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oh shit gitadora was released, this is the first interesting thing in years

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Is there a Patapon game, but instead of Patapon it's cute anime girls?

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You mean Matixx?
or something else

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Belly smooch

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>tfw it rains at the beach

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whats wrong with me that I recognize this artists style

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8th for mirror

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Bang Dream EN server will be online by the end of the month.

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to anon asking aabout adding art to dao it's really easy

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>8 songs
>Giveaway doesn't include anything like a copy of the game or an htc vive
>Tickets in the giveaway don't even cover travel
>8 songs
>86% positive

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If IIDX was more mainstream with its literal thousands of songs available people would be aware they're beiing ripped off.

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>If IIDX was more mainstream with its literal thousands of songs available
You mean the game which needs a fuckton of hassle and a Japanese fucKonami subscription to play at home? Yeah, it definitely has a mainstream potential.

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iidx will never be mainstream, it's not ddr

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Actually looking forward to this
I already have a jp account i've spent money on but i want to start fresh

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If they cared about the west it wouldn't be shit to play it as a foreigner but that's not the point I was making.

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What are you trying to say? We all know IIDX will never be mainstream. I just said it has a vast amount of content compared to the more known stuff.

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thank fuck

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Here are a few:

And like the other anon said, anything under his Shandy Kubota alias touches on the more "Western" genres, like Dubstep and House. Just look at his "Shandy Bass" album series if you're curious.

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tfw your buttons don't make the high pitched clacky noise

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how do i shuffle my feet like an itg player

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its pretty easy to learn minimal form honestly the problem is that only like 1% of itg cabs actually have pads good enough to use it. if they're too undersensitive, or they have like enormous brackets or they're not raised or something, you'll probably have to wear shoes and use ddr form

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you need a cab with non-recessed flat pads and lots of baby powder

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don't forget once you figure out how to get their game and pay them the way they want to be paid for it, you get a handful of songs and have to grind them over and over to earn the tens of thousands of Bits it costs per chart to unlock the shit you actually bought the game to play...and hopefully you don't want to play anything from Lincle either...

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Hey, you can buy a ton of songs from Lincle, and even a few songs from CB! You just need 10690 paseli (~$110).

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>casuals create a hivemind of hate because of "muh Kojima" instead of shit like this.

If only they knew.

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seriously though what is the secret to this
i think it might be lighter springs

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seating of the spring
just get new springs if you really want to get rid of it, doesn't matter what force

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this bass is deep deep deep deep deep deep

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Or you can just play iidx bms for free.

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When can we expect the dlcs to come out for djmax for this month? I heard all dlcs released for asia will be out this month.

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There is no date, just sometime this month.
I don't really care since I've been playing the game and dlcs since their release dates for months already.

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is there really a big difference in gameplay between Infinitas and say LR2 with IIDX songs? I heard LR2 has different timings not tied to fps or smth like that.

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there is no iidx accurate timing window in lr2. I guess hard judge is the closest

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And what about other sims?
I am trying to get into into iidx after years of playing console rhythm games like djmax, taiko and pd. I figured since I am obviously bad I can play lr2 until I am used to controls and reading 7k charts.
Or am I screwing myself up in a long run?

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if you have iidx available theres no reason to start in lr2. lr2 and bms in general dont really offer many quality low level charts

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I don't have arcade nearby now but I for sure can at least go through hassle to play Intinitas. Does it have enough low lvl charts? Like I downloaded the whole iidx bms collection and I doubt that Infinitas has more songs than this.

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Not Kaiden so feel free to ignore the following.
Put your money to better hardware and play sims. They're fine enough. If you have a IIDX BMS collection you'll have a few thousand songs to play. That's plenty. You won't have a letter grade difference between what you can do on an arcade controller with sims at home and what you could do on an actual arcade machine. You haven't played IIDX enough at this point to develop bad habits which you couldn't break out of with further play.

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oh if you are playing iidx bms thats fine.

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I'm sure he's already used to doing it because of top ranker autism but does dolce grind songs ad infinitum on Infinitas to unlock shit or does konami just give him the credits to unlock everything and have him shill the game with his channel?

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Considering it's Konami, probably the former. As you said though, in any case he already has the money and patience for it.

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Speaking of bad habits. I ordered dao last week so it should arrive soon. Are there any good videos on playstyles? I am used to playing on keyboard and ps controller so it's gonna be painful - might as well learn to play properly from the start.

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>he doesn't know what data and omnimixes are
This sort of ignorance is still a thing?

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Usaneko data when? I'm getting bored with eclale.

>> No.18589382

I consider trying it too. Could you link a good guide with how to set everything up?

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No, I'm afraid. You're on your own. Try to find a community that is interested in Bemani and arcade stuff. If you're looking at reddit, you've already lost.

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>>he doesn't know
>>If you're looking at reddit, you've already lost.
>muh sicrit club

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t. fag who begged for a sows invite and now thinks he's the gatekeeper of autism

fucking pathetic lmao

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I haven't, I can give you my word. But your reaction is hilarious and made it all the more worth it.

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I've heard rumors about a mysterious board named 1cc on infinity chan

>> No.18589813

Thanks! I just found everything I wanted to know there.

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What is the most normalfag song in bemani history?

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is DANCERUSH is just SDVX with your feet

>> No.18590213

It’s Chunithm with your feet

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Then why act like a huge fag about it?
Guy seems like he's genuinely interested.
I'd hook him up with cb and sdvx4 data just to spite your dumbass

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well they need to come out with a new game first which doesn't look like it's happening

>> No.18590674

It's alright, he's found what he needed. I'm not even on Sows, it's not like I had anything to hide. It's just that all of that shit can be found with ease if you actually bother, no need for spoon feeding.

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omnimix is broken trash anyway and the CS converts have a retarded BMS intermediary, who fuckin cares

>> No.18591185

Oh yeah. I forgot about that part.

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It's slightly new fewer songs than previous CS releases for over 1.5x the cost, in a game with a subscription fee. And previous CS releases were from two versions back, not six.

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i noticed kaidens to top rankers don't use the ghost score display. is it safe to assume it's not helpful?

>> No.18592268


they have rules they have to follow about showing another person's score

>> No.18592273

focusing too much on any given goal will lock you, so you should avoid it anyway and just try your best
as for rankers, it's mostly because of anti-sniping etiquette

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reverse weeaboo

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recommended dance pad for a newbie getting into ddr?

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Hard judge is way harder though than IIDX windows? IIDX windows are the closest to Normal even though they are harder.

>> No.18593872

Does iidx arcade data run the same as the real thing in terms of input timings/delay?

>> No.18594282

It was shown on MTV back in the day too

>> No.18594355

No, arcade data is more accurate to how it's supposed to be. Arcade goers like being elitist because they play on an expensive machine they don't even own but deep down they just beta test the game for us.

>> No.18594381

Arcade cabs literally run embedded windows xp on shitty old x86 hardware. The only thing that is being emulated is a server and probably inputs. Aside from the obvious difference in monitors (crt vs lcd) there shouldn't be any noticeable difference in lag especially if you use a gaming monitor with low input lag and 1000hz usb keyboard/dao.
It could've been much worse if cabs were running on exotic hardware/os and needed actual emulation/vm to run at home.

>> No.18595670

Cab timing would be more consistent (unless you get a BPC) since they dedicate an entire machine to one thing, but input delay varies greatly from system to system.

>> No.18595715

That's a very vague answer. I don't think that a modern pc with fast cpu and gpu is going to have a different delay unless you bloated your system with background tasks and even then it highly depends.
Is there a comparison list with hardware/input lag somewhere?

>> No.18595847

How powerful a PC is wouldn't make a real difference in input delay unless it's actually struggling, and even Intel HD Graphics runs Bemani without a sweat.
Drivers, monitor, services, BIOS settings, input devices; all of these and more contribute to a different total delay. Not massive in most cases, but noticeable if you have a somewhat optimized system.

>> No.18595883

Are there any ways to decrease said latency/optimize the system? I kinda want to make a dedicated pc to run iidx data and don't know where to start.

>> No.18596000

As a rule of thumb, disable anything you don't need. This is a good intro if you want to get autistic with it: http://www.overclock.net/forum/6-intel-motherboards/1433882-gaming-mouse-response-bios-optimization-guide-modern-pc-hardware.html
It's more noticeable in games with a cursor/camera though. Doing some of those things is a good idea in general, but most of it is unnecessary if you're already doing a barebones IIDX-only install.
Also, use the Hypersonik WASAPI dll for IIDX if you aren't already.

>> No.18596054

>Also, use the Hypersonik WASAPI dll for IIDX if you aren't already.
Google doesn't give me anything reasonable about this. Could you share a link?

>> No.18596077

The thread's on sows. Here's the dll itself, just drop it in the game exe directory: https://github.com/decafcode/hypersonik/releases/
It decreases audio delay by using WASAPI, but only works on Vista and up.

>> No.18596106

Thanks. But I thought arcade uses directsound?
>The thread's on sows
might as well give me an invite. Obviously, I don't have access to it that's why I am here asking stupid questions.

>> No.18596193

It did until Cannon Ballers, yeah.
I don't have any invites, but post your email and someone might hook you up.

>> No.18596232

>It did until Cannon Ballers, yeah.
Ah, that makes sense. I dropped dll into sinobuz root folder but the sound in the game is very stuttery. Is there something I could try to fix it?
>post your email and someone might hook you up.
[email protected] I don't think anyone would bother inviting me but it'd be very helpful indeed.

>> No.18596328

>Is there something I could try to fix it?
Change sample rate, update audio drivers, try on-board instead of dedicated soundcard or DAC and vice versa.

>> No.18596447

>tfw LR2 can use a fucking ASIO with like 64 samples and works at thousand fps.

>> No.18596464


has anyone been able to get hypersonik working with the 25 leak? it runs, but the announcer samples and bg samples are messed up

>> No.18596472

But isn't 25 supposed to use wasapi without external injection?

>> No.18596515


25 leak ?

>> No.18596609

you don't need hypersonik for 25, the purpose of hypersonik is to replicate the timing of 25

>> No.18596618

Are you talking about the Enigma leak? I've got Hypersonik just fine. Running a core 2 duo and gtx 980 ti if that helps.

>> No.18596637

Changing sample rate to 48kHz crashes the game. And I can run lr2 with wasapi just fine.
Its like there is a delay effect on the audio when I drop in hypersonik dll.

>> No.18596642

>25 leak
we need to talk, anon

>> No.18596665

hypersonik is a hacky attempt to bring the timing of pre-cb ldj iidx to the level of cannon ballers you stupid fuck

you don't need to use it with cb

>> No.18596724

Ofc its my fucking audiocard and its buggy drivers. Never buy Focusrite 2i2.

>> No.18597464

been practicing crossroad on random and i cant stop hamming up chords with adjacent notes

also s+3+5 still causes me to choke heavily

>> No.18597613

i meant i can hit the actual chord, it's just that transitioning to 3:5 within a dense sequence has been really hard for me

>> No.18597779

Are you fucking retarded? Why would you need to import a hacky recreation of a 25 feature back into 25?

>> No.18597793

If you add CB timing to CB then the timing will be twice as good obviously.

>> No.18597870


>> No.18597982

Is it normal that I don't have music in the main menu when using Hypersonik?

>> No.18597990

expected, yeah

it's pretty fucking broken

hackjob fix

>> No.18597994

Yes, a few of the daily BGMs don't work.

>> No.18598026

Its still miles better than without it.
Remind me why was it considered normal for god knows how many years to use a laggy audio in a fucking arcade rhythm game? Like it isn't terrible and it's obviously not the reason why I couldn't clear 12s but it is still irritating.

>> No.18598036

>Remind me why was it considered normal for god knows how many years to use a laggy audio in a fucking arcade rhythm game?
I complained about this for years and everyone told me it was fine and to get good. It's like nobody has ever played 5key/Twinkle/CS.

>> No.18598065

A lot of people can't grasp the concept of input lag and audio delay. Well I guess its mostly cuz you need to actually feel the difference yourself instead of being told that "its better trust me".
Reminds me of 60fps vs 120+fps argument.
How did they manage to finally solve the issue in 25 anyway? If they still use the same hardware it means no wasapi as it requires win vista +.

>> No.18598079

>If they still use the same hardware
Cannon Ballers uses entirely different hardware with a new IO and everything and runs Windows 7.

>> No.18598100

Oh nice. I hope there are no caveats and we'll be able to run it eventually, I guess if it has a new hardware it should be easier to run on modern pc.

>> No.18598128

should i learn to play entire songs only using taka s to help with transitioning

>> No.18598363

How does Infinitas compare to iidx 25 lag wise?

>> No.18598559

The melody at the end of Venom is very familiar to me. Pretty sure it's an old Japanese folklore song or something, considering it's from Sinobuz.

Csn anyone tell me

>> No.18598699

infinitas is based on ac spada

>> No.18599046

Hopefully it wont be as picky as Resort Anthem

>> No.18599075

Wait? a 25 leak? when did that happen?

>> No.18599107

it's pretty similar

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>Guy clearly doesn't know what he's talking about
>Makes a typo
>Every server blows up with "CANNONBALLER LEAK?"

Come on, you idiots.

>> No.18599936

I have a massive problem.

My FP7 worked perfectly ever since I got it, but after a recent Windows 10 update, there is very noticeable input lag (Just got 80% GOODs on a song I normally dominate, which is not something I could ever do without lag even if I tried). I've checked that Xbox Game DVR shit is turned off and all that, still have horrible input lag.

You guys know how to fix this shit?

>> No.18599945

>he doesn't know

>> No.18600146

t. Derpta

>> No.18600249

Hi Derpta

>> No.18600292

Hi Derpta

>> No.18600703

>Posted at 2AM
Obviously not derpta. He's a sleepy boi

>> No.18600857

Recommend me a good iidx keyboard layout so I won't have to kill myself when I eventually buy a proper controller.

>> No.18600867


>> No.18600925

How long does it take for gam2o to ship orders? I bought fp7 couple of days ago and had no updates since then.

>> No.18600932

"Playing with keyboard is useless" is a meme. Just use whatever you're comfortable with. I used asdf spacejkl and i reached 10 dan after a month. The only major difference is obviously scratching but you can't learn that with a keyboard

>> No.18600939

*a month after playing with an asc

>> No.18600943

I started playing with shft sdf space jkl cuz its similar to djmax trilogy I used to play a couple of years ago. But since I'll buy a controller sooner or later I am kinda worried about the eventual painful transition.

>> No.18601203

do whatever you want with most the keys but i recommend using space for key 5 (or key 3 for p2). this will make the transition a lot easier even if the layout seems weird at first

>> No.18601231

>"Playing with keyboard is useless" is a meme
Who would even make such a preposterous claim in the first place? 95% of all Overjoys on BMS are keyboard players.

>> No.18601246

Which layouts do skilled players usually use? And I guess they go for mechanical switches?

>> No.18601248

i don't think anyone will tell you you can't get good iidx scores with a keyboard

you will be unable to play scratch charts though

it's nearly objectively less fun

and your skills will translate even less to arcade than the people who get too used to quirks of their home controllers like different tt distance/height/diameter or unusual button weights

>> No.18601258


They all use roughly the same. 6K layout as you'd play anything, like DJMax for example, middle button on space, and for turn table, they use their pinky.

>> No.18601277

looks autistic af

>> No.18601353

Your claim is ridiculous considering the first thing I see when I see your message is a random figure you pulled out of your ass "95% of overjoys are keyboard players".

There's in total 30 overjoys and 10 of them are controller players so you are making another preposterous claim lol.

Though indeed it doesn't really matter what you play with, just playing iidx with keyboard is kinda silly, but I guess if that's what you wanna do.

>> No.18601383

"man my brand recognition is great"
Ya nigs are fucking dumb lmao, he'd use a trip

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>> No.18601652

so was CB leaked or not?

>> No.18601674

Not as far as I've seen.
Even if someone did put it up somewhere, it wouldn't be of any use since no-one has released tools that support it.

>> No.18601810

Are there IIDX bms converts with original videos?

>> No.18601825

>original videos
tl dr not really. specially if they are BGAs with animations

>> No.18602164


that's normal I didn't hear from them until I received a FedEx tracking notification. the controller came sooner than I expected but they didn't update anything to let me know it was on the way

>> No.18602341

Will they at least send me a tracking number?

>> No.18603068

This is full of shit and placebo, especially bios section. Funny how he claims that everything adds "lag" and "latency" when even if some (very questionable) settings add anything it highly depends on the hardware used and we are talking about fucking picoseconds which human can't even perceive. Same goes for blindly "tweaking" windows services tho those might actually slow down a crappy pc from time to time but their impact is at least measurable.

>> No.18603292

Some people are more sensitive than others when it comes to input lag, just like audio quality.
I don't doubt that some of it is placebo or negligible, but I looked into it because I was uncomfortable with my input lag, and doing some of the stuff on that list made it actually bearable.

>> No.18603299

update, i practiced this for a few hours yesterday and now i can pass watch out

>> No.18603360

that's not what that layout is. it's Z S X B [space] N M, scratch on shift. simulates playing claw.

>> No.18603362

>Some people are more sensitive than others when it comes to input lag
Look unless you can provide actual numbers and a method to measure said lag then fine. But tweaking dozens of settings without knowing what they actually do and justify it with amateur explanations is just dumb.
The actual problem is device's driver most of the time anyway. Not to mention that you can't really talk about small lag difference on 60hz monitor for obvious reasons. DPC is another story tho and some drivers can actually cause serious hiccups on win10.

>> No.18603399

>Not to mention that you can't really talk about small lag difference on 60hz monitor
I never did though. My case was playing FPS games at 120hz, and I mentioned that it wouldn't make too much of a difference for a IIDX BPC.

>> No.18603425

And which setting did make a difference for you and what mouse (I assume it was your mouse) do you have?

>> No.18603511

I changed whatever was applicable and within reason. Been a while but most likely had the G400s at the time.

>> No.18603798

Is it normal for some omnimix tracks to not load or be buggy?
"sound data create error" is driving me insane, really hoped to play some of my favorite iidx red tracks in sionobuz

>> No.18603833

If you're using Hypersonik then there's still a few bugs that need to be worked out. It does cause some Omnimix songs to fail, as well as causing certain days of week to have their menu music silenced.

>> No.18603877

DJ TECHNORCH got rekt by the Safari


>> No.18603910

Yeah, Hypersonik was the problem.
I have another problem tho, looks like sometime songs sometimes start with wrong speed and notes become desynced.

>> No.18603951

>sometimes start with wrong speed and notes become desynced.
thats what you get for messing up fps and/or minimizing the game.

>> No.18604042
File: 36 KB, 600x600, doit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Reddit spacing
>Posting hot takes about code they don't understand
You need to go back

>> No.18604091

Well he isnt that far from truth - this wasapi wrapper is indeed pretty broken and there were no updates for a month. It's a cool proof of concept but if everything goes right we won't need it when CB drops.

>> No.18604114

It's pretty impressive that it works at-all to be fair.
Also, saying that it's useless once CB drops is pretty short sighted. Going back and playing the older LDJ mixes with hypersonik will probably be the prefered method.
And as a >>>/vr/ crossboarder, if it gets far enough it could be potentially useful for getting older troublesome games to work.

>> No.18604140

>And as a >>>/vr/ crossboarder
Shouldn't you be wanting the older games to be The Way They Were Meant To Be Played, audio latency and all.

>> No.18604157

I meant it will be useless in CB. Hopefully developer will continue to improve it and it'll work with omnimix eventually and I'd like to have some kind of settings for buffer size and output device. At least the sources are on GitHub and won't disappear.
I wonder why no one did the same before tho cuz the idea is pretty straightforward and wasapi was available let for a very long time.

>> No.18604971

I bought a used koc on ebay that arrived yesterday. I connected it to my pc with a cheap plastic ps2 to usb converter and i noticed that the key 1 and 2 don't work properly. At first they weren't working at all but after some time they started working for a bit and then stopped registering again and just repeat this cycle. Do you guys think it's the cheap converter that does this or is my koc broken?

>> No.18605016

Try plugging it into an actual PS2 and see if those keys work consistently. If they do the converter is shit.

>> No.18605213
File: 850 KB, 1295x658, crackindeluxe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


have you opened it? maybe it was cardboard modded and the discs have slipped and are blocking the contacts of the board.

>> No.18605243

tau calm down buddy

>> No.18605994

What the fuck happened to groove coaster pc?

>> No.18606172

i don't have a pig account

someone post a link to the cannonballers ost

>> No.18606216

I remember it being given a release date of "spring 2018", so maybe it will come in a few months?

>> No.18606217

how do i get good accuracy in iidx? there are so many notes and everything is so fast compared to other games

>> No.18606220

whos that on the right........

>> No.18606361

It was never on Steam either, although there was a page for the simultaneous release of space invaders.

>> No.18606489

Go to R1, go to IIDX, card reader is red. Go to counter, ask if it just needs to be reset. "Oh, that means that the mechanics found a problem with it and have locked it out. And the mechanics are working on the bowling alley now." Get no helpful response when I ask if they'll fix it later today. Well, that was fun.

>> No.18606992

Try flagging down a mech in person and ask them about the game/swiper. Preferably if they’re walking around on the game floor instead of the bowling lanes. If anyone can give you a straighter answer, it’s them.

>> No.18607010

>That #1

>> No.18607039

Start with easier charts that have less complex rhythms. Ones that consist primarily of 4th/8th notes and few 16ths. Focus on getting PGreats for as many notes as you can.

For example, stuff like Gambol [N], 5.1.1. [N], 1’s 2’s 3’s etc. Your goal is to improve your timing on simple notes and rhythms. Once you’re getting high AA’s/low AAA’s on stuff in that range, go up to 4’s and such and repeat.

Also, learn the ability to sense when you hit a note too early or too late, and get back on track ASAP. At the end of the song, look at the results screen and see how many Fast/Slow notes you hit, and if there’s a trend. You might need to adjust your White Number, Green Number, etc. until you get comfortable reading the notes and timing them with a fairly even Fast/Slow ratio.

You’re not going to see instant improvements, but over time your EX scores and overall timing ability will go up. Soon, you’ll barely be consciously processing the easier notes and you’ll be able to focus on hitting/timing the harder patterns.

Short version: play easier songs, focus on timing each note as much as possible.

>> No.18607636

Short version: you need to go back

>> No.18608817

I opened it and it seemed pretty normal without any mod. I should try it on a ps2 like >>18605016 said but i don't know where my old ps2 is and even if i did i'd have to mod it. Thanks anyways I'm going to buy a good converter and see if it works.

>> No.18609527


>> No.18609582

if you get to 12s before aaaing anything this is true. absolutely embarrassing

>> No.18609606

Not as embarrassing as outing yourself as a redditor.

>> No.18609623

This is true for a lot of new players as far as I understand, people get very clear focused early on.

Frankly it's not the worst thing in the world so long as you work on your timing some time, this game has many ways to measure skill and timing is only one of them. Density comprehension is important as is scratching. You work on hard stuff to make ez stuff comparatively easier. Same reason why people who are working on raising their 12 abilities play BMS.

>> No.18609919

Is there a way to see current fps in iidx? afterburner/rivatuner doesn't seem to work

>> No.18609949


Monitor check?
it shouldn't change after that

>> No.18609975

Well I want to compare different video cards and gameplay fps/frametimes.
Btw is it okay that monitor check shows 59.9996 and fluctuates the last digit?

>> No.18610086


Yeah that's perfectly fine
I'm not sure about recording it while playing though

>> No.18610177

Alright, thanks. One more question is there any way to pick songs as favorites for easier access like in LR2?

>> No.18610218

Some people told me that chunithm's world end difficulty is harder than iidx 12s
Wtf is this real?

>> No.18610261

Chunithm is kusoge.


>> No.18610278
File: 6 KB, 98x31, JgtPwPT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Press keypad 1, 2 or 3 on the score screen.

>> No.18610514

( ゚∀゚)o彡゜あーりん!あーりん!

>> No.18610521

World's end charts are meme charts designed to fuck you over when sightreading.


>> No.18611550

>le reddit spacing

Stop outing yourself as a newfag.

>> No.18611682

How do I tell crossovers from double-steps?

>> No.18611828

look at the rest of the pattern and if it looks like crossing over will return you to the right position afterwards, go for it

basically though it's just a combination of pattern recognition and chart memorization. there's not that much technique to dance games other than physically hitting the buttons precisely without getting too tired to finish the song

>> No.18611833

>r-reddit spacing!

lurk more and maybe one day you will fit in

>> No.18612243
File: 278 KB, 406x503, 1460819024791.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nip shit taste strikes again

>> No.18612277


>> No.18612463

how do i get question mark tan as my qpro

>> No.18612466

son not gabba now sounds like a rejected ITG song

>> No.18612828


what the fuck is this

>> No.18612832

the chart is bad but the song is good actually this iidxtom vid makes it sound shitty cause he plays bad


>> No.18612850

we had it good in sinobuz

>> No.18612857

my feet hurt when i play ddr and my feet kinda lock up during fast streams or drills

>> No.18612862

>but the song is good actually
This is absolutely not the case. It still sounds bad even when played perfectly.

>> No.18612869

sorry about yr taste

>> No.18612887
File: 302 KB, 500x510, 25sv1f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18612906

I thought 25/60 was the setup.

>> No.18613103

this is a good meme but i feel like the key setups are less relevant to the personality type than bad taste in music/charts

>> No.18613313
File: 51 KB, 600x641, 888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18613390

lmao nips are just as confused in the comments

>> No.18613476
File: 88 KB, 366x201, cant_wake_up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>haven't played IIDX in months
>hitting almost everything 2 frames too early

>> No.18613551

I emailed gamo2 about that, they apologized for the delay and my order was shipped in an hour after they answered. Welp.

>> No.18613608

Where can you buy DJDAO jubeat rubbers by themselves.

>> No.18613693

Is the ezmax controller anygood for iidx? I want to get it to use with other games too

>> No.18613704

>9 buttons
>turntable location not exact


>> No.18613712
File: 139 KB, 971x565, Charles_I.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a tight retard who wants all his controllers on one thing

>> No.18613731

read the last thread

>> No.18613800
File: 60 KB, 544x479, AEFC9CD7-8A3D-42B8-A9DA-C2A0C1E864C1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.18613808

You don't need a special controller for DJMAX RESPECT you dumbfuck. Other arcade-like PS4 games like PDFT or Taiko are optimized for their respective controllers too and not for the keyboard-like layout.
Without knobs, SDVX will be really awkward to play. IIDX will be playable but again layout isn't good with its messed up spacing - and you can get upgraded FP7 or PEE for the same price.

>> No.18613811

i was totally thinking "im not going to want to play djmax with a controller, i need to buy a virgoo fever" before i actually bought the game it's fucking fine on ds4

also all the kr toprankers play on ds4, many of them with default button layout

>> No.18613824

>also all the kr toprankers play on ds4, many of them with default button layout
this. Most game charts are literally optimized for psp and now ds4. The only issue is a shitty d-pad which can sometimes register extra presses which coupled with RESPECT antispam early breaks is frustrating.

>> No.18613836

That chart is complete memotrash, but at least it's playable without wildly rubbing your fingers everywhere in hopes you hit most of the notes. Plus the head bows are funny.

>> No.18613875

Muh arcade spacing is a meme anyway plenty of people got kaiden with the shitty fucking PS2 controllers, it probably doesn't make a difference unless you're a shitter who wrist scratches anyway

>honestly thinking that a fucking ps4 controller is superior to a keyboard styled controller for djmax
There's a reason all the BMS/djmax online top rankers play on keyboard and not a fucking gamepad anon

>> No.18613892

>BMS/djmax online top rankers
wow people play keyboard-based games with a keyboard

>> No.18613930

>Hurrr djmax is controller-based
>No its not and heres why
>Hurr yeah its keyboard-based

>> No.18613939

Do you realize that there are separate PC and console versions of the game?

>> No.18613956

They also coincidentally have the hardest charts! Turns out having one finger for each key let's you play harder stuff then playing with some retarded control scheme with a ds4...

>> No.18613966

>They also coincidentally have the hardest charts!
What are you trying to prove here? Console versions of the game have pad-based charts and PC versions have keyboard based charts. Obviously with a controller/keyboard console charts will be somewhat easier but not to an extreme degree. Top korean players can clear everything with mad accuracy on ds4 and its layout is nowhere near retarded as was proven by people playing this game on psp for over a decade now.

>> No.18613985

My point was exactly that it'd be easier to play the charts with a controller than with a pad. I'm sure if you gave someone years to practice iidx with a gamepad they'd eventually be able to AAA some 12s too but it doesn't make it not retarded and inferior

>> No.18614084

For experienced IIDX player, playing with IIDX-style controller will indeed be easier for the same exact reason. I won't deny one finger/one button advantage but it is overrated when it comes to console djmax.

>> No.18614140

Djmax RESPECT is gamepad based, retard

>> No.18614521

>BMS/djmax online top rankers
Why the fuck do you even mention DJMax in this context? It doesn't have any hard charts. You probably mean O2Jam. All DJMax games aside from Trilogy are designed to be played with a gamepad.

>> No.18614906

It's an armored bus

>> No.18615911

DJMax online has been dead for years now anon what the fuck are you talking about

>> No.18616673

Does anybody know what all the colors and shapes mean in the Pop'n "clear lamps" or medals or whatever they're called?

>> No.18616714

>Muh arcade spacing is a meme anyway plenty of people got kaiden with the shitty fucking PS2 controllers

no shit retard koc turntable distance makes the game easier, not harder, but the only kind of iidx scores that actually count are those done on arcade cabinets, everything else is practice, and if you get too used to a certain nonstandard setup you're wasting your practice time

>They also coincidentally have the hardest charts! Turns out having one finger for each key let's you play harder stuff then playing with some retarded control scheme with a ds4...

but those harder charts aren't in djmax respect because everything in djmax respect is written to be fair to play with the dualshock 4 controller you absolute mong

>> No.18616782

>muh scores
>only cabinet counts!

Simmer down with the autism.

>> No.18616934

>>muh scores
ok so you're shit, got it. why does your opinion matter again?

>> No.18617075


>"I'm really good at an obscure web game guys, I have all the authority!"

Consider psychiatric help.

>> No.18617079

Silver: ●= 20+GOOD ◆= <20GOOD = <5GOOD
Bronze: ●= 20+BAD ◆= <20BAD = <5BAD

>> No.18617436

if you dont play the game seriously why does your opinion on playing the game seriously have any value? i'm not arguing being good at games makes you a good person

>> No.18617925

ngl OP, that picture is the best I've seen in many months

>> No.18617946 [DELETED] 

>eyes over hair
>nonsense shading of the exposed bellies
>nonsense cast shadows basically everywhere
>formless inflatable pool toy thighs
>skin not even pinching at the edge of the socks
I'm gay and even I can tell you that you have shit taste.

>> No.18617957

>eyes over hair
>nonsense shading of the exposed bellies
>nonsense cast shadows basically everywhere
>whoops I don't know how to draw hands I better hide all 4 of them
>formless inflatable pool toy thighs
>skin not even pinching at the edge of the socks
I'm gay and even I can tell you that you have shit taste.

>> No.18618302

Why does everyone in these threads just argue all the time?

>> No.18618396

>if you're bad at the game you can't talk about it

By that retarded logic we should close this thread forever. You're probably one of those "if you're not top 3 in the whole world you're not good at the game" mongoloids anyway.

>> No.18619018

if you call someone a fucking retard when they're saying some fucking retard shit on any other website you get banned or downvoted or told to calm down

>> No.18619052

if your response to "playing on nonstandard controls is cheating yourself out of an easy transition to arcade cabs" is >muh scores then you clearly don't give a shit about playing iidx in a serious manner so why are you even posting?

this is just a generalized issue. people who are bad and don't care about being bad and who play for fun are fine. they're ok. that's great. good for them. but then these same people want to offer insight in discussions when they have nothing of value to say. and they get upset when others point out how fucking dumb the shit they're saying is.
>oh, yeah, i don't believe in using random until i've normal cleared the chart.
>i'm having trouble with 10s, so i'm going to try to full combo every 3.
>i think that using in-game, allowed options to make the chart easier shouldn't count.

>> No.18619185

can we have the blondie for the next OP

>> No.18619229


Is it possible to get a Gold Diamond or Circle?

>> No.18619752


lol calm down

>> No.18620262
File: 79 KB, 800x1245, IMG_20180315_150345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

man these threads just get more and more offputting every thread

>> No.18620336

What do you mean? This kind of discussion is where it's at. The only thing off-putting in these threads is the amount of people typing like mouth breathing retards.

>> No.18620555


>trap worshipping degenerate's opinion

>> No.18620559


if you wrist you're automatically a huge faggot i don't care what anyone says

>> No.18620632

why does it matter as long as it works?

>> No.18620718

Is the Taiko for the ps4 worth getting? I'm interested in getting the controller bundle but I heard bad things about the drum controller. What do you guys think of it?

>> No.18620723

looks the same as the ps2/wii drums which are garbage

>> No.18620803

It's just not new gen at all, CS players wrist scratched because it was ez on a KOC, and some retarded BMS charts basically require it. And BMS has existed for a long ass time to supplant harder charts in the game. The whole photo is basically what the fuck minus EXHC'ing retarded patterns like that with bad scores because that's more of a JP thing anyway.

>> No.18620891

a dick in your ass works but that doesn't mean you're not a faggot

>> No.18620902

go play more shitty generic anime denpa trance and stop killing iidx with your bms bullshit

>> No.18620977

t. buttblasted 9dan faggots that are mad wrist scratchers are better than them.

>> No.18621066


t. buttblasted lr2 bms faggot that is mad he couldn't AAA a Mass Mad Izm hyper

>> No.18621105

i live for the tears when shitters like you encounter charts that contain anything besides bland chordstream and you have no idea what to do with it

"hey guys here's my scoredump from r1 today. i exhced bad maniacs spa with a b and i also got a normal clear c on summer spa"

>> No.18621110

How do I teach my hands to do two different things at two different rhythms? Pop'n music is the first arcade rhythm game I've gotten into, but the parts I'm running into where my left hand is doing a steady rhythm on white and my right has to do other shit off beat is just impossible for my brain to comprehend.

>> No.18621116

keep playing

>> No.18621124

legitimate answer: try just practicing drum beats, like, tapping on a desk or something

>> No.18621144

I mean I could probably get a AAA on digitank system hyper if you give me a couple minutes.
I have like 6x more AAAs than I do Bs my guy. And most of those Bs are charts I haven't touched since like pendual hdd.

>> No.18621159

SDVX has a lot of DUNDUNDUN songs so you’ll definitely have to teach a hand (or at least a thumb) how to hit those bass kicks while the other does the autistic melodies.

>> No.18621494

>Is the Taiko for the ps4 worth getting?
Yes but only if you are willing to spend a lot of time modding it. It's not hard or anything but the process of removing the plastic drum cover is rather painful (your fingers will literally hurt from it).
I ended up reassembling it like 30 times before making it consistent and responsive enough to play Oni comfortably and do rolls.
In stock, DONs are very stiff and you need to hit the drum very hard, some report that KAs sensitivity is inconsistent though mine were good enough from the start and I only added small sticks of duct tape around sensors.
Furthermore, even though the drum is wired it has a very noticeable input lag compared to ds4 so forget about using hit sounds and you'll need to use calibration options.

All in all, it was worth it and playing Taiko on a big tv is fun.

>> No.18622187

I had this one song from SDVX stuck in my head, and now I understand why.

>0:55 on both videos

Is that just a coincidence or can I consider that a ripoff? It's the same exact shit 30 bpm faster.

>> No.18622632

>ctrl f Cytus

Has any sort of hype already died?

>> No.18622639


>> No.18622643

cytus a shit

>> No.18622656

Fucking Bemani, so much for having original music.

>> No.18623005

does it look like i have $1.39 for that shit

>> No.18623118

Tried playing iidx 10th style on PS2, OPL and ethernet method, but the songs kept desyncing. Is this a problem with all PS2 iidx games and if yes how do i fix this?

>> No.18623279

That track 9

>> No.18623313

why is this here and not in the music thread, I doubt most of these are coming to games

>> No.18623462

yes, burn DVDs

>> No.18623548

Almost half of them are already in games.

>> No.18624055

Gonna tell you guys a secret

I love IIDX!

>> No.18624071

Get out

>> No.18624187

>wake up
>death zigoq playing in my head
fuck that noise

any doujin for that yet

>> No.18624208

If you are under kaiden you are a scrub at the game I don't care what anyone says

>> No.18624209

>any doujins yet
perhaps for c94

>> No.18624253

nah thats for shitters only

>> No.18624421

Is djmax not popular in these thread? Haven't seen anyone talk much about it.

>> No.18624502

because the game came out last August and everyone who wanted to play it bought it back then.

>> No.18624576

Well, IIDX has came out for many years now and people still talk about it a lot for these threads.

>> No.18624718


>> No.18624723

what is the lower right panel supposed to be

>> No.18624737

Goli chars in result screens and 2000+ note charts I think

>> No.18624754

It's an EXHC with only an A and the charts are the various indistinguishable 180+ BPM white/blue alternating chord spam charts (Go Beyond, Go Ahead, Verflucht, Himiko, etc.).

>> No.18624997

Not playing for a while is such a gamble. Sometimes you have to derust, sometimes you just get better. Today, the latter happened

>long streams of pgreats
>asserting my dominance over my rivals by getting my 1st places back
>getting more exh clears

Feels good! Then I start hope of tomorrow and the game freezes from what i assume is a hypersonik glitch. Hopefully I'll keep my streak.

>> No.18625006
File: 97 KB, 980x653, joker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>learning PIU as a longtime DDR player
>the crossovers

>> No.18625190

I usually end up being better than ever after derusting.

The derusting part will make you want to kill yourself though.

>> No.18625228

is there any reason to play less than 8b on DJMR? does 4b have shit that gets just as hard as 8b?

>> No.18625408

>does 4b have shit that gets just as hard as 8b?

all the modes have their own 14s and 15s

>> No.18625426

8b many times is just less fun than 6b or 5b.

>> No.18625437


I actually kinda prefer 6B over 8B, and 4B can still be fun

>> No.18625603

5b is the most fun by far imo. the added flow and smoothness just makes the play experience way more comfy on average.

>> No.18625659

be born talented

>> No.18625775

talent is a meme until you are in the top 0.01%

>> No.18626145

using one of the mode settings fixes it, don't remember which # though.

just google beatmania opl or something, that's how i found out

>> No.18626207

I’m not sure if this assumption is true but it seems like 4chan has a negative opinion towards osu. Is that true and why?

>> No.18626293


>> No.18626365

osu is liked by people who dont like rhythm games

>> No.18626405

it's great if you've never played a good rhythm game i guess lol

>> No.18626489


What’s so different from it to rhythm games it’s similar to? Regular osu is like many mobile/portable console rhythm games. Osu mania is like djmax, Stephanie, ddr and etc. There are a decent amount of well done beat maps and it pretty much has unlimited amount of songs.

>> No.18626728

When you compare the various game modes on osu with similar games, there is an apparent difference in charting philosophy. Just look at Stepmania charts and 4k osu!mania charts. Looking at standard gameplay, osu charting has radically changed, starting from when it was largely based on Elite Beat Agents to now. This all isn't necessarily a bad thing, just saying there is a big difference between your average osu map and your average—let's say, Technika chart.

Aside from gameplay, the community. You can readily find the type of people who watch airing anime for the memes, with the only artists they know being Camellia and t+pazolite. While they exist everywhere, osu attracts so called "normies" more than any other rhythm game.

>> No.18626855

osumania charts are really bad
there's an unlimited amount of j-core and anime openings
the timing is bad
the modifier options are bad
the scoring is atrocious

>Regular osu is like many mobile/portable console rhythm games
there aren't any good mobile rhythm games

>> No.18626901

>Just look at Stepmania charts and 4k osu!mania charts
osu!mania charts are more similar to DJMax/O2Jam, because LN's actually have some kind of mechanical involvement.

>osumania charts are really bad
An argument backed up by absolutely nothing whatsoever. Have you played every single chart there is?

>the timing is bad
The problem with the timing is that it's interchangeable rather than hard-coded. This is one difference compared to other rhythm games, but it's not "bad" per se.

>the modifier options are bad
Once again, no arguments or explanations

>the scoring is atrocious
It's combo based, but that scoring isn't even used in tournaments. Once again, it isn't necessarily bad, just different from Bemani games.

Jesus christ, you're such a fucking moron. People who shit on osu! should at least try to look like they know what they're talking about.

>> No.18627013


>> No.18627152


>> No.18627461
File: 42 KB, 220x220, 1435613943918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>h-how dare you defend [that popular thing I don't like]!
So is that how it's gonna go? I don't prefer osu! to any Bemani game I've played, but that doesn't mean I can't see how most of the hate it gets here is unwarranted. I could take apart the game in the same manner as above and do it properly, because, what do you know, I've actually played the game and know the bad aspects.

You guys just like to repeat what you've read in other posts. I don't get why you can't have a proper discussion about it, it's like some kind of echo chamber.

>> No.18627467


>> No.18627473

But osu is bad and IIDX is a hard game for real gamers like us anon

Arent you a real gamer?

>> No.18627485

It's makes me uncomfortable knowing that this is how some people's brains here actually operate.

Oh well, I'm gonna finish with this. I hope at least some people can read my stuff and make their own, unbiased opinion of it.

>> No.18627493

>osu is bad and IIDX is good

this is literally all there is to it though

>> No.18627657

IIDX is the better game obviously but retards here just circlejerk and hate osu without actually forming their own opinion of it

>> No.18628166

What offset do people usually use in iidx?

>> No.18628175

it depends on the type of player you are as well as which game you're playing and what kind of display mode + monitor the cabinet has

hd* mode is just hd mode with a baked-in -1.0 offset

>> No.18628191

What does offset actually do anyway? Does it move note chart up/down or does it adjust timing to be faster/slower?
>hd* mode is just hd mode with a baked-in -1.0 offset
so thats why iidx data has +1.0 setting by default?

>> No.18628278

Has anyone ever posted any documentation about gitadora controller construction? It's not hard to just plug in a GH or RB controller, but I'm just curious about how the real thing feels.

>> No.18628420

It’s like playing bricks with your entire hand rubberbanded to the fretboard.

>> No.18628963

Does Osu only take music from other games and is it all community made charts?

>> No.18628992

Anything goes, so yeah, there's a lot of Bemani stuff, but these days, it even has some original music of its own and some big featured artists, like Rin/Function Phantom for example. All charts are made by the community.

>> No.18629042


moves the position of the red line, without moving it visually like lift does

>> No.18629114

Wait so I can play Gitadora with my shitty ps3 guitar?

Why didn't anyone ever tell me? Gonna get the data on the nezt freeleech.

>> No.18629135

Im really enjoying the gameplay of DJMF but fuck the music is pretty shitty. Someone post some good tracks you think are good.

>> No.18629146

I meant Respect

>> No.18629219

Nevermind, checked the tutorial thread and it seems like a clusterfuck to set up.

If I had a eletronic drum set I'd go for that since drum mania looks more fun to play.

>> No.18629226

Enter the Universe

>> No.18629511

is there any way to set up universal hi-speed in iidx like in lr2?

>> No.18629558
File: 377 B, 78x16, c9a4454d-4c79-4b2d-9753-3480c963ca47.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wat do

>> No.18629673

Your green number?

>> No.18629690

I am not good at terminology yet but if you mean the green number shown above song speed options on the right then yes.
I really liked an option in LR2 which made every song play at 320 cuz manually adjusting speed every time is painful and it doesn't even save speed for each song.

>> No.18629961

>manually adjusting speed every time is painful
It takes a second when the song starts

>> No.18630037

i can't time the start of bitter choco H on nonran for shit

>> No.18630153

This same thing happened with me too.
The only tip I can do is: try playing in the morning after breakfast. I don't know why but it helped me.

>> No.18630232

After reading posts here for over three years I think I finally got it: people here hate osu because of two things:
1- it's a casual game.
2- because of this, it attracts a lot of normalfags.
You know how much 4chan hates casual games and normalfags. The point is: it's a waste of time to try to discuss anything non-japanese here, it's like they don't know the concept of a friendly discussion. (this fact is even used in some memes)

>> No.18630279
File: 36 KB, 500x492, lets_take_this_mask_off_and_see_who_it_REALLY_is.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18630292

>everything I don't like is reddit
Really proving his point there anon

>> No.18630303

Why do you always need to bring it here? You have a whole sub dedicated to osu.

>> No.18630328

ban horo and then post about it

>> No.18630346

How about you actually scroll up to see how it was brought up in the first place. No one came here to convince anyone to play osu. It's just interesting to see the same reaction every time and how no one is willing to have an open discussion about it for some reason.

>> No.18630363

I like how you didn't reply to the point about there being just a bunch anime openings and shitty nightcore songs.
Which is the main reason i don't like the game, all the "music" is awful and none of it is original.

>> No.18630386

Nice fallacy there. The reason I didn't address it is because it's just a terrible argument to make. We are like 5 years past the Nightcore era, and it's true that generally the "most popular" charts are FoTM anime openings, but that's just what takes the spot on the front page. Past that, it has all the Bemani music and more, and amazing charts for them, too.

>> No.18630461

>Past that, it has all the Bemani music and more, and amazing charts for them, too.

I mean I'd love to get involved in our bi-monthly osu debate, but you're going to have to bait harder than that.
I'm just gonna go with >>18627013 and say


>> No.18630477

What's the bait here? Explain, I'm not trying to get a reaction. Let's just continue this.

>> No.18630657
File: 97 KB, 720x960, IMG_20180317_120934.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does this mean anything for ERM and SVM?

>> No.18630853

>it's like they don't know the concept of a friendly discussion
Looks like I can add "and some 4chan users don't know how to read" too.

>> No.18630934

It's not about hate for me. People like what they like, and I can't change that. All I know is that in a world where IIDX exists, I have zero need or desire to ever play Osu. Or basically any other music game. Or just about any other video game.

I'm not sure what else there is to discuss.

>> No.18631061

That's pretty dumb since other rhythm games either have what IIDX doesn't or it does something different. You don't care about variety?

>> No.18631098

How do I get good at knobs

>> No.18631307

Urban Night
Killer Bee
v o l d e n u i t
Mind Control
Ruti'n remix

>> No.18631316

I'll care about variety once I AAA literally every chart. Until then, I still have more IIDX to play.

>> No.18631369

It's gonna be different for everyone. There should be pretty much music for everyone.

>> No.18631491

iidx is the only rhythm game worth dedicating your life to. the rest are just for fun

>> No.18631501

why play bemani songs in osy when you can play bemani songs in bemani with fun controllers

>> No.18631792

You will never AAA every chart.

>> No.18631966

Exactly. I wouldn't limit myself to just osu.

>> No.18632026

I doubt that anyone would limit themselves to just one game

>> No.18632064

Osu players do.

>> No.18632070

I remember one Osu player coming to the arcade and tried out all the bemani there.

He ended up playing IIDX the most.

>> No.18632134

I was an osu played and I currently play all Japan's Newest Games at r1

>> No.18632165

I would play in round1, but there arent any r1 in Argentina, luckly i have an account in sows

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