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What do I do to make these taste better?

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Try taking off the packaging

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Eat actual ramen

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your not supposed to eat it??

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i add salt and pepper.
i know some people add cheetos and carrots.
after they end cocking, you could fry them with some mushrooms and eggs.

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Does anybody else have digestive problems with that stuff? I can only make it through about half a bowl before it's toilet time. It's in one end and out the other.

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>fry them with some mushrooms and eggs
Sounds tasty, think I'll try that out.

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adding veggies (cabbage, green onions/scallions, etc)
adding protein (boiled or fried egg, thinly sliced chicken, etc)
adding seasoning or spice
adding fat (topping with a bit of sesame oil and/or adding butter to the soup broth)

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oh and if you're adding seasoning, water down the broth by adding less of the powder packet or using more water than directed.

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Just trust me.

(Also get the lime shrimp flavor)

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Try putting in curry powder, onion powder, five spice powder or sriracha sauce. Adding all of those together is my favorite way to prepare instant ramen.

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Try putting in curry powder, onion powder, five spice powder or sriracha sauce and an egg. Adding all of those together is my favorite way to prepare instant ramen.

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For some reason these ramens have always tasted great to me. Never add anything except protein.
It's the microwavable stuff that is really hit-and-miss and can either be onpar with OP's pic or just terrible.
One time I added taco meat. Made it really nice and spicy, loved it even though it seemed weird at the time.

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Courtesy of /ck/.
These are good too though. Can confirm these are dope.

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Step one: Throw it in the trash
Step two: Buy chicken flavor
Step three: realize that ws a waste of time and you can't cook.
Step four: follow >>18618861's advice

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Hey /jp/.
Have you ever been hungry to a point of where you start smelling food despite the fact that there is no food near you at all?
Nothing in the fridge, nothing in the cabinet. And even if you eat something, you still feel weak.
Am I going crazy?

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It could be a lack of vitamins. Are you getting proper nutrition?
It could also be anemia. Also a common side effect of eating disorders

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Dude, I'm just poor as fuck.
Not enough nutrition.

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Eat grass...No joke
Just a lil, boil it

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May as well cook your own from noodles which aren't deep fried in msg if you are going to that extent. All you need is some dry ramen noodles and dashi stock and it will me so much more satisfying than instant noodles.

Or make your own noodles.

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>end cocking
What about during?

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Make ramen with a Keurig machine.

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The shrimp will always invariably taste like soapy peanut butter. Try lime shrimp.

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business idea: instant ramen in a dissolving bag, like washing tablets but marginally healthier

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i add sriracha on the wet noodles and mix it
tastes great no matter how you add it

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sriachia is utter garbage. hipster ketchup.

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but you can add it on anything and it will taste edible, even cheap ass noodles we are arguing about

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i have never eaten something that tasted so bad that adding sriachia would improve it

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I like to add green onions and sriracha sauce to mine.

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why are you arguing about noodles then huh

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ADD layu chili oil to soup
ADD a squeeze of lemon to soup

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i like to squeeze the lemon straight into my eye
then i eat the noodles with sriracha

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Add bit of oil or butter. If you eat any noodles "raw" without any condiments always add one or two eggs into the migs when you boil them. Depending on your taste you can have the egg quite raw or let it boil a bit but it always adds lot of flavor to the noodles and the msg flavor enhancer found in the spice packets of the noodles also enhance the taste of eggs greatly.
I'm hungry.

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For what it's worth, lime chili shrimp is easily the best maruchan ramen flavor.

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What's the point of this things? There are literally inedible.

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Ramen enemas.

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for vegetables try garlic chives, water spinach, bok choy, napa cabbage, tofu skin, or lotus root.
for preserved shit try chili bamboo shoots, pork floss, or char siu sauce.
for random toppings try meat or fish balls, or dumplings.
or if you live in a shitty area like i do you could just forgo all that and stick with green onions, eggs, and sliced pork shoulder. and sriracha sauce too if you've given up on your taste buds.

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God damn it

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If I'm allergic to shrimp and eat shrimp flavored ramen will I die?

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I doubt it's anything natural.

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enjoy other customers touching your food with their dirty hands before you buy it

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Get some chopped cabbage and minced garlic and toss them in with the noodles. Then, after boiling, drain off most of the water to thicken the sauce. Your cheap-o ramen-like meal is now a cheap-o Yakisoba-like meal!

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I mean if it's already boiling to dissolve the package it's probably gonna kill any germs in there dude

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shit taste

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gookshit is great. and indomie.

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oriental, you fux

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Please do not use vulgar language when responding to me.

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Try making one from scratch instead of consuming chemicals, it's not hard to find out how to make one with youtube. And tough some might require an ingriedient from Japan, there are always substitute ones that give out simillar taste or even looks.
Tough story is different if you're struggling with money, are lazy af or both.

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Yeah, it literally tastes like shit, I don't see the point.

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Don't use the seasoning packet. Throw it away. Use real broth. I would recommend chicken ginger broth. Add shredded chicken, cabbage, shredded carrots, and green onions. And an egg. Top with a drizzle of chili oil or sriracha if you want to add some spice.

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>instead of consuming chemicals
You can't not consume chemicals, brainlet.

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that pic does not look appealing in the slightest. you're better off just leaving the ramen out if you want something healthy looking.

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looks good to me! maybe you're just gay!

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looks good just needs a fork for maximum shoveling potential

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looks like shit. perfect for fatties that consume massive quantities despite their fear for fat itself.

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with the way you use those exclamation marks, it looks more like you're the one coming out of the closet instead. congratulations!

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might as well just go out to eat then

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chukle, the pot calling the kettle black

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this is like the bottom rung tier of ramen "fusion" cuisine. i feel bad for anyone that genuinely thinks it's a good thing.

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or maybe you're just gay!

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That shit looks dry as fuck mate.

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i've been eating chicken flavored maruchan a few times a week for the past like 20 years, and it's still one of my favorite foods.

just make sure you don't cook it too long or it will get gross and soggy, but also let it sit in the water for a few extra minutes (if you drain it) so the noodles get juicy.

otherwise idk

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Add any vegetable you have at home. Any. I have used leftover salad leaves, carrots, potatoes, anything. Green stuff is best though, especially garlic chives or any kind of salad.

Add an egg. Maybe extra fat (sesame oil or even a tiny piece of butter). If you like it spicy, add chili oil. If you like it creamy, add cream or milk.

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Put a bag around the bag

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and then make that bag dissolvable too

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Ruining ramen (or anything, really) with eggs should be illegal.

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looks dry and flavorless

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What do you have against eggs?

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Eggs taste good, but their taste seeps indiscriminately into and all over anything you put them in. If I want to taste eggs I'd just eat eggs, not a whole plate of egg tasting things.

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hechale mayonesa para que sepa mejor

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ponle mayonesa y el sabor sera mas rico

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I hope your aware soft boiled eggs marinated in sauce is a common ramen topping, and they are usually cooked separately and added right before serving.

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This made me laugh more than it should.

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i dont eat shrimp, usually chicken or beef versions, but i like to boil some shredded cabbage and mix that in with a little soy sauce and red pepper.

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Anyone else grow up eating these with the broth drained, or is my family just retarded

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I used to eat with little broth, or just slightly fried.

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why would you ruin a hamburguer with copious ammount of ketchup?

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>tomato AND ketchup
Now that's stupid.

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Fuck you all, those were my favorite and I can't get them anymore. It was perfect with a couple soft boiled / poached / raw eggs

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I do that too.

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Ramen enemas were your favorite?

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They already taste perfect on their own.

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