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I want Reisen to shoot me dead so i can die happy

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That's actually pretty cool!

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Rather die from asphyxation from her sitting on my face

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Please do not give more guilt to Reisen!

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my wife is not a killer!

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pretty sure she killed at least one person, when she was in the Lunar army

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The lunar army only ever fought Americans and they lost.

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*Two Americans

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She'd never feel guilty for killing a loser otaku hikkineet!

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I want Reisen to shoot me alive so i can live happy

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJRWJ3wOXjs Yeah! She's a murderer.

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I want Reisen to say I love you so we can live together happily

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Reisen's the sort of person that just makes you want to help her. Shoulder some of the burden, carry some of the load, you know? I don't think she has anybody she can count on in her life. I don't mean to say she's a helpless sadsack, but everybody needs someone to lean on now and again.

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Reisen versus John Wick - who wins? No special powers allowed. Just raw firearms finesse.

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I wonder if she has any real friends. All of her canon appearances have her mostly being on some errand or out on a job. Lunarians and other Moon Rabbits are out of the question. Earth rabbits probably treat a bit coldly, too; she's nice to have around, but she's not really one of THEM, you know? And sure, she respects Eirin, but that's not really the same as having a friend, is it?

I wonder if she'd let me be her friend.

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Exactly. Everyone at Eientei is either a coworker or superior or Tewi and...well, that's it. She doesn't seem very open, sorta keeps to herself, and that's fine, but even introverts need a friend or two.
Things go bad at Eientei for whatever reason, big or small, and she needs to get away for a bit. As in for a day or two at least. Where does she go?

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that's a service that appears to be growing in popularity nowadays!

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Hakurei shrine, like everyone else and their mum

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Why is Donge so sad?
Junko will not be happy after this.

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I somehow doubt that.

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>As in for a day or two at least. Where does she go?
Did miss the chapter? She was at Tenko's banket.

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Festivals and banquets are very different from "Hey man, could I crash here for a little while?" situations.

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>Festivals and banquets are very different from "Hey man, could I crash here for a little while?" situations.
How so? That is their literal purpose. Expecially in Touhou where girls drink all the time.

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Not to mention the bun could get shitfaced and vent about her problems

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...no they're not, at all. I said a day or two at least, that's already longer than a Hakurei festival, and neither of these events offer room or board.
Does Gensokyo have hotels? I'd imagine not.

This is fair, though.

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I don't see a reason why Reisen would go there. She dosen't have relation to Reimu.

She is kinda person with no life.

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She needs to get her next fix.

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She needs her next fix.

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I will

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For her PTSD medicine?

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based. being killed by a pretty girl fulfills two of my wishes

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But her PTSD medicine is (You), anon.

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I want to cure Reisen of her PTSD!

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I will make sure to give her plenty of hugs!

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Even if she doesn’t deserve them. Do it.
Make her happy anon

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Reisen is very sad!
Please cheer her up!

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Drawing usually relaxes people!

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I can't take away take the pain for you sadly, but I am always here, so let me ease you burden, I may not be the best option here but I promise that I will do everything I can for you

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If you rearrange the letters in "Reisen Udongein Inaba" you get "I need an IN usagi boner".

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Can pencils be an exception?

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Tell me of your sorrows, bunny. Talking about it is the best thing to do, and I'm a good listener.

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Reisen is not one for needless violence...

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I want to molest Udon-chan!

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I'll stop you!

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I want to protect this cute bunny and she her smile.

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Wow, miten sex bätäng!

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Please stop.
Reisen is for hugging and petting
Not for bullying

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Please stop!
Junko is a pure mom and would never do anything like that to Reisen.

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I want reisen to have a long happy life with loved one

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I want to live a long happy life with reisen

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How long do Moon Rabbits live for, anyway?

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A long time