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would you let a vampire suck you drYyYyYyY?

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i dont want to die but if its Remi then I guess its okey...

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Only if she would let me rub her smelly feet afterwards which have been unwashed since 1495.


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Do not die die the remi.

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No. They can have my blood after im dead. Shouldn't be that long for a vampire.

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Maybe if she sucks from my dick... if you know what I mean.

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Yes, until the last drop of blood and semen

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Only that vampire. Not her sister and not any other hypothetical choices.

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Mr. Satan, get off of /jp/ and back to the movie studio!

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I'll kick your ass from the depths of Makai to the damned Lunar Capital.
Begone footfag.

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Idk how touhou vampires work but in some theories if a vampire sucks you dry instead of keeping you as a blood cattle, you become a vampire too. If thats the case it is a pretty good deal. Or if i can drink hourai elixir before hand and then give my CUTE MISTRESS all my blood.

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why is feetish so bullied?


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my dick? yeah
my blood? maybe

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stfu racist anti footist

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wrong post friend?

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everyone always bullies the feetish

surely remilia would like to have feet rubs

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Those... wing arms...

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She sucked too much blood

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Ah, so that's what fat wings would look like.

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Lick between the toes for MAXIMUM FLAVOR.

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remilia's feet are smelly though

It might melt all your skin off uwu

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What's a life without a little risk-taking?

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b-but its dangerous stink.

Imagine if remilia soaked her feet in a lake or river. It would probably turn all the water a smelly green and kill all the fish inside (´・ω・`)

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That just make it better.

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>wanting to drink the smelly polluted waters that remilia soaked her feet in

wew lewd (´・ω・`)

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Do not fry fry the Remi.

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flan is bully

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how do i get a flan to bite me pls

I want to be with her forever so she can bully me with her feet uwu

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Well the first step is to kill yourself.

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can I do it by sniffing flan's feet at least?
They must have a really deadly smell after 500 years of no washing (´・ω・`)

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Because its shit.

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Ill be fine with burning you at a stake with Frandle watching

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but nothing.
Its shit.

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w-what did I do



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remi a shit

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Only my penis

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Could you be more obnoxious

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im sorry flan

Don't hurt pls (´;ω;`)

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do you like the smell of your own foot odor?

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Even if you spam your fetish everywhere,you are very nice and friendly so i don't hate you