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Visual Novel translation status

Aheahe Moon - 100% translated, patch should be released "within a month or two"
>Aiyoku No Eustia - 38.80% Translated, 26.56% edited
Amagami - "Script translation done. 611/2308 original edition scenario scripts edited (26.5%)"
Clover Day's - 100% translated, editing + TLC still to go
Chaos;Head Noah - Fan translation ongoing
Daitoshokan - 100% translated and edited, images, engine work and QC remain
Dragon Knight 4 - Being translated
Fate/Extra CCC - 17% translated
Gakuen Heaven 2 - Demo released
HaraChuchu - Kukuri + Mei routes patch released
>Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no - 1% (707/68206) translated
Heart no Kuni no Alice - 99% translated, 4th partial patch released
Hoka no Onna - 100% translated, looking to go official
Junketsu Megami-Sama - partial patch released
Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to - 8% (2443/28887) lines translated
Koiken Otome Revive - 13% (3528/27095) lines translated
Lovely x Cation 2 - Common route translated, majority of Hime's route translated
>Lover Able - 100% translated, 35.78% edited
Maji Koi A-3 - 32/95 scripts translated
Majo Koi Nikki - Through TLC + Editing, QC remains, prologue patch released
Mahou Tsukai no Yoru - 3 semi-active projects, one project released ch 1-7
Monster girl quest paradox - Part 1 patch released
>Musumaker - 51.7% translated
Nanatsuiro Drops - Partial patch with episodes 1 and 2 released
Nursery Rhyme - 100% translated, technical issues resolved, being edited now
Oreimo Tsuzuku - All scripts through TLC+Editing, 254/268 scripts finalized
>Pure Pure - 70,00% translated
Sayonara wo Oshiete - 116405/257436 (45.2%) characters translated
Shin Koihime Musou - 93% (100887/108888) translated, 24% (26644/108888) edited
Tsui Yuri - 30% (2687/5872) QC
Tsuriotsu - 7637/31643 (24.1%) lines translated, 4080/31643 (12.9%) lines edited
Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete - 34% (11889/35476) lines translated
Watashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu - 12% (269/2265) lines translated
>Witch's Garden - 43% (22990/53677) lines translated
Yosuga no Sora - Translation status is Common route 100%, Sora route 100%, Nao 100%, Kazuha 100%, Akira 89.88%, Motoka 51.62%, Common and Kazuha fully edited

Official work

Supipara ch 2 - April 12th release
Magical Marriage Lunatics - April 26th release
Koropokkur - Kickstarter started, September release
Kuroinu - Chapter 3 in testing
Higurashi Hou - chapter 5 released. Chapter 6 in Beta, chapters 7-8 through TLC+Editing, answer arcs to be released within a year and Rei arcs started
Bokuten - Port in progress
SukiSuki - In Beta
Fata morgana fan disc - Nearly finished testing
Maggot Baits - 75% translated, 34% edited
Hapymaher - In testing
Hadaka Shitsuji fandisc - Picked up
Shiei no Sona-Nyl - 36% translated
Hashihime - 100% translated and edited
Trinoline - 88% translated, 53% edited
Evenicle - In testing
Damekoi - "Beta testing complete, in scripting"
Room No.9 - Picked up
Sengoku Rance - 100% translated and 80% edited
Rance Quest - 80% translated, 67% edited
Sweet Switch - Testing complete
Bitter Exclusion - 100% translated and edited
Overdrive's Final title - English release planned
Amatarasu Riddle Star - Picked up
Steam Prison - Picked up
Kindred Spirits on the Roof: Full Chorus - Picked up

Sweet Home - May 1st release
Princess X fandisc - Picked up
Flowers - Volume 2 Winter release, 100% translated
Katahane - Fully translated, in editing + QC, Early 2018 release
Majikoi - 2018 release
Trample on Schatten- 2018 release, Translation 100%, in editing, porting complete
Django - Waiting on translation.
Sumaga- Fully translated, 70% edited
Machine Child - Announced
Sweet Pool - Picked up

Age titles with various publishers
Muv Luv Alternative - Released, R18 patch still to come
Muv-Luv Photonflowers - Translation started
Muv-Luv Photonmelodies - To follow Photonflowers
Schwarzesmarken - Through Greenlight
Kiminozo - Picked up

Code: Realize fandisc - March 30th release
Kokuchou no Psychedelica - April 20th release
7'scarlet - May 18th release
Haitaka no Psychedelica - June release

Spike Chunsoft
428: Shibuya Scramble - Summer release
Steins;Gate Elite - 2018 release

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>The Bell Chimes For Gold - Released
>Neko-nin exHeart 2 - Releasing "in just over a month", in QA
Koikuma - Needs testing, Waiting on a third party
>2236 A.D. - English version released by the Japanese developer, Through QA
Dracu-Riot - Through 1st round of QA, fixes from QA next before more QA
Maitetsu - In QA, needs testing
Nanairo Reincarnation - 100% translated, waiting on a third party for engine work
Baldr Sky - 50% translated, Combined release of Dive 1 + Dive 2 in mid 2018
Ley-Line: Daybreak of Remnants Shadow - 100% translated
Ley-Line: Flowers Falling in the Morning Mist - 50% translated
Riajuu Plus - Release "within a couple months"
Hoshizora no Memoria Eternal Heart - 33% translated
Miko no Kanata - Picked up
Memory's Dogma - Code:01 Released, 02 onwards upcoming
Tenshin Ranman - QA and engine work next
Fault - Silence the Pedant - Demo released
Fault Milestone 2 - Side Above released, GE still to come
CyberRebeat - QA done, need fixes
G-senjou no Maou - Denpa version announced
Nekopara Vol 4 - Announced
Rewrite+ - Picked up
NarKarma EngineA - Announced
Senren * Banka - Picked up
Ninja Girl - Announced
Island Diary - Announced
Love Duction - 75% translated
Koi ni, Kanmi o Soete - Picked up
Subete no Koi ni, Hanabata o. - Picked up

>Momoiro Closet - Kickstarter succeeded, demo released, April 27th release
Sharin no Kuni - April release, Scripting, debugging, and QA remain
Island - 100% translated, 40-50% edited, 2018 release
2 upcoming secret announcements

Seven Days - Picked up
Chuusotsu! 1st graduation - Kickstarter finished, demo released, 2018 release

Sol Press
>Sakura Sakura - April release, demo released, some image editing remains, Beta to backers shortly
>Newton to Ringo no Ki - common route, 1st, 2nd route and 3rd route, and 18% of 4th route translated, 91% of common route, 100% of 1st route and 2nd route, and 42% of 3rd route edited, demo released

Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ Mini Fandisc - Picked up
Hello,good-bye - 25% translated, 2018 release, Summer 2018 release
Sanoba Witch - 30% translated, 10% edited, Fall 2018 release
Melty Moment - Aiming for a release next Winter
Suki to Suki to de Sankaku Ren'ai - Early 2019 release

Cherry Kiss
Harem Guild - April release
>Tsundere Idol - Translation to be finished by end of April, followed by editing/QC/etc

>Tayutama 2 - April release, R18 patch planned but may not be ready at launch
Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms - Spring 2018 release
Hemoimo - Dropped by SakuraGame and no longer being released on Steam, upcoming Fakku release planned within the next couple months
Magical Charming - Release planned
Song of Memories - 2018 release
Neighbor - 2018 release, Kickstarter started
Angel Beats - 50% translated
Love Sweets - Picked up
Noratoto - Picked up
Himawari to Koi no Kioku - On Steam Greenlight
Harumade, Kururu - Seems to have an English release planned
Monmusu - 2018 release
Taisho Alice - Volume 1 released
Lucky Dog - Possible iOS released based on the ongoing text only fanTL
>Stuff like this has been either added or updated since the last thread

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Fureraba fandisk planned for Fall.

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>Hadaka Shitsuji fandisc - Picked up
>Room No.9 - Picked up

Did Mangagamer forget they licensed these?

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Haro seems to have lost interest in pretending she cares about BL games.

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>2 upcoming secret announcements
Sakura no Uta please

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Fat fucking chance.

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They got over $100k from Subahibi's Kickstarter. I don't see why they wouldn't do one for Sakura no Uta.

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How many chapters are there in ChronoClock? Or rather how many prologues?

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x∈]0, +∞[

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Prologue 1-7, common 1-5 wih 4 and 5 being split into 4a/4b and 5a/5b. Girls usually have 7+epilogue. Prologue 8 is the last chapter.

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I can't remember exactly, but it was pretty long because it is basically 90% Miu's route with the continuation locked behind the rest of the VN.

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MG is going mobile. Strange selection of games though.

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Tell them what happens to people who fuck with the names. Tell 'em about Arunaru, Haro.

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Italians have autism, I swear.

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>Muv Luv Alternative
>R18 patch still to come
I hope they'll release it before summer.

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Is it just me or has /jp/ been a lot faster lately? Threads pushing page 10 in hours is unusual.

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Virtual Youtuber cancer

>> No.18784280

Not that anon but I hope it's a fad that will die sometime soon. Or at least I hope the effect on /jp/ lessens over time.

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I don't check the list and I hadn't heard of the secret announcements before. Does someone know the source? Anyway I really hope it's Sakura no Uta.

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The Bell Chimes with Goal has peaked at 11 concurrent users thus far, though it fell off fairly quickly and has spent most of the last day at roughly 3 concurrent users, and it has generated zero user posts on the Steam forums. Thus it would appear that it got off to a relatively slow start on Steam. It would be a surprise if it were to be doing much better on Denpasoft, as Denpa is running one of their contests for physical mousepads for the title, yet they have only gotten 129 entries (from a fewer number of people) thus far.

All that said, even if it does poorly Sekai isn't likely to be out all that much. They only picked up the license after the Japanese company ran an ill fated Indiegogo project that managed $1.2k out of a $13k goal. Although they were probably hoping for a bigger splash as they try to get into the Otome market, as this was initially announced as the launch title for Maiden Voyage back when they intended to make a dedicated Otome brand.

They teased two titles at their AX panel last year, though it seemed like they were still finalizing the deals. It was before the Subahibi Kickstarter was launched so at the time they wouldn't know how Subahibi was going to sell.

>> No.18785560

Thanks anon. Guess I'll just hope they announce it in 1-2 years out of the blue then.

>> No.18785918

It wont be out for at least another 9 months. I'd say expect it in about ~15 months since it's the very last kickstarter related promise they plan on working on.

>> No.18785997

I wonder how big the market is for "older/middle-age men" among the otome crowd?

>> No.18786132

>SukiSuki - In Beta

Only two more years to go!

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Fureraba using Kevin Durant memes makes everything the cartel has done worth it.

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Apparently Nekonyan are planning to license "one of the great" plotge next year.

>> No.18787448

They got WA 2?

>> No.18787467

dumb moebutas

>> No.18787478

Eustia but with a cartel meme translation...

>> No.18787480

They specifically mentioned it's one where the drama isn't focused on relationships, so I doubt it.

>> No.18787571

Inb4 fourth Cross Channel translation.

>> No.18788244


Is Doddler the only competent programmer in this industry? or just a really good programmer in general?

>> No.18788261

Remind me again about it. What happened?

>> No.18788263

I wonder if one of those two is Island to coincide with the anime coming out later this year.

>> No.18788346

the best that is willing to work for the shit pay

>> No.18788667

how do we fix the vn scene?

>> No.18788688

Nekonyan will save the scene

>> No.18788695

Maybe if they fire Chuee and actually spend money on decent QC. Getting a better translator than Akerou might also help. So, basically, losing their core employees kek

>> No.18788984

Probably the one who has the most experience on a wide variety of engines and most in the public eye. There are still some who are more focused like the Alicesoft hackers MG has.
Also there is technically Nagato, though he is mostly dead.

>> No.18789093

He got fired.

>> No.18789258

Thankfully, an anon managed to fix it?

>> No.18789284

I didn't. All those lines including the tech error are from the initial release (1.00). The only one which was kept like that was the DD H one, which I obviously changed. I don't know why he's posting these screenshots now when 1.01 has been out for months.

>> No.18789416

It's that one title that got leaked when they did their first announcements, I don't remember the name of it but i'm sure someone here does.

>> No.18789440

He may have better pay than most because he does so many games across all the companies.

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>> No.18789536

Yep it's that, or at least one of 'em. I remember being interested in it a while back but found out the original(Which was the only one that existed at the time) was all-ages and as a result never bothered looking further into it since there's a ton of plot/chuuni all-ages titles to read in english and they've all been pretty garbage. Wonder how good the new release is.

>> No.18789566

h-scenes added in after the fact are never good e.g. da capo 3

>> No.18789602

It's a remake, not another edition.

>> No.18789618

The VN itself is all-ages, they released a "Popular Edition" in 2015 which added h-scenes and a bunch of other improvements. Not quite a remake.

>> No.18789631

Actually looks like I'm wrong. I got thrown off by the fact that they released an all-ages edition which is pretty rare for PC eroge, and the confusing vndb description

>> No.18789638

Da Capo H-scenes in general are garbage. Just like Key H-scenes with the exception of the final Tomoyo After h-scene which was pretty plot important and i'm really angry they removed the entirety of it. It just never happens in the re-release, not even off screen.

>> No.18789667

>Da Capo H-scenes in general are garbage
But at least in 2 (don't know about 1 since I never read it) they were somewhat relevant to the plot. In 3 it's extremely obvious they weren't there at first, given that there's no buildup, the random placement and how they're completely ignored afterwards and treated like they didn't happen.

>> No.18789694

Based SP.

>> No.18789899

I think Circus in general is very bad at making H-scenes. The dissapointment that was Dal Segno to name another

>> No.18790192

>Fortissimo potentially licensed
Holy shit I've wanted to read it for so long that I forgot about it. Now that I can read it I should probably do it soon.

>> No.18790203

Yeah, do it quickly before it loses value.

>> No.18790229

nice try, but the cartel meme translation will be superior in every way, as usual.

>> No.18790523

never read the 18 version of tomoyo after, is it worth getting for that one scene?

>> No.18790584

considering the quality of the other three, that might not be a bad thing

>> No.18790620

I only read the all-ages version as well and I didn't feel like I missed anything. As much as I liked that VN, though, I doubt I'd ever reread it, lol.

>> No.18790642

yeah i loved clannad and tomoyo after but i don't think i could reread, the length alone is enough to be offputting.

>> No.18790690

Thankfully Clannad got a great anime adaptation so I can just rewatch that whenever I want.

>> No.18791416

>implying it wouldn't be even worse

>> No.18791422

idk, at least one of them is basically fanfiction, i don't know how it could get much worse

>> No.18792414

Yes, absolutely. there's no reason to read the all-ages version except for the slightly extended
canon ending (one additional ending cg and 2 additional lines of text) since you miss out on the other 2 endings that got removed in that release.

>> No.18792866

I might begin translating Sakura no Uta in 1-2 years if it doesn't get licensed, I work with a good editor and a good TLC already so I reckon the translation could satisfy most people. Don't expect it though because I don't know if I'll keep being interested by then. Probably, but still.

>> No.18792910

So basically, your post is pointless.

>> No.18792937

I'm saying it so that people know there are those interested in putting the effort to translate it. I'm not saying that I will work on it for sure because I can't really know what I'll think by then, but at least right now I'm pretty sure that I will.

>> No.18792973


>We're happy to announce that Chuusotsu! 1st Graduation: Time After Time will be released in 2 weeks, on April 24!

>> No.18792984

All-ages lolige. I'm sure everyone wanted this.

>> No.18793034

Yeah anon I totally believe you

>> No.18793097

Anyone here read SubaHibi? How's the translation?

>> No.18793104

It has honorifics, so it's good.

>> No.18793111

Decent but sometimes the cartel translation shows. At least they did a lot of research so that they would reference the philosophy correctly.

>> No.18793120

The criteria people here use to judge translations is incredibly shallow. You're better off asking someone actually knowledgeable.

>> No.18793274

hello chuee

>> No.18793778


In short there is still nothing new and they haven't had any farther communications with Valve, and that it was removed because of a user's report.

>> No.18793853

a fucking leaf

>> No.18795959

All-ages yuri lolige at that.

>> No.18796042

What drives a person to wait literal years (or forever) for shitty translations instead of just learning a language? It's never too late.

>> No.18796078

Waiting takes nothing. Studying takes effort.
I hope this answers your stupid question.

>> No.18796095

It's literally just reading. Same as what you do every day.

>> No.18796135

I've spent years watching chinese cartoon and still can't into moonrune.
Your turn.

>> No.18796169

Hearing and reading don't really relate to each other though, hearing someone speak a word isn't going to let you read that word.

>> No.18796210

Wrong. When I read in Japanese, it takes more time and effort than reading it in English.

>> No.18796212

I've spent last year casually reading some wns with google tl and still knows nothing about moonrune.
If anything, now I'm kinda proficient on deciphering google tl's garbled English. Do you think I'll somehow get the moonrune this year?

>> No.18796227

Read more.

>> No.18796233

>with google tl
>knows nothing about moonrune
If you are just looking at the garbled English that Google Translate spits out, you wouldn't ever get moonrunes that way. If you actually intend to get the moonrunes, you need to be able to read at least the basic hiragana and katakana, then move on to being able to tell what Kanji means what.

>> No.18796236

I hope this is a joke but it's hard to tell these days.

>> No.18796272

>If you actually intend to get the moonrunes, you need to be able to read at least the basic hiragana and katakana, then move on to being able to tell what Kanji means what.
But that takes more effort than just reading through broken english.

>> No.18796348

I barely have time to read VNs at all anymore, much less learn a language.

>> No.18796367

The translation is fine. The only issues (all minor) that I found were
1. it does that English -> Spanish thing on one occasion
2. the translation of Cyrano de Bergerac that is used is an antiquated one, while the game specifically says that they're reading a modern Japanese translation; I can't really fault them for this because they may not have been able to legally use a decent modern one because of copyright issues
3. there are a few translation errors that I saw pointed out on threads here but they were all in inconsequential places
Other than that it's in correct English, reads well, and the slang is localized correctly. The translations used for literature quotations are generally good and whoever translated it seems to have put in the effort to understand the text. I would recommend it.

>> No.18797037

I have enough problems with the one language I do know. Let's not add another one on top of that.

>> No.18797177

>and whoever translated it seems to have put in the effort to understand the text
The translator answered in a Reddit AMA that he had been putting loads of time in the library researching all the philosophy to make sure he wouldn't miss anything and to quote everything in the most appropiate way. It's really appreciated.

>> No.18797186

>Herkz was the one checking out books at the library just to make sure that we had all these lines right, cross-referencing my provisional translations of these lines in Subahibi and then tracking down the exact wording which was used in the German to English translation of Steppenwolf.
Nevermind, it was the editor Herkz.

>> No.18797207

Don't link that shit.

>> No.18797214

Why not?

>> No.18797217

Fuck off, there's nothing wrong with linking to reddit when it's referencing something like an AMA or a statement from a company.

>> No.18797220

If you go to reddit, then stay there.

>> No.18797222

I'm learning another language as of now, and Japanese is not my immediate priority. Also, I'd rather first learn Italian to reread Eco or Spanish for Borges.

>> No.18797229

What makes you think I go to reddit?

>> No.18797231

Friendly reminder he claimed to only have done this more effectively after the fact, and that the current translation didn't reflect his standards anymore. Herkz was elated when Subahibi was revealed to be a failure because of this.

>> No.18797265

I might be wrong but it looked to me like he was just mad that they lost the control over the translation before they could finish the second editing pass. He tends to get quite salty on Twitter.

>when Subahibi was revealed to be a failure
I don't see how this happened anon. Sure it didn't sell extremely well on Steam, but the Kickstarter goal was reached regardless and that's quite the success for Frontwing. Although they should have probably made more/better marketing, its popularity runs on word of mouth.

>> No.18797300 [DELETED] 

>and that the current translation didn't reflect his standards anymore.
Yeah he spouted a bunch of bullshit and then never substantiated any of it.
>Herkz was elated when Subahibi was revealed to be a failure because of this.
Yeah it didn't sell well because he whined on twitter. Sure. Also how is 100k a failure?

>> No.18797323

>and that the current translation didn't reflect his standards anymore.
What he posted was his supposition at the quality of the translation (without having seen it because he wasn't involved in the project anymore) based on some email that FW sent him asking for scripts. And of course once the game was released he never substantiated any of it. It's a load of bullshit.

>> No.18797326

a man of taste.
i stil like my porn powerpoints though, so i'll learn jap eventually

>> No.18797338

>Yeah it didn't sell well because he whined on twitter.
Hey, I didn't say that. I was just repeating what he said on Twitter. He was really happy about it "selling poorly" or something

>> No.18797344

Yeah I realized I misread your post which is why I deleted mine.

>> No.18797371

Also a lot of it was not about the translation, but his opinion that FW wouldn't be able to deal with various technical aspects of the game; but of course everything worked fine when it was released (surprise).

>> No.18797741

They got 105k $ from kickstarter alone they have no rights to complain unless they paid like 200k $ for the license but I doubt that.
They should have gotten their money back and earned from the kickstarter alone.

But then again Frontwing is pretty much Sekai Project 2.0, so far they kickstarter all of their visual novels to cash in as much as possible on the western scene, hell they are going to release a nukige on steam only this month, if that isn't jewish then I don't know.

>> No.18798185

How much do VN licenses cost anyway? Does anyone have an idea of what, say, a generic moege costs compared to a big name like Rance or WA2?

>> No.18799346

Sekai is asking for reviews. Isn't that against steam policy.


>> No.18800008

Reaching a bit aren’t you, especially since that isn’t even Sekai. And no, it’s not. Only asking for reviews ingame is.

>> No.18800184

Alienworks is sekai, they've ran their kickstarter, and with great conflict of interest hired their writer as the guy who manages their english visual novels.

>> No.18801294
File: 66 KB, 590x444, 1523410851916.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Valve just change their privacy settings so Steamspy won't be able to get numbers anymore.

>> No.18801563

Uh, well that's that I suppose.

>> No.18801610

Wow, it's like Steam found the one way they could be bigger assholes.

>> No.18801622

I've been out of the eroge loop for many years. Are there any English translated eroge similar to Kamidori out there? Any good eroge RPGs in general, besides Rance?

>> No.18801697

I say we give them negative reviews for asking everyone to be their personal army.

>> No.18801703

That sucks. We want to know how many sales these games have!

>> No.18801707

Not like it matters for VNs anyways

>> No.18801747

It was nice during the early steam VN boom to see how much they were selling then compared to now where everything across the board has been in a decline for a while.
It was also nice to see Sekai complain about a VN bombing or poor sales and being able to see some of their numbers and what they consider a bomb or failure.

>> No.18801887
File: 22 KB, 973x362, FataMorgana Graph.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was likely an inevitable change, but it is a shame to lose out on that source of information. That said, there are other metrics that can be use to comparatively to determine if a title was likely a success or not, such as concurrent users, number of reviews, and the new graph for reviews over time. A title with a strong launch will get an initially high peak concurrent user count and a bunch of early reviews, while a title that continues to sell for a long time will continue to maintain some concurrent users and continue to draw new reviews (the image is the reviews over time for Fata Morgana, a title with a relatively weak launch but is up to 7-8k on Steamspy now thanks to a long tail). Obviously a title with few concurrent users at launch and never manages more than a handful of reviews will easily be viewed as a poor seller, even without SteamSpy being there to confirm it, such as Myth with a peak of 8 concurrent users and just 14 reviews.

The biggest loss will probably be being unable to see just well bigger hits do, as relatively few VNs these days sell more than a few thousand on Steam and at those numbers Steamspy has a lot of variance so it becomes harder to ballpark a number. Take the upcoming Steins;Gate 0 Steam release for example, it will likely sell well, and it will be off the charts with the usual metrics, but it will be nearly impossible to estimate how well it has done compared to the huge (180k) sales of the original. Additionally a high profile upcoming title like Baldr Sky may look good by most metrics at launch if it doesn't flop, but it will still be very difficult to determine exactly what sort of sales it brings in as there would be no easy way to accurately determine if a title is a 4-5k seller compared to a 10-15k seller with the available metrics.

>> No.18802157

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, anon. Aroduc was slain by Sekai Project and died for our sins. In the meantime, I guess you could play Bunny Black 1 and 2 if you haven't already. Evenicle is supposed to be out soon, so you better pray that it's Mangagamer's May release.

>> No.18802919

What's it like to have a hobby where the producers give a shit about what the consumers want and try to produce quality products that they will like? Sometimes I wonder.

>> No.18802956

Producers do that, localizers don't.

>> No.18803000

While less accurate with the low numbers they still gave ballpark figures on how well something was doing. This is then useful for seeing how well certain types of VNs are doing as well as if a certain VNs jumped into the meme status category with runaway sales.

>> No.18803957

I bought a shit laptop with Windows 10S for VNs. I'm going to install a linux distro on it instead. Do you guys recommend any distro or software for VNs to run properly?

>> No.18804035

Just pirate Windows 7

>> No.18804056

Windows 10

>> No.18804131

Use Windows. Linux will just make everything harder for no reason. Things may also not work properly without you knowing it causing you to miss things. Video segments like OPs are especially a pain.

>> No.18804252

Also I'll say that if you don't already know how to deal with this shit in Linux then you don't need to bother. You're going to have problems just getting the games to run, not the mention the videos won't work, you'll have font problems, crashing; basically anything can go wrong and there may or may not be a fix available for it; and if there is a fix it may not be something easy to do. I don't know why the fuck you'd want to bother if you have a laptop for VNs that already has Windows on it. You sound fucking stupid.

>> No.18804259

New license from Sol Press

>> No.18804376

Bit of an odd one

>> No.18804420

I would have thought they would go for Kimi to Yumemishi rather than another Hiqo Soft VN, considering how well the Newton kickstarter did compared to the Sakura Sakura one.

>> No.18804433

My botnet hates the scripts on that site.

>> No.18804456

They also have announced release dates for all their titles.

>> No.18804528

It's quite old and most likely was dirt cheap or maybe they got it together with Sakura Sakura and they worked secretly on it, which says on the blog:
>We’ve been working behind the scenes on producing the English localization of Yotsunoha.

>> No.18804584

You know what's funny? There's both Yuuki and Yuki as surnames in this. Make sure arunaru knows about this.

>> No.18804670

Kinda weird to go back to an even earlier VN rather than forward to Hitonatsu no or Omokage Railback. I guess it was really cheap to license or came together with Sakura Sakura?

>> No.18804701

If they're planning on another kickstarter I really hope they get Sakura Sakura and Newton out first.

>> No.18804795

We're not planning on running a Kickstarter for Yotsunoha.

>> No.18804818

looks cute

>> No.18804891

Is it with or without mosaics and do you plan to release it outside of steam too, like on JAST, MG store and so on?

>> No.18805164
File: 75 KB, 720x1104, twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18805184

Cartel is protecting its epic memes in TLs, even though majority of the audience does not want it. Same as always.

>> No.18805210

Are they saying that the shit in Chrono Clock is good localization? Because it really isn't.

>> No.18805242

Nah, they hate the Chrono Clock TL. Now if the random japanese words were random german words they would be calling it a masterpiece.

>> No.18805243
File: 2.85 MB, 1280x544, cage.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the cartel are deluded enough to believe VNs will ever be popular in the west outside of memes like nekopara and DDLC, jfl @ these people. This is why i feel zero sense of obligation to buy their games

>> No.18805316

lmao and an eoten to you too my brother

>> No.18805341

Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story still holding the 1st place on MG weekly chart for over 1+ month now, I guess it's one of their better selling titles this year, not even the pre-order for Moonstone's Magical Marriage Lunatics (which is currently on 2nd place) can beat it.

I'm quite curious what their next pre-order will be tomorrow.

>> No.18805440

How does its competition have literally any relevance to the localization whatsoever?

>> No.18805669

Was Xythard behind the eoten bullshit?

>> No.18805873

No but he endorses it.

>> No.18806112

Do not learn Japanese just to read Visual Novels. Warning. Do not fail for that. You'll be let down.
Try to widen up your scope to general media, newspaper, literature... at the very least. By the time you're there, you'll have forgotten about visual novels.

>> No.18806119

Normalfag argument.

>> No.18806324

i've been reading VNs since 2000

>> No.18806365

Despite its age, it is probably the next best title from Hiqo Soft after their Sakura Sakura releases, and I imagine they got the license for a relatively cheap price. It will probably be a hard sell though, as even more modern full length titles have struggled to put up good numbers on Steam recently and Yotsunoha isn't exactly a well known title and certainly does look like a title out of the mid 2000s. Sol Press is shaping up to be a relatively unusual company though, pursuing R18 VNs while also looking to become a more mainstream LN publisher under the same brand.

Just to include them here,
April 30 for Sakura Sakura
May 25 for Newton
July 27 for Yotsunoha

>> No.18806389

Any VNs with demon girls as protagonists?

>> No.18807203

I've been reading visual novels for many years, some people have been doing it for decades, and realistically it only takes you 1-2 years to be able to grasp even the subtle nuances of most visual novels. Also texthookers are incredibly handy to easily search up the vocabulary you don't know and help you out with your first visual novels.

>> No.18807468

Ubuntu. Do not worry that much you can dual boot it and use either or.

>> No.18807541

Actually a good looking release and a decent plot.

>> No.18808715

The House in Fata Morgana A Requiem for Innocence will be out on May 17.

>> No.18808728

From this I may be wrong, but I'll bet that anyone waiting for Evenicle will have to wait until June or so, and Sengoku Rance in December, if it even comes out this year. Good for MG that they seem to sell well regardless

>> No.18808784

Mangagamer is becoming jast with how long they're sitting on some titles

>> No.18808881

Yeah. They have Hapymaher, Evenicle, Damekoi and Sweet Switch on testing and if they try it, it could also lead to Bitter Exclusion and Hashihime to be in testing, with Sengoku following closely. June-August could be the start of the 2 weeks releases.

>> No.18808928

I only have one laptop and that's the one I bought. It has W10 S on it so if the software doesn't come from the Windows Store, it won't run at all. Thankfully I got a free upgrade to Win10 Pro so I don't have to worry about linux anymore.

>> No.18809001

Not so much sitting on titles as much as they have so much shit to release and they usually only do 1 title per month. It makes sense from a business perspective, but for those of us that want to throw our money (or piracy) at everything it's annoying to have to wait, for sure.

If they were JAST they would be releasing 1 title a month and sitting on a Nitro+ license for a decade.

>> No.18809005

>they would be releasing 1 title a month
they wouldnt*

>> No.18809053

That would time it to be released with Anime Central.

For the moment MG seems to have picked up their release schedule fitting in shorter titles between their full price titles, so if they continue to keep the same pattern it wouldn't be a surprise if they put up a big release for preorder for either May 31st or June 7th after Magical Marriage Lunatics goes on sale. Following that if they are ready it would make sense to put up putting another Higurashi chapter up for preorder with the Fata Morgana Requiem for Innocence the weekend of Anime Central, and then have something big go up for preorder for a Thursday on either side of AX around the start of June.

Comparing them or anyone else to Jast is kind of a stretch. The titles that MG has been sitting on the longest only go back to mid 2016, aside from the latter Higurashi chapters. Jast has been sitting on some titles since 2011 such as Sumaga, which they acquired around the same time MG released Kara no Shoujo.

>> No.18809299

Thanks for the motivation anon, I'll actually start learning now.
>W10 S
You can find Windows 10 Pro keys on Ebay for less than 3$ you know.

>> No.18809828

Well not as bad as Jast; Managagamer announced Bokuten in March of 2014. To put that in perspective, Sekai Projects first title, WEE, was released in June of 2014.

>> No.18809835

Sorry meant

>> No.18809872


Is the Flowers translator a furry?

>> No.18809879

Furries are subhumans, but it's completely irrelevant to the thread.

>> No.18810030

She likes Renamon. She's totally a furry.

>> No.18810333

It has been in programming hell for a long time with the idea of porting it to a new engine, which caused lots of problems, being abandoned and going with the original one. At least you can see stuff happening to it on Doddler's twitter every so often which is far more than most of JAST's stuff.

>> No.18810400

This one isnt actually good lol

>> No.18811094

Well, the only cost that we know of is that Japanese VA companies demand $100k. That's straight from Peter Payne's mouth. Everything else is probably bound by contract and can't be talked about.

>> No.18811137

Sure, every single VN's localization costs $100k for seiyuu. Every single seiyuu is under the same company, every single seiyuu has the same reputation and cost, every single seiyuu has the same amount of lines in-game.

>> No.18811166

I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying that's the only cost that is known. No shit there are other factors that will add or subtract to the final.

>> No.18811442

A point to take from it is that VA costs are pretty high and take up a significant chunk of the license cost a lot of the time. Just look at how in the past MG has outright said it was too costly to license some VA tracks and so released it Voiceless until it made enough money to add them in after. There is also Sekai's G-senjou releases which when voiced doubles the price of the VN over the voiceless version. Other evidence is on Kickstarter where stretch goals for voices are sometimes double or more than the original goal.

>> No.18811448

why aren't these fees conditional? its a choice between getting paid something or getting paid nothing

>> No.18811473

I didn't say seiyuu weren't expensive, nor did I say their agencies weren't jews. I said that $100k is a stupid number, because it varies so much for every single title.

>> No.18811483

Because they don't care about filthy gaijin or their money. If they want access to glorious nippon entertainment, they'd better be willing to pay through the nose for it.

>> No.18811498

It maintains value so they can make a killing off of a couple titles without having to deal with legal bs for a bunch of low profit projects.

>> No.18811516

I just don't get the point of companies actually paying any notable amount for voices when users can (and have in the past) easily restored them. Hell they can even pull a JAST and have 'some kind random anon' together a patch for 'em.

>> No.18811548

There aren't exactly many hard figures to go off so it still acts as a reference point. Sure it will vary but it does give you an idea of the amount of money that some titles take to get licensed.

Because it isn't "official" so people will just pirate or refuse to buy it. You only have to look at steam forums on some JRPGs that failed to obtain the original Jap voices and you see posts saying "no Jap voices no buy".

>> No.18811561

I have a couple ideas on that.
1) If the VA agencies are getting cut out of the equation they would make not licensing the game separately part of the original agreement.
2) It shows a lack of confidence in the project so they might get turned down to license it at all.
3) Fan bitching.

>> No.18811569

Learn to read, you stupid mother fucker. That is the only cost that can be talked about because that is the only cost that has been publicly revealed.

>> No.18811582

Yes, a cost for one specific VN.
>the only cost that we know of is that Japanese VA companies demand $100k
implies the cost is somehow usable for anything other than knowing what that one VN cost. It's not. It's a useless number.

>> No.18811600

JAST, Frontwing, and pretty much every other major company that isn't MG cut content from their releases all the time and is apparently fine? I'm pretty sure there'd be no issues with them cutting voices unless they tried to charge it as DLC like how Sekai did.

>> No.18811623

Most people understood it was necessary but there were still mumerings of people unhappy about the cuts. If it became common practice I imagine those would get louder, especially if you get things like DMCA takedowns thrown around for any fan patches. Frontwing showed it is fine with doing that.

>> No.18811657

I don't think it'd change a damn thing. I mean you don't even need to release an actual translation for your VN to sell. Case and points being IMHHW, Chrono Clock, and anything by WildCherry or whatever their name is. I'm pretty sure a VN would still sell just as it normally would even if they cut voices since there'd be a fanpatch that restores it all which is a lot easier to do than needing to retranslate large parts or the entirety of a VN.

>> No.18811728

You are underestimating outrage culture. Voices have been pretty staple in most releases and then to say they aren't there any more and they have to go off and do it themselves is just going to anger a lot of customers.
Also what happens if you get something like the rUGP engine? Good luck trying to mess around with inserting shit into that.

>> No.18812089

Funny enough if you look at all-ages titles, they'd have you believe voices are free and you can sell games for 10-20 dollars because you don't have to pay for shit.

>> No.18812198

Since you're such as expert and has figures for all the VNs, what are the costs then?

>> No.18812593
File: 95 KB, 830x303, Libra original localization budget.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Voice rights are extremely variable, as they will be dependent on the contracts that the developer has with the VN company (which can be anything from the developer owning the voices for foreign releases outright to new negotiations needed as the original contract didn't include it). For titles that were developed with idea that localization may be possible, more care likely would have given to the initial voice contracts during development.

Not the person you were responding to, but the best breakdown we have would be from back when localization companies were fully funding localization costs through Kickstarter, as they would list the planned percentages of their goal going into each phase. That said, the amounts may have changed such as if licensing royalties included a percent feature, a runaway success might have payed far more in licensing royalties if the original company got a flat percentage of the Kickstarter total so some of these costs would be the expect costs if they made exactly their goal (although the purely localization costs should be more static). Additionally, most of the early Kickstarter titles were big licenses, Clannad obviously isn't going to represent the licensing costs of getting a generic moege today (and something like Muv Luv or the Grisaia trilogy will be longer than most VNs as well). Additionally, some "localization" costs include technical work, or even licensing costs, while others don't.

Muv Luv + Alternative
"Development" - $80k
"Localization" - $50k
"License" - $37.5k

Grisaia trilogy
"Voices and Licensing" - $48k
"Localization" - $64k

$56k for localization. They counted voices + physical merchandise together for the Kickstarter itself, however they initially listed it as a $100k project with a $140k for voices with the prefundia, however realizing the problems with having the two split up they just went with a $140k goal. Thus the voice costs should be somewhere in that range between the initially planned goal and voice goal.

Root Double
Regista+Yeti - $71.5k for licensing and technical work (including porting the title to PC)
Lemnisca - $36.5k for localization

The Libra team initially gave a detailed planned costs breakdown from localization company they hired during the prefundia (see image). They later managed to get the localization team to agree to drop the price (in part by dropping the final past of the script) to around $62.5k based on it being 50% of the costs of their $125k goal.
They also listed $25k for development

Localization just listed as $48k

Magical Boy (failed Sekai Kickstarter)
This gave precise costs, and thus aren't based on percentages.
>$10,000 for the Steam port
>$35,000 for the translation
>$7,000 for re-using the voice acting

While this obviously turned out to be a disaster of a project, it did include this tidbit in the Kickstarter. "Current agreement (and license) with Voice Actors' studio is only valid for Japanese release, so we have to renew the agreement before including voices for oversea release"

>> No.18812634

Kickstarter cost breakdowns doesn't show you real costs. They are just estimates

>> No.18812677

How am I supposed to know that? No one in this thread can without a lot more data points.

>> No.18812802

I can't take this data seriously when the ''localization'' is almost 2/3 more than the licensing and voices cost.
It's a joke how much money they ask for it and I just can't believe it considering how many bad releases they had full of typos, bad translations to untranslated lines.

Also don't forget that 95% of their releases don't even have images translated and edited and then they ask almost the double compared to licensing.

The western visual novel scene is a joke and money scam, at least kickstarter wise.

>> No.18812825

Some things may change later on if plans were to change, but most of these costs are things that generally would have been taken care of ahead of time such as how much a title costs to license or how much you are paying the translation team (aside from percentage based royalties, in which case they should be scaled roughly to a project selling exactly its initial goal). Percentage based royalties would mostly apply to licensing costs, Muv Luv shouldn't become much more expensive to localize just because it made 500% of its initial goal, but Age's share may have gone up by a large amount depending on how percentage based it was, although that would be impossible to determine accurately their exact share without knowing the contract details (not to mention the stretch goals added more content). Thus the expenses for Muv Luv would likely be most accurate in the event that Muv Luv sold $250k worth of stuff for the Kickstarter, although of the three only the licensing costs likely changed dramatically for the price of just Muv Luv + Alternative.

Either way though, even if these are estimates, this sort of data for costs is the best we would have short of a company decided to explicitly give out detailed data, something they have no reason to do so.

>> No.18812870

>It's a joke how much money they ask for it and I just can't believe it considering how many bad releases they had full of typos, bad translations to untranslated lines.

Aside from Libra, most of the original big Kickstarters had proper (although delayed) releases, and Libra was a disaster because MiKandi hired an awful localization company. Sekai's recent disasters (titles such as Chrono Clock not being fully edited at release, Hoshimemo, and Layline) were likely them taking a bunch of shortcuts to try and either rush the release or minimize costs, only for it to come back to bite them.

>> No.18812983

Anzu is up http://erogedownload.com/downloads/anzu-2/

>> No.18813391

How the hell can you download it? It's above the 200 MB free download limit, and I'm not going to pay to pirate something.

>> No.18813401

Use Jdownloader

>> No.18813408

Having a few people complain doesn't mean that Sekais recent releases have bitten them by any means. It most likely means the opposite since they make a ton of money from idiots on patreon, then more from humble bundles or steam sales, and thus don't feel a need to have quality releases.

>> No.18813421

Never mind, I'm dumb. I thought they only offered a 319.1 MB download option. I just saw the free ones now.

>> No.18813464

I would still reccomend using Jdownloader as it automates the process of waiting for the cooldowns and captcha insertion.

>> No.18813474
File: 180 KB, 545x427, Screenshot_2330.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Click on free download

>> No.18813485


>> No.18813486

Also note to everyone dont mind the description, its copied over from DL site, the actual game translation is good.

>> No.18813609

Leyline and Hoshimemo, along with possibly Chrono Clock if they go through with re-editing it, are the couple cases where the short cuts didn't work out as expected because they feel the need to go back and do more work on the titles. Sekai has other titles do have their occasional issues as well, but any shortcuts taken there for Sekai worked out as they are going to remain as they are.

>> No.18814351

I wonder why Leyline and Hoshimemo ended up being the ones that got so much shit - they're hardly the only crappy releases they've put out.

Too high profile, maybe?

>> No.18814424

>they're hardly the only crappy releases they've put out.
Care to give some examples?
Because I've been living under a rock and I've missed most of them, besides SakuSaku

>> No.18815054

not him but every release where they didn't translate the CG is a crappy one in my book

and i'm pretty sure that's the majority of them

>> No.18815366

Chances are, the title that will release around Anime Expo will be either Evenicle or Damekoi because they were announced in last years Anime Expo and because both should be on the verge of coming out. Damekoi finished beta, but it's still says scripting while Evenicle is still in beta.

Granted, Hapymaher was announced at Otakon the year before those two titles, so I can't blame MG for prioritizing that title.

>> No.18816768

They had whole lines that came out untranslated which is far more noticeable than mistranslations, typos or some localisation choices.

>> No.18817182


Moenovel put this tweet up earlier, likely to be hinting at UmiKana.

>> No.18817208

It's shit.

>> No.18817257

Say anons, which of the Higurashi visual novel soundtracks you like the most? Original, PS2 or MangaGamer?

>> No.18817264

At a least they are doing all-ages kusoge instead of fucking up good games.

>> No.18817275

inb4 japs get an 18+ edition in a few months.

>> No.18817277

I wonder what's going on with SP, it seems they haven't released any notable titles at all this year.

>> No.18817283

Isn't that basically every year for them? They barely release anything.

>> No.18817286

Meanwhile MG released such notable kamige such as "A shitty """Gameplay""" title", "A Yuri title", "A shitty Chuuni title", and a sequel to "A shitty Cowtits title".

>> No.18817321

I thought people liked SJ other than the ending. Also saw multiple people last week in this thread say they liked the new KF title as well as >>18805341

>> No.18817343

SJ baits you with a threesome relationship the whole game, even getting sexually involved with both of them, and then forcing you to pick between one of them. That's a kusoge in my book.
Kyonyuu Fantasy - Obviously, the people who liked the original game will like this too, otherwise they wouldn't read it. It's a direct sequel and a nukige. It can't be called a notable release.

>> No.18817347

They have had a fair number of releases this year with nearly weekly releases recently, just none of their bigger titles have finished up (aside from the console release of Root Double). KoiKuma would have been a sizable release, but for some reason that got delayed from its planned February release.

>> No.18817376

The Cowtits fandisc alone is better than anything Sekai has released in recent memory, and certainly far better translated.

At the very least Koikuma looks like it'd be a good fap, but, well, Sekai is taking forever in that department as well. It was slated for release in Feburary, for fuck's sake Sekai, will you ever be capable of sticking to your own release dates?

>> No.18817458

For what it is worth, Sekai added two secret projects to their tracker. The first is listed under the QA column and is listed as on track. The second has its own column and is listed as 100% translated, 99% edited, and waiting on a third party for engine work.

>> No.18817666

>SJ baits you with a threesome relationship the whole game, even getting sexually involved with both of them, and then forcing you to pick between one of them.
Uh no. You never choose. Even in the sex epilogues it doesn't imply that other partner was rejected.

>> No.18817693

yeah, they really weren't playing fair

>> No.18817952
File: 624 KB, 634x598, 1500600607153.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18817963

Wrong. The other girl leaves.

>> No.18818527

Eh, I'd call KF notable if because there's more or less an established fanbase in the West. Those people seem to like it for more than just the porn. Sono Hana also happens to be the most popular ongoing yuri VN series in the West, if only because of the sheer lack of competition. There's Flowers, but that's it.

In any case, there's Magical Marriage Lunatics in May, and that's a notable moege while the Fata Morgana fandisk could be considered notable by virtue of the original selling well on Steam.

I haven't been following them too closely, but I don't recall Sekai announcing anything notable for the next couple of months. Amusingly, some people have been trying to shill the otome game, so the female devs earn money. That's not a bad thing, but at least promote the positives of the game itself rather than just virtue signal.

>> No.18819640

From a Sol Press AMA earlier, seems they are looking to go after other VN genres under seperate brands.

>For Sol Press VNs, we're sticking to the stuff with NICE WHOLESOME ROMANCE.
>We have plans for imprints for other genres.

For Yotsunoha
>We are not currently planning a Kickstarter for Yotsunoha. However, we are planning to take pre-orders for a physical release as we get closer to its release.

>> No.18820195

Is Onikiss wholesome? From the 2 hours I've read so far, I would say so.

>> No.18820229

Calling it now, they'll do an otome/yaoi branch.

>> No.18822174

Wouldn't be a surprise at all if they jump into that market. VN wise Jast recently created Jast Blue for BL content, and you see some separate imprints as well (such as Viz's SuBLime) with the more traditional non-VN publishing that Sol Press wishes to be involved with as well.

I would expect them to have a separate brand if they ever go after nukige VNs, and then put more focus on storefronts like Nutaku/Fakku. Even just having R18 VNs and LNs under their same flagship brand is likely to be odd, however they probably see their target audience of both being similar and even with R18 patches the mainstream Steam looks to be their main distribution platform. All of that no longer applies if they were to pick up pure nukige though which would have a different audience and likely require separate distribution.

>> No.18822296

They put up AiDol and Neko-nin 2 as secret projects before SakuraCon/Anime Boston, so I wouldn't be surprised if they were announcements planned for Anime Central. The second one may be a more noteworthy title, just judging by the other titles that have their own category on the tracker.

>> No.18822583

Probably not this time around, as it is already released in Japan. The LoveKami spinoffs were release here well before the Japanese release so they could avoid the appearance of putting a censored title onto Steam while still selling an R18 title in Japan.

>> No.18822654

It wouldn't be the first title which goes from all-ages to 18+ (in general, not pultop).

>> No.18822800

I wonder how much it will take before the yuri/otome genre will be oversaturated release wise since every publisher is jumping in to milk them.

>> No.18823001

Hey MG, you forgot to encrypt the MML demo. What the fuck? I tried to bruteforce the encryption for hours without simply checking the files in notepad. You could have told me.

>> No.18823120

Did it always have a demo out or did you stalk them until you saw them upload the demo without even tweeting about it yet? That's one heck of a dedication.

>> No.18823160

I noticed that someone posted a screenshot from the demo.

>> No.18823163

Did they fix the names?

>> No.18823168

They sure didn't.

>> No.18823188

So can the MG android games be cracked? would be nice to have some on my tablet

>> No.18823412

I'm ok with more yuri, as long as it's good quality yuri. otome can go ahead and die off.

>> No.18823722

Signal boosting this


>> No.18823870


>> No.18824457

>The third was both demonizing and laughable as they claimed they would bar me from backing anything Sekai Project again if I got a refund.
10/10 support answer, would back again their kickstarter.

Seriously though, how can people still support this company, they are literally throwing shit at their faces and people are still backing their kickstarters after all these years.

>> No.18824640

People seem not to care about business decisions as long as they get what they want in any form at any point. And unfortunately it's too hard to raise awareness about these problems, or even get people to care about them.

>> No.18824677

Most of their customers are the Steamfags who only buy things that pop up there and don't know or care about SP's business practices though. The only hope is that their backers will wake up, but there are those that will instantly back if it's SP, so I doubt it.

>> No.18824682

I think the main problem is that the market is just too small in terms of companies. That and the slow stream of releases means that people don't have many options if they don't like one company (even if they are total scumbags and should go out of business).

>> No.18824736
File: 416 KB, 2086x1066, 1519276527370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That definitely contributes indeed. There's also the fact that Sekai Project just licenses as much as they can even if they don't have enough manpower to release most titles in over half a decade. They leave people without options, and it's not like they warrant a good translation either. Pic related, although slightly old.

>> No.18825102
File: 2.58 MB, 485x300, Sekai Project spots a nearly finished fan translation.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The 100% one is Clover Day's.
I'm DAMN sure of it. I'd bet my ass on it.

Well, it could also be Lover Able, or Majo Koi Nikki, or Nursery Rhyme too. But given the fact that Astro (translator) works for SP, it's pretty much obvious.

>> No.18825122

Astro is just the project lead, the dude who translated most of it isn't affiliated with Sekai.

but, in all likelyhood, yes, Clover Day's will be announced by them this summer. which probably means at least another year and half (or more) for it to actually be released by Sekai, which is just plain sad considering how long that VN has been in translation hell.

>> No.18825143

Those two titles are likely going to be Anime Central announcements since they were just added to the list this week and that will be their next convention. They very well could announce a full length title like that at Anime Central (and they are an industry partner of Anime Central this year), but it would depend on what they have set aside for AX.

>> No.18825461

I think the market is oversatured if anything. Not enough people pay for these games to support all of these companies and titles. It's why SP uses Kickstarters to trick people into committing money to their projects.

>> No.18825902
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BiMan is also a possibility. Haven't heard anything from the TL team in a while either.

>> No.18825947

That would be really funny because the translation is based on a machine translation from Portuguese.

>> No.18825956


>> No.18825958


>> No.18826083

There are a few blatant issues that prevent more companies from entering the market.
1. The niche reputation of VNs in general
2. VNs being just plain hard to translate, at least compared to more popular avenues like light novels
3. The difficulty of selling 18+ products in the West in general because of payment processor antics and Steam inconsistency

1 being an issue is more of a matter of time than anything. Even if the VN audience doesn't grow dramatically, the Anime/Manga/LN market being oversaturated in due time means that more companies will be willing to risk going into VNs.

2 can be bypassed by pissing off hardcore fans. I fear that it's prominent enough that more companies like Sakuragame will show up and survive on the profits of Chinese VN fans who just don't care at the expense of the rest of the potential audience.

3 is probably the biggest issue that prevents supply from ever quite meeting demand in the 18+ industry, and it's not really an issue that can ever be solved.

That sounds a bit off. The Sekai KS wouldn't succeed in the first place without a market filled with people willing to risk their money.

>> No.18826168
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SP just added yet another secret project to Upcoming Releases.
Now I legit wonder what those are.

>> No.18826213

Huh, this thread actually lasted until Sunday.

>> No.18826379

I'm sure everyone who does panels have a bunch of announcements planned with Anime Central, AX, and Otakon upcoming.

>> No.18826855

New thread with this week's status

>> No.18830103

How do I hack a VN so I can translate it?

>> No.18834384

Ask in >>>/g/

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