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1st for Grace

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A friend is going to sell me his Turbocharger for 200 clams
I'm pretty excited to learn more about all the sdvx characters and stuff, are the mission mode stories translated anywhere?

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You can somewhat guess what the song sounds like by the character on the jacket.

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RIP pop'n music edition

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There was some translated PDFs in the SDVX players Facebook, otherwise if you're on the site you can read the translation

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Gonna buy a USKOC. Besides the cardoboard mod is there anything I should know? I have a FP7 but I want to play CS on my other apartment without carrying my more expensive controller around.

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If possible, a JKOC feels a lot better with a cardboard mod. A JKOC may stick so you might need to shave the corners of the buttons to avoid it.

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anyone know where to buy an am.pass for pump it up? my local "arcade" is useless as fuck and they don't have any left, ebay doesn't turn up with anything and the one google result that has them has them on back order.

I'm using a USB right now.

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I know there’s a GW translation over on 1cc that replaces the dll for you. I don’t know what my missions are because I get distracted easily but the story is in English so.

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what the fuck

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Does the cabinet have a card reader? if it does, then its just that the am.passes are out of stock in that arcade

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How many people cheat by playing DP with 2 people to get on top of the leaderboards?

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>tfw +3,1 offset

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dude that's ereter... he could play 14 keys BETTER than 2 people at once. that's not even close the hardest videos he's posted.

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I know in the grand acheme of things scoring is harder and more important than clearing but why does it matter kf my score soas above my rivals if they all cleared that song but me?

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work on your timing anon that's abysmal

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I played on a cab that used a laggy HDTV and I already play fast and I didn't even go over +2.0

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>You're pressing buttons to the exatct same rhythm of the song

>the sound of the button presses are in synch with the song's beat
>Your score's still bad

People will defend this.

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Repeat your question in english

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when you get better you will clear that song, raising your score even higher above theirs and repeating the process on something harder.

when they get better they'll clear something else that's .1 level higher in density than the last until they run into the absolute highest level charts in the game.

then they'll either decide to learn scoring because they realize they missed out on 66% of the depth of the game, or be a bms player for the rest of their lives

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That's literally not possible, the actual chart would have to be timed incorrectly. There's no modern rhythm game where that could be possibly fucked up.

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So when is Impulse Platform coming out?

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"ships march 2018" - two years ago

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Would getting a converter for my FP7 to play Project Diva Future tone on PS4 be worth it? Or is it best to just use the DS4? I know the AC cabs use 4 buttons so the iidx controller could be good.

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Nah try to get official controller instead, PDX one will work too as it is basically the same thing.
Arcade buttons are huge in comparison so I doubt that smashing iidx buttons with two hands will be any comfortable. That means you need 8 buttons for alternating like in official mini controller with a proper layout.

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So people playing on AC alternate their hands on a single button since it is only 4? I also have a sdvx controller if that would be good. If not I might have to by an official controller.

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>So people playing on AC alternate their hands on a single button since it is only 4?
There is no other way to hit the same button very fast so yes - watch videos.
I recently bought FT controller myself after playing with ds4 for a long time and clearing most of the 9* and 10* with it. Arcade layout makes so much more sense than ds4, especially for multi notes. The controller itself is pretty sturdy and has a metal plate underneath. Buttons, on the other hand, are very loud, have cheap plastic feeling and very light springs and a high actuation point so this needs quite a lot of time to get used to. You'll still need to alternate with two buttons for fast notes though I saw people alternating with two hands but found it uncomfortable with the button size and light springs.

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ill look into getting one, thanks

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Are you corean.

Playing on a laggy monitor would be encouraging you to use a more negative offset, so you'd probably be using +3.0 or higher on a better monitor.

Any amount of positive offset is objectively wrong unless your arcade is dumb and uses HD* on regular HD monitors.

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>Any amount of positive offset is objectively wrong
And why is that?

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>Any amount of positive offset is objectively wrong unless your arcade is dumb and uses HD* on regular HD monitors.
this is actually pretty accurate, lot of people use way higher offset and hit way faster than they should

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sows down?

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0.0 offset is already wrong since it requires that you hit notes before they touch the red line, but it happens to feel fine for most people since everyone tends to play at least a frame or two early. Using a positive offset and playing earlier than that is even worse.

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I'm at 0.0 on Cannon Ballers on a cab with a Samsung monitor and it's good. Feels about as on-time as the good CRT beatmania games

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Congrats, you fit in the "plays at least a frame or two early" category. Watch yourself play with a high speed camera sometime. You'll learn a lot about yourself.

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Do dancing games still exist?

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Does anyone have any experience with Taiko Force Lv5?

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What rhythm game do you recommend that I could play on my pc ? I'm probably shit so something easy to pick up would be good

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I have a laggy monitor at home that I usually play at -.4 through -.7 but when I play AC I play close to +1.0 ... that's normal then?

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zero commitment, true entry-level tier: flash flash revolution http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/

next step up: stepmania, with custom song packs (stepmaniaonline website is a good place to get a lot of them. if you're bad start with official ddr charts)

truthfully stepmania is a lot "better" than FFR you might get frustrated with how janky FFR is, it's just slightly easier than downloading and setting up stepmania. either way 4-key games on keyboard is basically the entry point for other rhythm games. from there you might go to sound voltex/k-shoot mania, or to beatmania iidx/lunatic rave 2, or even stepmania/ddr with your feet

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lunatic rave 2. if you enjoy it get a controller and get on sows

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>and get on sows

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If I start playing DP in IIDX will I get better in single?

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I'd try DJMAX Trilogy since it is a complete package with a lot of easy tracks and a 4 button mode.

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no it's a totally different game
dp players don't even one-hand sp well

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OSU: now, this is only to begin with rhythm games, its easy to pick up and it does have some good songs, if you know where to look (also its one of the easier games to run)

Stepmania: download custom song packs (they can be easily found on stepmania online), it also haves some gimmick charts that are hard and impressive to look at

LR2: It can be hard to get it set up, but its a great IIDX and pop n music emulator, songpacks can be a bit tricky to find, but most of them have original songs

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Is the FP7 from gamo worth it or should I get one of the more expensive ones?

>> No.18639221

the fp7 is good and just as expensive if you get good parts

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premium/real edition are full arcade dimensions (massive)

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Things that never happened and never will, the pic.

Maybe during the short timespan where DDR was mainstream, I guess.

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it's actually happened to me over the span of the last 3 years or so

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And if i'm AAA'ing stuff with equal slow/fasts just fine why does it matter?
Fuck off lmao

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>There's no modern rhythm game where that could be possibly fucked up.
DDR says hi.

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I want to bangin burst Prim!

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TECHNIKA DLC for djmax coming on the 28th. Get hyped.


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If it doesn't matter then why are you offended over someone on an anonymous imageboard stating facts? Enjoy hitting early I guess.

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>aaaing is the goal

not gonna make it

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What does HD* actually do

>> No.18640695

ask where you got your data

it doesn't do anything special

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HD* 0.0 offset is equivalent to HD -1.0 offset.

It's not a data-specific question.

>> No.18640763

>ask where you got your data

this, it's just baked-in -1.0 offset for easier setup of some of the monitors konami shipped with newer cabs

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it's always something with you faggots, last thread it was switches/springs
anyways feel free to post your 98s with +0.0 offset

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I've been getting into groove coaster as my first real rhythm game.
I saw that they've got an event going on and I was wondering if ti was worth grinding out to get any of the navigators. Do those kind of things carry over into the new game?
I'm really bad and I can only full chain a few of the songs on rotation and I'm concerned the poor kids working the floor at the arcade will get annoyed at hearing Cruel Angel's Thesis 15 times in the span of an hour.

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I got a 98.7% on Damage Per Second Leggendaria the other day and I use -1.5 on Cannon Ballers because I don't like playing early thanks.

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Well Dance Rush is coming.

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>it's always something with you faggots, last thread it was switches/springs
i learned a lot about springs and switches because of that conversation

>> No.18640981

Well first, assuming your arcade is R1 or something to that effect, unless the attendants are at arms reach at all times, no one is going to hear shit.

Second, do what you gotta do, and pay no attention to those around you (unless of course they’re waiting to play).

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Understood. Thanks, I'll try to get better at the other songs so I'm not spamming the same one for points, but the guaranteed 60+ stars per credit would make the grind much more bearable.

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That picture was saved like 10 years ago

>> No.18641063

Holy shit didn't know it existed, looks super fun if it is actually the same as arcade drum https://youtu.be/ghU1p1jGBsA

>> No.18641081

nice try but the only scores that count are ones done with +0.0 offset, non-ran, no towel, no meme playstyle, and no bar

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>positive offset is wrong

Who the fuck cares what your offset is, just hit the god damn pgreats. There's top rankers who play with like +4.0 offset and shit so it literally doesn't matter as long as you feel comfortable.

>> No.18641208

almost like there is a sound delay and hitting earlier is just compensating for it.

>> No.18641233

Being good and being wrong aren't mutually exclusive.

Visual latency and audio latency are entirely independent. Your visual offset should be the same even if the audio is silenced.

>> No.18641238

>Visual latency and audio latency are entirely independent.
If there is a 100ms sound latency, I'll hit notes 100ms earlier. Simple logic.

>> No.18641325

that depends on whether audio/video are in sync or not.

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>over $400 for a circle

>> No.18642034

no different than buying a dao. And its not as easy to diy, unlike standard button controllers.

>> No.18642276

have any of the taiko games ever been cracked?

>> No.18642655

Don't know about the data but the drums sure cracked a lot of times.

>> No.18643492

anyone else feel the notes arent very smooth in djmax respect?

>> No.18643563

what do you even mean by that

>> No.18643577

The note scrolling feels a bit stuttery sometimes

>> No.18643623

are you on regular ps4 or pro?

>> No.18643631


>> No.18643934


>over $300 for a rotary encoder and microswitched plastic buttons

>> No.18643946

All those controllers are super niche almost boutique tier handmade goods anyway. It is expected that they cost this much.

>> No.18644733

not really sure how to word this but do you guys focus really hard on correct timing in iidx or other games when playing a song or does having good accuracy just come naturally when playing?

>> No.18644771

It's supposed to come naturally.

>> No.18644848

you have to make an effort to learn it at first but then once you have the right mindset it will come naturally and you'll wonder how you were ever okay with seeing equal numbers of pgreats, greats and goods on the results screen

rankers say the best advice is to always play and practice as though you are trying to MAX the song. unless you wanna be one of those meme fullcombo players who fcs mei with 800 fasts and a C

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>old hard drive died
>bought ssd and installed windows
>trying to add my song folder to lr2
>has been hanging for 20 minutes
I just want to rhythm

>> No.18645703

I find using the AAA pacemaker helps motivate good timing.

>> No.18645741

This is true. I started AAing songs when I put the AA pacemaker and was mad the numbers were red most of the time.

>> No.18645848

yeah but once you're past the point of aaaing and just trying to raise aaas further i personally find that i focus better with no pacemaker or if you must have a pacemaker, mybest (green japanese characters on the pacemaker selection wheel)

>> No.18646071

In general my timing came naturally, and is enough to AAA most things. But when going for stuff like 98%s on Anothers, that’s when I very consciously focus on every single note.

>> No.18646085

i want to be one of those meme players

>> No.18646108

i actually wonder about this when it comes to private servers like arcana, but in the end I don't see the incentive to
I have yet to see anyone openly brag about fake DP scores, although cheated scores exist on the leaderboard

>> No.18646316

AA pacemaker is good enough for me. Seeing AAA -1 or something at the end makes me mad though.

>> No.18647137

Yeah this, no one really brags about scores like that
Now that I think about it, has there been any player in recent years that were found out to be lying about scores?
Other than those cheated/faked server scores on psun a few years ago

>> No.18647147

>in recent years
this was a bit of an epidemic with the self-reporting nature of cs games but now that the games are online it's pretty much died off

if your scores are legit, even if you can only perform them at home or something, not at an arcade, you'll be able to do it on some reputable private network

>> No.18647406

do people in japan/korea play itg? or even heard of it?

>> No.18647434
File: 437 KB, 1030x707, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18647494

it is not common or popular but there is a tiny community based around the one public dedicab in world game circus in japan

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im mongolian

>> No.18649777

is half the challenge of project diva trying to see the notes through the obnoxious background?

>> No.18649812

There are no such problems in Future Tone.

>> No.18649836

im playing right now and multiple times the back ground has been too distracting to see the notes on a sight read

>> No.18649839

Get used to it then. All notes have a thick outline and are very distinguishable unlike in previous diva games.

>> No.18649859

Is there a way to dim the background a bit?

>> No.18649879

No, I don't think there is. Just concentrate on notes and don't try to watch PV. You can also equip less sexy modules to not get distracted.

>> No.18650032

if you play keyboard on stepmania there is a build specialised for it called etterna, go check it out

>> No.18651719

the two challenging things about project diva are reading the notes through the backgrounds and arcane layout and listening to the music without blowing your brains out

>> No.18651748

Anyone want to be my friend

>> No.18651796

what game

>> No.18651840

i have a offset of +2.9 (hd*) on my iidx homesetup

is this bad?

>> No.18651875

it's kind of a lot but maybe your monitor or speakers are something are really unusual, hard to tell. you've probably adjusted to hitting earlier than the music, though.

>> No.18653032

How do I get more stamina? I play really well in sdvx for the first 2 or 3 credits and I just get worse after that

>> No.18653474


>> No.18653597

>tired after 2-3 credits of hand game

go work out at a gym you fat (or skelly) fuck

>> No.18653620

i went from +2.0 to +1.0 on cb over the course of a week and it definitely feels better now

>> No.18653667

cb gives you the option to actually adjust yourself and the offset to the point where keysounds and keytaps and the backing music all line up beautifully

it makes me really happy

>> No.18653684

arcana should calculate how much money you have saved by playing with it. how hard would that be to implement?

>> No.18654186

Just multiply your play count by 100 yen

>> No.18654197

subtract the cost of any controllers/switches/springs you've bought though

>> No.18654203


Since most people use premium free and and an unlimited time hex edit that wouldn't be too accurate.
It might be closer to divide the total songs played by 2 (or 3)

>> No.18654553

How much money do you guys think Japanese people spend in arcades to become as good as they are?

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File: 1.10 MB, 728x728, High_level_Button_rhythm_gameplay.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dunno, exactly, but I can tell ya that in the several months I've practiced, going up from wiping out at an 8-9-7 playlist to being able to a 10-11-11-8 list in the modern system, I would estimate it took me about 50$ over that period.

Granted I only averaged about 2 rounds per week, and never actually did more than 3 rounds in a single cycle.

If I had to estimate based upon the other more avid players, at least one of them plays at least a half-dozen rounds each cycle I've seen them play, and have even seen them do Endymion twice, I would definately see them putting at least 20$ a week onto actual practice.

One of the pros did mention in a DDR documentary that they practiced six hours a day, three times a week.
Going on the presumption of 100 yen for a ~10 minute round, then a 10 min rest to let an other group at it, that comes to about ~6K yen per week. I would presume that the week to week amount would be lower more often for the biggest enthusiasts, given they of all people would take advantage of having their own cabinets, and would definitely take on some arcade credit diacounts.

>> No.18655119

with all this offset talk, should I use +1.0 or 0.0 in HD Sinobuz?

>> No.18655144

Whatever offset gives you close to an equal number of slows and fasts is what you should use.

>> No.18655256

is it me or is ddr A timing really late

>> No.18655480

Camera-san’s new album has to drop soon...r-right?

>> No.18655699

How long does it usually take for some who hasn't played sdvx to get 10th dan?

>> No.18655848

Took me 2.5 months from zero. I had experience with other rhythm games though.

>> No.18655851

Took me like three months without much too much experience with this sort of VSRG gameplay. If you played stuff like IIDX before you might be a lot faster.

>> No.18655887

Already 2 1/2 months into sdvx and it still feels like I'm still miles away from lv. 17 charts.

>> No.18655922

Well, it heavily depends on how much you play and how much you balance leaving your comfort zone to challenge yourself once in a while. I wouldn't say I played very casually in those three months, but I didn't no-life it either.

Take it at your own pace.

>> No.18656489

I played like 500+ games over that time so yeah.

>> No.18657157

>is it me or is ddr A timing really late
it is

>newscale ddr

how is that even possible did you get into music games a week ago

>> No.18657405

how the FUCK can i stop getting the urge to close my eyes for as long in between notes when i am playing a song. it is ruining me

>> No.18657420

if you're tired try caffeine
if you can't focus try adderall
if your eyes are legitimately just dry try eyedrops

>> No.18657428

it more of like a challenge where i see how long i can close my eyes, but i can stop doing it

>> No.18657454

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhDaggdaxuk It's already released holy shit

>> No.18657882
File: 236 KB, 850x960, IMG_20180321_125101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

regarding the djrank colored bar on this screen: it ranking you among other players in the shop? or the "area" you are assigned to? or just everyone overall?

>> No.18657897

just open your eyes nigga
look at the screen

>> No.18657909

sounds like you're just autistic and if we could cure autism this cambodian woodcarving messageboard we're posting on would not exist

>> No.18657929

Use random

>> No.18657943


>> No.18657987

why censor the points?

>> No.18658007


because im shitty at the game, senpai. i recognize the first two characters from class mode, is it ranking among others who have your same Dan rank?

>> No.18658048

No one here cares if you're bad or good. Stop acting this gay my man.

>> No.18658150

everyone besides dolce is bad at iidx

>> No.18658153

That depends entirely how much input lag is on the setup. HD cabs running sinobuz are usually 5 frames (I've seen some that are 6), Unianas are from 6-7 frames from what I've tested.

From what I've seen in CB, it runs at 4 frames or -1 frame in input lag. So theoretically you should use +1.0 if you used 0 on a 5 frame setup etc. Just had a dude over who used +0.1 in CB so he had to use -0.9 to play on my home setup which is 5 frames. YMMV

>> No.18658178 [DELETED] 
File: 139 KB, 917x871, sad_pepe__feels_bad_man__vector_by_hirussai-d8uq43y.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you will never be paizuri'd by rasis or bisco

>> No.18658436

This is playing on doubles.
In singles I could probably do a standard set of 12's/13's with a lv.10 extra.
The main limiter for me is physical endurance, mainly because I'm Homer Simpson levels of fat.
If it wasn't a factor, I'd probably keep up with upwards of 15's at first sight.
That said, I hardly was able to clear a 3 song my first time playing beatmania a month or so ago, so there's every chance I could actually be bad and I just haven't noticed.

>> No.18658480

christ dude hit the gym i have a friend who is like 500lbs and he can still play extreme 9s for hours

>> No.18658528

Not him but I'm not fat and I even exercise at tbe gym 4 times a week and climbing a few sets of stairs or playing DDR still makes me feel like I'm going to die.

I probably have some health issues, for sure.

>> No.18659072

is donkey konga worth getting?

>> No.18659096

fuck, is it bad that I got so used to DDR A timing that the only way I can time in cannonballers is by having my offset on -2.0. I'm not sure if I should try to adjust my timing or if it's even possible by this point.

>> No.18659526

>timing on an LCD where you have to hit the arrows some 5 frames before they overlap the targets
You guys are talking about the audio synchronization, right.

Visual offset is entirely independent from audio, so the offset you use in IIDX should be unrelated to DDR's audio synchronization. Incidentally. -2.0 is a pretty good offset depending on the Cannon Ballers machine.

>> No.18659670
File: 654 KB, 506x791, ddraislate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18659713

Jesus that's horrendous.

>> No.18659973

I want a TAG album

>> No.18660141

>this isn't in djmax respect
it's objectively the best version of the song

>> No.18660206

More like, FAG

>> No.18660278

woke up with "thats right" in my head yesterday

>> No.18660413

it's bullshit that ruti'n isn't in respect - it's way better than the (still decent) remix

>> No.18660494


another blastix inspired chart

>> No.18660513

Don’t forget about Licht and UTaka...and Rag and K*Cha and Taka.S and M!tsba and Macaod and Una-10 and Rks-32 and Ereter and Violex and (insert anyone with a Server Record)

>> No.18660721

and my boi MACAOF

>> No.18660861

tfw you make more gains in the past 3 weeks than you have in the past 1.5 years

I swear going to Japan gives you superpowers or some shit after you come back

>> No.18661079

Are we talking /fit/ gains, or just point scoring gains?

>> No.18661152

possibly both, the urge to pick up asian qt3.14 rhythm game gfs is too strong

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So I checkout out this turbocharger and the right knob is wobbly, and while playing the top (cap?) of the knob will even come off.
I don't know much about SDVX controllers, is this a simple fix or do I have to buy new knobs?
Either way he only wants 150 for it so i'll probably still buy it but just wondering how to fix it

>> No.18661283

By top do you mean the knob itself? If so check the hole on the side of the knob, there should be a screw in there you tighten with an Allen key, if it's missing it shouldn't be too hard to buy a replacement somewhere. Should mention I have a TC+ but I'd imagine it's the same here.

>> No.18661298
File: 52 KB, 344x472, 1500244102677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Should've found a picture, but yeah it's this part here.
I'm guessing that hole is where the allen wrench goes?

>> No.18661318

don't own a turbocharger but I have installed knobs for other hardware

I can confirm that is where the allen wrench goes

>> No.18661333

He says he doesn't have the wrench or key that came with it, would the size that fits just be in a regular allen wrench set?
I'll probably have to buy one

>> No.18661342

Got out of 6dan hell, more 11s, better scores, that sort of thing

I guess the walking gave me /fit/gains in a way too

>> No.18661367

If it's the same size as the TC+ you'll want a 1.5mm key.

>> No.18661375

Thanks for the help!

>> No.18661461

If the knob has already fallen off just bring the whole thing to the hardware store and try all of them. Buy the one that fits.

>> No.18663345

CB when
I don't wanna do GAIA scales for 10th

>> No.18663569
File: 990 KB, 1700x1900, 67687901_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder what song is she playing

>> No.18664052

Are /fit/ gains real?

>> No.18664079

Of course. Being fit helps you with everything, including reaction and dexterity. There is a reason why there are very few pro gamers in any genre that are fat fucking slobs.

>> No.18664193

why are the knobs reversed

also probably some shit vocaloid song that isn't her voice, there's plenty to choose from

>> No.18664359

If I get /fit/, do I get better in BMS?

>> No.18664416

Get /fit/ for the sake of being fit, not because of a fucking videogame.
I say this as a person whose favorite thing in life are videogames.

>> No.18665342

dlc for na djmf when?

>> No.18666559

makes iidx timing easier if your arms are stronger

>> No.18666822

Looks to be delayed for next month. Possibly early April I’d say. They said they didn’t have a release day in the interview in today’s Technika event. The month is already ending very soon and for them to still be unsure about the date, I highly doubt it’ll come this month.

Some of the replies are as below:

We are preparing for DJMAX Online DLC but we'll need some time to ensure that it is of quality

We're still working on collaborations; you'll hear announcements once the details are solidified

We're looking at porting to Nintendo Switch but because of how Switch controller feels different with different button placements, we need a lot more work (and time) to make the game feel natural for Switch. Currently we're overwhelmed with other tasks. (Personal opionin : Don't expect it anytime soon)

While NA release has received good reviews and reception, because rythm game is such a niche genre it didn't receive "explosive" level of sales they were looking for.

DJMAX Ray DLC is yet to be confirmed because Ray-exclusive songs do not have BGA, hence a lot of work is needed to bring it to RESPECT. They are currently in discussion regarding this.

Nothing is confirmed after the Metro DLC. However there definitely will be more DLC to come.

We are looking to organise another competition, but they are looking to come up with new format and content since making it similar to previous events might become repetitive for viewers

DLCs for NA version will be released together, no ETA yet

Black square will be next dlc.

>> No.18666920

>DLCs for NA version will be released together
This is good news. I was worried they would release them in increments.

>> No.18667021

20 songs will be included in Technika DLC, with 1 new respect song being added. They are:

Honeymoon, I Want You, Landscape, Melody, Play the Future, SuperSonic, The Last Dance, DJMAX, Dear My Lady, Fury, Remember, Shoreline, Son of Sun, Sweet Shining Shooting Star, Voyage, Access, Area 7, Beyond the Future, HEXAD, Thor.

New UI and skins. Also, new gameplay for dlcs. It’s like the touchscreen game versions. Mobile/vita.

>> No.18667336

>TNK1 songs
This brings me back. Unfortunately my sweaty hands make the screen glitch way too many times.

>> No.18668794

Seeing insane kaidens like nomo, echo play and they look like anorexic starving korean teens who spend any sort of money they have playing iidx in the arcade and energy drinks, probably not.

Their arms are the width of a twig. Seriously.

>> No.18668945

Smaller hands -> less inertia ->faster and easier movements -> better timing

>> No.18669185

>buy dao for over $600 with EMS shipping
>see in tracking that the package is held by customs for some reason
>ask gamo2 what was the declared package price
>its fucking $40
why is this allowed?

>> No.18669439

With the info we currently have, does anyone know if the co-op mode in Dance Rush costs additional credits, or is it like Pump It Up?

>> No.18671435

>dao arrives
>have to pay $100 import tax at my front door
I almost declined the package

>> No.18672274

Is G-Battle cheating?

>> No.18674034

>Ask Dao to declare full price
>500 dollars import tax

Based goverment.

>> No.18674945
File: 28 KB, 418x396, 1506225491666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buy dao from US storehouse for $250
>free shipping
>shows up on my doorstep in 2 days

>> No.18674988

>get your dao cheaper than everyone else
>get shot on your way home

That's the best i could come up with. Truth is I envy you.

>> No.18675044

Mùseca ASC when ?

>> No.18675066

No but seriously being a Bemani fan in South America and Europe is suffering, i feel for you niggas

Right when the dance maniax and keyboardmania ascs come out, game is dead

>> No.18675485

Am I supposed to not be able to beat 90% of the missions in DJMR? These are fucking impossible

>> No.18675573

Anywhere else aside from STEAM that I can watch "Touching Sound: The Technika Documentary"?

>> No.18675594

its $2 man just pay for it

>> No.18675595

Get better at the game.

I can't plat the game because I can't beat the AI, and I'm 10th dan in IIDX with decent accuracy

>> No.18676012

How do I get worse at iidx
I hate this game

>> No.18677054

use random
play more

>> No.18677728

what is earth power

>> No.18677781

It's just a meme way of saying how well you can clear stuff.

>> No.18677811

how do actually calibrate my iidx timing? i cant fucking figure it out

(sinobuz hd* with hypersonik)

>> No.18678353

Depends on when you want to hit. Slightly before or right when the note is on the judge line? And then just adjust by 1.0 and fine tune once you get close.
And if you don't know what you want, play easy shit at a comfortable BPM and adjust until you get a sort of even balance of fast/slow.

>> No.18679224

Is Dancerush meant to be a more casual dance game or does it look too simple because it's new?

>> No.18680064

definitely more casual, since that's where all the money seems to be

>> No.18680128

How do people get so many hard clears? Do they use non-ran?
I always use random and I can usually beat my rivals in score, but I lose miserably in clears.

>> No.18680156

Probably. You probably died from shitty randoms.

>> No.18680255

Non-ran is the standard.

Your fault for falling for the random meme.

>> No.18680497

yeah generally speaking random makes it more difficult to say, ex hard clear a 9 with some rolls in it. you might get a 6-7 roll or some awkward shit instead of a nicely-patterned 1-3 or 3-5 or whatever

>> No.18680563

Not really most people use random all the time even when Hard Clearing.

>> No.18680614

how do i get past 16/17 wall in sdvx

>> No.18680641

Keep playing new charts between 13 and 16, you'd be surprised at the amount of things you can still learn from them.

Also be aware that the hardest 17s are A LOT harder than the easier 17s, even harder than some 18s.

>> No.18681241

how do i come up with a cool name

>> No.18681620

You'll eventually beat them and they'll curse themselves because they will wall at the game because they can only do nonran patterns.

>> No.18681831


yep this.

I remove all rivals when I grind randoms, it's just less bothersome that way

>> No.18681955

are the nb rangers in djmax basically the betas from mgtow?

>> No.18682566

my dao's usb wires are giving up, what do i do

>> No.18682708

Learn wiring and replace it

>> No.18682759

How do I figure out the timing for my monitor with SDVX data?

My scores are shit compared to what I was getting on cab, dunno if it's my buttons being shit, my monitor, or what.

>> No.18682867

Play without sound to rule out audio delay and/or change offset.

>> No.18683250

>Turn random on
>AAA fly you to the star spa
>previous best was halfway through AA

I'm sorry but why is this not cheating again?

>> No.18683274

What makes you think it's not cheating?

>> No.18683662

the big deal 2 iidx tournament starting now..

lotsa big names in western iidx itt (in this tournament)

>> No.18683700
File: 38 KB, 640x480, 1514504480247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>western IIDX players
>big names

>> No.18683707

Is it streamed?

>> No.18683724

danadamkof on twitch

hey.. don't be mean..

>> No.18683725

Yes. https://www.twitch tv/danadamkof

>> No.18683851

Where can I order copals for my SVES5 without getting jewed on shipping?

>> No.18683958

some of the old PS2-based ones, but i don't think there's even public uncracked dumps of the PS3-based ones
and the other games for the same hardware with dumps, nobody knows how to crack

>> No.18684136

do you all just use hex edits to unlock everything or do you like unlocking things normally for fun?

>> No.18684158

Hex easily.

>> No.18684168

Sometimes when I'm bored I'll do the unlock events but I usually just use the hex edit.

>> No.18687181

I think I'm finally getting close to breaking into low 12s.

Just NC X /\ X \/ on my first try with gauge full the entire song and I thini that's one of them hard 11s.
I'm getting there.

>> No.18687615

Usao 11s are fun. Try Night Sky and Brogamer.

>> No.18688041


Oh god, pls explain. Is Pop'n dead?

>> No.18688177

Yes. Konami got tired of all the furries.

>> No.18688205

Sounds like you're just getting shitty randoms.
Clearing is more about consistency than anything else; if you can time well you can clear well pretty much.

>> No.18688347

Maybe, but there are several instances where I get top score with a fail while most of my rivals hard clear. I don't think my random luck is THAT bad.

>Clearing is more about consistency
Yeah, I don't think I'm very consistent, at least at actually hitting notes. People say hard gauge is good for difficult endings, but I usually can't even make it to the ending because of dumb easy misses. I struggle with normal gauge as well.

>> No.18688542


not officially but there's still not been a game announcement so...

>> No.18689197

They just need to name the next one “Pop’n Tatsu” and be done with it forever.

>> No.18689512


Gitadora floor infection when

>> No.18689574

Is installing new knobs easy?
I don't know if i just don't have the sensitivity right but it feels like half the time it doesn't register properly, especially 'L' kind of patterns

>> No.18689761

Where is SDVX IV data

>> No.18689847

At the arcade

>> No.18689858


>> No.18689860

Found it in three clicks from google. If you're not on sows, LOOK HARDER.

>> No.18690011

Ask Helvetica or Snowfall for it

>> No.18690276

>If you're not on sows
IV isn't on sows yet. Get it from /1cc/

>> No.18690322

or even better, ooc, since in that case you can get it on torrent format, but you'll need an ainsun account to play online

>> No.18690342

i like doing the unlock events, it is quite rewarding

>> No.18690372

>buy DAO FPS
>have to pay 500 dollars of shipping

Th-thanks Macri

>> No.18690430
File: 948 KB, 700x967, 67539340_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish I was that Tamaneko

>> No.18690672

Why did sows ban xim? Did they feel threatened they they don't have complete control over rhythm game piracy?

>> No.18691893

Something something sexism etc etc

>> No.18692161

You had several. Fuck off
t. DDR player

>> No.18692426


There has been years between a Pop'n version before. Plus I can't imagine they'd kill it on its 20th anniversary. Oh god, I'm scared.

>> No.18694054

ooc is 1cc

>> No.18694647

>Plus I can't imagine they'd kill it on its 20th anniversary
I take it you're not a DDR player.

>> No.18694702

I don't know if you mean it's run by the same people or not, but it's definitely not the same thing. OOC is invite only, all 1cc dl's are publicly available.

>> No.18695161

New sdvx when
I want to change my name

>> No.18695520


no 1cc is literal cancer and wastes their time making "clean" versions of decades old games no one is looking for

>> No.18695532

I just bought a dao and have serious issues with scratching. I've been playing bms before so it is completely new to me.
Is the turntable supposed to have a dead zone (when you spin it slowly) and a bit of a delay on input? Is it supposed to have some weight/presaure when I spin it so I need to actually apply some force to spin it fast?

>> No.18695694

Are the Sanwa buttons worth it or are the dao ones fine?

>> No.18695709

>Are the Sanwa buttons worth it

>> No.18695737


>> No.18695767

Daos are fine.

>> No.18695839

My timing is trash

>> No.18695870

Pretty sure all that is normal as mine does that as well. Although Im not 100% sure as I have never played on a cab.

>> No.18695916

I actually disassembled the turntable and it is indeed intentional since there is a fabric disk between the bottom metal plate and top plastic case which provides this friction. Though I guess it is possible to replace it with something slippery.

>> No.18695943

is the dead zone normal?

>> No.18695969

Pretty much. I think it is there because of the TT optical sensor but I am not sure.

>> No.18695975

It feels awful at first, but yes.

>> No.18696066

Is 1048 the best way to play?

>> No.18696145

claw and one hand are the only playstyles that aren't cheating

>> No.18696151

only on shitty cabs. tricoro cabs with the new io and the new turntable assembly are hair-trigger sensitive and spin quite easily

>> No.18696288

Is anyone else completely and hopelessly enamored with jun's beautiful voice? I can't be the only one right???

>> No.18696387

>It's almost a year when this gets removed

>> No.18696475

>fabric disk
It's supposed to be teflon, if you took apart a dao it's not the same

>> No.18696496

play neon fm lol

>> No.18696521
File: 218 KB, 600x600, 1498422474440.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Underneath pic related there is a rather small fabric disk/ring, about 1/3 of its diameter. It's definitely not teflon. Or did you mean arcade cabs use teflon?

>> No.18696542

probably one of the fastest ways to improve if you have god pinky or wrist scratch thanks to not really needing a dynamic playstyle in most situations but it's neither required nor does it really matter in the long run, def a good playstyle to learn though even if you don't plan on using it all the time like taka.s

if you stick to 1048 only you're probably a scratchlet

>> No.18696556

speaking of being a scratchlet, is all scratch on CS and scratch scale on BMS good ways to stop sucking at that

>> No.18696572
File: 52 KB, 462x557, tt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AC has teflon and felt, underside of 10 and 9 respectively

>> No.18696593

I wonder why dj dao didn't use teflon there since its an obvious choice for the material with least friction.

>> No.18696604

Whats the best all-around playstyle to learn for newcomers?

>> No.18696613

Define being a sfratchlet.

Is it being unable to clear scratch songs or scoring poorly on them by getting hundreds of fasts?

Because I'm the latter.

>> No.18696645

just slow down nigga

1048 transitioning into taka.s for scratching and maybe symmetrical for really dense horseshit 12s later on down the line

>> No.18696657

whats the difference between taka.s and 3:5?

>> No.18696719
File: 180 KB, 616x379, tumblr_inline_oyerp5y3Ct1vp7d6u_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

taka.s is you hit 1 and 3 with the same thumb and 3:5 is really just an extension of that to cover 3 and 5 with the non scratching thumb
really comes down to how big your hands are and eventually you should know how to do both to give you flexibility because for example you can't do 1-3 rolls with taka.s and can't do 3-5 chords with 3:5 semi static

>> No.18696723


>> No.18696768

How viable is taka.s with slightly heavier setups? I play with controller in lap and use the Dao default 50/40 and it's awkward as hell when I try it.

>> No.18696831

maybe don't play it in your fuckin lap lmao

>> No.18696840

uhh bulk up lil boi

>> No.18696872

It's either that or put shit under my bulky-ass monitor every time I wanna play.

Heavier compared to the baby setups people apparently love like 50/20 or 25/20. I've played fine with 50/100.

>> No.18697071

Best omega dimension song

>> No.18697129

Taka.S himself, though he doesn’t play in his lap, is currently using a fairly heavy setup for his Infinitas/BMS livestreams. He has an FPS with Sanwa keys and 0.98N microswitches (approx. 100g). Don’t know if he has default Sanwa springs (100g) or has swapped them out with lighter ones.

Point being, yes it’s viable. He also got BMS Kaiden again recently, when he was still borrowing his friends’ EMP, which was like 50/60.

>> No.18697207

i turned on the handcam just to try it out and ended up worsening my complex about my chicken arms

>> No.18697354

I see, thanks. Guess it might just be my position then.

>> No.18697541

daos are fine but omrons are a necessity

>> No.18698120

i dont think playstyles created on ac are directly transferable to sitting or vice versa. sitting iidx really fucks you up

>> No.18698258

Why? There are no cabs in my country so I'll keep co ortably playing while sitting which is probably what all CS players did back in the day. Is it really that bad though? Will I actually embarrass nyself if I play on a cab just because I don't play standing up?

I think you guys are being overdramatic. Youcan probably adapt after a song or two.

>> No.18698292

i play standing and when i play sitting down my scores decrease by triple-digit ex amounts and i get tens more misses

>> No.18698525

There were literally home players at the big d that had to bring a bar stool to play on AC lmfao

>> No.18698551


bring them? they usually take the ones from groove coaster and put them on the bass platform and play. yeah alot of people here do it though.

>> No.18698957
File: 7 KB, 289x280, v1B2LvV_d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you guys do patterns like this. Is it more common to do this with thumb+pinky or index+pinky?

>> No.18698994

>new djmax dlc comes out tormorrow
>No one's talking about it

I guess you guys only care about iidx huh?

>> No.18699032

pretty much, nobody really mentions djmax here because nobody plays it

>> No.18699037

>nobody plays it
wrong, it's really good and a lot of people play it, even if they don't talk about it that much
is it out on the japanese store, too?

>> No.18699054

Sorry - nobody in this thread plays it

>> No.18699073

My thumbs usually go to the FX instead so index+pinky.

>> No.18699080

For NA?

>> No.18699097

there are djmax posts in this very thread

>> No.18699214

I am very hyped for it since it has most of my favourite songs. And dynamic soas gear looks cool.

>> No.18699218
File: 57 KB, 503x490, animu.datememes=usamin(208).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>watching streamers play rhythm games
>they sing or hum along with the song

>> No.18699239
File: 416 KB, 1536x1152, 02f581aae5204555adc77e8568e81ba6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>microphone is only for hearing the well synchronized key presses
>never makes any sound other than occasionally coughing

>> No.18699470

Whats the can controlls height? I want to build a table for dao so it'd be roughly the same as arcade height-wise.

>> No.18699471


>> No.18699727

index + pinky is more flexible for me, but can be uncomfortable if your hands are too small

>> No.18700411

I don't "get" jubeat

>> No.18700522

It's fun what is the problem?

>> No.18700553

It's a bit rough, yeah. I'm doing sort of okay for now though. Not sure how much upper 12s will mess me up, but I'm managing harder 11s/easy 12s currently.
Buttons aren't too bad (using 1048 and 3:5), but scratching is kind of awful since you have so little room to move around.

>> No.18700568

>try to do this
>my keyboard is so loud that it's louder than the game
>tried to turn it down but it's always either too quiet to notice or too loud, no middle ground

>> No.18700799

You won't by just watching youtube charts alone. It's something you need to play.

>> No.18700809

what does the konami premium controller feel like? it seems like there's a big tactile bump to compensate for the lack of springs

>> No.18701039

Is it even worth getting one of them or should I just stick it to my dao?

>> No.18701085

considering that he just mentioned it's springless, I'd stick with the dao.

>> No.18701166

thumb + ring finger

>> No.18701481

the other thing that makes scratching suck when sitting is the lack of downward pressure. i put some amount of my entire weight and entire body into scratching when i play standing, and sitting i can't get nearly as much traction

>> No.18701491

it's not actually a good controller. if you replace the pcb and the switches/springs it is, but you are paying a whole lot of money for the (admittedly very beautiful) case

>> No.18701742

What's the usual shipping time to Europe? 1-2 months?

>> No.18701767

For what?

>> No.18701799

If you're talking about Dao, it's around a week.

>> No.18701823

A Dao.

>> No.18701833

1-2 weeks depending on where you are.

>> No.18702345

So is the maintenance of a ASC just switch a set of microswitches every few years?

>> No.18702583

how to do 1-3-5(-7) with this? Should I use left thumb to press both 1 and 3?

>> No.18702635


>> No.18702821

There’s so many problems with Neon FM, their 2.0 version will hopefully be the answers to all of our problems.

>> No.18702866

>every few years
If that, an ASC gets much less traffic than a cab so the amount of maintenance you need to do is fairly minimal

>> No.18703080

That depends on the type of switches you’re using, frequency of play, and level of charts you’re playing.

Basically if you’re playing 12s or Insane BMS charts, use light switches (I’d consider it to be 0.25N), and for daily sessions of an hour or longer consecutive play...you might find yourself needing to replace some switches more than a few times yearly.

If you’re playing less frequently (few times a week) on easier charts like Normals/Hypers you might go longer without having to do switch maintenance, more so if your switches are medium to heavy (0.49N~0.98N).

The good thing is, even if you have to replace or take care of a switch, maintenance is incredibly easy. Functionally, you’ll almost never need to replace springs or buttons themselves, outside of optional cleaning.

>> No.18703529

I only play on weekends and they are 0.49n so they'll probably last a while. I'm playing 11s and breaking into 12s though.
Recently I noticed the buttons getting stiffer/sticky.

Don't know if it's sweat from my hands fucking it, grease from the plastic bag that came with the FP7 which is where I store it or dust.

Or maybe I'm just imagining things because I'm not playing every day anymore since college started again. I wipe the buttons after playing now just in case.

>> No.18703564

>I wipe the buttons after playing now just in case.
With a slightly damp cloth, I hope. Dry wiping will make the grime fall into the button casing and make the buttons sticky, so you might want to give it an inside clean if you haven't done that before.

>> No.18703602

how do i git gud at V hyper

>> No.18703662

for context i'm severely mindblocked on the ending and lose most of my dan gauge on it

>> No.18703773

Unless you really need to pass it right now, wait until you're a bit better, or practice with random (probably won't remove the block though).

>> No.18703788

learn how transition to symmetrical or claw playstyle and charts like that become free (twelfth style another good example)

>> No.18703817

Well I'm dumb. I use any random clean dry shirt currently next to me as I'm playing.

Guess I'll open it open for the first time ever this weekend and see if the buttons need cleaning.

>> No.18703869

I tried it at a con this weekend, got up to 8s but sight reading anything just felt like a pain

>> No.18704136

There’s several tutorials on YouTube for removing and disassembling the buttons, if you need them. As far as cleaning them goes, your main “tools” should be isopropyl alcohol, q-tips, and some paper towels if necessary.

Prepare for some gunk and dust, but there shouldn’t be anything you can’t remove. Have fun!

>> No.18704535


>> No.18704585

With the last post before this archives I claim

Reflec Beat sucks.

>> No.18704604


>> No.18704607

beatmania IIDX.

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