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Would you ask Yuuka out on a date?

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No, I don't date old hags.

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I _have_ asked.

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Stop fucking youkai you degenerate

Put your dick into a human for once

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>for once

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What. Is there something wring with sticking your dick in youkai? I mean, sometimes they're less complainy and nice compared to humans.. Also, sloppy seconds aren't so nice. Neither are village bikes.

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>nice compared to human
Nicer than their human counterparts

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Probably, it is up to her if she accepts or declines thereafter, but points to me for trying.

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id ask her to be my mommy or my aunt and please take care of me and make every thign okay please

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Yes, of course.

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I like Yuuka a lot but I'm already married.

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Rip Anon. He's missing out. Unless he has a youkai wife of course

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an anal date in a love hotel maybe

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Yeah, me too.

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Yuuka anus must be delicious.

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Wait... Is that you, Ex-president?

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I agree. God wants us to fuck humans.

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1: Youkai are evolutionary dead ends. 2: Most of them are murderers and sociopaths. 3: If you pick a Youkai as your lover. Then that means your real human soulmate is out there somewhere, alone and unloved. 4: Don't fuck your natural predator.

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>me having a real human soulmate
Nice joke, anon.

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I would but I heard she only dates little boys.

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Go somewhere else, slut

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>real human soulmate
1) Who?
2) Why should she exist?
3) Why can't I have an imaginary youkai soulmate? I would bet it's Kogasa.
>Don't fuck your natural predator.
4) Resistance only makes my penis stronger.

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what if I'm a full grown man with the life experience and maturity of a little boy?

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Yuukarin, when you want to pet a cute child so much, you shouldn't be smiling ominously like that.

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It's not a dead end, if we go back to the beginning...

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Yes but not before sneaking in a feel.

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Remembering that big, scary Yuuka is an ancient Japanese woman and probably 5'2 at best!

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post the second part

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perfect height to manhandle in bed

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And yet Zun put her in the same height bracket as Rinnosuke, who dwarfs the other girls except Yuugi.
The E-Mails weren't the only source of semi-confirmed Touhou heights.

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Can I have proofs?

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Please don't hurt the ice fairy crazy botanist lady.

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I'd ask to be her househusband!

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What, Cirno is a crazy botanist lady as well as an ice fairy?!

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Ethnobotany tanned ice fairies.

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But we all know Cirno can't be a lady.

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'Zat so?

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Yuuka is really cute! She cuter when she blushes, but much much cuter when she has a nice heartwarming kind and loving smile while hugging you on a nice calm morning in Gensokyo!

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But Yuukarin is not an ice fairy. Or is she?

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She's out there anon, just waiting for you to find her. Don't give up!

>1) Who?
I don't know. You have to find her.

>2) Why should she exist?
Because everybody has a soulmate. It's like, destiny and stuff.

>3) Why can't I have an imaginary youkai soulmate?
Because they aren't real. And even if they were, god would want you to fuck humans.

>4) Resistance only makes my penis stronger.
You know they're just going to eat you after sex, right?

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>You know they're just going to eat you after sex, right?

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Your post is cute and earnest but also extremely irritating at the same time. Impressive.

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