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Visual Novel translation status

Aheahe Moon - 100% translated, patch should be released "within a month or two"
>Aiyoku No Eustia - 37.58% Translated, 24.78% edited
Amagami - "Script translation done. 611/2308 original edition scenario scripts edited (26.5%)"
Clover Day's - 100% translated, editing + TLC still to go
Chaos;Head Noah - Fan translation ongoing
Daitoshokan - 100% translated and edited, images, engine work and QC remain
Dragon Knight 4 - Being translated
Fate/Extra CCC - 17% translated
Gakuen Heaven 2 - Demo released
HaraChuchu - Kukuri + Mei routes patch released
Heart no Kuni no Alice - 99% translated, 4th partial patch released
Hoka no Onna - 100% translated, looking to go official
Junketsu Megami-Sama - partial patch released
Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to - 8% (2443/28887) lines translated
Koiken Otome Revive - 13% (3528/27095) lines translated
>KonoSora - Redone translation patch released
Lovely x Cation 2 - Common route translated, majority of Hime's route translated
>Lover Able - 100% translated, 35.48% edited
Maji Koi A-3 - 32/95 scripts translated
Majo Koi Nikki - Through TLC + Editing, QC remains, prologue patch released
Mahou Tsukai no Yoru - 3 semi-active projects, one project released ch 1-7
Monster girl quest paradox - Part 1 patch released
>Musumaker - 50.2% translated
Nanatsuiro Drops - Partial patch with episodes 1 and 2 released
Nursery Rhyme - 100% translated, technical issues resolved, being edited now
>Oreimo Tsuzuku - All scripts through TLC+Editing, 253/268 scripts finalized
>Pure Pure - 66.35% translated
Sayonara wo Oshiete - 116405/257436 (45.2%) characters translated
>Shin Koihime Musou - 93% (100883/108888) translated, 23% (25560/108888) edited
Tsui Yuri - 30% (2687/5872) QC
>Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road - Released
Tsuriotsu - 7637/31643 (24.1%) lines translated, 4080/31643 (12.9%) lines edited
Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete - 34% (11889/35476) lines translated
Watashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu - 12% (266/2265) lines translated
Witch's Garden - 41% (22230/53677) lines translated
>Yosuga no Sora - Translation status is Common route 100%, Sora route 100%, Nao 100%, Kazuha 100%, Akira 89.88%, Motoka 50.90%, Common and Kazuha fully edited

Official work

Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden - March 29th release
Supipara ch 2 - April 12th release
Koropokkur - Kickstarter started, September release
Kuroinu - Chapter 3 in testing
>Higurashi Hou - chapter 5 released. Chapter 6 in Beta, chapters 7-8 through TLC+Editing, answer arcs to be released within a year and Rei arcs started
Bokuten - Port in progress
SukiSuki - In Beta
>Fata morgana fan disc - Nearly finished testing
>Maggot Baits - 75% translated, 34% edited
Hapymaher - In testing
Hadaka Shitsuji fandisc - Picked up
>Shiei no Sona-Nyl - 36% translated
>Hashihime - 100% translated and edited
>Trinoline - 88% translated, 53% edited
Evenicle - In testing
Magical Marriage Lunatics - In testing
Damekoi - "Beta testing complete, in scripting"
Room No.9 - Picked up
>Sengoku Rance - 100% translated and 80% edited
>Rance Quest - 80% translated, 67% edited
Sweet Switch - Testing complete
Bitter Exclusion - 100% translated and edited
Overdrive's Final title - English release planned
>3 announcements, 1 from a new partner, scheduled for Anime Boston

Sweet Home - May 1st release
Princess X fandisc - Picked up
Flowers - Volume 2 Winter release, 100% translated
Katahane - Fully translated, in editing + QC, Early 2018 release
Majikoi - 2018 release
Trample on Schatten- 2018 release, Translation 100%, in editing, porting complete
Django - Waiting on translation.
Sumaga- Fully translated, 70% edited
Machine Child - Announced
Sweet Pool - Picked up

Degica or IXTL
Muv Luv Alternative - Released, R18 patch still to come
Muv-Luv Photonflowers - Translation started
Muv-Luv Photonmelodies - To follow Photonflowers
Schwarzesmarken - Through Greenlight
Kiminozo - Picked up

Code: Realize fandisc - March 30th release
Kokuchou no Psychedelica - April 20th release
7'scarlet - May 18th release
>Haitaka no Psychedelica - June release

Spike Chunsoft
>428: Shibuya Scramble - Summer release
>Steins;Gate Elite - 2018 release
>Robotic;Notes - Picked up

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>Fatal Twelve - March 30th release
Koikuma - Needs testing, Waiting on a third party
2236 A.D. - English version released by the Japanese developer, Sekai release in QA
>The Bell Chimes For Gold - Through QA
>Dracu-Riot - Through 1st round of QA, fixes from QA next before more QA
>Maitetsu - In QA, waiting on a third party
Nanairo Reincarnation - 100% translated, waiting on a third party for engine work
Baldr Sky - 50% translated, Combined release of Dive 1 + Dive 2 in mid 2018
Ley-Line: Daybreak of Remnants Shadow - 100% translated
Ley-Line: Flowers Falling in the Morning Mist - 50% translated
Riajuu Plus - Release "within a couple months"
>Hoshizora no Memoria Eternal Heart - 33% translated
Miko no Kanata - Picked up
Memory's Dogma - Code:01 Released, 02 onwards upcoming
Tenshin Ranman - QA and engine work next
Fault - Silence the Pedant - Demo released
Fault Milestone 2 - Side Above released, GE still to come
>CyberRebeat - QA done, need fixes
G-senjou no Maou - Denpa version announced
Nekopara Vol 4 - Announced
Rewrite+ - Picked up
NarKarma EngineA - Announced
Senren * Banka - Picked up
Ninja Girl - Announced
Island Diary - Announced
Love Duction - 75% translated
Koi ni, Kanmi o Soete - Picked up
Subete no Koi ni, Hanabata o. - Picked up

Sharin no Kuni - April release, Scripting, debugging, and QA remain
Momoiro Closet - Kickstarter started, demo released, April 27th release
Island - 100% translated, 40-50% edited, 2018 release
2 upcoming secret announcements

Seven Days - Picked up
Chuusotsu! 1st graduation - Kickstarter finished, demo released, March 2018 release

Sol Press
Sakura Sakura - March release, demo released, Script 100% translated, image translation ongoing, Beta to be released to backers shortly,.
Newton to Ringo no Ki - common route, 1st, 2nd route and 3rd route, and 3% of 4th route translated, 91% of common route, 100% of 1st route and 2nd route, and 23% of 3rd route edited, demo released

Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ - March 30th release
Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ Mini Fandisc - Picked up
>Hello,good-bye - 25% translated, 2018 release, Summer 2018 release
>Sanoba Witch - 30% translated, 10% edited, Fall 2018 release
Melty Moment - Aiming for a release next Winter
Suki to Suki to de Sankaku Ren'ai - Early 2019 release

Cherry Kiss
Tsundere Idol - 20% translated, Kickstarter succeeded
Harem Guild - April release

>Cross Channel - March 26th release
Tayutama 2 - Q1 2018 release, delayed to revise scripts, R18 patch planned but may not be ready at launch
Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms - Spring 2018 release
Hemoimo - Dropped by SakuraGame and no longer being released on Steam, upcoming Fakku release planned within the next couple months
Magical Charming - Release planned
Song of Memories - 2018 release
Neighbor - 2018 release, Kickstarter started
Angel Beats - 50% translated
Love Sweets - Picked up
Noratoto - Picked up
Himawari to Koi no Kioku - On Steam Greenlight
Harumade, Kururu - Seems to have an English release planned
Monmusu - 2018 release
Taisho Alice - Volume 1 released
Lucky Dog - Possible iOS released based on the ongoing text only fanTL
>Stuff like this has been either added or updated since the last thread

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>The Bell Chimes For Gold - Through QA
What's QA?

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So are the survey results just not happening at this point

>> No.18685815

MGs twitter said that they'll happen (soon) and that they're just busy IIRC. Not like the results of the survey will impact anything coming out this year.

>> No.18685944


Haro is probably working on the Kickstarter too.

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>>Cross Channel - March 26th release
Say it ain't so.

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>Hoshizora no Memoria Eternal Heart - 33% translated
Oh boy here we go

>Sakura Sakura - March release
Okay I believe you

>Cross Channel - March 26th release
I'm ending it lads

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How long until Evenicle comes out. Shit's been in testing for fucking ever.

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Probably end of April, preorder up after KF Gaiden is released.

>> No.18686489

I think there are some titles that need to come out before that one

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Yo, some /vn/ anon seems to be translating Tsujidou FD.


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Knowing how shit nip programming is, there must be a thousand bugs that need to be patched first. Especially for that kind of game. RPG's always seem to be bug-ridden, and require massive amounts of testing.

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>3 announcements, 1 from a new partner, scheduled for Anime Boston

Huh, what could it be

From what I heard, this is basically true, JP programming is atrocious due to a bunch of reasons. Its standard practice for university students to study stuff that do not correlate to what they will be doing later. As a result, when they work, they are often trained on the job + self-taught. While self-taught programming does get the job done, this results in a lot of horrible coding practices, which combined with JP company culture in general...the problem snowballs from there. I know somebody who works on a UI patch for a JP MMO and from time to time he throws a fit about how horrible is their coding.

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Mangagamer please fix this

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Does anyone here have any info. regarding Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart translation? I can't seem to find any. Rumor is that Harukaze dropped the whole project.

>> No.18686785

I have no expectations. Some ransom anon who probably has no past experience translating such a big project will either collapse quickly or take 5+ years to complete it.

>> No.18686815

yeah they should really drop itaru

>> No.18686977

Blind faith in anons is how the TL community even exists.

>> No.18687240

Include Linear Bounded Phenogram too as it will be translated as a bonus for Steins;Gate Elite.

>> No.18687349

I am hoping this thing gets funded at least. I would not like to see them fail. I just hope they learn next time.

>> No.18688031

Quality Assurance.

>> No.18688058

>SukiSuki - In Beta

Only two more years to go!

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Does anyone know what's going on with Koikuma? It was supposed to release in February but i've heard no news about it since it got delayed.

>> No.18688125

Sayori told sekai to fuck off

>> No.18688146

February 2019

>> No.18688358

I am hoping we get some announcements soon otherwise this place is going to be dead.

>> No.18688519

Delay Project had another delay

>> No.18688562

Sekai Project being themselves. Still in their "Upcoming releases" section though

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You forgot hatred of all known translators.

Or maybe it's only the ones that don't suck Moogy and Dovac's dick.

>> No.18688739

That's only really true inside of M*ogy's little group, though. The vast majority of people don't care, or even know half the time, who the translator is.

>> No.18689014

>Its standard practice for university students to study stuff that do not correlate to what they will be doing later. As a result, when they work, they are often trained on the job + self-taught.
That's fairly standard in Europe as well

t. Europoor programmer that spent 2 years doing irrelevant shit in University thanks to it being required

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Other than Umineko, sort of Higurashi, Ace Attorney and Danganronpa, what are some other decent murder mystery VNs?

>> No.18689274

Kara no Shoujo

>> No.18689358

If you don't mind otome then 'Collar x Malice' on Vita.

>A dangerous shadow organization launches a campaign of fear and violence in the city of Shinjuku, pushing society to the brink of chaos. As a young police officer tasked with restoring order, you become the target of an attack, and have a poisonous collar attached to your neck. With the situation spiraling out of control and time running out, five mysterious strangers appear to aid you in your quest for the truth. Who can you trust? Will you be able to save yourself and the soul of Shinjuku from the clutches of oblivion? In a city bound by malice, you are the only hope for salvation!

>> No.18689722

The hateboner people have for almost all of them doesn't support that.

>> No.18689907

When the fuck is 3 coming out?

>> No.18689982

That isn't even remotely on par with eroge.

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>KonoSora - Redone translation patch released
How is the quality, does anyone know? Also does it have the H-scenes added back in?

>> No.18690428

Is Ixrec dead?

>> No.18690631

>Also does it have the H-scenes added back in
There's nothing to add back in, if I understand it correctly. They were not doing a translation based off the official release, but they translated the original game from scratch. So obviously, the H-scenes are not cut.

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I'm pretty sure we're the only place that cares about the Moogy cartel anymore, if mostly because TL wiki hasn't been relevant for a long while.

No one knows really. I got a flyer about it a couple of years ago, but no one has heard about it since.

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Does anyone have any thoughts on Steins,Gate Elite? It feels weird to kind of have a remake so quickly after the first one came onto Steam. But I guess it sold so well they are deciding to bring over a remaster version.

>> No.18691225

Irony is the same in the US except you are taught the basics somewhat. Then again universities are kind of bad vs things like Trade school or learning it in online courses catered towards that.

The one thing I dislike is just how much things they cram and useless information they give to you in University. I took a programming course and basically they made us go over math stuff as well along with programming. Did not take me long to drop out due to how boring and a waste of time it was.

>> No.18691375

Zero escape series, if Higurashi counts.

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Guess this artist doesn't have any richfag fans.

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I mean what would even be the point? It would just be a really awkward silent dinner if you can't speak Japanese.

>> No.18692398

The thing is it's way too much money. Put it under 4k to 5k and it would be reasonable.

>> No.18692705


Sakura Sakura got delayed after all. Guess it was pretty much expected with how much work they still had left.

>> No.18692960

Keep in mind that the first english version of S;G was released long time ago. Its only the steam port what was recent.

About S;GE, it is not a remaster but more of a remake in form of a full animation VN. If you like the anime then I guess it fine, otherwise is nothing like the original VN, except the script which is the same.

>> No.18693054

They only just finished flowers so it's still probably a while away. Makes you wonder why they did those teaser trailers so far in advance

>> No.18693620

I’m guessing that you would get an interpreter. Still sounds kinda awkward though.

>> No.18693926

they probably dropped it after the reaction to engrish on that flyer they had made

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File: 1.85 MB, 1270x715, Screenshot_2176.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18694688

>Huh, what could it be
I wouldn't be surprised if the new partner is Tennenouji and them picking up Luckydog1, since there was a rumor a month age that they picked up a RPG and a BL title.

>> No.18694831

probably one will be the sequel to that marina cuck game

>> No.18695511

Oh boy, Dies Irae's KS update time

>As of Monday, March 19 JST, we have sent the rewards to the shipping company in charge of the overseas rewards delivery. The rewards will arrive in the United States in about 2 to 3 weeks. Once the rewards arrive at the shipper, they will be packed and then shipped to you.
>Because of the continuous delays on our part, this update had also been postponed. With delay after delay, we have earned a growing distrust and have hesitated to keep posting updates citing only further delays that would only make you, our backers, more anxious and further distrustful. For this, we owe everyone an explanation concerning the setbacks.
>First, our inexperience with overseas shipping caused more delays than we expected. Because we usually use domestic (Japanese) logistic companies for our products, we were not prepared for the differences overseas companies will entail. From the language barrier to how the industry culture and norms function, we handled communication with the companies poorly.
>Second, we did not do our research on how reward shipments work with overseas logistic companies and did not realize packages required barcodes. Since we are used to Japanese logistics, which do not require barcodes, we have completely taken this procedure for granted, and wrongly assumed it was the same for other companies as well. Because of this, we had to make a barcode for each order, thus further postponing delivery.
>And lastly, it was our carelessness. We had multiple instances when our order numbers did not add up, and thus had to order for more manufacturing.
>From our inexperience and carelessness, we have caused you an unnecessary amount of trouble. We understand that we sound like we are making excuses; these factors do not excuse us, nor does it let us off the hook for our lack of action, but we want to let you know what has been happening the past few months with this update.
>Regarding the rewards, once they are ready to ship from the logistics company, we will send out another update for further details.

>> No.18695518

>Current issues
>The delivery of the physical rewards do not mark the end of this project; we still have a lot more to do. The following is our to-do list as we move forward with this project.

>Steam ver. Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~
>Because of the mistake we made regarding the 16:9 coding, a bug has been found within the game. We will release an update in mid-March to fix this issue. This update will also fix the problem of not being able to play the game offline.

>HD ver. Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~
>We are currently working on this. As mentioned in an earlier update, we will release the HD version the same way we have released the R-18 patch. The HD version is planned to be released on Friday, April 13th.

>Vita ver. Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~
>We are currently working on this as well, however we are running into a few distribution problems so we are currently unable to give an estimated date of delivery. Though we cannot give an estimated time, we should be able to have it ready for distribution by autumn of this year.

Nothing at all: the kickstarter.

>> No.18695621

Which of these versions am I supposed to read anyway? The one with porn?

>> No.18695638

Ehh? I thought Steam version already 16:9 HD version and 18+ SD 4:3?

>> No.18695657

Reddit has a guide on how to read dies irae. And yea, you have to have a guide to understand how to play this disaster.

>> No.18695661

In my opinion, read the Acta est Fabula completely, then jump to the last route in Amantes amentes, where another ending is there. After that, all the side stories should be unlocked in AA.
Yeah, but those idiots are putting the AA 4:3 edition as "HD ver" because the steam version is the original port of AA to PC, while the HDver had the both 16:9 and 4:3. Just another way they fucked up.

>> No.18695668

HD version magically supports 4:3 resolution, and that is why they are offering it in addition to the Steam version, which doesn't.

And that is because they chose to make both of those versions in parallell instead of making one game. And for some reason they didn't think how good it would be to make the patch for the HD version while they were making it, and instead wasted time on not making the patch for the Steam version.

So yea, 3 versions where none of them are complete, because why do the job once well, when you can do the job 3 times poorly.

>> No.18695698

Is there a single visual novel related Kickstarter that hasn't been a disaster?

>> No.18695726

So HD version is 16:9 + 4:3 without porn. Steam version is 16:9 only without porn as well. And 18+ version is 4:3 only with porn but without additional content from all ages version? Damn, what a mess.

>> No.18695933


>> No.18696310

Is this the beginning of the end for the western visual novel scene?


>> No.18696322

>read the Acta est Fabula completely, then jump to the last route in Amantes amentes, where another ending is there. After that, all the side stories should be unlocked in AA.
Is better to do the side stories after you finish the route they unlock from since they are usually relevant or expand on some things from it as well as the characters along with some being an epilogue to the route.

>> No.18696370

We are just going back to how it was originally except maybe the market is more saturated than before making things slightly worse.
Most titles never really sold exceptionally well until the Steam boom came and boosted numbers initially. Now the fever has worn off the publishers are left holding contracts they made years ago when things were deceptively good and so they might struggle to make the Steam boom era sales targets to break even.

>> No.18696377

I really hope so, Steam was a mistake.

>> No.18696411

Well when I say "originally" I mean more for traditional titles.
Steam isn't really going anywhere and is a large platform full of potential customers, as well as people are still going to try and capture lightning in a bottle to get something to become the next meme. So there is still plenty of trash that will come out.

>> No.18696492

In other words, we are going back to the NukigeGamer days.

>> No.18696549

MGs kickstarter need to kick up a notch or it won't be dual language nor voiced, and just blend in with the rest of OELVN on Steam.

>> No.18696564

Maybe, but they could go for the Kickstarter model as a filler to cover some of the slack. Adding in merch on top of the normal sale can rake in some big money on the platform if it is the right product or artist.

>> No.18696640

The industry should remain in better shape than it was before VNs were added on Steam, even if it isn't the sky is the limit expectations they had a few years ago. Steam isn't getting nearly the sales that they did during the height of the craze, but they still are adding a sizable amount of revenue compared to what MG would have just going through their site. Additionally, most of the companies that got onto Steam during the craze still have some old titles that continue to sell well as an addditional revenue stream (just look at MG's best seller list for Steam last year, or consider Sekai has Clannad/Grisaia/Nekopara), even if newer titles are at more risk of being a flop. That said, obviously some individual titles (like Wagamama High Spec) lost a fair bit of money because they were budgeted for the craze, and those titles will continue to be a pain as they work their way through the pipeline to be released for disappointing numbers. Also, the lower expectations will limit what localization companies can get from Japan, though the selection should remain much broader than what they were before Steam took off and within the last year even newcomers have managed to pick up a number of liscenses even with Steam being a shadow of its former self.

>> No.18696713

Steam's game bans over content makes it hard to count on steam always being available though. If Sonohana got hit, it's almost certain other games will get hit. Sekai's plan for an all-ages maitetsu version is probably 100% fucked.

>> No.18696794

Maitetsu should be fine I think, since monobeno is on steam.

>> No.18696806

That's chinkshit though. No one moderates that.

>> No.18697039

I for one will be reporting constantly to valve once it goes up

>> No.18697051

Maitetsu may run into problems but it was an iffy license for Steam (and risky from a PR perspective) from day one even before they went back to get an R18 version. Their best way to migrate risk would likely be to port the console version as is for Steam, where you have a defense that Sony found the content acceptable, though even then it could become a PR headache just because of the nature of the title.

Most other titles should be fine, though if you have more Sonohana like removals then the companies would likely react by removing the casual nudity that Steam had been okay with until now.

>> No.18697096

They almost certainly will do the console content for the steam version... but that doesn't really mean much. Of the games steam has pulled for 'sexualizing minors', none of them had any explicit sexual content, and a number of them were without any nudity at all. If it took just one report to get Sonohana pulled, and it should have been pretty safe title, I don't think they have any chance with Maitetsu.

>> No.18697470

If it is that easy to remove games from steam we should mass report all sekai titles then.

>> No.18697878

Jast just looks so dead I find it difficult they sell "a lot" but then I remember they have j list so maybe that's enough to get it atop of Mangagamer

>> No.18697995

JAST's fanbase is the biggest one out of all publishers, they also are quite autistic just like Sekai's.
They can put out a 2-10 hours nukige for 35$ and it will sell because people want to ''support'' them.

My main complain about JAST would not be release time but actual translation quality, since I can't blame them for being so slow considering how much money they make from J-List.
Flowers translation fiasco aside, every other release since then was low quality. Princess X for example had names spelled in lower case and Nympho Sensei Ryoko had whole sentences translated as moaning sounds, it didn't have any QA at all and they had the audacity to charge 35$ for it, at least MangaGamer charges 15$ for their nukige trash.
But it could always be worse, right? At least they aren't translating -san as Mr. or Mrs. like in the good old days.

>> No.18698518

Doddler is Dovac's bitch. Take anything he claims about how dire things are with the largest grain of salt imaginable. He's just repeating Sekai's propoganda.

>> No.18699019

Only easy if you can use the "think about the children" excuse along with "In my extremist country this is illegal".

>> No.18699141

And to think that they have Makoto, one of the best, if not the best, translator in the scene. Maybe the fact that get everything in the end made him lazy.

>> No.18699939

So saying that the sales numbers for Steam are lower than they were a few years ago is false? Or are you just having a bitch fit because it is Doddler?
It doesn't take a genius to know the numbers on Steam are probably as low as they have been for your average title and has been brought up many times over the past few years here.

>> No.18700022
File: 417 KB, 601x641, clannad-ps4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Upcoming Japanese PS4 release of Clannad will have the English translation included and the ability to switch languages on the fly, like the English release of Little Busters.

>> No.18700265

Who's even doing the English translation for these titles? This one and the upcoming Steins Gate release from Spike Chunsoft. Are they doing it in-house?

>> No.18700267

They probably bought it from SP

>> No.18700441

Would be nice if they revised it a bit. I had a few minor quibbles with it. Highly doubt that was done, though.

>> No.18700563

New translation of Cross Channel is apparently not that bad >>>/vg/209773792

>> No.18700574

No. Declaring the doom of their company because of a lack of support and sales based on somewhat lower sales is false, and what Dovac was doing even years ago when Steam numbers were at their peak. Get your head out of your ass.

>> No.18700593

>somewhat lower sales
We are taking going from 5-10k for a normal title that was put on Steam during the boom to 1-2k a title now. That isn't just "somewhat".
Declining sales = less revenue and it affects all the publishers not just Sekai.

>> No.18700739

SP is doing great, it's just their recent titles were all trash which nobody wanted.
Just look at Tropical Liquor and then tell me that SP is doing badly, it sold alone more than half of MangaGamers visual novels last year combined.


Koikuma will do the same, maybe even better sales wise and Baldr Sky will sell because of the name and ''kamige'' status regardless of translation quality.

>> No.18700751

You mean Sayori is doing great.

>> No.18700786

SP still gets a cut since they are the publisher for it even if it's 20-30% that's still money they got for literally doing nothing.

>> No.18701551

>compared to fantls
It’s not hard to make a decent-looking translation when people’s only reference points are a retard’s “translation” and a schizophrenic fever dream fanfic

>> No.18701670

Sayori art + no porn tax patch + steam = money.

>> No.18701693

>Sayori art
Still have no idea why people love her disgusting "samefaces" art. She is Itaru-tier hack.

>> No.18701834

Makoto may as well be dead. What is he even doing now?

>> No.18701908

I don't think they're doomed, but they're definitely going to hurt holding on to high cost licenses without a means to recoup the cost. If their contracts are heavily royalty based, then it won't really be a serious problem, although it will hurt their reputation with their partners. If they offered minimum sales guarantees or paid flat rates for titles based on previously high expectations though, they could end up in a financial mess. With the humble bundle sales and kickstarters they've been running though, I doubt even then they're in any serious jeopardy.

>> No.18701960


Koropokkur demo vid

>> No.18702031


>> No.18702092

Cherry picking what you're calling a normal title. Head, ass.

>> No.18702334

Frontwing has been the only one in recent memory that has done a good job on that. They did give their physicals out and I have not heard delays on their end.

>> No.18702354

I would argue that the boom was everyone chasing metrics rather than realizing that was a special moment of what can happen if you release a good game to the public. The most we can expect especially from really solid VN's is 3-10k. It's just tough because there is not that much good VNs I am looking forward to.

>> No.18702436

Frontwing? Not really at all.
Sharin no Kuni almost 2 years delayed release wants to have a word with you, 2+ years for Grisaia trilogy physical copy and Corona Blossom where I will just leave this link here: https://www.reddit.com/r/visualnovels/comments/6gzai1/corona_blossom_update_68_weekly_update_11/diud5wx/

>> No.18702441

Wait what? Frontwing hasn't fulfilled physical goods for any of their kickstarters yet. Corona blossom is an actual complete trainwreck.

>> No.18702461

>Same faces

Lol someone did not see art from the early 00's. That was the definition of same face.

>> No.18702472

How is the physicals for the trilogy on them? Was this not on Sekai?

>> No.18702884

Some guy found files from Ojou-sama wa Sunao ni Narenai in the official Cross Channel folder.
Looks like it will most likely be MoeNovels/WillPlus next release considering that Ensemble is part of WillPlus.

>> No.18702894

Another eroge ruined.

>> No.18702904 [DELETED] 

I just saw this in my Twitter feed what the fuck https://twitter.com/soggysadboi/status/978734114793701376

Also this >>/vg/209765620

I expected this release to be a clusterfuck already but this is even worse than I thought it would be.

>> No.18702912

I just saw this in my Twitter feed what the fuck https://twitter.com/soggysadboi/status/978734114793701376

Also this >>>/vg/209765620

I expected this release to be a clusterfuck already but this is even worse than I thought it would be.

>> No.18702917

I saw it, my cross-site poster friend.

>> No.18702922

I haven't posted it anywhere else unless you mean my failed attempt at linking the other thread, in which case yeah that was pathetic.

>> No.18702926

Why don't you guys keep a pastebing of worthwhile hacking/reverse engineering recources?
are these threads for whining about translations or studying how to actually implement them?

>> No.18702927

What is a normal title to you?

>> No.18702935

Because it's on TLwiki and fuwa.

>> No.18702960

>Visual Novel Translation Status
Nothing stopping you asking your questions though.

>> No.18702965

Do those places have guides, to explain how to use the resources and tools?

>> No.18702968

Google "fuwa data extraction".

>> No.18702997

What if none of the tools work for the vn I want to hack?

>> No.18703014

Then you're fucked, pretty much.

>> No.18703015

Not the same anon but since the topic was brought up, does someone know how to extract SubaHibi's CGs and sprites? Last time I tried that I couldn't find how to do it, the usual methods I know about didn't work.

>> No.18703032

So this isn't the place to go if I want to know how to hex edit stings of game files?

>> No.18703040

Then you need a dedicated hacker who knows their shit. Good luck with that.

Arc_unpacker should be able to do it.

>> No.18703041

No, that's still fuwa. Learn to search.

>> No.18703052

I tried arc_unpacker but maybe I fucked up somewhere in the process, I'll try that again.
To clarify, I mean the translated version because it's higher resolution, but I don't think the files should differ enough to matter.

>> No.18703074
File: 189 KB, 1277x904, extracted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18703083

Thanks a bunch anon gonna try that now.

>> No.18703145

Thanks for the info.
I'd be more confortable if there were a thread about the technical aspect here instead of some forum but whatever I guess.

>> No.18703179

Grisaia was made by Frontwing, it's their own baby.

>> No.18703182

Probably not enough people or activity to keep a thread like that active even on /jp/ without forcefully bumping it every so often.

>> No.18703187

>Ojou-sama wa Sunao ni Narena
Great. Looks boring as fuck just like Princesse Evangile and all the others moege.

>> No.18703206

all of the people who do VN hacking are either in scene discords or fuwa

>> No.18703358

Why don't more people try to learn?

>> No.18703366

may as well ask why don't more people try to learn Japanese

>> No.18703393


Its fucking finally here.

>> No.18703405

>Rance Series
>A Kiss for the Petals Series ↑5
>White Album 2
>Fate/Stay Night ↑6
>Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm ↑16
>Sakura no Uta ↑13
>Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e NEW!
>Diabolik Lovers Series ↓2
>Soukou Akki Muramasa ↑15
>Ken ga Kimi ↑14
>Kotonoha Amrilato NEW!
>Mahotsukai no Yoru ↓8
>Daiteitoku ↑19
>Aiyoku no Eustia ↓4
>Yoshiwara Higanbana NEW!
>Jooubachi no Oubou NEW!
>Bunny Black Series NEW!
>Amayui Castle Meister NEW!
>Shin Koihime Musou ↓17
>DRAMAtical Murder
No hints this year.

>> No.18703443

>No hints this year.

It is tagged with "hints" and has a bunch of words in italics or bold.

>> No.18703479

Oh, I didn't take those, because of the PR bullshit but well.
>Sorcery Jokers
Well, I would take Sorcery Jokers out and those are the italics and bold words.

>> No.18703482

Lucky is in italic so most likely Luckydog1 is confirmed now.


>> No.18703484

>sorcery jokers

"lucky" is luckydog1
steam, otome and yuri are self-evident
sakura could be anything
anyone have an idea about the others?

>> No.18703500

I bet sakura is https://vndb.org/v18760
It's a moonstone title so it makes more sense than any other possibility

>> No.18703503
File: 68 KB, 547x558, 1505465800058.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God, I hate TM shitters so much. Quit wasting votes on this.

>> No.18703507

Makes sense. Kinda hard to believe that the artist is the same guy who did PE. His stuff has improved a lot.

>> No.18703519
File: 528 KB, 640x586, wake me up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As the years go by people are still fucking dumb.

>Rance series
ffs it's already licensed you dumb fuck how is this top 1?
>Alll these Type-Moon
I'm a TMfags but damn when will you understand that nobody have the money to negotiate with them?
>Soukou Akki Muramasa
JAST JAST JAST are you guys fucking new? It's nitro+ for fuck sake

So many slots wasted i swear VN fans are one of the stupidest fanbase in the world.

>> No.18703609

Man that sure is a lot of shit I don't care about. Eushully stuff is always wanted but everyone here says it's never happening.

>> No.18703625
File: 22 KB, 414x405, really makes me think.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We got fewer responses from women this year down to 25% from almost 30% last year
>5 otome games, 1 yaoi and 2 girls love in the top 10

Haro, why did you rigged the poll?

>> No.18703631

Yeah that's fucked up

>> No.18703639

Maybe the scene is being invaded by the gays. Or maybe we are slowly becoming gays.

>> No.18703649

Maybe the women from last year were actually just dudes identifying as women, and now they're back to being men because it's the current year

>> No.18703706

What exactly is wrong with the translation there? It reads well enough. Are you saying it's inaccurate? Do you even know?

>> No.18703709

The "language" thing maybe is about Kotonoha Amrilato since the VN is about a girl learning speranto to bang another girl.

The "Sorcery Jokers" can be about the sequels and yeah, "Lucky" is about that yaoi one. Still wondering about the rest.

I voted for yuri as an straight man because yuri is my guilty pleasure and Kindred Spirits was cute. Don't know why there are that many otome's there, tho, but maybe those girls are just organized as fuck and ask for the same VN's.

>> No.18703725

>maybe those girls are just organized as fuck and ask for the same VN's.
Yeah while guys are asking for 10 differents version of Rance like some dumb motherfucker.

>> No.18703726

Sorcery Jokers is probably only italicized because it's a title.

Voices, language, steam, and sakura are likely all referring to specific game titles. Steam could mean that another Steampunk title might be announced, but that's unlikely with Sona-nyl not being released any time soon. Hatsuyuki Sakura is the best I got for sakura, but that's only possible if Visual Arts doesn't want to localize it themselves.

>> No.18703735

Even if is little the chance, Saukra no Uta is my pick for the Sakura label.

>> No.18703745

Sakura is most likely Sakura no Mori Dreamers.

>> No.18703748

>Sorcery Jokers is probably only italicized because it's a title.
Rance and A Kiss for the Petals weren't italicized though.

>> No.18703777

Maybe MG will get a Yuzusoft title too.

>> No.18703781

Series names aren't always italicized like titles of individual works, but it depends on who you ask.

>> No.18703785

Well, Yuzusoft is already whoring around, so it's not impossible.

>> No.18703794

What an idiot. Why would anyone put a stroke of white over black? Or have dominant white with black stroke on text? This is really confusing. Someone did not beta test this to see if the font was readable.

>> No.18703808

Sure. I'm definitely gonna trust their translations

>> No.18703815

Don't forget about Fate/Stay Night, Muaramasa and White Album 2. But to be fair, we can "afford" it, we're the majority and even if we don't organize shit the most popular titles will be on the list (just beside the troll titles requests), while they have to organize an entire community to put just four or five titles up there.

>> No.18703818

the gay agenda is taking over, i'm gonna start fapping to /y/ to prepare for the future

>> No.18703820

Next meme they will try to force on us will be ponies, mark my word.

>> No.18703838

it's not even interesting gay shit, where's my futa on male domination with urethral penetration

the fags in this fanbase have 0 taste i swear

>> No.18703841

Nah, dudes, the future is furry. A scary future i may add.

>> No.18703853

I'm a bit confused. The font looks fine in all of the Steam screenshots. That guy also seems to be complaining about the game not being based on Final Complete, as if MN said that it was; it's based on For All People.

>> No.18703854

The only good futa is futa on female you pleb.

>> No.18703866

Nah, I agree with him. Futa on male is not gay, though.

>> No.18703879

missed an opportunity to say scaly future

>> No.18703906

>Sorcery Jokers
If this is really a hint, it would hilarious if it turned out to be Riddle Joker. Yuzusoft must really be whoring out to everyone or realized that SP was a big mistake is and shopping around for new localizers.

It's probably some otome title but I really, really want it to be a hint for Otome Domain.

>> No.18703918

I don't want to live in a world where people consider a futa fucking a male urethra hotter than a futa fucking a girl tenderly. Fuck this (wrong type of) gay earth.

>> No.18703921

>or realized that SP was a big mistake is and shopping around for new localizers.
maybe. you'd think they would have realized that by now considering they've spent 3 (THREE) fucking years on Tenshin Ranman (so far), which isn't even a long title (it's about 15 hours) and is beginner-tier Japanese as well.

fucking hell Sekai

>> No.18703926

I'm not saying I don't fap to sweet vanilla scenes in moege. But sometimes you need to go weirder.

>> No.18703927

If it really is true I will buy Riddle Joker from MangaGamer just as a fuck you sign for SP and all their partnerships.

>> No.18703933

>it's about 15 hours
It's about 56k lines which is pretty lengthy for moege, and much longer than 15 hours.

>> No.18703939

was a typo, meant to say 25 hrs

>> No.18703963

Well, to each their own, i guess. This is probably why I don't see any futa on female VN's out here (or even in japan), tho, ya'll have weird kinks.

>> No.18703972


>> No.18703977

>a futa fucking a girl
Lame vanilla crap.

>> No.18703980

Well, he said tenderly.

>> No.18703999


No doubt is that going to get first priority in the translations and licenses moving forward.

>White Album 2.

If that happens I will be surprised if Mangagamer picks that up but I think it's highly unlikely to happen due to the license.

>Bunny black
>Amayui castle

These are games that can be interesting. Bunny black would be great with the good plot and basically gameplay elements. Amayui though seems like a long kinetic story but it's definitely got high end art. I just wonder if it's possible to get. Then again it makes sense because everything is moving to plot and high end art with MG as fans are maturing. Even with Otome I notice fans want this as well in the list.

>> No.18704019

>Then again it makes sense because everything is moving to plot and high end art with MG as fans are maturing.

>> No.18704020

Not all of the scenes are rapey.

>> No.18704029

I will buy any gameplay title that isn't Rance from them.
SofthouseChara and Eushully would be a jackpot but titles from those developers should be hard to get, so I expect some smaller, lesser known titles.

>> No.18704031

I know the feeling. I wonder who keeps voting the same things in over and over again lol.

>> No.18704037

Would Aroduc even let Mangagamer use his Bunny Black translations if they did get it? I don't think he likes them anymore.

>> No.18704043

The font is bad I think it's because of how small it is.

>> No.18704047

I doubt he hates MG more than SP though.

>> No.18704049

>Daiteitoku ↑19
Disappointing that people didn't pick Pastel Chime or Galzoo
>Rance Series
>White Album 2
>Fate/Stay Night ↑6
>Mahotsukai no Yoru ↓8
Wasted votes

>> No.18704054

Lol clever.

>> No.18704075

No U.

I can agree with that. Rance is not really my thing but I am always up for something different.

>> No.18704078

I actually asked for that on the survey, Not that I have any hope for it but it would be funny if the "yuri" on the hints was referred to this and not a real yuri VN.

>Not seeing the potential on a girl weirded at first by the futa but learning how to love her even with the added package.

The world is dark enough, I'll let the urethra fucking kink to others.

A male fucking a futa and showing her the possibilities of masturbation, on the other hand...

Implying that after hours of rape the futa won't teach the girl the true meaning of love and tender sex.

>> No.18704079

Depends if they pay him what he wants for it. I am sure if they pay him a good price he will not mind giving it up.

>> No.18704083

Could you expand a bit on the current White Album 2 licensing situation? Not too familiar with it.

From what I remember Leaf usually works with Atlas for TLs of their all ages games (like Utawarerumono), but I assumed they wouldn't be interested in adult games/VNs so I don't see what's stopping another company from picking it up.

>> No.18704095

>but learning how to love her even with the added package.
That's just a thing they'd normally like on a guy, though. Girls already fuck each other with strap-ons and dildos.

>> No.18704097

Chance is low.
>I dislike saying never about anything, but I am deeply skeptical that I would work with any of the primary companies in the visual novel localization industry, or allow them to use any work that I’ve done in the future.

>> No.18704137

Sad to see him fall like this just because a company was so greedy and wanted to take away his translation and tools for literal pennies.
He was the guy for gameplay visual novels and I enjoyed countless of hours playing his translated stuff.
One of many reasons to hate Sekai Project.

>> No.18704161

His entire team was in on it, as was the cartel. Sekai Project was the primary bad actor, but they're not the only ones with dirty hands.

>> No.18704199

It's not really something they would look for on a girl, tho. Even if futas have vaginas too and the possibilities are endless.

But even better, if they're looking for dick it's open to the scenario of using the futa as practice until the real thing because they're both girls but in the end they fall in love.

>> No.18704204

Women have fewer famous VNs they all vote for, whereas men are more split in what they vote for.

>> No.18704251

I think it's due to the licensing price. Whenever a company gets a huge time license they have to pay for it in order to sell it. Even then its a lot it money thrown around.

>> No.18704366

You will be mistaken if you think Sekai is the only reason why he won't work with anybody any more. He was messed around when working with JAST as well, though not to the same extent of course.

>> No.18704398

What did JAST do?

>> No.18704428

You should rad up some of the shit he has mentioned on his blog.
>Not to celebrate Festivus’s Airing of Grievances early, but ‘going corporate’ has not been a fantastic experience.
Just read from there for an example. There are also a spattering of offhandedly complaints in other posts when he has little to say about an anime or just feels like dumping a bunch of shit.

>> No.18704436
File: 151 KB, 1200x727, 1504534811842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18704595

He was still talking to Sekai Project after that though. It wasn't until after that he became hostile to it.

>> No.18704662

Ah, I see. That's a shame then. I would've hoped that Leaf could see that WA2 is a niche title and price the license reasonably (or at the very least do a kickstarter to gauge interest first).

>> No.18704685

Could steam be Steam Prison?

>> No.18704696

I doubt it's more complex than not wanting to work with the people who stabbed him in the back, and them being the only people who work on the kinds of games he does. There's a very small pool of people that all three companies share. It would take very few people having accidents or simply quitting to cripple a shitload of projects, perhaps permanently.

>> No.18704731

>Sighting trees.

Lol what?

>> No.18704764

Very doubtful. Most likely another Liarsoft title from the Steampunk series. MG has worked on more than one title from the same dev at a time before.

The otome title is most likely the new title from the Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome devs.

>> No.18704771

Also they self publish their own titles when they get localized. They've done it for iOS already.



>> No.18704776

Of all the adjetives to put there... my god. But i think this is not as bad as the other ones I've seen.

It makes sense. But I have my doubts, with this we cover the "steam" and "otome" hints (just like "languages" and "yuri" with Kotonoha Amrilato or whatever its name is) does that mean this year we had less hints or that hints can just match one thing? Like okay we have an otome, but it cannot be this one because the "steam" hint is for something else or is that the normal hints cannot be applied to otome and yuri titles? Am I making any sense?

>> No.18704801

I'm surprised Yoshiwara Higanbana made the list. It's an otome about a prostitute from the Edo Period as its protagonist.

>> No.18704803

It's also rape happy given how they chimp out about that, but I doubt they know.

>> No.18704805

this is the fate you chose by pirating all of your VNs while the girls and fags bought theirs

>> No.18704806

>about a prostitute from the Edo Period as its protagonist.
Why does this surprise you in anyway? It makes for better a self insert.

>> No.18704828

Voices could be Kindred Spirits Full Chorus.

Sakura...Mangagamer's partnering with Winged Cloud again!? Sakura no Mori † Dreamers?

>> No.18704832

It’s grammatically correct and sounds fine.

>> No.18704833

A Kiss for the Petals is really popular. They could announce Lovers of the Atelier, since it's the sequel to Maidens of Michael.

>> No.18704852

Does anyone know if Sol Press are planning on sharing the results of their licensing survey?

>> No.18704872

They’re not.

>> No.18704873

Last time they had a clue like this it was for Kindred Spirits drama CD. My bet is for the fully voiced version of Kindred Spirits that came out not too long ago.

Could be Kotonoha Amrilato or anything with dual language.

Most likely something from the Liarsoft's steampunk series.

My guess is Ohime-sama datte XXX Shitai!! -Horny magical princess- from Kalmia8, who MG are already partnered with.

Most likely a new A Kiss for the Petals title.

>Sorcery Jokers
Maybe another title from 3rdEye.


Sakura no Mori Dreams seems the most likely, which means MG got the English localization rights, and not Hikari Field who got the Chinese rights. People who have been asking Hikari Field for an English version could be screwed may have been wasting their time.

>> No.18704877

they said they had no intention of sharing the results a few days after the survey ended.

>> No.18704906

But all otomes have some sort of rape, anon. I honestly don't get women sometimes, why would you self insert into a game with men who try to rape you? Unless they don't self insert at all. But I guess it's like Monster Girl Quest with the male rape for us, but we have few games of those, it's not the norm.

I mean, yeah, if i'm sure of anything in this life is that we will be getting a Rance and a SonoHana announcement for year. But what i mean is that if those hints can't overlap maybe got less hints for "male oriented" VN this year, I'm not complaining, since we already have a lot, but there may be people who does.

See, if this is true>>18704828
We have covered three hints with yuri titles already, and the "lucky" one is for a yaoi title, then we have the "otome" one. We just have the "steam" and "sakura" hints left.

And my delusional ass want the "sakura" hint to be about Sakura no Uta (i know Frontwing its the ideal candidate for that and that Scaji was dissapointed by SubaHibi sales), but yeah, it's probably Sakura no Mori Dreamers, which at least doesn't sound bad.

>> No.18704917

>why would you self insert into a game with men who try to rape you?
Anon they like it if it's chads doing the raping.

>> No.18704933

Man the results this year are kinda disappointing, can't say I didn't expect as much though. As for the hints, the only ones that look interesting are Sakura and Sorcery Jokers.

>> No.18704940

Meh, i guess. VNs are fiction anyway, so it's not like their content matters much. But that's weird still.

>> No.18704946

Reminder not to expect too much until Anime Expo and Otakon. Those are where MG will announce most of their major titles for the year.

>> No.18704948

Weren't they still working on Prism Ark after that? What changed?

>> No.18704953

>All that yuri

Man, three fucking titles and none of them is fucking Majiyuri... I can't fap to those, they're too pure and i don't like SonoHana.

>> No.18704960

These are just my predictions, and it's possible that not all the clues are as obvious as they seem.

>> No.18704984

Doddler blew off the project again, and that was apparently the last straw.

>> No.18704985

Yeah, I know, they seem like pretty solid predictions tho, and they seem mostly accurate since most of the people here reached the same conclusions as you.

But well, it's not like those hints are all the titles Mangagamer will announce this year, still Majiyuri seems like a no if they end having that many yuri titles this year. And to be honest I'll probably end buying Kotonoha (and I already own Kindred Spirits) because it seems cute as hell, but I just want a fun yuri nukige, it''s not that much to ask.

>> No.18704987

Meant for >>18704960 Fuck my phone.

>> No.18705078
File: 25 KB, 640x149, JAST.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like JAST. If only they wouldn't be so fucking slow.

>> No.18705082
File: 59 KB, 640x451, JAST Too.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18705307

>5 otome games, 1 yaoi
Don't fujoshits have anything else they want besides the same 1 game every time? Isn't it already translated too?

>> No.18705433

That's basically most of the male side too. In fact, the New games are evenly split between male and female customers.

>> No.18706042

From a quick search on Google Books
>"...into the shadows under the tunnel of sighing trees." -Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow
>"...plunged into the gloom of soft-sighing trees." -J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King
Hundreds of other results as well, since it's normal English usage. If you want to critique translations you should try not being a retard who doesn't know anything about English.

>> No.18706436

>>Sighting trees.

>> No.18706479

Is this ESL's level?

>> No.18706481


>> No.18706501

>>"...plunged into the gloom of soft-sighing trees." -J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King
Those trees are sighing literally.

>> No.18706550
File: 35 KB, 516x561, sigh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sure you'll learn English one day.

>> No.18706559

That has nothing to do with it. Do you not know Lord of the Rings?

>> No.18706570

it takes no effort to localize, they're recycling the translation that already exists
what's more interesting is that they're localizing fandiscs just for preorder bonuses

>> No.18706585

i think he means it was Ents sighing. You're still right that it's a correct use of English

>> No.18706600

Yeah, I get it now. It's just talking about some woods in Rohan as Theoden travels to Gondor, though.

>> No.18706654

You can technically say that Elite is just the Anime with all the endings added and animated. Nearly everyone who cares for the series already knows the story or watched the anime already so they have to give some kind of incentive with something totally different.

>> No.18707657

I would assume it is more that if the fags got 1 game to buy they bought it, and if normies got 50 games, they didn't buy all 50 so each game looked comparatively bad.

But bring in 50 gay VNs and we will see them all sell terribly too. Not expecting it to happen though.

>> No.18707869

That's why JAST started their BL branch or SP with their Maiden Voyage or something like that, they want a piece of the cake before it's over flooded but it will take years for that to happen.

>> No.18708039

>SP with their Maiden Voyage
Lmao. Is this shit still a thing after they sacked that girl?

>> No.18708184

Maiden Voyage pulled a Titanic before it ever left port. Sekai could still license some otome and BL titles, but they'll be released under Sekai Project.

On that note, the genderbending BL title they tried to kickstart a long time ago might've done better in 2018, since they could try to market it as in the same genre as the meme anime Mahou Shoujo Ore that's airs this spring season.

>> No.18708230

That failed kickstarter is when they starting putting their own money in so none of their future kickstarters will ever fail.

>> No.18708500

Maiden Voyage died soon after it was announced. I get the feeling that they wanted some of the cake but decided quickly that it wasn't worth it.

I don't know the fujoshi or the otome fanbases that well, but I'd imagine that Sweet Pool will do better than that one otome Sekai picked up (and probably dropped).

People are actually excited for Mahou Shoujo Ore?

>> No.18708557

Looks like MangaGamer picking up Sukebe Elf might not be impossible after all if they actually take this chance and contact him.

>> No.18708596

>Riddle Joker
When's the last time MG bought the distribution rights for a not-yet-released game from a completely new partner? That's something usually only Sekai does.

>> No.18708635

I'd say Sorcery Jokers could be two completely different hints. Something about magic and something unrelated about tricksters.

Or more expectedly, they just licensed a new title from 3rdEye. I mean MG has already said that getting new titles from existing partners is much easier than forming new partnerships. And I like 3rdEye's titles, so I'd be happy with this.

>> No.18708650

Da Capo fandiscs.

>> No.18708725

Does Himawari count?

>> No.18708870

In order to understand females think of them like adult children (above children but below adults. ) And if you do everything makes sense.

>> No.18708907

please no more da crapo

>> No.18708951

please no more sorcery clowns as well.

>> No.18708968

please no more sexual content as well.

>> No.18709009

please no more content as well.

>> No.18709031

Explains why the translator has gone quiet since November last year. The translator only had one route left to translate and she was 1/2 through it.

That probably confirms the other leak from the anon that mentioned it in January. LD1 from Mangagamer and 2 Nitro+Chiral titles from Jastusa. Sweet Pool and something else.

>> No.18709126

Found some details for the yaoi translator. Someone with a twitter account ask them about the "lucky" hint.

>Laura H

>> No.18709129

>>Inconsistent plot
>>Bad translation
>>Crashing bugs
>>Typos everywhere

Sounds like a sekai project release


>> No.18709153

The scenario writer of LD1 (Jinnai) currently follows that Twitter account, if that's any indication.

>> No.18709155

Not that it matters to Sekai when they'll continue making boatloads of money, regardless of their quality, or lack thereof in their releases.

>> No.18709378

I edited Chrono Clock. Better late than never.
The dynamic text box does not work. You need to use the static text box. If you want it, too bad. I tried to make it work, but I just can't. It's shit anyway, don't mind it.

-Restoration of honorifics (including Senpai, Nii-sama)
-Removed DD's weeb speak
-Removed DD's excessive bong speak
-Removed buster
-EN name order -> JP name order
-Removed some of the swearing that was added in SP's version.
-Fixed a couple of minor mistranslations - this is not a re-translation by any means, I just fixed some glaring mistakes
-D.D. -> DD - The only reason this was done is because "D.D.'s" or "D.D.-san" looks like horseshit in-game.
-Cro->Kuro - Fuck you if you don't agree. I already wrote my arguments here, check the readme if you need a reminder.
-Reduced the frequency of "Little Michiru" (changed to Michiru when it's clear who's being talked to/about), especially in direct speech.

I read though it twice, once while making the changes and then quickly read each chapter after the changes for it were done. After the whole thing was done, I CTRL'd through the fresh game on two different computers. I hope it works right, I really do.

>> No.18709392

damn 'Big Black Cock & Big Black Butt & My Sweet Wife' didn't make it into the top 20 :(

>> No.18709403

You have to vote as a block like the fujos

>> No.18709568


>Full Disclosure: This interview has been conducted by a Siliconera editor that will most likely be involved with the English-language release of the game (Lucky Dog) in question. Laura Hou, who is on our staff, is presently fan-translating the game on her personal blog.

>Laura Hou

Someone find her

>> No.18709611

who gives a shit

>> No.18709700

You are doing Gods work.

Well, actually Sekais, as they promised to fix the translation. So they might very well just go steal that script and toss it to backers as "The quality you all deserved, thanks to your pal Sekai".

>> No.18709719

They are free to do so. I don't give a fuck.

>> No.18709774

Fun fact, CC was originally supposed to have honorifics. Check the kickstarter character profiles.

>> No.18709913

I feel bad for the guy. You can tell he obviously enjoyed it. But honestly maybe they should go back on certain parts and fix the typos. Then again it's Sekai you never know.

>> No.18709973

Did all of the typos in Dies irae ever get fixed?

>> No.18710002

>-Removed DD's weeb speak
>-Removed DD's excessive bong speak
What's it look like now?

>> No.18710093
File: 163 KB, 911x871, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Weeb speak replaced with «Word which she said in Engrish» when it actually makes sense. Sometimes she says stuff like ヒアリングした instead of heard and such. I translated it into real English in those cases. Bong speak was changed into English normal people use. Implying a sickly weeb country girl would be a fucking chav anyways. This means that all "ay" and "lad" which were used as a verbal tick were removed completely. Here's a snip from her H-scene.

>> No.18710215

I'd say that the elf people did something like that.I know that there were a few people actively trying to garner votes for it. Nukige don't normally make the list otherwise, though that's because there are just too many nukige.

>> No.18710237

Women having rape fantasies shouldn't be news.

>> No.18710347

Please let this shit fail, I need a good laugh

>> No.18710370

needs 2k in 5 days, i think it'll make it.

>> No.18710374

New to Kickstarter? It will likely make it with how close it is because there is always a glut of extra backers on the last day.
The stretch goals are another matter though.

>> No.18710464

I want to back it since it's Itaru, but I'm not interested in the game at all.

>> No.18710483

light didn't fic them in AeF despite Conjueror saying they turned in a list of typos caught after release so I doubt they're getting fixed in the HD version either.

>> No.18710537

Hi Dovac, jelly much?

>> No.18710849

Found some extra chapters posted that hasn't been on the update page. They're in Luchino Normal Route section. Stopped at a weird place though. Maybe she's still uploading them?

>> No.18711059

It'll probably make it. I don't see it reaching its first stretch goal though. Final surges for VNs have been pretty weak recently.

>> No.18711085

It will make islts goal but please learn for next time. Give us Plotge and a better artist.

>> No.18711114

Hope they learn their lesson that we don’t want all ages garbage with itaru art

>> No.18711164

I'm fine with all-ages because I doubt MG could deliver numerous satisfying H-scenes, what with their limited budget. It's just the title doesn't seem to interesting at glance and I don't care for Itaru at all.

>> No.18711178

They are trying to get into the Steam market more or less. The issue I have is not h scenes. But something that will do well on Steam than anything else. They have enough H-Scene games to satisfy a lot of audiences really.

>> No.18711369

Magical Marriage Lunatics went up for preorder with an April 26th release date.

>> No.18711457

Our friend Chuee is butthurt about the patch. Unsurprising for a Sekai shill. This shit is the reason I'll never support NekoNyan.

>> No.18711824

Lol they are jealous. It's funny how they get so upset and hurt that he actually improved the game over the original and decided to take liberties to make it less terrible. Even learned to Code to edit the game, I give praise to anyone willing to take the effort to learn a skill to get something done. That could actually be useful in the future.

>> No.18711860
File: 50 KB, 634x346, 1st day on 4chan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18712019

Anyone know if this is more of a moege or nukige? Kinda disappointed that they licensed this. Out of the whole moonstone catalogue, easily one of their least appealing titles

>> No.18712023

But he's right, at least about Kuro. Cro straight up sounds better

>> No.18712031

It's a moege but has a lot of sexual content.

>> No.18712052

A broken clock is right twice a day, as the saying goes.

>> No.18712184

Cross Channel doesn't seem to be off to all that strong of a start on Steam. It has peaked at just 13 concurrent users thus far, but it has spent most of its time at less than 8 concurrent users. That said, of the limited response it has gotten thus far, most of it seems to have come from the Chinese market, getting 12 quick Chinese reviews and it has only managed to hit double digit concurrent users in the morning/early afternoon US time. Moenovel has previously shown an ability to get sales down the road through bundles and cross game promotions, but Cross Channel looks to be their weakest launch of any of their titles despite the $9.99 price. In contrast, A Sky Full of Stars had an initial peak of 73 concurrent users, and has maintained a fair bit of daily activity with no daily peak being less than 11 concurrent users in the several months since launch (and has a Steamspy estimate that suggests sales in the 3-6k range).

For what it is worth, its one of the moege titles that MG never listed a Steam release for (along with titles such as Hapymaher and SukiSuki.)

With Imouto Paradise 2 out for a couple months and Magical Marriage Lunatics being out next month, MG will be out of announced Moonstone titles long before the Summer convention season begins. With the success that Moonstone has had with MG, it seems very likely that pipeline won't remain empty for long.

I doubt that Sekai would use the patch themselves (short of an official deal with the patch developer), but it wouldn't be too surprising if they highlighted it as a fan made "mod". Thus far all they have said is that they were gauging interest in a survey of their backers of Chrono Clock, but they could easily say that survey found that while there was interest in a new editing pass, it was not enough interest to justify farther delaying the physical release to do that editing pass and as an alternative highlight the fan-created patch.

>> No.18712196

>Being so lazy that you can not make the name change of Yuma to Yuuma.
>Someone does it by themselves

Lol the self loathing is real.

>> No.18712547

I wish they stopped putting that stuff on vndb. It's going to get me DMCA'd.

>> No.18712590

i was just thinking how fixing spellings like that would be an easy improvement to some games that are otherwise too garbage to be worth editing

>> No.18712599

You are better off just making a torrent out of it just in case. Mega links seem to be easy to hit with a takedown notice.

>> No.18712616

No seedbox.

>> No.18712625
File: 256 KB, 319x297, 1503097623176.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you don't need to seedbox a 2.5mb file.

>> No.18712709

The issue is that sometimes I turn my torrent client off.

>> No.18712717

As long as you have a few others pick up the torrent then that shouldn't be a problem.

>> No.18712788

So has anyone actually found anything wrong with the new Cross Channel translation? The only things I've seen so far have been:
1. retards not understanding normal English expressions
2. screenshots of stupid jokes with no indication of whether or not the TL is accurate, as if the mere presence of a joke constitutes an error

>> No.18712810

For the record, it was to change Yuri to Yuuri. Yuuma was a side effect.

>> No.18712833

We reached bump limit. Odds that this thread last 'till next Sunday?

>> No.18712838

Who cares

>> No.18712854

New to VNTS? Once it is dead then it will usually stay dead until Sunday.
It isn't quite the same as your average general where as soon as it dies someone will instantly make a new one, with the exception where maybe there was a con with some really big announcements and it filled up on the first day and even then that was rare.

>> No.18712896
File: 21 KB, 196x194, purplesoft.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, you think it looks better because it's the first version you saw. You're used to it. You think it sounds better before you realize it doesn't sound anything like Chronos. It sounds like a fucking crocodile. There are no arguments for changing Chro to Cro, but there are arguments for changing Chro to Kuro.
Because you're too stupid to read the readme and instead rely on a cherrypicking twitter autist, I will copypaste it for you. Go ahead and try to disprove this.

Base arguments:
1. Purple Software's website ("B-But the official site has the spelling of the other characters' names different." No shit, different romanization rules. Everything was changed to modified Hepburn [already done by SP, thank God], and クロ is the same in both.)
2. The Japanese version of the game. Check the H-scene page in SP's version for the name, SP didn't edit that page. You can see Kuro there.

MC and DD's conversation about Natsume Souseki - MC starts saying "Wagahai wa Neko de Aru" (novel "I am a Cat"), but is interrupted by DD because the first word reminded her of Kuro (she uses wagahai as a personal pronoun).
I would argue that this is an indirect comparison of the two. They are both self-important and use wagahai. The majority of the illustrations I found depicted Wagahai as a black cat (黒 - kuro). クロ/Kuro is a common cat name (also appearing in this novel, though it's a different character). She later wears a black cat outfit. This is all very subjective, though.

Kuro vs. Cro
Before you say "Kuro is a not a logical pet name for someone called Chronos", well, neither is Cro.
1. Chro and Cro do not have the same pronunciation, if you pronounce Chronos correctly (Χρόνος). The closest sound in English would probably be Khro. Chro would also be acceptable, because this argument is only about the written form of the name/nickname
2. A pet name is not necessarily created by shortening the given name (for example Robert->Bob). Obviously the Japanese name was created by shortening Kuronosu->Kuro, but Chronos->Kuro can still work in English as a nickname.
There are several characters in other works who have Ch and Ku in their name/nickname respectively (e.g. Chloe -> Kuro in Prisma, Kurisu -> Christina in S;G)

>> No.18712911 [DELETED] 

>1. Chro and Cro do not have the same pronunciation, if you pronounce Chronos correctly (Χρόνος)
Holy shit you're retarded.

>> No.18712928

No, it doesn't sound better.

>> No.18712942

>1. Chro and Cro do not have the same pronunciation, if you pronounce Chronos correctly (Χρόνος)
An omicron rather than an omega does not determine the English pronunciation of a word; e.g. λόγος can be correctly pronounced "loh-gos". Words that use "chrono" as a prefix, e.g. chronotherapy, can also be correctly pronounced with "kroh".

>> No.18712950

English pronunciation of the name is about as relevant as it is for any romanized Japanese name.

>> No.18712960

The same can be said of Greek, so I'm not sure what your point is. We are discussing a translation into English, though, are we not?

>> No.18712990

No, Greek is the only relevant pronunciation here. It's translated into English, but all the names are to be pronounced in their original language. The exact same thing is done with any other character in the VN. The Japanese characters' names are read with a Japanese pronunciation, so why should Chronos be read with an English pronunciation?

>> No.18713012

You aren't reading the names in a Japanese pronunciation, you're pronouncing a Japanese name in a rough English equivalent. Japanese isn't even capable of making the distinction between omicron and omega that you're talking about, as they are two separate vowel sounds qualitatively.
>so why should Chronos be read with an English pronunciation?

>> No.18713022
File: 604 KB, 960x540, 1489369354993.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TL tools anon here. Glad they worked for you.
I would've made a proper repacker, but I'm still learning my way through C++ so most likely it would have ended a disaster.

>> No.18713038

1. If you read it properly, the only part I specifically mentioned was chi (X - CH) because of Chr vs. Cr vs. Kr
2. Projecting much? Of course I pronounce Japanese names in Japanese. I am not a stupid american. If you pronounce Makoto as Mækotoʊ or whatever, that's a problem on your side.

>> No.18713050

Some guy on /vn/ translated the first 500 lines of vndb.org/v14393 and is asking for feedback. /vn/ being the moebutas that they are, they shooed him away.

>> No.18713052


>> No.18713056

Wrong link
I fucking wish one day

>> No.18713058

>1. If you read it properly, the only part I specifically mentioned was chi (X - CH) because of Chr vs. Cr vs. Kr
This is a Greek consonant distinction that is not reflected in either English or Japanese.
>2. Projecting much? Of course I pronounce Japanese names in Japanese. I am not a stupid american. If you pronounce Makoto as Mækotoʊ or whatever, that's a problem on your side.
I've tried to have a discussion about this before but no one on this site understands basic phonology so I'm not going to bother trying again.

>> No.18713063

>This is a Greek consonant distinction that is not reflected in either English or Japanese
Oh really? I wonder why I mentioned that it's not supposed to be read with either of these languages' pronunciations.

>> No.18713074

>Why would you read this Greek word in an English manner when it shows up in an English translation and English has thousands of words derived from Greek with a generally systematized manner of pronouncing them?
Who am I quoting?

>> No.18713079

Words =/= names

>> No.18713082

>Words aren't names and names aren't words even though English has a systematized method of pronouncing classical Greek and Latin names which you can look up in dictionaries of words
Is this real life?

>> No.18713090

There will likely be a convention thread that goes up for Anime Boston/Sakura Con by tomorrow with MG having a panel at Anime Boston and Sekai having panels at both.

>> No.18713100

I knew you wouldn't get it. Common words derived from other languages, which were oftentimes modified to suit the language better is not the same thing as a name. Take chronological, for example. I will 100% agree with you on the English pronunciation of that word. But Chronos is a name. It does not matter that there are words derived from its root in the English language. You pronounce names correctly, you don't fuck them up by americanizing them. That applies to any foreign language.

>> No.18713108

Which means that no, Cro is not a valid hypocorism of Chronos.

>> No.18713119

>You pronounce names correctly, you don't fuck them up by americanizing them. That applies to any foreign language.
The traditional manner of pronouncing classical names in English is to render them into the English system of pronunciation. It is the reason why we pronounce Hercules as "her-kyuh-leez". This has nothing to do with America, as you'd know if you had any clue about what you're talking about. I won't bother mentioning the treatment of Japanese names in English, e.g. Tokyo, since you're probably autistic enough to pronounce it as two syllables.

>> No.18713135

とうきょう, as it's supposed to be pronounced. If I mispronounce someone's name and they correct me, I don't start yelling at them about why their name should be pronounced in glorious Queen's English since we're speaking in English. I would get punched in the face. You need to learn how things work in practice, and why it's right that they work this way.

>> No.18713136

>You need to learn how things work in practice
I already know that we Anglicize classical names, though.

>> No.18713141

Just classical, eh? Already backpedalling, I see.

>> No.18713146

Looking at three separate updates of the Cross Channel global achievements percentages on Steam (see https://pastebin.com/w8i0AbCV ), they have shown up as numbers locked in at specific percentage intervals. With them being roughly .67 apart as of yesterday evening, then .65 apart overnight, and finally .63 apart this morning, without ever having gaps less than .6 apart, I would venture to estimate that Cross Channel had roughly 150 owners on Steam as of yesterday evening, and roughly 160 owners as of now now. That said, I'm not sure how privacy settings, etc would influence what shows up in the global chart, and this is solely representative of owners reflected on the Global Achievements chart.

Obviously though, this estimation is only useful for titles with Steam achievements and a small number of owners. It is completely useless for a title such as A Sky Full of Stars which has achievements as close as .1 to each other (which isn't a surprise as Steamspy suggests it has sold a few thousand copies).

>> No.18713152

Hang on, I'm pronouncing Ryou like in Japanese even though English can't imitate "ry" as an initial consonant. I need to be authentic, you know? Give me a minute.

>> No.18713159

Shocking revelation, people are capable of speaking more than one language. You are not limited to pronouncing all the names in the world in English. Especially when they're not supposed to be.

>> No.18713164

Sorry, I need to learn Japanese to read an English translation of a Japanese game. This will take more time than I thought so please be patient.

>> No.18713171

All you need to learn are the several dozen sounds, which you should already know if you read VNs, since you heard all of them a million times. If this takes you more than an hour, I'm afraid you're mentally retarded.

>> No.18713180

I'm wondering what the point of that is since I could just use the morphemes from my own language and understand everything, but I realize how important it is to be "authentic" so I guess it doesn't matter. I guess we can both ignore the pitch accent though, since that's too hard, eh?

>> No.18713186

You could do that, but you can't claim it's the correct way to do so.

>> No.18713188

Oh no, I meant phoneme not morpheme. That would be a convenient thing to focus on wouldn't it?

>> No.18713195

I can since it's how English is normally spoken, autists notwithstanding.

>> No.18713198

I'm sure your potential Japanese colleagues will appreciate this in the future.

>> No.18713203

I'm sure they'll be polite enough to keep their mouths shut.

>> No.18713206

Unlike you, the rude motherfucker who would keep pronouncing it wrong on purpose even if they did speak up.

>> No.18713228

What are you even talking about? If I was having a conservation with a Japanese person, in Japanese, I would not expect them to learn the sounds of English in order to pronounce my name. I would expect them to use their own native phonemes, which is how they normally pronounce foreign words. The one that is actually rude is the one demanding nonsense like this from other people so that your ego can be stroked by having your name pronounced exactly the way you want.

>> No.18713259

If the name does not officially exist in their language (I mean languages taking the name and modifying it like Charles/Karl/Carlos), then you should ask how to pronounce it correctly, provided you don't know already know. It's the polite thing to do.

>> No.18713269

>I demand you imitate foreign sounds in order to pronounce my name; this is how polite I am.
When in Rome, anon.

>> No.18713285

There's no demanding involved. Either one side asks for the pronunciation or the other side provides it after it's mispronounced. It's about giving it an honest try.

>> No.18713294

I'll make sure to ask for their pronouns while I'm at it. Wouldn't want to offend them/xem/zir.

>> No.18713310


>> No.18713314

Of course you would bring SJW bullshit into a common courtesy argument.

>> No.18713334

Stop that.

>> No.18713339

Common courtesy would be to let people comfortably speak in the sounds of their own language.

>> No.18713379

Allowing people to get your name wrong and don't caring about it isn't courtesy.

>> No.18713390

Why'd we even let people speak something other than glorious English then?

>> No.18713433

They aren't getting my name wrong if they pronounce an imitation of my name with their own native sounds. If my name was Daniel and a Japanese person pronounced it ダニエル then I would say that they got it right as far as I am concerned.

>> No.18713634

Seems like this discussion would do best to return to the point where we agree that nicknames do not have to be part of the full name.

>> No.18713694

Time to find out how to extract the script in Magical Marriage Lunatics.

>> No.18713987

This all reminds me of the Circe debate.

>> No.18714000
File: 65 KB, 604x340, cdc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If anyone is wondering why is this autist saying that:

Go beg Doddler for the tools, maybe if he pities you enough he'll give them to you.

>> No.18714010

I don't think I need to ask Doddler just yet. I will try some general tools and then ask the guy on fuwa who worked on the fan TL project for this.

>> No.18714036

At least they got 2 of them correct.

>> No.18714241

>Circe debate
Archive link? want a laugh.

>> No.18714257

No, it isn't something from here, just the eternal debate between Kirkee and Sursee.

>> No.18714444

Is anybody going to ask MangaGamer about SukiSuki at their panel?

>> No.18714562

i think it'll come up and they'll answer that they can't say anything

>> No.18714602

Just as a quick summary of the panels this weekend

Anime Boston - Friday 9:30PM

Sekai Project
Anime Boston - Friday 2:30PM
SakuraCon - Saturday 7:00PM

>> No.18714640

if we went back in time and bullied them while they were working on school days could we have prevented shekel project existing?

>> No.18714675

These panels aren't streamed, right?

>> No.18714688

To farther add to this, using a 4th data point now, Cross Channel has maintained the pattern (though at .61 between increments, suggesting roughly 165 owners now). It is possible that it is a multiple of this, but without seeing any in between multiple over 4 updates and seeing achievements increment by a single value (for example, the final achievement going from 2 times the gap to 3 times the gap between two updates) makes that increasingly unlikely.

Provided that is accurate, Cross Channel is likely off to a rather disappointing start for Moenovel. At 165 owners and an $8.99 launch price, they would be at just over $1k in revenue at US prices, though with a number of their sales being to the Chinese market at roughly half the price it would drop even farther (although it would be a bit higher if privacy settings keep achievements from showing up on the global achievement charts). Even in the unlikely scenario that it is a multiple, it would almost certainly be at roughly 330 owners, which wouldn't make the numbers look promising either. That said, Moenovel will inevitably look for ways to cash in down the road as they have managed to do so with their other titles.

>> No.18714760

I hope they give us a release date or something on maitetsu since they said that "big news" was coming soon a month ago.

>> No.18714770

Anon listen Katakana is supposed to be a thing for foreign loan word borrowing mostly for English, some words in European and sometimes in Spanish. There are sometimes stylistic choices where it does indeed use Japanese words for Katakana to be simplistic. It's basically all about context.

>> No.18714837

If there's a decent phone signal, someone in the audience might be able to stream.

>> No.18714854

Give it a few years anon. You are being way too optimistic.

>> No.18714866

They also said they will stop announcing releases/dates so early in that AMA, so who knows.

>> No.18714875

>They also said they will stop announcing releases/dates so early in that AMA
I like how it only took a few weeks for them to break that promise.

>> No.18714935

I hope they at least give us a rough time-frame, it would be fitting if they did since it was announced at SakuraCon.

>> No.18715160

Did you forget that they had 18+ Baldr news for Summer 2016? Which they had to push forward because "We can't say anything during negotiations".

I like how those negotiations seem to take years just to get an OK for an uncensored version.

>> No.18715241

They announced Baldr Sky at AX 2016 saying "we don't have any details about what we are releasing" while a developer for Giga at the time noted that only an all ages release was planned, then directed farther questions to Sekai. Then in Fall 2016 at Anime Weekend Atlanta, they basically said "we are trying" for Baldr Sky while saying that they had a plan for R18 Maitetsu.

Eventually, Sekai made an R18 announcement for Maitetsu (although it was suppose to happen by the end of 2016, and didn't until AX 2017), but they have not suggested anything else about them getting R18 Baldr Sky aside from them occasionally saying "we're trying". It seems likely that while Sekai may have pivoted and began caring about R18 releases in the latter half of 2016 and had everything else sorted out by AX 2017, Giga wasn't looking to give them R18 Baldr Sky and just licensed out Baldr Sky to jump aboard the Steam train and Sekai didn't consider that a deal breaker (as they were getting one of the highest profile gameplay VNs and were negotiating with Giga while the Steam craze was still ongoing).

>> No.18715318

I bet the ''big news'' that they are talking about will be a 18+ version of Baldr Sky. Since they are the only company who announce all ages and 18+ versions separate.
And most likely they will announce another highly rated and popular title, maybe WA2 or SakuUta, who knows.

>> No.18715335

I forgot, one of them will be Clover Days.

>> No.18715371
File: 183 KB, 1158x1356, 1492273119848.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we need some Tomaru Sawagoe

>> No.18715437

If they got a new big license such as WA2 or Sakura no Uta, they wouldn't announce it until AX.

>> No.18715463

is anyone translating SakuUta?

>> No.18715475


>> No.18715616

Why not?

>> No.18715651

How does he not age at all after fucking like 4 generations of his daughters.

>> No.18715976

after putting the patch into the 18+ version, the game doesn't start - only shows the black screen and it freezes.
Any idea? The game runs fine without the patch

>> No.18715992

Does it stop responding? If not it's probably just loading, the patch increases start up time by quite a bit.

>> No.18716014

Go to srl.ini, change dump=false to dump=true and post results what the additional window says after game start.

>> No.18716018

yeah, it stops respoding. I'm on W7 with japanese locale

>> No.18716019

Sorry, I mean debug=false to debug=true. I'm retarded.

>> No.18716056
File: 80 KB, 837x726, ssss.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nieprawidlowy format ciagu wejsciowego = Incorrect string input format.

>> No.18716084

Tried a bunch of things on both win10 and w7 but I can't seem to be able to reproduce it right now.
For now, try deleting Strings.srl. The game should create a new one when you start it. If all else fails, I'll just upload my game with the saves deleted.

>> No.18716113
File: 36 KB, 677x1032, ss2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it took about 2mins at this phase and then again the same error.
Were there any updates for CC 18+ version? Maybe I have the older game version and that's causing the error?

>> No.18716118

Yes, I have version 1.01.

>> No.18716126
File: 358 KB, 1286x748, ss3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mine says 1.00e Unrated, so probably that might be the problem

>> No.18716143

Definitely. Get the patch or download it on nyaa. 1.00 had technical issues by itself once you got to the H-scenes.

>> No.18716275

It's super long.

>> No.18716664

Just had a thought, while otome might just broadly mean more otomege in general, it might also be a hint for Otoboku 2? Considering 3 was just released in Japan, it might be time to revisit that series?

>> No.18716928

It's not anime otome title.

>> No.18717214

For the panel announcements this weekend.

>> No.18717217

Not sure what you mean, Otoboku is a VN series too.

>> No.18717225

I wouldn't read it to be anything more than a hint that they will have some more otome announcements.

>> No.18717504

No surprise at all, considering that Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome sold so well that it already got a physical edition pre-order.

>> No.18717798

Otome means female MC with male love interests. So Otoboku isn't an otome.

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