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Time passes in the Windows canon and the girls (Raymoo Marisa Sanny) are about in their mid-late 20s.

Ten years from now, assuming ZUN isn't dead and is still making games, what are the chances they ended up pregnant mothers?

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Pregnant Marisa with huge saggers full of milk for her baby!

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Lower than the chances of ZUN saying "just kidding they don't age."

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Raymoo Marisa Sanny should be in their late 20's early 30's
The question is will they want a Christian wedding?

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Taking Sanny on a honeymoon! Choking Sanae passionately while tearing her hymen! Cumming together and getting hrr pregnant on the first night!

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A Youkai stopped Gensokyo's inhabitants' aging for some years without anyone noticing, it's considered an incident, she gets beaten and then drinks tea with everyone.
This way the main girls are all biologically 17 again

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Reimu probably doesn't age because
-hidden effect of the yinyang orb
-meddling by Yukari
-huffing vampire dust
-will of her god due to its fear of never having another follower
or some other such excuse.

Marisa can just stop her aging without becoming a youkai and Sanae can stop it from a miracle or something, but more likely ZUN will just go "lol universe reset" at some point.

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Time based youkai when.
Could be cool. Stages are are from different time periods or even timelines. Theme could be ageing or decay of time or something like that.
Never ever tho.

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Who would willingly want to marry Reimu?

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Me, myself and I

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Do you enjoy being abused and treated like trash?

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Wrong question. Who wouldn't want to marry Reimu?

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Nobody wants to put up with a lazy slob who's prone to violent mood swings.

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How naive. Why do you think that Tsundere and others deres exist. What are you even doing on jay if you don't know how various fetishes work.

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There's a difference between tsun and spousal abuse.

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Whatever you say man.

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There are already two humans with time related powers, Sakuya with time and Kaguya with eternity.

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impregnating marisa and making her happy!