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Recently I find myself only able to enjoy /jp/ flavoured games. Shmups, Fighters and RPGs only.

I recently shelled out for a 360 to find out what I've been missing, but now GTA4, Fallout 3 and Assassin's Creed are gathering dust on my shelf while I play Street Fighter, Ikaruga and Triggerheart Exelica on XBLA, then I plug in my DS put hours into Etrian Odyssey or play another Touhou game and VN on my laptop.

Is it just me, or do "mainstream" games really just suck, no matter how many perfect 10s they get on some idiot gaming website?

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Try /v/

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its not that they suck, its just that all people have different tastes. Kind of like anal sex. Either you like it, or you don't.

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Forget all this shit and go play Saya no Uta, possibly the best visual novel ever made.

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That's because the mainstream games are made for casual videogamers.
In before gb2/v/.

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I rather like my shootan games and Grand Theft Auto. To each their own, really. Personally I don't think fighters are worth the time, neither are most RPG's.

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Fallout 3 is just post-apocalyptic Oblivion, as much as it tries to pull from the previous Fallout games. Assassin's Creed is too linear to keep you forever and lacks enough actual "assassination," where you use stealth and spike instead of SLAY EVERYTHING AROUND YOU to win. GTA4 is just mindless violence, like every GTA game.

Also, you're a weeaboo. Everything mainstream is anathema to you.

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Fallout 3 and Assassin's Creed DO suck so that's fine. GTA4 is decent, but not as good as previous GTA games.

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>Is it just me, or do "mainstream" games really just suck, no matter how many perfect 10s they get on some idiot gaming website?

Not just you. If it's rated M for mature and you can boom headshot people, normalfags and niggers will lap that shit up. Especially if the GRAPHIX are good.

I prefer my 2D fighting, old RPGs, obscure doujin games, and niche classics like Way of the Samurai or Toejam and Earl. But there's good to be found in most any genre save FPS and MMORPG.

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You could say the same about eroge, though.

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>save FPS and MMORPG

There are good FPS. And some good things in MMORPGs.

EVE Online, for all it sucks as far as combat and skill training/policies, actually has a decently working economy. Planetside, before SOE wrecked it, was the first good FPSMMORPG.

There are others, but most people hear MMORPG and assume LULZWOW.

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>There are good FPS.

Strongly disagree.

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>do "mainstream" games really just suck

Yes, they do.

Also, it must be noted they're not really mainstream. Wii Sports is mainstream. Those you named are niche, no matter how many people bought them. They're what metal is to the music industry. Millions of fans worldwide, close-minded fanbase, mostly insufferable to everyone else. Only here they somehow managed to monopolize the media, but it won't last long. Don't bother with them and don't let them brainwash you.

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Quake 3

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Sorry, I'm not a preteen myspace kid and I've never posted in \b\ so I don't think I'd fit in.

I'll go do this.

In the meantime, perhaps someone could throw out some recommendations for games outside the genres I mentioned that have challenging and engaging gameplay?

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is a troll post, even thought he game itself is good.

It's some sort of upstart non-meme. Needs to be stamped out.

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Try Way of the Samurai. Truly an awesome game and not nearly enough people have played it.

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Same as me, bro.

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There are no good FPSs anymore, because everyone plays on LCDs which caps the frame rate too low for fast FPSs to be acceptable.

STGs will also greatly benefit from higher frame rate, but idiots think 60Hz is enough for everyone, so all modern monitors are shit.

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A picture of Fallout 3 in the OP and a thread about VNs nets you 0 replies, but a picture of Akiha in an unrelated vidgaem thread is a post magnet.

I love /jp/!

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i love you too bro

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That's because Akiha is <3.

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>because everyone plays on LCDs which caps the frame rate too low for fast FPSs to be acceptable.
6/10 I chuckled.

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good games that not many played

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Deus Ex wasn't... great. But it was at least fun to play.

Especially using the Dragon's Tooth to hack hookers to pieces.

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Grand ThOft Auto

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Try System Shock 2 with enhanced texture mod + the graphical update(the second one with fixed midwives). It's seriously one of the best games out there.

Also, it features tsundere antagonist.

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>Recently I find myself only able to enjoy /jp/ flavoured games.
Congratulations, you became a piece of shit weeaboo with no personality of your own.

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q3 was ok, qw is the perfect fps tho

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nah, this thread is about comparing /jp/-related games to /v/ideogames. So it's relevant.

I am actually a huge shooter fag, but the most "recent" good shooters are around the time of Turok 2, Serious Sam and Unreal Tournament.

I think game developers try too hard to make the game an "experience" when you just want to enjoy a good shooter. They are more about the world they play in rather than what you do.
Shmups, fighting games and other doujin games just focus on the gameplay. Maybe western games are made by too much people at the same time. There quite a lot of games made by only a handfull of people or just one person alone, which are great. If there are 20 people, everyone with good ideas, they easily can screw the main concept over.

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Looks like it's time for another run through.

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That game made me shit my pants only using ambiance sound. LGS were way ahead of its time.

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go back to /v/ or whatever board you came from

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> q3 was ok, qw is the perfect fps tho
Aye, it's the only engine that's actually pleasant to use. All other engines feel so clunky and shitty, practically unplayable.

HL felt great as well due to its inheritance, but lately there's too much shit lagging it up.

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Is Orange Box worth getting?

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Not anymore. Portal is the only good thing about it and it can be bought as a standalone game off Steam anyways.

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There hasn't been a good FPS since Perfect Dark.

GTA:SA was good but had issues. GTA4 has the issues without the good.

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The Source engine sucks to infinity.

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>Etrian Odyssey

First or second?

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I still can't get over how every GTA game since 3 has still had those shitty, unresponsive walking controls.

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Just a few items short of 100% in EO1.

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Oni. Best damn $7 game I ever bought. I need to go find and play that again...

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I'm finding it hard to push myself through the endgame. I can't level any higher so I actually have to actively fight things or actively try to run instead of just holding down the "kill shit" button.

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Hurr opinions.

Most western games are overrated by western critics. Most Japanese games are overrated by Japanese critics. It has nothing to do with which is better and everything to do with personal opinions. If you were to compare two equivalent games of different genres you'd probably find a ton of issues on either side (judged from an independent point of view), it's merely which issues you find more tolerable.

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I'm sorry I don't know what you mean.

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That's the beauty of EO. Try and see if you can redistribute your skill points more efficiently to give your party the extra oomph you want. I had to do that for floor 26+.

EOII is a lot more forgiving about that kind of stuff. Resting only costs five levels and retiring only halves your levels instead of returning you to level one.

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/v/ in /jp/? Ok. Lets talk about an awesome fucking RTS. I never really got into AoM that much, and I never even bothered trying out AoE3, but 2 will remain in my heart.

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Way to miss the point. It's never been "western games" vs. "japanese games". If anything, more like "why does japan still do good games when the west stopped", and even then it's not like it stopped, more like they can't break through the inpenetrable wall of western gaming media's attention to a few select genres (which haven't even produced anything worthwile recently).

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Indie western developers exist, too. It's not like Japan has monopolized doujinsoft.

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AoE I only liked the first one. I prefer the Romans and stuff over the Feudal Age.

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I found the last 4 floors incredibly tedious (without resorting to completed maps). I've probably spent more time on the post-game (and leveling up characters for it) than on the first 25 floors. Screw 100% item collection, after Primevil I'm done.

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because of christfaggoty.

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Which was my point.

Well, not exactly. My point was that in the west most genres were basically forced to become "indie" to make way to "mainstream" games of today, which, given how hard it is for an indie developer to break to the larger audience, makes Japan our main source of alternatives.

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The problem is a lot of them are more concerned with making artsy crap rather than solid games to fill in the void left by the mainstream market like Japan does.

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So I wanna try this EO/II now, what's a good DS emulator that can play it?

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hey OP, how you bout you step it up a notch and play real mans game

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Nobody makes games like Baldur's Gate anymore. Not even Bioware, oddly enough.

>> No.1883609

Dragon Age is supposed to be good, when it gets released.

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i dunno, i enjoyed the HL2 games.

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From the screenshots, it looks like it's going to be another KotOR style game.

>> No.1883619

Fuck, how am I supposed to search for it when all the search sites ignore the $?

>> No.1883621

Hm, must have changed since I last heard of it. That could still be good though.

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Your post shows that I did not miss the point and is in fact, exactly what I was talking about. You seem to have some delusion the average Japanese game is better then the average Western game. It's not. They're the same. They both have their own shitty problems and it's just which shitty problems you prefer. And if you think there aren't any good American games, try looking places other then Walmart for your games.


I have no idea what you're actually trying to say here.

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Do us all a favour and buy EOII from Amazon if you play the first game and like it. That way we can ensure more of these kinds of games get translated. (7th Dragon, please)

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BioWare = EA

That is why they don't develop real RPGs anymore.

>> No.1883631

There's the small problem of not having a DS. I don't want to spend $130 for a DS unless I find at least a moderate array of games/programs I'd buy as well.

>> No.1883633

Everything is EA Games, now. And it's all shit.

>> No.1883634

Oh god, how could I have forgotten? So many fond memories, especially since it reminds me of my DnD days. Time to go find my discs, I've got to replay them
To each his own, I guess. Rome was fun but the Middle Ages has always been appealing to me.

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HAHAHAHAHAA. Japanese games are equal to western games? Maybe in the 90's you fucking weaboos. They haven't produced shit this generation. Japs keep pumping out the same mediocre shitty JRPG's with the same combat system since the SNES days. The only worthwhile game is Valkyria Chronicles. The japs realize that they are shit this generation as well. Kojima is practically sucking our dicks for attention.

tl;dr - pull your heads out of your asses fucking weaboos

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you must gather your party before venturing forth :3

>> No.1883640

But that's a Japanese game.

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He didn't say anything about buying a DS.

>> No.1883646

I think it has to do more with challenge/difficulty more than anything else.

STGs and fighters actually have some sort of learning curve. Stuff like first-person shooters or GTA4 do not have this; they're meant to be easy games.

RPGs? Only a small number of games are challenging. But I like RPGs for different reasons: they tend to have superior art and music/sound direction. Some of the best done in video games, actually. The good RPGs are simply a satisfying read as well, so they're quite a worthy genre.

>> No.1883651

some fps have learning curves just not the ones on xbox/quake clones

>> No.1883656

How bout you go pro in counterstrike 1.6 before talking about game difficult in FPS you fucking scum

>> No.1883661


>person who still plays counter-strike

azn detected.

>> No.1883664

That's a great idea then, waste money on something I can't even use.

>> No.1883668

And yet again my respect for Zun's opinion decreases even more. How low can it go..?

>> No.1883676

You could rip a rom image from it. That's how people are supposed get those things, after all.

>> No.1883683

I play counter-strike every now and again and I'm white.

>> No.1883687

I dont understand why people like you comment on shit you obviously dont understand

>> No.1883693

I wish it was possible to talk about video games without attracting 14 year old from /v/ and their loud opinions about which generic FPS is best.

>> No.1883699


He does have a point about difficulty, it just got lost in a pile of shitty opinions. Both western and Japanese games are shit easy. I can name the games I would consider "difficult" that I've played in the last year on two fingers (Touhou, Ninja Gaiden). Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is an entirely different debate.

>> No.1883703

>I have no idea what you're actually trying to say here.

You have no idea what I'm trying to say at all. Oh well.

>> No.1883706

How would I read the cartridge?

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Flash drives.

>> No.1883721

>>I can name the games I would consider "difficult" that I've played in the last year on two fingers (Touhou, Ninja Gaiden)

It's like you barely played anything at all!


Either way you're gonna have to deal with the lower power level Anons (less than 300 games played). We got them here in this thread, and I'm sure they're in /v/ as well.

>> No.1883724


If you want to rephrase it, I'll give it my best shot. I'm not saying your opinion is wrong, just that I don't understand how your words go together to form thoughts and sentences.

>> No.1883728

Buy a DS and a flash cart (I suggest a CycloDS). I don't feel bad about using a flash cart, because without being able to pirate games I would never have bought the DS to begin with. Therefore the existence of a piracy device directly lead to Nintendo getting money from me they otherwise would not have.

>> No.1883732

EXPERT VIDEO GAMER (600+ games played completely)

>> No.1883737

He's saying that game companies shouldn't be forced to go indie in order to have creative freedom and the market is too hostile towards unpopular genres.

>> No.1883739

Counterstrike isn't difficult at all, in and of itself. It's "point the reticule and press the mouse button, while moving", the same as any other generically shitty FPS.

The only source of difficulty in it is the skills of the other players, not from the game itself.

>> No.1883742


>It's like you barely played anything at all!

Since you're such a prolific gamer, care to name some others?

>> No.1883746

> The only source of difficulty in it is the skills of the other players, not from the game itself.
So? That's like judging the difficulty of a Touhou when you aren't playing for score. Totally wrong.

>> No.1883751

How is it in any way "wrong" when it is objectively true?

>> No.1883764

It's not how the games are meant to be played.

In Counter-Strike you are supposed to play and win against the best.

In STGs you are supposed to get the best hi-score possible.

>> No.1883765


So his issue is with the market, rather then the games themselves? Cause there's plenty of good American indie games. Market acceptance says nothing of their quality.

Also the same thing happens in Japan, the big companies cave to market pressures and a lot of the innovation gets shoved to the fringes. It's no different, it's just the size of the followings.

>> No.1883776

Holy shit, you are a fucking idiot. Do you honestly read what you write before submitting?

>> No.1883777

American (and western) indie titles are just art college shit.

Japanese indie titles are all about gameplay.

>> No.1883778

Actually, I don't want to. I have no incentive to discuss with you at all since I realized you don't need to know or understand "my opinion" at all to denounce it. Arguing with someone who doesn't respond to what I write, but rather to an completely unrelated strawman he chose to put up is pretty pointless. Hell, I don't even know what would be clearer and easier to understand for you.

>> No.1883786

Casuals and consoles killed gaming.

>> No.1883790

"Gamers" and whining killed gaming.

>> No.1883794

>generic FPS

generic /jp/ fucking idiot spotted

>> No.1883795

gaming and gamemakers killed gaming

>> No.1883798

>nintendo killed console gaming

>> No.1883803

I laugh at your misconception of the way any game is "meant" to be played. There is no "correct" way to play any game. They're fucking games, not fourth-year university exams.

What's wrong with playing a shmup with the aim of just beating it, score be damned? What's wrong with wanting an FPS to have some kind of interesting mechanic and thus finding CS intensely boring?

>> No.1883804


Wow, you're an idiot.


I didn't know a request to form coherent sentences was a strawman.

>> No.1883805

It's easier for us to get good games from Japan, since Japanese market is wider in scope, and we're all weeaboos already. Hence we play more Japanese games. Trivial.

>> No.1883806

I don't know what's wrong with you guys. I'm fine with the gaming industry as it is today.

>> No.1883807

Hmm... no I don't think so. Nintendo killed Nintendo console gaming though.

>> No.1883809

CounterStrike is basically the defining example of a generic FPS. Two groups appear and shoot each other. Repeat ad nauseum.

>> No.1883811

>Xbox killed console gaming

>> No.1883814


Video gaming - press buttons. Repeat ad nauseum.

>> No.1883816

> What's wrong with playing a shmup with the aim of just beating it, score be damned? What's wrong with wanting an FPS to have some kind of interesting mechanic and thus finding CS intensely boring?
What's wrong is that you aren't extracting the maximum pleasure from the games that way, and will go on to Internet forums and start threads like this one.

>> No.1883818


Save the rage for /v/, little guy. Don't want to exhaust yourself before you finish your homework.

>> No.1883820

Yes, I think that's right. The XBox360 just makes things worse.

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It's ok, bro. It's obvious you don't care much about these types of games, and I'm not gonna shove strangely named titles down your throat.

Ninja Gaiden is more than enough anyways. As long as you were playing the 2D ones!

More like thousands upon thousands. I'm not proud of it, but that's what happens when you become a NEET for many years. I'm due to hit 1,000 anime seen completely pretty soon as well.

>> No.1883822

A request for clarity isn't an argument at all, much less a strawman.

>> No.1883824

There are a ton of little nuances in the way Counter-Strike works both 1.6 and Source. I wouldn't call it generic mostly because of that, also objective based.

Call of Duty is more generic a war type game and Halo/other quake clones are the true "Generic FPS".

>> No.1883827


You should be proud of it. I think you're exaggerating, but it's something to be proud of when it's true.

>> No.1883829

His request for clarity came after several posts of arguing with something noone ever wrote here.

>> No.1883831

Are you seriously fucking stupid or something? CS is a mod of Half life. There is no single player. What do you not understand about this? You play against others. It is a multilayer game. You have some kind of mental issue?

>> No.1883832


Oh come on, I love finding new games to play.

And I should clarify, by "played in the last year" I should have said "released in the last year". I was trying to reinforce your point that games are easy nowadays.

>> No.1883834

But that's all CS has. There is nothing else to it. You shoot the other team. Then the round ends and you do it again. There is not a single interesting thing about the game, whatsoever.

Maximum pleasure? Please. I get "maximum pleasure" from gaming not by playing one to death, but by playing many to the point of a sweet spot of enjoyment.

Also I don't start threads like this because I don't really give a shit; I'm only posting in this one because I'm bored.

>> No.1883837

*grabs casual gamer*

>> No.1883841


Just cause you perform a relatively simple action and repeat doesn't mean there's nothing interesting about it. It just means it's not your cup of tea. A lot of it has more to do with immersion and competition rather then mechanics.

>> No.1883844

Well, why do you think he wanted you to be clearer? He missed the point entirely.

>> No.1883846


Touhou - hold down shoot button, dodge bullets.
Oversimplifying things is great.

>> No.1883848


>> No.1883851


>But that's all CS has. There is nothing else to it. You shoot the other team. Then the round ends and you do it again. There is not a single interesting thing about the game, whatsoever.

It's called a custom server, learn to find one.

Ghad, I bet you think all there is to StarCraft is Melee.

>> No.1883855

*is 300 pounds*

>> No.1883856

Casual gamers want games that play like movies. They don't actually want to need to do anything difficult but they still want to play on hard mode.

Why can't they make hard mode hard and have casuals play on easy?

>> No.1883858

*Anonymous slaps Anonymous around a bit with a large trout

>> No.1883861

I also happen to find Starcraft intensely boring as well, but that's due more to the fact that it's all about memorizing ideal build patterns and trying to do them as fast as humanly possible.

>> No.1883865

If you want a challenge why don't you play online against others, especially in leagues or something. If you want a single player challenge try baldurs gate 2 on insane or any FPS on the hardest difficulty maybe HL2? Fallout 3 seems to be a favorite among this generation

>> No.1883869

>Ghad, I bet you think all there is to StarCraft is Zerg Rush. Ke ke ke.

>> No.1883870

Yeah, it has nothing to do with any macro or micro or mind games at all. Your opinions are now invalid.

>> No.1883878

>Fallout 3


>> No.1883879


Literature - stare at paper for a couple of hours.

>> No.1883881


I've decided you're a troll, and a pretty good one since I've been strung along for an hour now. 8/10 well done

>> No.1883882


Again, that's just Melee.

Get on Battle.Net.
Click Join.
Hit the dropdown menu and select "Use Map Settings".
There are FUCKTONS UPON FUCKTONS of custom game modes.

>> No.1883884

But it's true. You take an average player and put them up against someone who is simply FASTER than them, and they will lose every single time, regardless of strategy or tactics.

>> No.1883891

What is your idea of an interesting game then? Probably some generic fucking JRPG

>> No.1883892

Point taken.

Okay. I certainly hope I was clearer in >>1883805. If not, allow me to give up.

>> No.1883893


>I also happen to find Starcraft intensely boring

Line crossed. Pistols at dawn.

>> No.1883894


Starcraft isn't exactly balanced either. There isn't much challenge to that game.

>> No.1883896

All games except the ones I like suck.

>> No.1883900

Anyone can reach an acceptable speed. There are times between building buildings and units. Army control is a hell of a lot more difficult than build orders.

You are just another casual who wants to play on easy modo.

>> No.1883908

You must be a troll, there is no other way a single human could be so stupid

>> No.1883910

Starcraft is probably the most balanced RTS with more than one race ever.

What isn't balanced? Look at pro rankings and you will see plenty of all three races in the top 25.

>> No.1883915

I play a few fighters, I play shmups until I beat them then discard them, I did play jRPGs once upon a time but get bored of them these days due to the recent insistence on making battles "interesting" i.e. "just as boring only now you can't just hold a button down to win".

I'm playing through Planescape: Torment at the moment, that's interesting.

>> No.1883926


>Starcraft isn't exactly balanced either.

Stick to trolling what you know, ZUN. You're out of your element.

>> No.1883927


The only "unbalance" I can think of is game timing. The early game favors Zerg, the middle game favors Terran, and the late game favors Protoss. But that's perfectly fine, as the teams are built to work like that.

>> No.1883930


>"just as boring only now you can't just hold a button down to win".

you could never do that except in really shitty and poorly designed JRPGs like FFIV. Did you stop playing JRPGs after the SNES era or something?

>> No.1883933

>CounterStrike is popular.
>Popular means good.
>Therefore CounterStrike is good.

>> No.1883934


You were much clearer. The only reason I hadn't responded again was I felt I had nothing else to contribute and we had both said our parts.

I'm still not sure what the other guy was talking about though.

>> No.1883938

They are JRPS after the SNES era? Unpossible.

>> No.1883939


>> No.1883942

>But that's all Touhou has. There is nothing else to it. You dodge the bullets.
>But that's all visual novels have. There is nothing else to it. You select the answers.
>But that's all any JRPG has. There is nothing else to it. You grind the mobs.

See a pattern yet? In b4 angry fanbois.

>> No.1883944

>CounterStrike has a high skill ceiling
>Hard means good
>Therefore CounterStrike is good

>> No.1883945

Sometimes you have to mash the button instead of hold it down.

I think the last jRPG I genuinely enjoyed rather than merely tolerated was Suikoden II.

>> No.1883947

Criticizing Starcraft now... What happened, /jp/?

>> No.1883949
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I enjoyed 5 too.

>> No.1883950

Touhou has pretty patterns.
VNs have story + characters.
So do jRPGs.

CS has... nothing.

>> No.1883951

Visual novels aren't games.

>> No.1883952

Bored trolls probably. /jp/ is kinda slow today.

>> No.1883953

Planescape is a good game but you should stick to bashing things you know about, since you have obviously never played 1.6 with a team or ever competed with anybody

>> No.1883955

Would you faggots stop talking about CS or Halo like they're the only FPS games in existence.

>> No.1883956

CS has.. other players

>> No.1883957

Not woth the money
Poor story quality (cliches abound), unappealing game play, little or no replay value, and a price tag three times what a game like this should be priced. $9.99 for what is basically a clickfest..I don't think so.

>> No.1883958

Some visual novels are eroge.
Eroge is short for erotic game.
By extension, all visual novels are games. QED.

>> No.1883959

I tried to like V, I really did. But the ridiculous loading times irritated me far too much and I eventually just took it back and traded it in for something else.

2D Suikodens >>>>>>>>>> 3D Suikodens.

>> No.1883961

CS 1.6 was good if you had access to a good server. The public servers were nothing but retards, hax and dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz dust plz

>> No.1883962

vns aren't games because they don't cause shitstorms in every thread

>> No.1883964

So, I guess that makes VNs games.

>> No.1883965

Sure are a lot of CS players with hurt feelings here today.

>> No.1883966

Perfect Dark is the only good FPS.

Except maybe Goldeneye, but that's really just Perfect Dark 0.5.

>> No.1883967

Haha, I actually played Lifesigns:Surgical Unit during loading times.

>> No.1883968


>vns aren't games because they don't cause shitstorms in every thread

>because they don't cause shitstorms in every thread

>they don't cause shitstorms in every thread

>they don't cause shitstorms

>> No.1883969

This may seem like it, but honest to God, I'm not trolling here. I've played Counterstrike exactly once. What separates it from other FPSs? What gives it a higher skill ceiling? Aside from popularity, why did it develop a tournament scene?

I understand how games like Halo/Gears are not as good as CS for competitive purposes, auto-aim and weapon balance and whatnot (I hold that regenerating health versus permanent damage is a choice, neither requires more or less skill), but why not UT2004 or TF2 for example? Granted, the weapon balance in UT2004 may be fairly skewed and TF2 is developing or has developed some competitive following.

>> No.1883970

Perfect Dark and Golden Eye are the only good console fps ever.

>> No.1883971

Perfect Dark was TOO RANDUM xD~~~

Goldeneye was the better of the two.

>> No.1883972

No bomb defusan. No hostage rescuan. No team tactican. Obviously they're the epitome of monotonous button smashing.

Even worse, all those games pit you against retarded AI that is only challenging by a huge bias in favor of the opponent (TOHoes are the prime example for this) - Always a sign of lousy game design, just like "lol no continues" and "lol 50 character passwords"

>> No.1883973

Nobody has even mentioned halo faggot. We are talking about games that require skill which CS is well known for. Go back to your type moon jerkoff

>> No.1883974


Man, and people talk about unbalanced games.

Dual Cyclones = GG NUB
Farsight Xwhatever = GG NUB
Laptop Sentry = CAMPING LOL

>> No.1883975

That's hardly a plus. Have you ever actually encountered a CS player?

NS has players that aren't retards. So does DoD. Even BF does sometimes. CS is all retards, all the time.

>> No.1883976
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Call of Duty is much better eitherway...
Or not.

>> No.1883977

Public servers used to be good, until brazilians ruined it.

>> No.1883978

TF2 is in eternal Beta.

Valve can't make games for shit.

>> No.1883980

This is grossly unfair. I've met CS players who didn't spend literally fifteen minutes arguing over who was going to be what colour.

>> No.1883983

Who wants to defuse bombs when you can use them?

>> No.1883985

Recoil patterns, the way sound works, the buying system, the small team play, balanced but objective based maps, it's really the perfect competitive fps.

>> No.1883986

How come T-moon had to be mentioned here...?

>> No.1883990


I've only played CS a few times myself, but a lot of the appeal is because it was really the genre defining game. Ya it had predecessors but it's the game that really popularized online FPS gaming.

TF2 is too new for competitive gaming and there is (was) a very large competitive gaming following for UT2k4 for a while.

>> No.1883992


>competitive play

no, just no

>> No.1883994

I'm actually surprised no one mentioned Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit, that was one of the best games I've played in awhile, and the main character Lucas Kane is very likable as you continue playing.

>> No.1883995

Terrorist and Counter terrorist forces are extremely well balanced. Team work and strategy is HUGE. Also the level of skill you can obtain if you practice a lot is insane. Its not one of the most fun or visually pleasing games but in terms of being able to determine level of skill, there really hasn't been another game that beats it

>> No.1883996

Type moon will be mentioned in every thread, no matter the subject.

>> No.1883999

Second half: What the hell is this shit?

>> No.1884005

I really loved it's, it's like a nice movie.
But I just never tried to replay it after I git the various endings...

I expected at least someone to mention Shenmue myself, for some reason.

>> No.1884007
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>Valve can't make games for shit.

>> No.1884008

Art college shit. Where's my gameplay?

>> No.1884013

VNs stole it.

>> No.1884015


>> No.1884020

Who stole it from the VNs?

>> No.1884037


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