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How Japanese is your room?

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not at all
a very American hole in the wall

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you should ask how japanese our computers are

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Have you ever popped a MASSIVE pimple on your back and felt the hard, gooey core explode onto the wall behind you? It feels so satisfying to do that and then scrape off the pus with your fingers, and play around with it. Mush it around, dangle it if there's a hair protruding from the core, etc.

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My room gives more of a messy broke NEET who steals internet plays videogames and fights crime in the darkness of night vibe anon.

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i have a chinese wall scroll my grandparents bought in the 60s

that's kinda japanese

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Do all traditional Japanese rooms have katanas laying around?

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only the good ones, anon

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>messy broke NEET

Just because you're a NEET doesn't mean you can't be comfy..

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My room's an eclectic Asian mess, not strictly Japanese.

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Pretty japanese I had a Kotatsu and figures lining the walls. Then I got a queen sized bed and I had to move the kotatsu out.
Now my room looks like I have a bed too large for the space.

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Looks more like a Chinese cavalry saber to me.

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I sleep on a mattress. Does that count as a futon?

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My room is filled with bishoujo figures, dakis, and wall scrolls so my room is very Japanese.

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my home is dangerously european

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Get an actual futon. It's way better and lasts longer if you take care of it. Gave up a bed 5 years ago and don't regret it a bit, I sleep like a baby and it's super warm in winter (no air gap underneath you).

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Are there medieval swords and suits of armour brandishing weapons all over the joint?

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My room's small and there's no bed, so pretty jap

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Those traditional rooms always look so impractical, also they seem like a pain in the ass to clean.

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my room hasn't changed since I was 10

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Not at all. The most I've got is a poster for a Japanese movie on the wall.

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Got a Japanese calendar and this scroll on my wall, though I think it might be Chinese. Not sure of its origin.

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It has fumos everywhere, but thats about it
I have my windows drive local set to jap, and I have sjis fonts compiled on my Gentoo drive.

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wld putinitin spotted.

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There is a japanese Yu-Gi-Oh card on my desk, so at least 0,1%

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no i mean the gay kind

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Atleast you had it easy.

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i have dust.
i dont know where it come from, but scare me to think that, maybe i am not protected as i though...

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what do you mean the gay kind? They're all gay. It's why the politicians are importing migrants to pleasure their gay males, and breed their gay women up to the replacement rate, so they can continue growing the economy at the prescribed rate.

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I have a japanese saxophone and some old japanese sound systems.

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Not Japanese at all. Imagine pic-related with some furniture.

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I live in a closet that I'm paying 11K a month for.

So very Japanese.

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I would love to live in a Japanese cottage during winter but apparently they are really cold in real life and don't even have running water etc.

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my room is small so, very.

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Nice kotatsu dude.

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Any anons that have a jap futon here, what futon would you recommend for a western pig?

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nothing wrong with that, depending on how old you are