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Since the old one is on auto-sage...

From Moogy:


tl;dr: http://www.tsukuru.info/%5bTLWiki%5d_Saya_no_Uta_English_Localization_v0.9.zip


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From all the VNs I have played this was the best.

Thanks you translators

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Proof that apocalyptic tentacle monsters are capable of love.

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It was good, for the translated Nittroplus VN I still prefer Phantom of Inferno but it really was much better than Chaos;Head.

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>I still prefer Phantom of Inferno


>but it really was much better than Chaos;Head

Anything is better than Chaos;Head. Shitty visual novel is shitty.

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I really wish more VNs would take the 'short and sweet' route like Planetarian or Saya no Uta instead of the 'many hours of drudgery for a few hours of decent' route.

Longer is not better for fuck's sake.

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SnU is god tier.

Finally a decent visual novel after Chaos;Head.

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Why she is such a spoiled sex fiend?

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I enjoy both long and short, the execution is the most important thing.
Some stories need to be properly developed, others get away with a faster delivery, there's no special formula to create a masterpiece though.

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>decent visual novel


Choose one.

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Well I liked Chaos;Head a lot

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Well then, you're a faggot

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Too bad for you.

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I must kill the demons!

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Chaos;Head is more 5pb than Nitroplus anyway.

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I was waiting for this ever since it was out.

Any VN worth waiting?

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god this is actually giving me the creeps while reading, awesome

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No, anonymous, that is your faithful wife and adorable daughter.

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Well then you're a nigger

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Well Phantom of Inferno, Saya and the still untranslated Hello, World are pretty much always considered as the trinity of awesome for Nitro+.
They are at the top of their genres, comparing one against the other is meaningless.

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fuck off, chaos;head trolls

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Does anyone from translation team read 4chan?

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Why is Nitro+ so god tier?

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These are good but not worthy of the top in my opinion.

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I think Sumaga might be at the top, not Gekkou though.

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Sumaga is, Japan agreed - don't bother them

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But I like maids! Well except maybe the shitty maids from Tsukihime

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they both suck, give up fanboys

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shut up, faggot.

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Easy to say when you pirate stuff, but the buying crowd probably wants their "money's worth" as far as playing time goes.

At least I think so. I don't buy VNs either.

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But there was not one single powerlevel argument

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No, they are both very well made and beautiful games.

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There was ton of this shit in previous thread.

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Yeah but the fanboys won't agree with you.

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I like Perlas and super ultra mega chickens look
Duuno if the plot is any good

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The closest the previous thread came to powerlevel discussion was "are axes better weapons than pipes" and that was only two or three posts.

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type-moon fanboys in the thread -> powerlevels.

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God damn this is the best VN ever. Main character eating one of his best friends while being completely oblivious was hilarious

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Oh god Saya is moe

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Awesome novel. Truly unique and amazing experience.

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/jp/ should learn to relax...
Nitro+ most works are unknown here, it's obvious people would like to know more about them, in accordance to stuff they have read.

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No, this is exactly it. You'll often see people complaining about games because they're not long enough even though they're perfectly fine as is. People just like to complain, I'm complaining right now!

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Fuck yeah.

I hope SnU will wash away the typemoon faggotry and the VN noobs from this board.

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Sadly, SnU, as awesome as it is, is a 10 hour story with no FANWORK generated.

And it's a pretty straighforward story.

Small span and straight facts, and not even retards will have questions unanswered.

And in fact, it may attract 'even' more noobs.

The cancer is the userbase that is consistently here, not a couple VNs or games.

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Having read this as a prolonged novel from Orochi's translations way back, I am really left satisfied. The wait was entirely worth it. It's a simple and short piece, but written so disturbingly and strikingly well; it'll be hard to swallow another visual novel the same way.

I had no intention of bringing out powerlevels after mentioning that fight. You can blame Croatia for pulling out the damage counts.

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I asked in the last thread, but didn't get an answer. Are rest of the Nitro+ games similar to this? Since honestly, Saya is one of the most incredible VNs I've read.

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butthurt nitro+ fanboy is butthurt. have you even played those games instead of just looking at how pretty they are and call them masterpieces?

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No. OK maybe Demonbane if you like Lovecraft on steroids and silliness.

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Your entire post can be summarized as DURR HURR DERP.

You can blame Croatia for about everything.

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Saya no Uta, not so good.

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I'm not the person you originally replied to, but I've played parts of those two that are already translated, and can say that they're both very good.
Have you played them so you can say that they suck?

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From what I've heard, they're similar in a sense that they follow the 'end of the world' themes mostly. How well they're done is another story I think.

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Yes. In b4 why did you play them if they suck, once I start something I have to complete it, call it obsessive-compulsive or something.

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stupid Type-Moon fanboy is stupid

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keep deluding yourself in thinking I even touched that shit with a 9-foot long pole.

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Then Key.

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The only reason Saya is good is thanks to Urubouchi, not because it's from one genre in particular.
Just that he is a damn good writer.
He also wrote Phantom of Inferno (already translated), Kikokugai (short eroge about a guy who want to avenge his sister, very action heavy) and Tre Donne Crudeli (Western eroge, really doesn't take itself seriously though).

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better than any shit type moon ever did

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as astounding as it may sound you don't have to be a fanboy of a particular group to think something else is shit. Try again.

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And then /jp/ was /v/.

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which is a bad thing?
Sorry I never visited /v/

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I think both Saya no Uta and Tsukihime are very good.

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You Nitro+ faggots are worse than TM fags... seriously. You like your shit, they like their shit. End of story.

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>which is a bad thing?


>> No.1877505

You're a little late there. Where have you been?

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Saya no Uta is overrated just another generic Beauty is in the eye of the beholder plot with cliched characters.

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Don't involve us in your shitstorm, faggot.

Take responsibility for what you started.

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I prefer to hold on to the delusion that /jp/ isn't as bad as neo/a/ or /v/.

Don't crush my dream.

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Sorry to break it to you but /jp/ is 4chan-in-one-board

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so much butthurt in one thread, Saya is a mediocre VN, stop acting like it is the greatest thing ever made by Japan.

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I'm neither a Nitro+ fanboy nor a TypeMoon fanboy. In fact, I have no opinions conerning either, and yet I liked SnU more than Tsukihime. You know why? Because Tsukihime was so generic and boring that it wasn't even worth playing through, while SnU stood out and managed to keep itself short and sweet, instead of being unnecessairly long.

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hahahaha you wish faggot. SnU is god tier.

/jp/ agreed, don't bother.

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Nitro+ > Key > a turd >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Type Moon

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>/jp/ agreed, don't bother.

by /jp/ you mean one person right?

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/jp/ is you and one other poster.

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I really wish people would stop using this.

It's fine if you thought it was boring and maybe a bit bland, but please try to use something other than 'generic'.

>> No.1877556

I thought it was pretty good.

Keep it short. Keep it sweet.

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O wow mods are banning everybody who posts anything bad about Saya

>> No.1877562

Trolls deleting their own posts to stir up more trouble.

>> No.1877564

a) Mod thought it was a bad troll
b) Guy changed his mind.

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Okay. The characters were boring and stereotypical, and not very unique in any way. They were like copy+paste archetypes, and that's why Tsukihime was no good.


>> No.1877568


/jp/ can't agree on anything and even if it did, it would mean peanuts.

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nope mods are swinging the ban hammer, I just got banned 2 minutes ago

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Yay, peanuts for everyone! What a feast.

>> No.1877574


It certainly feels better and I appreciate your effort but

>Tsukihime was no good

It would have been better if you just said that you didn't like it, which is perfectly fine and dandy.

>> No.1877577

lol butthurt modfag detected

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I'm allergic to peanuts

>> No.1877581

lol you guys trying to underrate Saya no Uta now?

Fuck off trolls, this is possibly the best visual novel that ever came from Japan and what's more, it's made by Nitroplus which is the best visual novel/eroge/BL sofhouse in Japan.

No need to get so butthurt because there aren't five FSN threads in the front page right now, enjoy some truly epic visual novel once in a while.

>> No.1877586


Okay, I don't like it and it's my opinion that it's no good.

Now, back to the topic... I, for one, liked every ending in SnU.

>> No.1877591

its really not, go read any book with short sci fi/ horror stories, this shit has been done before over and over again. For a first timer you might get cheap trills but thats about it.

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this thread is disgusting. even more than saya itself

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>> No.1877604


I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've been meaning to wait until it's been translated, personally.

>> No.1877608

People, what about stopping this shitty tier talk and discuss Saya instead?

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Aah~ I feel sorry for poor moeblob right now.
You guys are as ruthless with each other's opinions as usual.

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And people accuse Type-Moon fags of being over dramatic.

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>> No.1877623


Ren, unless you played SnU and feel like discussing it, get out. You're only making things worse.

>> No.1877627


I don't know, I kind of like how puts things into perspective.

>> No.1877628

Which is why you have been trolling this thread for a while now, amirite?

>> No.1877631

I read a synopsis of this once. It made me think of The Rats in the Walls.

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stop trolling!

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Yea, well, you can't expect the japanese to actually do anything original.

>> No.1877656

Saya is such a slut. She stole Yoh's virginity. It's like FSN and Sakura all over again.

>> No.1877660

Yeah first time i've seen anyone STEAL someones himen.

>> No.1877661

as if you'd like it

>> No.1877664

I just finished the last ending to the game.

And I'm actually fucking crying. It's so fucking beautiful.

Best VN ever.

>> No.1877666


Well it is heavily Lovecraft influenced...

>> No.1877673

Just got the asylum ending. How much longer are the others?

>> No.1877678

asylum ending cuts out like half the vidya

>> No.1877680

ITT - Overrated shit

>> No.1877682

Good to know

>> No.1877684

ITP unfunny troll

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>> No.1877709

Go away.

>> No.1877711

You go away.

>> No.1877714


You go away. You're making the TypeMoon fanbase look bad, and you're shitting up the thread.

>> No.1877716

oh, attention trolls talkative today

>> No.1877719

Someone rip me the portraits, please god.

>> No.1877721

>TypeMoon fanbase
>look bad

That's just natural.

>> No.1877725

DOn't feed the trolls. Move along people.

>> No.1877726

I'm not posting about Type-Moon shit. I never claimed to be beholden to it. I post with a tripcode - that's it.

The only ones making Type-Moon look bad are the ones who can't seem to shut up about it. Including you.

>> No.1877730


At least he isn't the one making everything look bad.

>> No.1877735

This VN is fucking epic.

No, it's not a hype. It's really awesome.

Stop being fucking obnoxious and go play this, if you don't enjoy you can replay FSN afterwards.

>> No.1877738


This was unnecessary.

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Why would I need to make everyone else look bad when they're doing a bang up job of making themselves look like retards already?

Saya no Uta is a bit short, but is a good game. That's the simple of it.

>> No.1877756

stop attention whoring please

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There's no point getting frustrated over the threads direction. You've savored it and enjoyed it, that should be fine enough, right?

These type-moon trolls are just bored. They haven't had a good read that latches on with their tastes for quite a while. They need an outlet. They're just more vocal about it right now because they realized it was superior.

>> No.1877799

>type-moon trolls
again, why do retards keep being associated with type-moon? I won't deny the majority of them are retards, but it's not entirely their fault /jp/ is shit.

>> No.1877809

anyone who keep this topic here is obvious troll.

>> No.1877866

Woah, waiting 2 years for the translation.
This was fucking awesome and worth the wait... Now about Shuffle!...

>> No.1877881


You jackass. You aren't making things any better. You're just as bad as they are. Get bent, will ya?

>> No.1877889

I want Gekkou No Carnevale to be translated next.

>> No.1877895

Yeah, that would be nice.

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>> No.1877901

Probably too much to ask for at this point in time.

Also, mirrormoon was full of shit about this game being difficult to translate, Moogy breezed through it in no time.

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>> No.1877918

There's a project for it in TLWiki, but it seems that translator diseappeared. And it was progressing so smoothly too.

>> No.1877922

The only difficult part was the garbled speech. That's it.

>> No.1877924


I can't understand a word you're saying what with his penis in your mouth.

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>> No.1877935

I'm sorry, did I offend you by insulting mirrormoon?

I was just glad to see someone who could get shit done, faggot.

>> No.1877939


Hardly, I just find your cockgobbling distasteful.

>> No.1877943



>> No.1877946

Which lasted for about 30 lines.

>> No.1877948

Don't know if following any of your comments. I can't determine your position.

And stop trolling yourselves.

>> No.1877951

>but it seems that translator diseappeared


>> No.1877962

Don't cry, Iris. I'm sure Rebecca will give you some 'special' time.

>> No.1877985

Saya dies in the 3rd end when she blooms, right?
Fuck, that's sad.

>> No.1877996

Will this group do anything else?

>> No.1878000

Yeah, at least tell us if you are going to translate anything else

>> No.1878008

The translator is working on Demonbane.

>> No.1878011

I think the translator took break from Demonbane to do this, so I guess he'll be getting back to it now? He was going through it like Speedy Gonzales too.
Hopefully he does Gekkou next.

>> No.1878018

i really wonder. Theres no sign that she's clearly gone, or opposite. Only said that this was "final" present. Who knows what she mean by final

>> No.1878023

Makoto is now gonna finish up Demonbane Al route, and then probably tackle Kikokugai. He doesn't really want to do any long projects other than Demonbane, but he'll finish the other two routes of that as well.

>> No.1878031

naw, her body regens like crazy. She just needs some water to undo the withering.

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I'll just leave this here.

>> No.1878045


What about Kusarihime Euthanasia? Will he try that one, too?

>> No.1878069

Oh well. Do you know anything about what's going on with Gekkou no Carnevale?

>> No.1878071


I don't know of any plans to translate this game, by Makoto or anyone else. Sorry, anon.

But this is a thread about Saya, so let's not discuss Liar-soft, shall we?

>> No.1878079


Hmm. Okay then. When should you have the final version of Saya ready?

>> No.1878081
File: 57 KB, 600x500, 1231277308826.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1878087

Probably when the rest of that all alone stuff is released. Splitting the script files, in particular, will probably be fairly tedious, so I don't really want to bother with it right now.

>> No.1878105

It was Makoto, actually.


It's Liar-Soft, so enjoy your difficult-as-fuck-to-hack game.

>> No.1878134

I stand corrected.

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How about some discussion of the actual VN for a bit.

Having just finished all the three endings, I'm kind of divided in my opinions. I had literally waited for this game for years, ever since I first heard the concept. And now I don't quite know what to think.

Because, something in this game makes me a bit ashamed for liking it. There's two scenes in particular (if you read it, you know which ones) which almost made me quit. As if that was possible at that point anymore. I was captivated. It makes me think, could it have used a bit of subtlety. Well, perhaps I'm a pussy, but anyway.

Disregarding the disturbing content, I have to admit it. Of all the VNs I have read, Saya's Song is by far the best-written and tightest. After discussing here in the threads about previous VNs I have read, I've always complained about shoddy writing, overly long exposition, bad characters, bad pacing, etc.

But now, I can't do that. SnU just is not badly written. It's captivating, thorough, well crafted... this is a damned page-turner that brings up the best in light, modern fiction and old pulp stories in one neat package.

I'm very impressed.

>> No.1878141

>There's two scenes in particular(if you read it, you know which ones)
I have no idea.

>> No.1878145


>> No.1878146


>It's Liar-Soft, so enjoy your awesome game you wouldn't want to hack.


>> No.1878149

I think one of them may have been the Yoh transformation and rape.

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>> No.1878171


Very much that.

I actually disliked the H content altogether. I always find it such a distraction, out-of-place amidst the other narrative. Honestly, do the writers expect us to whip it out, start jacking off and then get back to reading? Who the heck whacks to shit like this anyway.

I know it's used to some plot elements in this VN, but as said, I really hoped it had been more subtle.

There must be someone who agrees?

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And, now, for something completely different

>> No.1878180

>Honestly, do the writers expect us to whip it out, start jacking off and then get back to reading?

You didn't?

>> No.1878181

>>Also, mirrormoon was full of shit about this game being difficult to translate, Moogy breezed through it in no time.

If by that you mean Makoto breezed through it in no time, then yes.

>> No.1878188

i actually fapped and laughed a lot at this one.
Only i think of Saya, not as of tentacle monster, but a wonderful, kind and beautiful soul(?) of girl? Im really moved by her, never before i found a character so honored and lovely.
And dont tell me "lol she's not real" ;_;

>> No.1878194

I get what you mean, it seems out of place with a lot of VNs. I just tend to skim through those kind of scenes. I would have preferred for the relationship that Fuminori had with Saya to be a lot more innocent, but whatever.

H content sells.

Look at >>1878134

>> No.1878197

> You didn't?

Heck no.

Did you?

>> No.1878219

Heck yes. Especially the rape scenes.

>> No.1878229

ITT why we can't have nice things.

>> No.1878231

I was playing this without pants so it wasn't a problem.

>> No.1878256

I usually dislike H content in any novels I read, but in this I wasn't bothered by it that much. I mean, sure, I see your point, but here the porn is supposed to show you the level of intimacy between Fuminori and Saya. There's even a cg with them cuddling together after sex, and the scenes aren't mind-numbingly long with protracted screaming. Just one or two lines and it's over. Those two things made me appreciate the ero content as tasteful and actually good for the understanding of the relationship between the two main characters rather than LOLPORNFEST

>> No.1878272


This. Eroscenes I just generally skim through because I find them boring, but I actually thought they worked here.

Also, its kinda refreshing to read something that takes place primarily from the perspective of the 'villians'.

>> No.1878301

>>1878256 and the scenes aren't mind-numbingly long with protracted screaming

This is a very good point.

I'll have to be honest and say that I actually liked the second porn scene and the discussion on it in the VN, and how it was actually relevant to the plot. And yes, this was partly due to there actually being a 'cuddling cg'. It was really sweet.

But the damn rape scenes. I didn't want to see those. Fucking hell.

>> No.1878312

>from the perspective of the 'villians'.
Now that you bring it up, I must say I really enjoyed the changing perspective between the two main parties.

Nothing will ever be without flaws in that regard, unfortunately. You could always censor it but it wouldn't really be cohesive if you did.

>> No.1878335 [SPOILER] 
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At that point I screamed "Arcueid, nooooo!"

but then happy end...
or something

>> No.1878356


>> No.1878386

okay that picture's convinced me to delete this game without having played it

>> No.1878400

relax, thats not huge spoiler

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Excellent game, though Fuminori should have got a better weapon.

>> No.1878415


>> No.1878423


You have to admit, the axe does look pretty bad ass in Fuminori's messed up vision.

>> No.1878434
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Yeah,Fuminori could've used a better Bankai. An axe? Fuck that shit,Ichigo has beams,speed and other shit. But Fuminori gets an AXE?! What kind of shit is this Tite?

>> No.1878439
File: 106 KB, 554x439, 1231281798749.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Oh, well...

>> No.1878440

A better weapon? It's the goddamn Soul Edge, he doesn't need a better weapon.

>> No.1878443

Silent Sorrow = best song

>> No.1878450

so, wheres my translation of the two ED songs?

>> No.1878452
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> but then happy end...
> or something

Hm. Perhaps the 'true end' is kind of hopeful. The writings of the deceased professor dictate that Saya had absorbed a lot of human culture whencefrom she had created her own view of romance. After infecting the whole human population, one would assume that these infected beings would come to carry traces of her worldview, or as the professor suggests, absorb the whole human culture and knowledge anyway. Which would mean that nothing was really lost, the human race would just have transcended into something else - not unlike a technological singularity.

As for Saya dying or not. I believe it's a given, considering the tone she speaks in at the end. But she also said that there would be a time where she and Fuminori would be together forever. I won't overanalyze on that, though.

It's still quite something to have the reader feel awe looking at disfigured lumps of flesh covering the city in the end. Saya no Uta basically has you rooting for the monsters from every bio-alien invasion movie ever, wherein they turn to the heroes and say "Let it go, after you join us, everything will be better.", of course the heroes never do.

But for me, the ending still was hopeful. And in a way, also really beautiful. And a bit moving.

>> No.1878453
File: 142 KB, 600x700, 1231281950873.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck yes this is the greatest day ever.

>> No.1878475
File: 82 KB, 806x625, 1231282376464.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doing the staff comments would be too much

but I bet theres more info on what happens after

>> No.1878501

Just about to get started on this. How many endings are there?

>> No.1878512


Three. No complicated decision trees either, so you can get them all easily in a single sitting.

>> No.1878521

so, one thing I have to ask
who was Saya's "papa"?

>> No.1878524

Thanks. Out of curiosity: how many happy/average/sad/open endings? (without telling me which is which, preferably)

>> No.1878528


>> No.1878530

click the top choice and then load it back up and try the second one. This way you'll get all the endings in order.

>> No.1878535

Japanese bio weapon laboratory #21

>> No.1878559


Sad, sad, sad with a glimmer of hope.

>> No.1878560
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>> No.1878567


Actually, wouldn't picking the top first, then reloading and picking the bottom, and at the second point picking the bottom first work better?

>> No.1878715

Yes it would

>> No.1878723

So 1, then 2-2, then 2-1? Thanks, I like to go through VN's in the somewhat proper order.

>> No.1878985

I loved this. Like a small child ;_;

>> No.1878996

Reading it right now. It's...different. I'm at the point where his friend's tailing him to the house. He just went in and looked at 3 books, found a flashlight and noticed the slime.

>> No.1879005

Pick 1st faggot

>> No.1879015 [SPOILER] 
File: 65 KB, 800x600, asdf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1879097

fuck yeah fuminori

>> No.1879135
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Just read the part where the guy next door just raped Saya. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

>> No.1879149 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.1879732

Just finished it. Fucking captivating all the way through (I wouldn't say really moving, though), definitely one of the best translated VNs out there.

>> No.1880094

Ditto and agreed. I wish they (part of) the ending was shown from Fukamori's perspective though.

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