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Your thoughts on biggers 2hus?

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I hate biggers

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They belong in the trash.
Along with the rest of the chubby chasers.

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I love em!

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Absolutely disgusting
this bro gets it

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Canon fatso

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not at all.

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Holy fuck my dick

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Why is she so big and fat?

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She is just plump anon, and maybe she ate too much mushrooms

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more like obese

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She eats, Anon. It’s what she do.

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berry good

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i am so FUCKING SICK of these janny babysat /e/ threads

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Why the fuck those pigs suddenly appearing here. Take this unhealthy shit to Pacho threads.

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Someone please post some thick Two Stones Mommy Zho.

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Marisa is cute.

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That's cute but it's not big at all.

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Sauce on the artist?
Already tried saucenao, iqdb, google and holding down shift

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That's not fat at all lol.

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*boobhu threads

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Homer! Stop eating yourself!

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I support the fattening of all Youkai and their supporters. The bigger they are, the harder it is for them to devour innocent humans.

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Making a 2hu fat makes them look like shit except for mamizou.

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Made to bite and grope

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I want to fondle the big bellies of all fathus!

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I wash mahself with a rag on a stick

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wich 2hu woudl you fatten?

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Sakuya, Alice, Marisa, Yukari, Byakuren, Kanako, Sanae, Reimu, Patchy, Yuuka, just off the top of my head. Not to obese levels but definitely somewhere along the lines of >>18763898
or >>18760365

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Very good taste

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Danke you, what about yourself?

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Manipulating the border of diabetus!

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Not him, but anyone that appreciates a nice Fatchy is someone I very much resonate with

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Tubby Yukari is perfect.

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Patcho must be the absolute nr.1, she's the best Fatcho after all.
Yukarin too, even though I like all kinds of Yukaris, a fat one with nice big belly would be quite sweet.
I think Ran would make a nice fat fox too, since I already love big Ran in general.
And the same applies to the rest of the older touhous I suppose, so Byakure and Kanako as you said and then Keine too for sure, Seiga as well.
And I gotta mention Momiji but thats mostly thanks to the artist who always draws her so deliciously thick.

Other than that I 100% agree with your list.
But seriously, it would be easier to find 2hus which I wouldn't want to be fat than the other way around. It just would fit greatly to so many of them.

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Agreed Fatchouli is the canon and best plumphu

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Stuffing Patchy full of sweets until she can hardly breathe!

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Looking for the source on this one.
It's pretty good

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Meaty, plump, healthy: very ok
Obese blob: not ok

Kill all obese lovers.

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All Touhou's are just plump and cute

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Man, the things I'd do to a Patcho that size.

With a gut like that, you know she's gradually stretched out her stomach to the point where a would-be filling dessert becomes a mere snack. You'd need a truly obnoxious amount of food to get her nice and stuffed. I'm talking about full-on entire cake, washed down with a half-dozen milkshakes. Woe is you, right?

That said, your chubby-chasing ass is gonna be the one preparing and hand-feeding all of it to her, bite by bite. See, Patch's steadily growing waistline really keeps her from moving around much. What, with that bulbous mound constantly leaning her forward as it seeps down to her gratuitously bloated thighs. The end result of her limited mobility is a deliciously ironic vicious cycle of idleness.

Oh, you thought Patchouli was already a shut-in no-lifer? She'd be a borderline hikikomori with an extra few dozen (perhaps hundred if you like em *really* big?) pounds added to her belly and already-plump thighs. Yeah, she'd probably be a little reluctant to let you have your "way" with her, but many a night out to dinner together would change her mind in your favor. That, and with Koakuma now handling all of the librarian's duties.

Nonetheless, it'd all be worth it just to see just how much Patch could eat this time before her belly could handle no more, the tightly held together skin bulging outward up into the air as she slumps backward on her chair, legs spread apart to make room. That's entirely your doing. Under normal circumstances, she'd be hard pressed to eat herself into such a state... but a little motivation from a third party never hurt anyone. Right?

In her lethargy, she'd signal you to get closer. Not speaking directly, of course- instead curling her index finger in a "come here" motion. Talking went out the window in favor of warm panting and wheezing about 2 or 3 milkshakes ago. Hardly surprising, given her asthma. I suppose being filled to the brim with your labor-of-love had something to do with that, too. Your eagerly-caressing hand would start drifting down her abdomen, Patchouli's cheeks blushing a flustered pink as you began to grasp a certain "special spot" on her body. Although, I'm unsure if I can go into such detail on a blue board.

I'm sweating just thinking about it.