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Why are you mods always deleting the denpa thread?

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stupid crossposter NSJ doesn't know how to handle the jay

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Obviously he doesn't

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Hey NSJ!!

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Who is NSJ exactly? Where does he come from?

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He's a bitter normie hell-bent on turning this place into Reddit because he can't stand the fact we can take it easy and he can't. He comes from /a/ /v/ and /vg/

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You're not posting enough 3D whores

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I'll keep making denpa threads until one of us die

Fuck you NSJ, you deleted the last three denpa threads for no fucking reason, I'd be glad to fuck you up

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Not enough 3DPD idolshit to please meido.

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Right on brother, fight the good fight. Don't let this normie occupying force keep us down.
How in the fuck denpa music isn't Otaku culture is beyond me

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What threads were deleted?

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Last three. At first I thought they were just dying but they were not, they were just getting deleted for mysterious reasons at around 60-70 replies. Before that, they were easily getting to 200+ answers.

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Fucking retard.
NSJ can go fuck himself.

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Simmer down, dude. And please don't use retard in that context.

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denpa objectively belongs on /b/

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Can you find them? >>/jp/
I tried searching and I don't see any deleted threads

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nsj get a clue

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Thank you.

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No problem

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They go to page 10 and get automatically deleted as more and more other threads are being created, so I thought. There's no conspiracy, just rampant shitposting across the entire board.

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Deleted threads show up as deleted in the archive. They're just falling off the board due to low activity. /jp/ is more active lately.

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Those fucking virtual youtuber threads.

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/jp/ is just idol worshipping generals and /c/ threads with the same recycled templates. Any unique or interesting threads get ignored or deleted. This place is just plain garbage now. I didn't want to admit it but it's over guys. /jp/ is dead

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Generals are really easy to filter due to how formulaic they are. You only need about 5 filters to filter out 99% of them, and then the other 1% you can easily hide individually.

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yeah and then you have only 4 or 5 threads left on your screen, nice

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But they would be quality threads!

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I think generals do a good job at sponging up newfags IMO. Most of the other threads still feel like /jp/.

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How long have you been making these threads?

Just curious if it's been the same person or...
seems I remember a "takeover" while ago: a separate anon starting new threads before the old one dies - and now with an insistence that there should always be a Denpa Thread going no matter what.

Feels so pointless, now we have 2 threads going simultaneously since yesterday and already one is about to die.

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I disagree. There are threads here that belong nowhere else. Kigurumi is too weird for /cgl/ . Although there has been an exodus to [REDACTED] as posts got deleted even for mentioning (such as hating on it) [REDACTED]. Some are kind enough to continue posting here, though. As you see, I'm purposefully not mentioning it, as I feel janitors/mods may search board site-wide for the term.

Also, idolshit of all forms (maybe the mobage is an exeception, but I've heard it's pretty kuso) is the cancer killing /jp/ .

That and nazi-mod(s) of course. Still, no need to worry. We can both resist the evil and take it easy.

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That appear once every two years

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/jp/ is Touhou - Cute + some miscellaneous otaku shit. Deal with it, bitches.

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This complaining gets rather tiresome even if there's some merit to what is said.
At this point, the complaining has been back to back due to events and frankly it just brings a "oh, this again." Response.

Just my two cents.

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I take it you will be leaving then amirite?

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What if this thread was made by the mods to do some sort of reverse psychology on us?

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those fags keep fucking up their subject formats

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Strange but I don't think that's me. I never launched a new denpa thread before making sure the old one died/disappeared by doing a ctrl-f in the catalog.