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What comes to mind when you think of "Flandre"?

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Cute, loli, sweets
[spoilers]There are a couple Touhou songs involving Flandre and sweets that I really like[/spoilers]

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Cute, loli, sweets
There are a couple Touhou songs involving Flandre and sweets that I really like

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She's a killer queen.

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i know do you know something something peck a song
suki yo suki no saigo something

You know, that one song

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SA lnb

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large spinny crosses idk

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Cute, fluffy, side ponytails.

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Cute girl, would feed aisu.

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Cute blonde vampire from Touhou EoSD.

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That region of Belgium that is essentially just a pack of wild French people in denial.

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Dick bullying

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Her big sis.

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That's not very nice. Both of them need equal amounts of love and regular tummy prprpr

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Flondra (a fish) if I were someone not familiar with the character and only hearing the name.
Autistic fit-throwing child locked up for a reason when I look from canon material perspective.
Koishi x Flan OTP from fan base one.
A missed daily thread when I look from /jp/'s perspective.

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Blackmail sex and forced abortion!

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Cute girl who isn't so much as crazy but just very socially inept. I wish I wasn't real so I could be with her

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Mating press.

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I want to sniff her panties while she is wearing them.

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Those kinds of girls are holing themselves usually in their own rooms (much like many on /jp/ including myself) or at psychiatric ward because of stress. Also If they would have sex with you they'd milk you dry, (or lay down like a fish if one is the pure kind). Because just like us socially awkward guys, they watch too much porn, and in our case doujins give you kinky ideas. You don't need to be a casanova to figure out human nature.

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Infinite range killer queen

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Killer Empress? Killer Goddess?

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Cute little Flan and then Sakuya

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This song
>I wanna did you know talking emotion and got it pad up peck a song!
Silly Flandre that doesn't make any sense.

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I sympathize with Remilia because I also have a mentally ill younger sibling who damages things. I have to wait until my parents die before I can lock her away forever.

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For what reason is this image stored on your computer?

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Flan, like the dessert you get at times.

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Que asco!

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How many dicks could flan take on at once?

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2 for both hands, 1 in mouth, 1 in bum, one in front, 2 between armpits, 1 on each foot x nr. of her clones

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>What comes to mind when you think of "Flandre"?
This Image

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