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Will there ever be a "family" of characters that are even half as awesome as SDM?

inb4 20 posts from the same retard who likes eientei

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Subterranean Animism crew beats SDM.

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Why so aggressive towards Eientei? I think they are ok

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But SDM is boring, so yeah.

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The Yakumos are way more boring than SDM. They don't do shit at all.

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Because he didn't want anyone to mention them.

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God Tier:
- Moriya Shrine

Middle tier:
- PCB crew

Crap tier:
- Eientei
- Aya

Retconned tier:
- PC-98 touhous.

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Nobody does shit in Gensokyo. Except Reimu who periodically goes and beats people up for the hell of it.

(DRINKING TEA SLOWLY does not count as doing something.)

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Utsuho isn't the most pretty Touhou out there, but she is the most interesting Touhou that ZUN have come out with in a long time.

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But nobody likes you and you're a known Kanakofag, so yeah.

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>PC-98 touhous.
I have been hoping for a long time that ZUN retakes the old plots and makes something out of them.

Highly responsive to prayers is very fun to play too.

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I disagree.

She's fucking gorgeous.

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Fuck yeah, Chen!

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Mystic Square is better tho.

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Alice's family is the best... ;_;

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Interesting, or different?

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Well, the SA group is up there, though they seem much looser than the SDM group, as if they wouldn't be together at all if they weren't such individual screwups. Oddly, it almost feels like an old Disney movie, when everyone pulls through because of their quirks. It's really quite heartwarming.

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SDM: Sisters with slaves
SA: Sisters with pets

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Different, which makes her interesting.

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Also, we didn't have the opportunity to see Koishi pets.

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Marisa's hair is the wrong colour here.

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Well, she does have a shrine priestess now to hug and cuddle and graze her hitbox, if the doujin artists ever get around to showing you what I mean.

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I supposed it'd be only fair seeing as the dialogue at the end of EoSD would implying Flandre would have gotten to know Reimu better but she's depicted more with Marisa. The dialogue with Koishi is skewed towards Marisa, so give her to Reimu.

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Eientei is twice as awesome as SDM.

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No its not

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American ZUN should go to Suwa to pray at the shinto shrine and receive Sanae-san blessings.


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No one out awesomes the spanish inquisition.

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>>Demonic movements
DIABOLICAL ACTING. Don't the people who translated this know about the original skit?

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Unique TIER:
SA staff.

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Maybe the guy who did the 4koma didn't know the original skit.

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Is that a handheld torture rack? How is that supposed to work?

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In the original skit, the "torture rack" is actually just an ordinary dishwasher rack (you know, to keep the plates upright).

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Flan breaks it, then she takes out her frustration on you.

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what is telolism?

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I'm gonna say the Zoaldycks. Killua and his family are fuckng badass.

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The Western touhou fanbase wouldn't get so much shit for being crappy if all the Eientei fans just all packed up and left.

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This guy (>>1878979 ) means this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gldlyTjXk9A

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It's like Terrorism, but with loli.

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Shut up, ZUN.
Eientei is best.