4. Pache feets posters
Feet are disgusting, dude.

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I have an IQ of 160, going by Eysenck, or "high chances of passing a Mensa test" (28/33), going by the official preliminary test on their website, and I partially disagree with points 3 and 4. I also believe that there is a lack of sufficient data to claim 1. (Naturally, I recognize that there is no point in responding seriously to your baseless shitpost, but what else is there to do on /jp/ other than funposting?)

Although I might be lying to oneself regarding point 3 because I prefer this look for Patchouli, but it's not like she's got any noticeable fat except her boobs in this doujin.

1. Skinny Patchy.
They post cute rather than disgusting shit.

2. Koakuma kunny.
They may be or pretend to be autistic, like the most of /jp/, but at least they aren't disgusting and are rarely seen.

3. Pache feets.
I'm kind of a footfag, but obsessing with dirty and smelly feet makes me want to puke.

4. Fatchouli posters.
Obnoxious posting and revolting imagery ranging from barely acceptable plump to horrendous landwhales. I'd say it's also inconsistent with official works, but that would be hypocritical, knowing my own headcanon.

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What's Patche's breast size?

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Where are the CUTEchouli posters?

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I feel sorry for Patchy fans, imagine never being able to have a thread or see your waifu mentioned without being bombarded with fetish stuff.

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Kanako and Byakuren threads were ruined by mommyfags.
Yuugi threads were ruined by ss/muscle girlfags.
Wriggle threads were ruined by trapfags.
Sanae threads were ruined by Sakuyafags.
Yukari threads were ruined by Yukarifags.

Pache isn't the only 2hu to have her threads ruined by sexual or autistic things.

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>Yukari threads were ruined by Yukarifags.
As a Yukarifag this makes me laugh.

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>Sanae threads were ruined by Sakuyafags.
people keep saying this but I've have actually never seen that

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Fatchoulifags and Skinny Pachefags are natural enemies.
Like Eirinfags and Yukarifags.
Or Okinafags and Yukarifags.
Or Mugetsufags and Yukarifags.
Or Yukarifags and other Yukarifags.
Damn Yukarifags, they ruined Yukari threads!

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sagefriends should get along

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Hagfags are like worshipers of deities. Among them, Yukarifags are the crazy Chaotic Evil cultists who constantly kill each other for teh lulz.

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That's stupid. You're stupid. Never post again kudasai

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She wants a chivalrous anon to catch her.

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qt NEET friends!

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I am a Yukarinfag but Eirin is probably my second favorite older 2hu

At the same time I also appreciate all Patchos, so I think we should all just get along

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Y-you're making me blush Patche!

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Pathcouli has the comfiest looking outfit.

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>she finally catches the /jp/er


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I want to hug patchloli!

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is pache dorkyposter

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Fuck you I hope you die.

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I want to listen to hiphop music with pache

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Shut up you old hag