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Previous thread: >>18759294

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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What's the most complicated game in terms of 100% completion? Off the top of my head France Shoujo had the lengthiest "walkthrough" I've ever seen but I'm wondering if there's any super niche game out there with something even worse.

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Remember11 has some insignificant choices at the start of one character's route that affects a few lines at the late game of the other character's route, if i remember it correctly. I never made it to 100%, just 99.xx%.

Even if you remove those insignificant lines of dialogue, getting all endings can be confusing because of the interconnectivity of the two routes.

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I gotta add that there is a portion in Remember11 where characters are playing some game and string of choices lead to some random results. whatever happens in their game is not significant to the story but it adds to the in-game completion rate.

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Angel beats has two hundred of these mini-achievements. I just looked up a guide for it and gave up hope pretty quickly.

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Playing the new Yuzusoft now. "Crime story", with blackmail, pads and exhibitionism yuri. Fine with me.

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To think I expected Nene to be the best girl. I was wrong. So very very wrong. I'm in love with this angel.

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It's such a shame routes that aren't Nene are so low effort, because Meguru was far better.

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I really really really want a translation of:
Hikari no Valusia: What a Beautiful Hopes
Whose dick should I suck to have them?

P.S.: and also Reika, but that should be obvious

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This isn't a translation thread, friend. Posts like yours aren't on topic here.

I believe you made an honest mistake, so I'll tell you where you should go. There >>18781071

Also as a bonus info I'll tell you that Maitetsu is getting an English translation. It's by Sekai Project, so it'll undeniably be shit and the release will be marred by difficulties, but as an English reader you're surely used to all this.

Anyway, see'ya.

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Kamaitachi no Yoru gets pretty complicated and they probably came up with the way to enter the last few routes for the express purpose of trolling completionists.

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Derp. Didn't mean to spoiler, it's just picture of the playing log showing the number of endings, choices and messages read.

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You know going through KKK I had mixed feelings, I felt that it was completely unnecessary and spat in the face of DI. Though I did have some fun reading some fights Soujirou vs Shiori/ Habaki vs Yato, to name a few, finishing up that last fight I'd have rated it a solid 7.5/10. The epilogue on the other hand just hit me with the feels, specifically this little screencap. I haven't felt this way since reading Marie's epilogue, so it got me to reevaluate my feelings as a whole, probably would give it an 8.5/10.

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I remember Tsukihime's FD to be a pain in the ass.

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Any VNs where you don't have sex with the girl and just form a pure relationship?

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since you cleared endings and scenes,
is there any point to seeing that last 20% of choices?

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All my favorite artists either have a glacial output, stopped entirely or their art degenerated over the years. Sometimes it's even a combination. It's suffering. Time to reread some old games.

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I'm not sure it unlocks anything, or at least the walkthroughs I looked at didn't seem to mention anything. I'm assuming the last bunch of missing choices and messages are for every point where you can try to point out the culprit (there's several) and have to actually write the name yourself and the game counts every possible entry as new choice, because as far as I recall I already clicked every normal choice.

I also noticed that's a slightly older screenshot, I actually have 100% music completion as well but hadn't yet listened to the unlockable sound drama from the menu when taking that screenshot.

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I'm not sure it unlocks anything, or at least the walkthroughs I looked at didn't seem to mention anything. I'm assuming the last bunch of missing choices and messages are for every point where you can try to point out the culprit (there's several scenes where you can do this) and have to actually write the name yourself and the game counts every possible entry for every scene as a new choice, because as far as I recall I already clicked every normal choice.

I also noticed that's a slightly older screenshot, I actually have 100% music completion as well but hadn't yet listened to the unlockable sound drama from the menu when taking that screenshot.

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Ever played a Key VN?

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Hm, that's right. I've watched their anime but have never read one of their VNs.

>> No.18822995

how is it?

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Key works involve guys though. That's not pure. Gotta have something like pic related, which is so sparkly and colorful, it'll blind you and burn your worldly desires away.

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Flowers series from Innocent Grey.

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Flowers series by Innocent Grey.

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what did he mean by this

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Will looseboy ruin 太陽の子?

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Common was more than good enough. Question is just how the routes will end up. That's where Yuzusoft has commonly issues.

I'm actually surprised that the "story" isn't even that terrible. It's nothing special, but it also doesn't act as if it was and just gets all retarded as a result. Even the political situation and whatnot that's talked about in minor fashion is okay. For an eroge it's actually surprisingly believable what's happening, even if it may seem not very exciting for some as a result.

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Can't ruin something that doesn't exist.

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Which Riddle will you Joker first?

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Riddle Joker is pretty good for what it is, not expecting anything big in terms of the plot. There's just enough to keep the story interesting but the main focus is still the cute girls and the interactions with them. Going through Chapter 5 Ayase route right now and she is top tier cute.

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>have to actually write the name yourself and the game counts every possible entry for every scene as a new choice, because as far as I recall I already clicked every normal choice.

thats so dumb when there arent scenes associated with each (wrong) choice

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was anyone seriously expecting a magic spy thriller and not a kyaa~ oniichan ecchi budget harry potter moege

>> No.18825281

The oniichan parts are the best, naturally.

>> No.18825356

Going for Nanami next. Her shy expression while looking away gives me diabetes. Yuzusoft games are pretty on point with their dynamic sprite changing.

>> No.18825663

Is 銀色、遥か good if I want childhood friend romance? The idea of experiencing the childhood itself instead of just flashbacks-dropping it sounds good, but I don't know if the rest of the VN is good or not since people said it's way too long for its worth.

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I liked Mizuha's route, but I couldn't really get into the other routes I tried.

>> No.18825737

you sound like a middle schooler

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I had a dream
A dream where moe didn't exist
A dream where there was no more ero in eroge
A dream of a perfect utopia devoid of mentally ill moebutas and porn addicts
Then I woke up

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I'm fine with ero in eroge. It's mainly generic moeshit that needs to die.

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Then go read a book you retards

>> No.18825890

Sounds more like a nightmare desu

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Holy crap, I just looked up the eroge mo! Game by clockup and found out they have eromanga mo and erotoy mo titles. Will the fourth eroanime mo title ever come out?

Is there any where else to go after that?

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I feel you, brother. One day we will exterminate the subhuman moebuta race and shall create a new age of pornless eroge. Until then we will have to bear and make due with picking the all ages version whenever there is one and the unrestrained use of the CTRL key.

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Does Noraneko become a nukige in the routes? It seems like a nice charage but because the huge tits I am dubious whether the routes have actual content

>> No.18827501

The routes have content, terrible content, because nothing is better than a comedy game going full drama in the routes.

>> No.18827507

It doesn't have "content" in the common either. It's just a bad game with hot art.

>> No.18827515

But that video someone posted of Kuroki was so cute and funny. I got rused again.

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Wow lewd.

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File: 454 KB, 1446x768, Konachan.com - 197418 bikini blush breasts cleavage game_cg group honoo_no_haramase_motto!_hatsuiku!_karada_sokutei_2 squeez swimsuit tagme_(character) wink yuibi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone ever played this?
Fapped more than ten times to VN over the last 8 hours, even though I have little to no Japanese.
As far as I understend you need to have sex with the girls in order to make their boobs grow even larger.

>> No.18828921

We only like flat chests here.

>> No.18828939

I tend to drop every Honoo no Haramase game after a few hours. I can't stand the pacing and the buildup sucks. Too bad, because it should be right up my alley given the nature of the sexual content.

Maybe they're actually better if you don't understand what's going on.

>> No.18829011

I've played the entire series and loved it. Can't wait for もっと!孕ませ!炎のおっぱい異世界エロ魔法学園!

>> No.18829032

Damn, I didn't expect requests this hard. Games from 95-99 are very hard to find in general. If there's anything 2000 and later you want it could be much easier.

This is what I was able to scrape (I can probably get one additional game but this needs to wait)


At this point I'd recommend you find other collectors and try to trade. 2djgame registration seems currently open and has a forum called 資源需求區 where people request rare stuff (I've seen many titles you requested unfulfilled there too though). You've probably also stumbled upon this blog of the guy who seems to buy rare games but just in case: http://oldgamehome.blog.fc2.com. Another individual I know of is eiesoldar on vndb. Or you can try Utatane p2p network but from what I've seen the public servers are a ghost town and only KOOL doesn't ban gaijin IPs. People with 10tb+ collections are found on private ones.

>> No.18829186

Such a waste of Kiritani

>> No.18829395

it becomes a nukige in Shachi route. and I think it's generally more fetishistic than the usual non-nukige. Patricia route has 3p with sisters, Kuroki route includes armpit sex, Shachi has inverted nipples, though Asuhara only has nekomimi and tail cosplay

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Finished her route. Extremely standard. EXTREMELY standard. While that's not outright bad, it's also not good. Guess you can only do so much with nbr sister routes, but you can definitely to more than this, if you wanted to. Arguably that'd not fit Yuzusoft very well, but alas.
That said, I liked the redhead's role in this route and the little backstory of Nanami herself. That's not a particularly big part of the route, but still.

On a side-note: They may have reduced the average chestsize in this, but they still upped the ero.

>> No.18830038

That's because she likes to fuck. The rest of the heroines are standard yuzu hero.

>> No.18830042

*ero, mobileposting I'm sorry.

>> No.18830163

>I can't stand the pacing and the buildup sucks
Did I get the story right? You need to make their boobs bigger by touching and having sex with the girls?

The sprites don't change, but after every round the game tells you how much every girl got bigger and their new cup.

>> No.18830261

I meant the amount of ero scenes/cg. Previously it was 8 for each main heroine heroine, now it seems to be 10+. 2 omakes instead of one I guess.

>> No.18830770

has yuzusoft become even more generic than before

>> No.18830986

Are there any eroge that are purposefully impossible to understand? Like an eroge that waves this idea that the writer knows this higher, almost divine truth, yet won't give it to you and mocks you for even trying to understand what he's trying to say? Subahibi may come close to this but it doesn't nearly go far enough

>> No.18830991

Are you trying to be funny?

>> No.18830997

Umineko series

>> No.18831009

No, I'm not. I really like games and books that have that atmosphere. It gives you this weird paranoid feeling

>> No.18831044

You'd have to be really, really dense to not understand Subahibi.

>> No.18831083

Id say Subahibi still does the impossible to understand thing with Ayana and the concept of Tsui no Sora. Which is mainly what I meant. What I want in an eroge is stuff like that but with a more mocking tone towards the reader.

>> No.18831139

Maybe ジサツのための101の方法?

>> No.18831242

>That's because she likes to fuck.
That's not very realistic of her.

>> No.18831335


It's because she had a crush on him since they were kids and they're spies so dying is an actual thing for them

>> No.18831423

They should have just made this game like Exe.

>> No.18831490 [DELETED] 

>Id say Subahibi still does the impossible to understand thing with Ayana and the concept of Tsui no Sora.


>Tsui no Sora

>> No.18831500

>Id say Subahibi still does the impossible to understand thing with Ayana and the concept of Tsui no Sora.


>Tsui no Sora

>> No.18833073

Which parts of Supreme Candy did SCA-Ji write?

>> No.18833083

yuuri and hesperus routes

>> No.18833116

fushigi densha

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>A VN program shouldn't be this much of a pain in the ass.
The game seems determined to eat up all of my RAM whenever I start it; to the point where everything lags(Win 7). Any ideas?

>> No.18833534

Don't play it.
I also have one of these lying around that I want to try whenever I feel like doing something REALLY stupid. I've only tried to see if the game "works", and when closing it, it assumes something goes wrong and wants to literally disable anything the next time it starts. Good stuff. Some games on this engine seem to crash every 5 minutes for some as well, so that'd be a very fun combination.

It's the best engine to think of, whenever you feel like you are angry about some other engine. Just think that it could be rugp, and it's not going to feel as bad anymore.

>> No.18833557

That's a pity. I kinda like the art.

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Sometimes I feel like there should be a list of banned lines for eroge.

>> No.18834084

what's so wrong with it

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File: 176 KB, 1280x720, tonakoi_02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Heavily outdated stereotyping. I mean, I could kinda understand if she'd look, sound and behave like a dude. But this line is commonly used for characters that aren't "Yamato Nadeshiko" esque and that's that.
So far it's not really an issue in this game, but this mindset has utterly ruined so many routes it's not funny. Pic related was ruined so much, that it may already be funny again though.

>> No.18834250

Oh no, is it really that bad? I just finished downloading tonakoi and was planning on her route, because I'm in the mood for childhood friends.

>> No.18834272

Depends on what you want/like. This isn't a clear cut thing. But some things will definitely be a little weird about her route. Like the ero. That was something.

>> No.18834310

>Like the ero
It's not like...fetishistic, is it? VNDB doesn't really have anything weird on her sexual traits. Then again, it doesn't have any sexual traits for the other two heroines.

>> No.18834392

Thoughts on 仏蘭西少女?

>> No.18834470

>Sometimes I feel like there should be a list of banned lines for eroge.
血の繋がりはない would be on top of that list.

>> No.18834472

literally no one ever has finished it, but the opinion seems to be that it's decent but not good enough to be worth the length.

>> No.18835132

Without that you get either aroute filled with retarded drama or a route where everyone feels like they've had two or three lobotomies.

>> No.18836718

God forbid.

>> No.18837154

Rance X. Most rance games require at least another full playthrough to see all the content.

>> No.18837180

Forest for sure

>> No.18837209

I don't understand.

>> No.18837385

Meteor was probably just really high when writing it, I don't think he understands it either.

>> No.18837441

What about the other writers?

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Has anyone else finished vol 3 of ゾンビのあふれた世界で俺だけが襲われない?
Then VN seems to have caught up with where the WN is, though its last update was over a year ago. It's possible that they would want to publish the rest as a VN first before putting it on narou, but who knows. If another volume gets released it looks like it will be the last one so it'll be interesting to see how it goes. Hopefully it won't be another three years of wait.
I wish more of the characters had a part or two near the end instead of being basically brushed aside, especially Sayaka. Also it's almost a bit silly that now most of the female cast don't talk. What if Mitsuki loses her voice next?

>> No.18838019

That's a passage that can be said to express Miyazawa Kenji's worldview.

Ayana can be understood as a manifestation of that worldview in the context of an author and his fictional characters.

>> No.18838182

I don't believe you

>> No.18839845

What's up with his face?

>> No.18839965

That's fucking funny. It looks so out of place. Even his left hand is weird.

>> No.18840147

is this as terrible as it looks?

>> No.18840189
File: 254 KB, 1920x1080, SabbatOfTheWitch_2018-04-17_03-33-56.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finished Meguru's route in Sanoba Witch. I actually liked it quite a bit. While the plot isn't as engaging as Nene's route, Meguru is a better heroine and she pretty much carries her own route. I also didn't find her personality to be that different from her common route self, it felt like a logical change in perspective rather than a character assassination like a worse game might do.

What that one anon said about it being a dating manual is spot on and I enjoyed that aspect, it was nice seeing a heroine have some semi-realistic reactions to an awkward protagonist while still loving him.

Don't really feel like doing Tsumugi's route (I'm slightly curious about her magic but she's a really boring moeblob) or Touko's route (not my type of girl and her sprite's 5head annoys me) so I might just plow through Wakana's short route and then consider the game finished.

>> No.18840217

Just started playing 9-nine- Episode 1. Is MC voiced during the h-scenes as well?

>> No.18840229


>> No.18840391

It begins.

>> No.18840418

Yes, but you need to enable it in the options menu.

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File: 275 KB, 1920x1080, riddle_10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Done with Ayase's route. It's nice that she never loses her character and even the ero takes that into account, which is unfortunately not a given. It's in theory longer than Nanami's route as well, but ultimately that doesn't matter much. To me the route had no ending. Why do moege always fuck up so hard with "plot" at the end? Riddle Jokers actually wasn't too bad with that stuff for the most part, but for the end of this route, probably because it's the main heroine's route or something, they just did the typically overly exaggerated plot you better just ctrl through to not ruin everything before. But, that's Yuzusoft for you. I should've expected it, even with the signs before kinda speaking against that.

Playing this however also reminded of something. When Nanami becomes the girlfriend in her route, she loses part of her character which is unfortunately close to all that she had in the route making the following rather uninteresting. That didn't need to be though. Nanami is supposed to be an Otaku of sorts who likes to cosplay. I totally forgot that, even though that should be a major part of her. Think they touched upon it in her route? Hah! Well, maybe in the omake ero, haven't checked those, but that'd not help.

Next is the sub-heroine, after which I'm done. Not going to play the other two main routes. This could've been pretty good, but in the end they once again tried more than they really should've with the "plot". Aside of it just being more messy than it needs to be.
They need to coordinate their scenario better. It can't be that you get essentially the same scene but with opposite information, just because it's common vs. some character's route. This isn't new for them, so I feel it's high time they tackle that issue. Can't be that a character running in common route is not getting out of breath and gives a background for why that is, and then you enter some route and that very same character is now out of breath. It's minor, but these things add up and perhaps that's also what caused Nanami's route to have the problems it has. At least I didn't get the same feeling like in Senren Banka, where I felt that the heroines are better outside their route. (especially Yoshino could be quite fun outside of her route..) So in some way they improved..?

>> No.18840629

If you played Ayase, I would at least recommend checking out Mayu's route because it kind of links together in some way.

>> No.18840656

the epic yuzusoft lore

>> No.18840661

meanwhile I see they pushed Extend Code with almost two more months. I wonder if they're actually doing something good with it. Like removing the gameplay and going back to Heart's system.

>> No.18841315


>> No.18841576

fuck moepigs

>> No.18841892

Whoever said ITHVNR doesn't work on Wine was meming. I'm text hooking like a dirty peasant.

>> No.18841940

It's ITH non-VR ~or~ old versions of wine that make it not work. ITHVNR on recent versions of wine works fine. Just don't use Debian stable.

>> No.18841973

i wasn't the anon wanting the old games though, but you reminded me about something. could you try grabbing https://vndb.org/v634 off CB? there are 2 copies and both always fail so i was wondering if it was just me

i don't know how to grab a directory listing off that but thanks anyway

>> No.18842025

Seems like Wine really got a boost since 3.0. Now they only have to fix the crashing problem of games with movies/animations.

>> No.18842112

It doesn't look terrible or anything but sure.

>> No.18842682

Was that the option that pop ups when starting a new game the very first time?

>> No.18842980

I haven't tested with Wine 3 but I remember it missing a lot if characters constantly. Don't you have that issue?

>> No.18842987

That's just a font problem.

>> No.18843006

i'm gonna wait for it to finish before picking it back up again, but how long were parts 2 and 3 compared to the first part? part 0 is coming out soon too, not even sure what that's about

>> No.18843014

Looks like Ao no Kanata sold well on the Switch

Anyone got it? Can you play with the screen alone?

>> No.18843041
File: 34 KB, 692x510, ITHVNR on wine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I also just tried that. How do I make the font appear normally? Japanese characters are displayed correctly.
Also it doesn't seem to auto copy the text.

>> No.18843051

You have to mess with fontconfig to alias whatever font ITHVNR is trying to use to one with more characters that renders correctly within wine.

Also make sure ITHVNR is running under Japanese locale settings.

>> No.18843183

Okay fixed the font. I downloaded a release from Github and apparently all of them are Korean. Wine wasn't able to display Korean.
Auto copy still doesn't work even though it's enabled in the options.

>> No.18843199

Linux clipboard stuff is way different from windows so you'll probably have to figure that part out on your own.

>> No.18843208

very nice tech support general

>> No.18843283
File: 125 KB, 544x416, zakuzaku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, nobody plays eroge here, so...

>> No.18843295

How is that? All I know is that it's extremely long and EGS lords rate it highly.

>> No.18843318 [DELETED] 

Try installing Takao font with winetricks.

>> No.18843346

Use this http://www.mediafire.com/download/8zjhfxys78r0bfs/ITHVNR-3.5640.1-win32.zip

>Auto copy still doesn't work even though it's enabled in the options.

Yeah, same here. Haven't found a way to fix that. Not a big issue, though. You can still copying it manually.

>> No.18843404

Yeah, it's way too long, so I didn't beat it. Not even close. But the 20h I played it were fun. That having been maybe 10% of its content however wasn't the most motivating thing.

The gameplay is actually pretty good. It's a simple system that is used VERY well and leads to potentially extremely satisfying and exciting battles. In very short: The stronger the enemy, the stronger you are. The more damage you take, the more TP you gain and the more high TP abilities you can use. Most of the actually good skills need TP, the better the more TP needed. So bossfights can be pretty fun as a result. You have 8 party members at a time, 4 active, which you can swap in any way you want (dead people included) before you start a turn. Important because for example MC can use a max TP cost revive all active party members, which stuns her for a turn in exchange.

My personal issue with it is just that if you play it for a while you'll realize the rpg maker limitations. The game has A LOT of characters, but the way you swap your actual party and whatnot is not very nice. The worst however is the item management. You amass a TON of shit which you shouldn't just throw away either, as item creation is a thing. The list gets LONG. And as such annoying.
I also wasn't a fan of the game deciding to actually tell a story after 10 hours. It's more of a game you'd play for the gameplay, if you ask me.

>> No.18843482

I guess 2 and 3 were both about as long as the first. 0 seems to be a supplement fandisk of some sort.

>> No.18844301
File: 1.29 MB, 1280x720, ひこうき雲の向こう側_2018-04-17_03-52-16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't like these eyes.

>> No.18844407

volume 1 of this so far seems to be kuroses never ending suffering, does it ever go back to cliche zombies?

>> No.18844810

Bros does anyone have a mega link to tsuyokiss niigakki? All torrents are dead and I'm not willing to pay for something that is so bad that they couldn't include it the collection(which I actually payed for like a mug)

>> No.18846199

It's on anime-sharing. Look harder.

>> No.18846923
File: 185 KB, 1280x720, korehano_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice setup. Right before this is the bed, too.

>> No.18846924
File: 60 KB, 256x373, 25211.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Couldn't pirate it so I bought Amazon.jp's last copy of Little Little Election.

I'd rip and upload it if I knew how so I could share. Anyway, the opening was so old it sent me reeling.

>> No.18846927

why though

>> No.18846941

Because I'm an awful reprobate.

>> No.18846954

bad speaker placement really holds it back

found it immediately on CB

>> No.18846967

I don't know what CB is. Not asking either, not like I minded paying and having it on a shelf.

>> No.18847047
File: 468 KB, 1920x1080, ランス10_20180418_214055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ha, beating Silky without even being able to apply debuffs

>> No.18847083

All links are dead over there unfortunately.

>> No.18847144
File: 323 KB, 2560x1440, b50a78cf8fbf05719457d2dbe9a163a0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18847311


>> No.18847322

I guess there's somethin I'm missing about it, since it's asking me to download an exe.

Regardless thanks for the heads up at least

>> No.18847442

It's one of those shitty services that make you register and use their downloader.

>> No.18847504

Ahhhhhhh~ ~ ~ Nah but seriously thanks mate.

>> No.18848742

>Nice setup.

>> No.18848846

How come nobody has read the newest Hino game from 2016? At least I haven't seen any discussion on it, is it worth picking up?

>> No.18849078

I read it, literally not worth it beyond what was released as a short game, the routes after it are crap.

>> No.18851803
File: 510 KB, 346x367, 1494782328924.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are twin sister routes so uncommon?

>> No.18851842
File: 720 KB, 1600x1200, Shuumatsu.Shoujo.Gensou.Alicematic.full.645150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are the holy grail of VN.

>> No.18851922
File: 228 KB, 1280x720, betray.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Twins have a habit of doing pic related, sometimes more and sometimes less extreme, so there's no space for MC kun. Even the ones existing with space for MC tend to be all over each other to the point you sometimes wonder why MC kun is even needed, aside of his dangling manhood. Then you remember that for Japan that's enough justification.

That was twin sisters. A twin sister route (as in, sister from protag) in itself is just more rare, because having a twin is in general more rare than a normal sister. They also have to be blood related, which is the biggest hurdle.

>> No.18851950

To the wagecucks here, how many hours do you set aside for playing eroge each day?

>> No.18852045

1-2 hours on weekdays.
2-5 hours on weekend.

>> No.18852086

I'd rather not play on weekdays, just fucks up the pacing for me and feels a lot worse. I tend to do 2-3 routes on weekends.

>> No.18852135
File: 104 KB, 320x455, toku_sp04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone played Kingyo's route in the console version on Daitoshokan? Was it good? Enough to warrant getting the game for Switch?

Also damn, should a Switch game have preorder bonuses this lewd?

>> No.18852406

It depends. There'd be no time to play at all if the projects I work on have close deadlines or if they shove in shit tons of tasks into my workload. When there are no projects, I can even play eroge at work if I want.

>> No.18852422

Its criminal that this character doesnt have any ero scenes with such a lewd body like that.

>> No.18852424


>> No.18853230
File: 38 KB, 704x396, za1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Create a doujinshi. That's how it's done for Anime and whatnot as well.

>> No.18854249
File: 212 KB, 1280x720, korehano_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finished Korehano. Definitely better than Azurite's first title, but it still has its flaws. Much shorter however, and yet still too long for the story it wanted to tell.

Korehano starts fairly interesting. While the eventual story isn't particularly deep in the end, it's well enough done to be entertaining. However the way it's told is getting progressively more annoying.
This game unlocks branches and as such "endings" in sets. See most of those and you unlock more. Repeat until at the end. The problem is that these branches aren't standalone routes or anything like that. "Endings" are for the most part along the lines of "and then something bad happened. The end" or "and then nothing happened anymore and time passed. The end". The next set of unlocked branches will then continue what was started before and eventually do the same. As a result it feels like you are playing several routes at once. This isn't very nice as you WILL get to see very similar events, just slightly different because of a different heroine being "main". Back to back to back. In addition, later unlocked branches also repeat previous stuff. A lot. And none of the copy and pasted stuff is actually automatically skipable. It's considered unread text. At the end, "new" branches feel like 80% known and/or copy and pasted. It really doesn't flow well.

To be honest, the story feels like it should be linear. The further you get, the heavier this feeling gets. The final part is also unfortunately too long without doing much for a good amount of time. That's hella weird given the (in my opinion nice) fast pacing before. There are also a bunch of story flaws at the end. One of them heavily reminded me of the first Azurite title That pseudo rape scene in chapter 4(?), which made me think that that one may not be on the writer or he just tried to "keep that style". The others are mostly convenient writing stuff.

In the end I'm mostly not agreeing with the game's structure, while the story is mostly alright. Though I'd assume many will agree that not getting the motive of the villain is weird. That still easily makes it better than Shinsou Noise, if you ask me. What however definitely was a major downgrade was the art. The last arc misses way too many sprites and the CG are generally weirdly and randomly used. The "faceless protag" part is also incredibly awful in this game. It's not even consistent, and just ugly. It's not a game where that'd fit either.

>> No.18854586

I try to avoid reading long sections during the week, but usually its ~2 hours during the week, 4-8 on the weekends.

>> No.18855892

Most alpha yuzusoft mc?

>> No.18856215
File: 256 KB, 800x600, 2018_20_37_23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just finishd Saya no Uta... what are these 2 faint transparent boxes in the CG? Are there scenes that I missed?

>> No.18856312

Probably the guy from ExE?

>> No.18856605


>> No.18857029

Saya no Uta has like 3 or 4 different endings.

>> No.18858012

Saya leaving, Saya getting killed and the ending where love changes the world

>> No.18858651
File: 1.39 MB, 1799x1009, Clipboard34.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh thanks for...whatever this is.

>> No.18859531

This (half literal) bitch's route made me madder than I thought any Yuzusoft game could make me. It's even worse if you liked her going into her route and had to be forced to watch her degrade herself like that. Fuck whoever came up with her route's central premise.

>> No.18860722
File: 35 KB, 245x300, 62198.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This girl is really hot, Im going to do her route fir-

>Episode 1. Miyako Kujo
reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, who thought this business model was a good idea?

>> No.18860796

I don't know why they keep doing it. It's like they want to lose money.

>> No.18860822

Given the length of episode 1, he whole thing should be released by now. That's the problem. Enforced routes aren't exactly that rare.

>> No.18860976

Anyone here played Exe? would you recommend it for someone who dropped every yuzusoft title he tried during or after the prologue, and dislikes their humor and slice of life segments? does it actually have something interesting to keep one person who dislikes excessive "fluffy" interested?

>> No.18860986

Read DRv3

>> No.18860994

why don't you just read something else instead of trying the 1000th game by a company known for generic games

>> No.18861013

Someone said to me it was different from their other titles, that's why i'm willing to give it a chance, i suppose it isn't?

>> No.18861028

if you check the writer involved it's the same person as the newer games.

>> No.18861080

I already knew that. I also know of writters who don't work on only one genre, anyway i'm going OT, i suppose i'll pass this one.

>> No.18861776

Hey guys, I don't usually come here so forgive my ignorance, but has anyone got pirate links for Memories Off Innocent Fille for PC? I'm kinda low on money right now so I can't exactly buy the PS4 copy of the game right now though I'll probably buy it later on so all my MemoOff collection will be complete for the playstation.

>> No.18861800

Why don't you try it for yourself?

>> No.18862081
File: 249 KB, 1280x720, ButterflySeeker_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone here sure is pro death penalty.

After one ending I can say it hasn't fucked up completely yet, like Shinsou Noise does later on. But if that happens it'd probably be in the last route or something anyway.
The writing however is wonky (too much pointless narration interrupting flow and not allowing any room for you to fill in some gaps or think for yourself as everything is mentioned, explained in detail and "thought out" for you), coupled with way too obvious things that the cast conveniently overlook. Like, seriously obvious. It literally jumps into your face, while the cast will still need an hour or two to get there. I don't think writing like this works very well with (murder) mystery games. These games should strive to make you think and not leave no room for that and have characters struggle to realize the obvious.

When the characters don't chase the obvious, this can actually be fun. The story seems interesting enough as well, at least speaking now after my first route. That took a while. Hopefully it doesn't completely fuck up like Shinsou Noise though.

>> No.18862227

The sprite in the text box being so big that it covers up the same character's face in the CG is a real turn-off.

>> No.18862306

Has anyone played alraune no baai by Vanadis soft?

Do they address what being half plant is actually like?

I.e. not moving on the bottom,photosynthesis etc...?

Or is it just an all out fuckfest?

>> No.18862610

Subahibi FHD

>> No.18862946

Fucking finally. I've been looking forward to this ever since the English version came out in HD.

>> No.18863114

It was basically your standard chuunige.
Secret societies, ominous villain monologues, etc.

>> No.18863121

Anyone know of any recent games with good sumata scenes?
The tag on EGS wasn't really much help.

>> No.18863458

>Someone here sure is pro death penalty.
Funny, I also was a bit taken aback by that exact line since there's no death penalty where I live. Haya is just trash. I hope she redeems herself. Yui is already better than I thought she'd be since she seemed really boring at first.

>> No.18864316

What is the most deep/philosophical エロゲ you know of?

>> No.18864523


>> No.18864563

円交少女 had a few of these scenes.

>> No.18864600

Planning to do an 淫夢実況シリーズ on a certain visual novel, im not sure if I can make it as entertaining as the ones I've seen on nico so far

>> No.18864676

Honestly, I think in areas where that shit is normal, it's just "the hardest penalty". It's not about them dying, but rather about them getting the hardest penalty available. It's not like she ended up angry about that criminal being still alive after all this time "waiting" for them to get executed. This girl is all about "justice" and shit. If you commit a crime you should get the appropriate sentence for it, for her that's the most important thing.

That said, I haven't played her route yet, but I'd hope they don't actually make her pro death penalty in itself in a "these criminals should just all DIE" or whatever. The scene from the screen felt weird if there's no such thing where you live, yeah, but I think that one can still be just considered a nice showing of how things are where death penalty is considered normal and why that's a problem.

>> No.18864679

>that one can still be just considered a nice showing of how things are where death penalty is considered normal and why that's a problem.
Not a problem at all. My country doesn't have it and I wish it did.

>> No.18864719

There are enough examples where it's still there and easily shows why it's shit. Innocent people dying, shit taking forever till it actually happens and it ultimately not leading to any betterment either. It's not something to discuss here though.

>> No.18864885

Anyone tried the trial for 神待ちサナちゃん? I'm only really interested in it myself because Ushio is voicing the main heroine.

Also 6 days left until the Making Rubbers FD for Ako, Karen and Saki.

>> No.18865113

Does anyone mind telling me when exactly the ero scenes happen in Dies irae (chapter/route)? I'm reading the Amantes version but want to check some of them out when they happen in the other version (mainly the Rusalka ones, but if there's anything else worth looking at let me know).

>> No.18865234

This is gonna be a pretty dumb question, but what's the /one/ classic galge to play? Tokimemo? Doukyuusei? These are the ones that I hear mentioned pretty often, but I'm not sure exactly what is the Japanese's first game that pops to mind upon hearing galge.

>> No.18865285

Ask on BBSPink.

>> No.18865443

Looking forward to Circus's てんぷれっ!! considering the staff on it, but because of the premise of the game (http://dengeki-hime.com/2018/01/01/36965/) being so sarcastic, I'm worried it's going to turn into a faggy violent meta thing.

>> No.18865747

Favorite OST from vn?

>> No.18865910 [DELETED] 

Do you guys know japanese or do you use some kind of software to play these?

>> No.18865936


>> No.18865954

I dont like the fact that they are voicing Tomosane. I really liked the fact that he was mute

>> No.18865961

Just text hookers like everyone else. Find a Japanese hooker in your area and text them to come over and translate for you whenever you want to read something.

>> No.18865977

Good taste but crystal clear is the best

>> No.18866002

My sister is Japanese so I mainly use her to play the games.

>> No.18866045


>> No.18866075

What do you do when a lewd scene comes up?

>> No.18866112


>> No.18866124
File: 116 KB, 1281x723, Screenshot_33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ended Nillhana, wow that was a ride.
I started this because the cover looked interesting and I hit the jackpot, this is one of the golden doujinshis hidden in all the rpg shit of the doujinshis.
The art was quite nice even for a doujinshi and the story blew me away with the characters, like every character is a fucked up person but they are so well written and by some way you can empathize their dark feelings and attachments, I can't believe the writer only made nukiges before.
I recommend reading it if you want to take a break from moe shit (not saying moe shit is bad, moe is shit and so I am).
9/10 only because of the characters, story and the immersion feeling it gives.

>> No.18866133

Going through 僕が天使になった理由 after some kind anon seeded it.

So far Naruko's route was the only thing really worth reading. The drama in the other routes feels a bit extreme and hard to get into.

I'm kind of liking the MC though, just whish he had a voice.

>> No.18866166


>> No.18866799


>> No.18866823


>> No.18867022


>> No.18867375


>> No.18867481

Umineko has plenty of excellent ones, but it's on a different level with more than one hundred tracks. My favourite ones are AciL and Discolor.

>> No.18869244

What do you guys think about サクラノ詩?
Have been doing the makoto route and so far it's.. pretty straightforward. A bit boring I guess?
Probably about halfway through it.

>> No.18869405

It picks up during the second half. Around Shizuku's route/chapter 4.
Of course, some people still don't like it even after that, but most people start liking it around there.

>> No.18869456

Too many to pick, but here's one:

>> No.18869474

too bad about the game itself

>> No.18869506

This is the game I meant btw.

>> No.18869525

While the first route definitely wasn't the best one I think the part where Mao gets shot and all hell breaks loose with that playing was probably my favorite moment in the game.

>> No.18869528

A good dozen of the tracks in this game still give me chills when I listen to them today.

>> No.18869541

Drop it.

>> No.18869633

To me it was when Freya showed up, started beating Tsukuyomi and the track kicked in.

>> No.18869658

It felt a little boring to me too at that stage.
But like everyone says, it basically just gets better the longer it goes on.
Rin's route is a little dry too imo, but everything beyond that was fantastic.

>> No.18871154

I might give it a try, thanks anon.
Probably would've never even noticed it myself.

>> No.18871244


>> No.18871264
File: 247 KB, 1023x665, ss+(2018-04-22+at+12.38.10).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have AstralAir torrented it from girlcelly? Straight away from the beginning this error comes up "graph_bs/CHR_りんね_基_私Lのオープンに失敗しました”。 I tried uninstalling it, playing with and without a patch but the error keeps coming up, Wondering if I just got a faulty torrent that doesn't have the file. Picture related, its the error.

>> No.18871269

You need time and date in jap maybe.

>> No.18871294
File: 13 KB, 479x543, ss+(2018-04-22+at+12.55.14).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Huh, that fixed it. I had my system locale in Japanese but not my region's format. Really weird cause every other VN was fine, only this one had issues. 助けてくれてありがとうございます!

>> No.18871297

It's favorite's engine, it's the same for all their stuff.

>> No.18871307

This problem is brought up somewhat often in this thread. But oh well, everyone was new at some time.

WillPlus is another company whose games need this setting.

>> No.18871308

Date and time is needed for quite a lot actually. The Pulltop engine needs it as well, or the text isn't readable I think. And that engine is used by a bunch of other brands as well. There's probably more as well. I just use JP date and time by default, so I don't need to deal with it. The occasional NTLEAS is enough.

>> No.18871343

Aren't there any Japanese people who like to have a non default format setting?

>> No.18871349

Ah shit sry mb, I don't frequently check this thread. I just find it really odd how it needs my time and date in Japanese just to open a character sprite file from one of their .bins. Welp, I got to get used to my entire time and date being in a Japanese format now so thats going to be fun.

>> No.18871706

So while we're at it, anyone gonna up up Cradles Tale to Mega?

>> No.18871763

Why do EOPs love R07 but JOPs hate him?
t. currently transitioning to JOP

>> No.18871803

plenty of us still like him

>> No.18871835

He has strengths and weaknesses, and then there are his common themes you may or may not like.

I personally think that his SOL being as bad as it is already hurts a lot, and I don't like the whole child abuse themes he uses WAY WAY WAY too much either. If you'd play a drinking game where you take a shot every time something related to child abuse happens or gets mentioned, you'd probably regret it. But I do respect, that he is at least self-critical. His fuck ups in Higurashi for example are laughed at in some OVA for that, or talked about in Umineko as well.

>> No.18871838

It's more like inexperienced reader vs experienced reader. People who've read less have lower standards.

>> No.18871859

>People who've read less have lower standards.
But that also applies to people who have read a lot. Nobody enjoys moege without lowering standards by a far degree first.

>> No.18871868

Your post makes no logical sense.

>> No.18871877

not that guy but i know i was much less tolerant of certain bullshit in eroge when i first started, but now i'm used to it and barely notice it. it can work both ways.

>> No.18871882
File: 408 KB, 1920x1080, SiglusEngine_2018-03-09_16-49-49.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How much further do I have to lower my standards to be able to enjoy plotge again?

>> No.18871891

Rather than EOP vs JOP it's more about your resilience to shitty writing and horrible plotting.
Some people just don't have any standards, what language they know isn't the problem

>> No.18871974
File: 235 KB, 800x600, fake_azure_04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Be careful with expecting something. Be happy even one arc/route is good. Be aware that the beginning and final arc/route (or main heroine's route) are usually the biggest offenders. CTRL exists, use it to save yourself time and headaches when it's bad.

Most good eroge out there have SOMETHING that hold them back. And if you use these simple steps, you'll go out of them with having had a good amount of fun. But if you are somehow still in the state where you, for example, don't want to skip any unread text, some otherwise pretty good works become suddenly a massive pain in the ass.
Pic related is an example there. The beginning takes a while to get going, as the writer really took his time to introduce the protag and how he lives, feels and so on and so forth, followed by a good look at the setting. It's not downright bad, but it takes a few hours to really get into it. The next issue is that all routes are extremely similar, and you are supposed to do them all if you want to get the final epilogue. (mostly something you'd want, if you like the main heroine) But due to the routes being so insanely similar, that'd be actually awful to go all through. The game is over 3mb, with the first playthrough not even being half of that. Part of the rest is left over common scenes, which are fine, but nobody likes to read 20h of copy and pasted plot with the girl swapped. As a result the EGS average reading time is also way lower than it should be for a 3mb+ VN. It's a common issue of this writer. I still think, there's a lot to like about his stuff if you aren't going through recycled content (you opinion may differ there of course). Doesn't make the issues nonexistent, but you can deal with them. Sometimes.

Even your posted screen is from a VN where stuff like this applies. That blondie game has a horrendous beginning. It makes zero sense what happens there (i.e. trained professionals not being able to catch a princess running, or a highschool student while he carries a girl?) and the way they get the protag into the setting is really forced and awkward. This gets even worse with the writer actually trying to justify things and acting as if the events happening are somewhat realistic. It's bad. Like really bad. But once you are a few hours in, how you got in no longer matters and it can even be pretty good.

>> No.18871986
File: 400 KB, 720x1084, 66741786_p0_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll always love higurashi even if the writing isn't that good.
The best part about these VNs is the atmosphere anyhow. (And the music)

>> No.18872031

>Most good eroge out there have SOMETHING that hold them back. And if you use these simple steps, you'll go out of them with having had a good amount of fun. But if you are somehow still in the state where you, for example, don't want to skip any unread text, some otherwise pretty good works become suddenly a massive pain in the ass.
Sounds like you're either playing games that are actually bad or you have massive ADHD. I've never felt like skipping text in a "good eroge". I understand skipping routes that were written by subwriters or people say that aren't that good, but randomly skipping text in the common makes no sense if neither of the former two conditions apply. At that point you're better off dropping the game completely and looking for something you enjoy all the time.

>> No.18872086

>if you are somehow still in the state where you, for example, don't want to skip any unread text
What the fuck?

>> No.18872138
File: 364 KB, 1200x675, gallery_cg_08_l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Summer Pockets is non-H, yet all the shop tokutens are focused on the girls's tits and ass.


What did VA mean by this?

>> No.18872151

Same reason there is fan service in anime? People like cute hot girls, more news at 11.

>> No.18872186

In a visual novel it feels like being cucked.

>> No.18872223

No it doesn't, that's just your mental illness anon.

>> No.18872273
File: 276 KB, 1200x850, 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18872279
File: 219 KB, 1200x850, 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18872288
File: 277 KB, 1200x850, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18872355

Looks terrible. The different artists really stands out between the heroines.

>> No.18872530

Okay, the true route made up for a lot. This was a pretty solid read.

Also pretty fun being able to recognize Nagasaki from the CGs. China town, Dutch slope and the park. Pretty sure they emballished the church a tad though, I don't think it's quite as popular anymore nowadays.

>> No.18873684

Umineko's kamige, senpai.

>> No.18873741

not that dude, but most good eroge usually have something holding them back due to the fact that eroge as a genre is inherently flawed and stale due to the need to force in fanservice 90% of the time in order for the game to sell, along with the need to shoehorn a stale structure into a game that doesn't need it for the 1000th time. you could say this is the same with any genre, but eroge's problems are more obnoxious so it tends to be more annoying.

>> No.18873837

I have no idea what you mean by fanservice other than ero scenes, and those are obviously fine to skip most of the time. The discussion here was about skipping normal story scenes.

>> No.18873980
File: 86 KB, 1280x732, thumbsup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Np anon, if you enjoy it I realized my objective.

>> No.18874029

I think you're talking more about moeges than eroges in general, I feel if you start to skipping things because they're bad written or w/e the eroge isn't worth playing because you can't immerse yourself enough to enjoy it.

I generally just skip when I play a nukige for the sake of the H-scenes, or in the case of moeges when the story is shit but the art is hella good I just search a 100% save, but everyone have one's own way to enjoy eroges so...

>> No.18874075

Tsumugi is cute. I hope they make a whole game just using that artist.

>> No.18874217

anyone read ヤバい!―復讐・闇サイト― ? is it as trashy nukige as it looks

>> No.18874231

setoguchi hype

>> No.18874270

Wow I didn't notice that was from BST and thought it was just random pictures until your comment. Especially the art in >>18872288 looks unlike anything I've ever seen before in an eroge. Very hype.

>> No.18874323

Pretty much. Nothing amazing but it's pretty okay. If the concept seems interesting I suggest you give it a try.

>> No.18874507

I'd rather have 4 okay artists than have Itaru draw a single character.

>> No.18874515

dunno man I usually slurp up this sort of trashy melodrama: Edmond dantes wronged by evil bad no-good villains devotes his life to ruining theirs. It's all about seeing them get their just desserts. Completely predictable, which is why the lazily written ones are so unsatisfying if they don't have that monte cristo depth.

>> No.18874533
File: 1.08 MB, 1280x720, satsukoi_2018-04-22_21-20-38.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good scene.

>> No.18874555

It's a nukige mate.

>> No.18874782 [SPOILER] 
File: 23 KB, 540x1090, 1524428055301.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Better step up your Japanese and read Trianthology, Iwaihime, the untranslated eps of Higurashi... and form your own opinion. If anything, EOPs lack the more broad knowledge of his other works. But most JOPs have only read higurashi and umikeno anyway.

Having this in mind:
Some people didn't like the end of Umineko. It has mostly to do with the unreliable narrator and how some readers felt being led by the nose because they couldn't think by themselves. The answer was there on their faces all the time. The novels/manga supposedly placate that by being more clear about the happenings.

Japanese people in general don't like being told about the faults of their society one bit. Child abuse, greed over family, nationalism, hikikomori, you being a dumb sheep, etc. are very delicate subjects to talk about there in Japan. r07 is quite blunt about them. People seeking pure escapism might feel uncomfortable there, instead of using the reading to further get their brains working.

Moebutas and Masada fanboys might have a problem with r07 narrative because it's the total opposite in character treatment and fight narration.

tldr: the 'hack' thing is a meme. On the contrary he's a solid writer with his own style and trying to tell interesting stories beyond pure entertainment.

>> No.18874850

Does Iwaihime have good scares in it, or at least a very good creepy atmosphere? I've been on the fence on whether I should play it, Sakura no Mori Dreamers, or Kamaitachi no Yoru for my first horror VN.

>> No.18874856

Have you considered reading something good instead?

>> No.18874865

You're welcome to suggest a good horror, I don't know many titles in that genre.

>> No.18874906

Sayooshi, Kusarihime, Gore Screaming Show, Extravaganza

>> No.18874930

Thanks anon. I'll look into these.

>> No.18875214

Not エロゲー but have you considered reading Dogra Magra?

>> No.18875356

It was decent at the beginning but turned out really bad. I think higurashi and umineko are the only good things he ever wrote.

>> No.18875561

You forgot Rose Guns Days and Higanbana.

>> No.18875670

Rose Guns Days I haven't read, but higanbana was mediocre aswell. But fun.

>> No.18876033

Can anyone upload crack for お嬢様は素直になれない~大好きをキミだけに? Gives me environment not supported and doesn't even run.

>> No.18876452

It's obvious that they're doing that because it sells. The game won't be H, because Key realizes that their H Content is shit and unnecessary. They however can do whatever the fuck they want with merchandise.

>> No.18876469

whats wrong with iwaihime and dreamers

>> No.18877198
File: 13 KB, 1291x722, Screenshot (34).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was wondering if I could get some help with Gin'iro. I've used the alpharom cracker but I still keep getting the pop-up, any idea?

>> No.18877285

Never mind i'm retarded actually read it and i've got to keep the disc mounted.

>> No.18877868

I agree with you. And RGD is very bad anyway. It has many of his problems in Higurashi and Umineko, or maybe worse. Many parts of the VN are so childlish that it even makes me feel insulted. So It's great that you haven't read it yet.

>> No.18877982
File: 252 KB, 1920x1080, ISLAND_2018-04-22_21-24-42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After being used to 18+ VNs that skirt around the heroine's ages, it's nice to see something like this.

>> No.18878185
File: 145 KB, 1280x760, tuki2_2018-04-23_14-53-24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just finished this. I wanted to read something short from a familiar author and I got greeted with bad ends and good ends that didn't feel like good ends. And the true heroine is actually the one causing those bad ends (but I really like her). I'm glad it all wrapped up well in the true end. I like what Applique did with the flowchart because I didn't have to find newly unlocked choices. The art looks awkward at certain points (especially Shinobu's hanging arm) but the music and atmosphere is the best part.

>> No.18878203

What exactly did you dislike about RGD? I heard that RGD is Ryukishi's best work wich got rid of many of his problens, but after reading your comment I feel confused.

>> No.18878315

Tbh I liked the early parts the best. Once it becomes clear what's going on, it gets less interesting in my opinion.

Music is great. Especially that one incredibly unnerving track.

>> No.18878343

yeah. the early parts are great because it's a horror vn at that point. the latter routes just goes supernatural romance and it's more similar in atmosphere to Tasogare no Sinsemilla

>> No.18878611

I can bet that he still feels fucking assblasted at the thought of Japan losing the war Even Harder and being cut in two parts, colonized by USA and China. Being JOP is hard.

>> No.18878720

Have anyone here read Mirai Nostalgia? How it is?

>> No.18878882

Makes about as much sense as womanlet.

>> No.18879158

Let's call it JON, Japanese Only Nigga(s).

>> No.18879182
File: 155 KB, 800x595, musica2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How life-changing will it be?

>> No.18879219

I'm a lot more excited for Black Sheep Town but this has kamige potential as well. Setoguchi coming back to eroge not with one but two promising titles is a literal miracle. Now if only Romeo and Jackson had some news as well...

>> No.18879329

Or Narahara. Just imagine.

>> No.18879372

Sorry, I actually oversaid due to my hate of the VN, so my saying that his problems are worsen maybe wrong. Maybe it's true that RGD actually got rid many of them, but there still are though.
Objectively I think RGD is just a mediorcre work. If one like Higurashi enough, or just especially like these kind of story (without being bothered by r07 poor writing skill), they may find it enjoyable. But I didn't. Plus the characters are totally trash. Many of them make me feel like they're a bunch of 10 years old kids and kill them off wouldn't affect anything because if ryukishi-sama like it he will just resurrect them, which is because he wants all of his characters live happily in his own world.............

>> No.18879403

Does anyone know what happened to Jackson and Narahara anyway? Romeo pretty much transitioned to light novels but what about these two?

>> No.18879416

Jackson is living happily, it seems.

>> No.18879450

But almost everybody dies in most tragic ways.

>> No.18879483

Romeo hasn't released a LN in 2 years now. Doubt it's his main job at this point.

>> No.18879499
File: 896 KB, 1007x1312, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18879507

what is this from?

>> No.18879511

Updates on BST seem to be going very slow though, I hope the project doesn't fall into limbo. On the other hand bamboo is posting development art and videos as we speak.

>> No.18879515

Our guy's George Henry Shaft's second treatise.

>> No.18879858

Anyone has [060825][minori]ef - the first fan disc in Japanese?

The version in Minori pack on Nyaa is prepatched in Chinese.

>> No.18879939
File: 538 KB, 1280x720, capture_231_04052016_023437.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Both Himawari and Island rub it on your face. I love it.

>> No.18880234 [DELETED] 

Another somewhat older VN, another drinking scene.

Speaking of the characters' ages, I always find it weird to see them refusing to drink in eroge because of age. I feel like that's been less of a problem in the past and these drinking scenes were more common. Maybe you'd need to change your intro message to "everyone is ages21+" or something by now because it's more looked at? But even then.

>> No.18880247
File: 207 KB, 800x600, flowlight_memories_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Another somewhat older VN, another drinking scene.

Speaking of the characters' ages, I always find it weird to see them refusing to drink in eroge because of age. I feel like that's been less of a problem in the past and these drinking scenes were more common. Maybe you'd need to change your intro message to "everyone is ages21+" or something by now because it's more looked at? But even then.

>> No.18880293

is there a remastered version available that is not by moenovel?

>> No.18880307

Sorry, this is not a thread about English releases.

>> No.18881191

but he posted cross channel artwork which is english

>> No.18881563
File: 175 KB, 800x600, Mahou_Shoujo_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remembered the Mahou Shoujo remake today, and it seems to be pretty much done. (version above 1, not updated for some weeks) So I'm trying it now. You hear quite nice things about it, just not about the system. The remake is on a much better SRPG engine, so it shouldn't have the same issues. In fact, the option menu already looks very promising, with speed options for moving and whatnot, skipping enemy phases or just speeding it up.. and so on.

So if anyone else was kinda interested in this, but didn't touch it because of the previous issues with the engine, now may be the time.

In case you don't know about it: It's about (mostly?) middle school girls getting involved in mahou shoujo business. In a bad way. All ages, but I expect loads of drama, deaths and "what are we even fighting for?!?!?" when former friends start to consider the magical girls as monsters as well or something. Oh and it's free.

>> No.18881707

Have you played Graymerca? How's that?

>> No.18881750

So, another Madoka ripoff?

>> No.18882058

learn chinese then anon.

>> No.18882067

Pls god

>> No.18882079

Cannonball ~Neko Neko Machine Mou Race!~ is my favorite!!

>> No.18882432

No I haven't.

So far it's not exactly Madoka-like. Dark magical girl is older than Madoka anyway though, and you can argue that Madoka isn't even really part of the magical girl genre. It kinda fakes it at first and then does something more or less entirely different. Not that I know if this game here is going to stay in the genre.
For example, not sure how chuuni the whole thing is going to be, given that people seem to very much see the enemies, destruction and obviously also notice the people dying. And magical girl (the genre) is supposed to be chuuni-esque in that regard, with hidden fight against a threat that most people are unaware of. I'd assume that's where the chuuni genre came from in the first place.

>> No.18883611

Is that pic from the remake? because the visuals are pretty awful.

>> No.18883821
File: 272 KB, 1434x886, error.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know I'm over a decade late but is there any fix for this on win10 other than getting a virtual machine running?

>> No.18883913

Please stop shitposting. You're really obvious.

>> No.18884024

usually, one can just delete the patch files if they're prepatched. unless the script files and other relevant files have been overwritten.

>> No.18884056

It's overwritten.

>> No.18884520

Get a less shit OS.

>> No.18884658

How the hell do I get rid of the この環境では動作できません when running Ef?

I'm on Japanese clock, tried Locale Emulator, NTLEA, NTLEAS and nothing helped.

>> No.18884717

So that's a no, huh?
I'm glad at least that the crashing seems random so far so right now my primitive """fix""" is just an ahk script that autosaves every couple of minutes so I never lose too much progress at once. Here's hoping there's no point in the game that crashes me no matter what.

IIRC your computer timezone needs to be Tokyo Standard Time. I recommend writing a batch file to launch the game with that changes the time zone to and back for you. If you want I can dig mine out from my external.

>> No.18884721

>IIRC your computer timezone needs to be Tokyo Standard Time
>I'm on Japanese clock

>> No.18884732

Is it just the time that you changed, or the actual timezone? It's a little ambiguous.

>> No.18884790

Clock. Damn, that might be it. I'll try the zone later too. Also found some [minori] ef -The First Tale- noLocale Patch.zip file. Now I have to go, but I'll try later.

>> No.18884826
File: 1.73 MB, 832x566, eftimezone.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Time zone fixed it for me. Ef isn't very good though, you have been warned.

>> No.18885121

For your convenience. Put this in a text file, save it as a .bat file, put it next to ef_first.exe and run it to launch.
I'm also going to say that the first tale is a real drag but the second tale had some good moments. Whether or not those moments justify the drag will vary. I'm personally 50/50.

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