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Let's discuss the touhou games.

Previous thread >>18424872

Which game is best for survival? Which game is best for scoring?

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touhou is gay and like 30 years old

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>Which game is best for survival? Which game is best for scoring?

Very nice question that definitely won't lead to a shitwar like last thread.

Anyways, I'm saying UFO for survie, EoSD for scorie.

You can't really cheese UFO unless you maybe construct a really good UFO resource route. Because of that, the game is pretty balanced and more demanding than most 2hus (which I personally enjoy).

I don't have too much scoring knowledge but I like EoSD's scoring because it demands survival fundies while also having a nice amount of scoring tricks. PCB is too overwhelming with scoring tricks, MoF is too much survival and I don't like how the score progresses. EoSD hits those notes a lot better to me. IN is also cute I guess.

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For me it's UFO for survival as even a vanilla 1cc will always be a challenging, unless maybe you've spent 10 hours in practice mode learning stages for resource cheese? Meanwhile every other touohu except perhaps EoSD lets you cheese with no previous routing if you are willing to try it.

For score it's PCB, it's a masterpiece. It rewards all the right things with score.

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I'm sorry if you getting this a lot do you guys have advice for beginners?
Haven't been able to finish a game on easy yet.

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Hold shift for focused movement.
Use bombs if you get yourself into a situation where you are not confident that you can get out, only do what you feel is a risky maneuver if you are out of bombs.
Unlock stages for practice mode using continues, then use practice mode to make a route that feels safe.
If you keep at it your brain will eventually help you get better and in a few weeks you'll probably 1cc.
Starting a credit on normal or even lunatic once in while might also help you improve to some degree.
If you don't care about spoilers and you can't figure out some of the trickier spells or stage sections you could go look at replays or videos of other people beating the game.

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This video is relatively new and has a lot of good advice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31GRjxuLraM

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It's by far the best shot in SA.

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Just ignore that guy, he's been baiting for multiple days.

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who gives a fuck, play for what you like and what challenges you

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That was surprisingly great advice.

I did another graph for the heck of it. Displaying the number of replays on royalflare for each of the main games.

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It's interesting to me that IN has so many more Easy mode replays than Normal mode replays.
From glancing at the scoreboard it doesn't seem like it's an especially contested category, so I don't understand.

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survival: stb
scoring: podd

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People who score like high numbers, and IN easy can give you the highest numbers for the least amount of effort.

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Survival: EoSD cause of personal bias and it's the game I've played most
Scoring: I'm a big sucker for PCB scoreruns, the yusuke replays feel almost like the person behind the screen is a robot. Very mesmerizing in a way. UFO scoreruns are also pretty fun to watch. If I ever scored it'd be EoSD though.

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Fuck 28 and 29. I'm going straight for 30 Oku to honor you, Aniki. I'll push my limits in your honor.

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tfw 6 kds in a row

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The name of the video is a bit dishonest. Following these beginners tips will not make you good. These tips are only scratching the surface.

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Maybe he reads his comment sections and does this next.

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am i famous now? someone with a western record noticed me!!!

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cant tell if this is cringey trash or an ironic shitpost desu

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i would respect ZM if he had good opinions, but he's almost always wrong.

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no youre supposed to suck his dick everytime he does 1 credit of stage practice

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ZM has done nothing but fap to sanae and play touhou in his room for the last 5 years. he constantly says how shit /jp/ is while jacking off in discord.

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How's your day been anon?

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hello ZM, make sure to save this one and tweet it

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here ill make a tweet worthy comment too
are u ready its gon be a great one it might even be a grat one im trying to contain my laughter just thinking about it
ok here it goes:

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lmao grat one dude simply epik xD
i peed my pants but just a little xD

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ZM is a nigger

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I agree, ZM is obsessed with /jp/.

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Now now kids there's no need to be rude. Just keep on practicing and hone your skills so when you finally get that easy 1cc you can stop bullying ZM. Taking out your frustration and insecurity on others is never a healthy coping mechanism :)

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>hunting him down on discord
>hunting his old posts down elsewhere
>compiling information to shittalk him on a mongolian wood carving imageboard
ya seething pinhead

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>Taking out your frustration and insecurity on others
ZM talking about imageboards

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who are you quoting?
ZM talked shit first.

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t-thank you discord for defending me because im a giant pussy
make sure to praise me the next time i post a practice pic! (i will do one credit 2 weeks from now, be sure to check it out and follow my twitter guys)

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>ZM talked shit first
>not being capable of reading

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everyone in jaypee and discord is playing with each other's dick

last thread had a guy mining through old forum posts of him to prove that he contradicted himself once with something he said 3 years ago. If that isn't obsession I don't know what is.

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>zm is insecure about image boards
>to stick it to him I'm gonna shit on him and his achievements
Try harder kid

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its the first reuslt in google search results. it was very funny seeing ZM talking shit about "outside data" when everyone remembers his (wrong) statements about shots.

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Now just blow the 3-1 lead.

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Stream and show me 7 kds in a row, Lebron.

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Best for survival? Meaning most fun or something?

I guess HSiFS, it's not too hard and I love the mechanics to it, and it's the only one I can reliably 1cc.

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I suppose it depends on what you think the purpose of playing for survival is, enjoyment, improvement etc.

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...filling in charts......

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Why is someone who can play lunatic still using max lives?

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It's probably SpoilerAL/patches, and if anything, that remark don't dissuade his ideas

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I wasn't trying to insinuate anything he said was wrong. Simply curious as to why someone would think they still need a crutch when they're competent at the game.

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Practice mode so he can get to the parts of the fight he wants to show for the video.

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He did start at max lives in the beginning of the video on a stage 1 credit. It's still an extremely good video that shouldn't be discredited for that, the points he makes are good.

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Probably just going into practice mode then. No need to do a full run for a stage 1 clip right?

>> No.18543479

Started with 4 lives and not maximum, it's in the beginning of the video

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desu i never realized i left pcb at 5 lives either until this year

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Man I don't know then.

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>Very nice question that definitely won't lead to a shitwar like last thread.
>immediately proceeds to call UFO a good game

Nice bait.

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It is. The UFOs don't detract from the excellence of Stages 5 and 6.

>> No.18544350

I hope you at least play on Lunatic if you're going to make bold claims like that.

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EoSD for score?! Hell no. EoSD scoring is beyond autistic. You do nothing, then you suicide a bunch, then you reset because Sakuya decided to move to a corner.

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I do and agree.

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Survival: PoDD
Scoring: PCB

Disagree. UFO's resource system is absolute garbage. Minute differences in player movement, spawns, hidden off-screen fairies, and the times when UFO fairies die make it virtually impossible to actually consistently route the stages, and it becomes a matter of "just wing it lol". This is fine on Normal, frustrating on Lunatic. It's not a fun system, not for survival, and even less so for scoring. UFO is only fun during no-miss attempts where you can ignore the resource system entirely and deliberately; but how many players here can honestly say they're at LNN level?

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I must be really tired, I can see the bullets moving on a still image

>> No.18545409

Currently at 580 attempts and counting at ISC 5-2 with no items. I wanted to quickly clean up the 10-20 scenes I had yet to clear without items before beginning the last day, but this one is ridiculous.

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UFO indeed makes me feel uncomfortable moving around.

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That means that you're going full shmup man.

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Is ISC no item clear the final boss of touhou games? ZUN says he would to meet anyone does that personally, and I dont think there are many people who did it either.

>> No.18546096

So where's your LNNN? What's your score PB?

>> No.18546375

I want to meet ZUN!

How long until we get a touhoumaker game?

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>Minute differences in player movement, spawns, hidden off-screen fairies, and the times when UFO fairies die make it virtually impossible to actually consistently route the stages
Anon you're replying to here, I can't tell how you would come to this conclusion. Routing works pretty similarly across difficulties; at the very least Lunatic routes basically also apply to lower difficulties. "Minute differences" in movement don't really matter as long as you're in the right place at the right time. There's also only one off-screen UFO fairy and it isn't even important. I'm not going to say I'm extremely consistent at executing my route but it's pretty much second-nature and well enough resources to clear if I don't suck that day.

>> No.18547253

>UFO's resource system is absolute garbage.
>Minute differences in player movement, spawns, hidden off-screen fairies, and the times when UFO fairies die make it virtually impossible to actually consistently route the stages
So you're just bad at the game. That's fine but you need to realize that that doesn't make it bad.

>> No.18547326

Okay, what is the secret to Yamame's opener in Lunatic? Is the non-spell supposed to create dead ends like this?

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Yeah, this video is teaching me nothing I didn't know of, so I'm probably just very inconsistent in pattern reading.

>> No.18547640

Yeah it mostly comes down to figuring out when she's low enough for the pattern to become dumb

>> No.18547737

>it mostly comes down to figuring out when she's low enough
You actually answered my question as to why this pattern becomes so wally at times. Thanks.

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lol SA is so badly designed
love how that "tutorial video" relies on gapping to clear it.

>> No.18548053

You can also use Reimu+Aya aka the superior survival shot to pass the attack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsGu7fOKcvI

>> No.18548055


original UFOposter here, I have had LNBNV for quite a while now so yes I can make that bold claim

UFO's main """""""""""""flaw"""""""""""" is that it takes actual effort to learn and route, while also being popular for having confusing, glowy, super random patterns as well. So both route players and fundie players seem to get buttfugged at some point and feel like the game isn't fit for them. You just need to bite through that until you can control both routing and dodging at a "passable" level. But again, UFO sets the bar very high without any real cheese strats to save your butt, and that can make it frustrating especially for first hard/luna 1cc.

>Disagree. UFO's resource system is absolute garbage. Minute differences in player movement, spawns, hidden off-screen fairies, and the times when UFO fairies die make it virtually impossible to actually consistently route the stages, and it becomes a matter of "just wing it lol".

The UFO pieces always spawn in the same way, and the most random stage parts can be canceled out with half-decently timed UFO cancels. Also player movement is not really more or less minute as it is in any 2hu as far as I've noticed. Off-screen fairies and "the moment UFO fairies die" can all be routed pretty easily so I don't really see the problem there.

>UFO is only fun during no-miss attempts where you can ignore the resource system entirely and deliberately; but how many players here can honestly say they're at LNN level?

Try playing UFO without collecting UFOs. You'll start to miss them very quickly.

All scoring is autistic but you're right

>> No.18548086

You don't "have" to gap. If you're at that point you already made a bad decision somewhere else. The video just points out that it's a nice crutch if you're playing ReimuA. It's not just RNG that gets you such a situation, it's pretty avoidable with any shot.

>> No.18548122

just feels like ZUN didnt test it. no excuse for the first nonspell of stage 1 being more difficult than most Lunatic cards.

>> No.18548162

You are just here to shitpost SA without even knowing what you're talking about, right? If I hadn't posted about having an issue with this non-spell, you wouldn't have picked up on it, considering how you didn't even talk about it in the last thread.
I suggest you get the fuck out of here. Your very writing style itself shows that you don't belong here.

>> No.18548169

Are you the guy that posted that 2 (or was it 3) miss run a while ago?

>> No.18548190

Thanks for admitting you're having an issue with the first nonspell of a Stage 1 boss.

>> No.18548209

I'd rather admit that I'm having an issue with something and trying to find a way to get it right consistently than being a fuckup who blames everything on the conceptor and spouts "LOLOLOLOL SUCH CODING VERY NICE PLAYTESTING WOW" at any moment of the day.

>> No.18548269


Stage 1 bosses can still have hard patterns. Just like how stage 5 can have easy patterns. Come back when you LNN Minoriko, Yamame and Seiran 19 out of 20 times and then someone might listen. I am an SAfag but that non has issues and might be in the top 10 of hardest SA Lunatic patterns.

And yeah be glad he actually self-evaluates and doesn't just blame the game.

>> No.18548375

Take it easy or go back to /v/ die easy.

>> No.18548377

I used to bomb minoriko's first spell and yamame's last spell untill i got better don't bully me . Lunatic btw.

>> No.18548399

I've seen players get bullied by Minoriko's last spell even after they got good.

>> No.18548501

Trying to work through TD Lunatic, I'm finding it one of the harder Lunatic games just because of how stingy it is with resources. Then again, I haven't spent much time in spell practice. But if you die once on Stage 4, and once on Stage 5, that only leaves you with like ~3 lives for the last boss. Maybe that's enough? Other games give you a lot more resources

>> No.18548924

For the most part it hasn't been that bad, though I still haven't started the last day. It's just the scenes that are hard in this game are incredibly frustrating compared to other games. And a lot require absurd luck, like 6-5 and 9-5. Even so, before 5-2 I only really struggled with like three other scenes, and none of them were as bad as this one.

>> No.18548954

You can use the doll, camera or yin yang orb as a sub item and still get the achievement for no item clearing.

>> No.18549004

I know. Without those some scenes are literally impossible, or come close to at least.

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it's not lunatic but i've found sanae is by far the best shot in TD if you want to resource whore the game. she does as much damage as everyone (except slightly less than reimu), stages are just as easy as reimu too. What makes her good in TD is her ability to unfocus shotgun which generates a ton of spirits. Her bomb guarantees you fill at least 1/3 of the spirit gauge because it lets you shotgun, so you get nearly infinite trances.

>> No.18550462

Grats on that Hard 1cc, but Sanae is by far the WORST shot in TD. She does the least amount of damage compared to everyone else (her unfocused shotgun is still weaker than Marisa's focused shotgun and her trance is tied for the weakest along with Reimu's), and TD stages are pretty self-explanatory anyway. Her ability does come in handy on occasion, but she's going to be getting the same amount of trances compared to the other three regardless. If she's getting 'nearly infinite' trances, so are the other three.

>> No.18550530

I respectfully disagree. Marisa and Sanae do almost the same damage at distance. Sanae gets 1/3 of her spirit gauge with every bomb, no matter where it's used on the screen. Marisa doesn't. And Sanae's stages are much easier.

>> No.18550533

Sanae is ok if you bomb spam otherwise duh.

>> No.18550540

>Sanae is by far the WORST shot in TD.
that's youmou. sanae is good because of her bomb.

>> No.18550561

Marisa UF close 15.65
Marisa F close 15.76
Sanae UF close 17.98
Youmu UF far 18.48
Reimu F far 19.16
Marisa F far 20.20
Sanae F far 20.61
Marisa UF far 21.31
Reimu UF far 22.01
Sanae UF far 22.08
These are some damage calcs on Guze Flash with iframes. Marisa is certainly stronger than Sanae. As for the bombs, if you care about spirit gain, then you want to bomb in front of the boss's face anyway. That's the entire point. And again, TD stages aren't that difficult with any shot.

Also, you should try to cap Yoshika's final on Lunatic with Sanae. After that, do it with the other three. You'll see the difference perfectly.

>> No.18550567

This fucking guy.

>> No.18550584

>As for the bombs, if you care about spirit gain, then you want to bomb in front of the boss's face anyway.

Sometimes you bomb when you aren't in front of the boss. Sanae gets 1/3 of her gauge no matter where you bomb. Marisa gets 0.

>2% difference in far damage
It's fucking nothing. This isn't SA where one shot is dealing 25% more than others.

And Sanae gets to shotgun much more because of her bomb, which more than makes up the difference in shotgun damage. And Reimu is dealing more damage than Marisa at range.

>> No.18550616

When it comes to TD, you really want to spend those bombs in front of bosses for trance gain. That way you can get optimal use out of them. It's all about shotgunning.
And since TD is all about shotgunning, Marisa's benefits in strength and a stronger trance to utilize outweigh Sanae's 'enhanced' trance gain and decent shotgun (which is admittedly fun to use, honestly).

>> No.18550621

>When it comes to TD, you really want to spend those bombs in front of bosses for trance gain.
Sometimes you are going to die and need to use a bomb. Sanae gets 1/3 of her gauge no matter when you bomb. Marisa gets 0 from unplanned bombs.

>> No.18550630

marisa is 2% stronger at range (lol). and reimu is stronger anyway. and stronger trance barely matters when anyone's trance is enough to clear anything, and bosses are invulnerable for a few seconds between spells.

>> No.18550666

>When it comes to TD, you really want to spend those bombs in front of bosses for trance gain.
I don't think you're understanding. Marisa has to do that, Sanny doesn't.

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git gud skrub isn't an argument and doesn't excuse poor game design. They're right, UFO is by far the worst 2hu game, and I've never seen so many people actually defend it.

Shit stage design, shit mechanics, shit characters, and even the worst music in the windows games (which is still salvagable because it's ZUN we're talking about, but still).

If I wanted to play something difficult for no other reason than having shit mechanics I'd play Len'en on that retarded Absurd mode, or stick to CAVE games which do difficulty with resource management much better.

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File: 131 KB, 234x440, Th12Sanae.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i may have agreed with this but UFO sanny is so cute.

>> No.18550918

Pretty sure "this is shit, that is shit, this is shit and that is the worst!" isn't an argument either. Now git gud, skrub. The UFOs aren't nearly as hard to understand as you think they are, as someone already explained in this thread.

>> No.18551071

getting 2 sgs in a row after having tilt and failure feels like having an angelic back massage on my back knots

>> No.18551091


>> No.18551267

I should prolly stop procrastinating with survival stuff and focus about learning every single stage and strat for score from square 0, get the medicine pill over with now than later

>> No.18551290

Give us some replays you Normal-mode playing cunt

>> No.18551365

>hurrr u play games for fun what a fag

Getting sick of this elitism. You play a difficulty that ZUN once described as a joke and then have the gall to bitch about the mechanics not being balanced... gee, I wonder why you aren't enjoying it.

>> No.18551482

I finally beat TH16 Extra. Is it the easiest extra?

>> No.18551487

yes its the easiest by far.

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File: 72 KB, 1024x768, 1520313702860.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shit characters
Are you sure?

>> No.18551535

Wow my filename ruins that, doesn't it?

>> No.18551940

>git gud skrub isn't an argument and doesn't excuse poor game design

It is when all your arguments are subjective and you blame the game for things you could easily solve yourself and implement into your gameplay. Enemies shooting offscreen (I don't even know where you see this happen) and UFO fairies dying at bad moments are problems that can get resolved with basic routing.

>Shit stage design
Examples please
>shit mechanics
Learn to route, and examples please
>shit characters
Uh, sure lol.
>worst music in the windows games
Too subjective for me to give a shit, but it just feels like this and the character complaint are just an extension of your gameplay salt and an excuse to whine more. Same thing happened when LoLK came out and everyone was jerking each other's willy for for calling literally everything the game does "terrible".

Bonjour moi Croissant

>> No.18552006
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>Bonjour moi Croissant

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Do not shitpost with Junko you whiny cunt.

>> No.18553207

Only if you're playing as Reimu.

So Ran is easier because she's super easy with anybody.

>> No.18553548

Junko herself and her fight are literal shitposts.

>> No.18554546

Without a doubt.

>> No.18555510

Fuck Nue

>> No.18557259

Is TH13 Normal supposed to be this easy?
Its impossible to die unless you intentionally die because you couldn't give less a shit.

On another note, is Kyoko really this easy?

>> No.18557267

Holy shit.

>> No.18557889

It's one of the easiest Touhou games mate, right up there with HSiFS. Now try playing a game on anything above Normal you coward.

>> No.18558031

The only difficulty in TD comes in the form of resource denial. Patterns are extremely easy, but you have no room for error, and it's so easy that you'll probably die by falling asleep.

>> No.18558798 [DELETED] 

All I'm seeing in this thread are a bunch of niggers telling each other they suck at 2hu but yet not a single person is uploading any of these epic Lunatic replays that they apparently have

Put up or shut up

>> No.18559958

I'm about to fight Okuu with 7 lives once again.

>> No.18560040

I finally did it.

>> No.18560244


>> No.18560257

How many okus did you get?

>> No.18561335

Trying to beat UFO Hard, using Sanae B. Do you have any tips about your UFO route?

I really want to just bomb a lot of the tough cards, am I better off getting green UFOs at certain parts?

>> No.18563470

Stages 5 and 6 have better routes for greens than the previous stages. Stage 6 is basically all greens if you're going for survival, and Stage 5 can be routed pretty well for either. If you want to clear, the goal is basically to stockpile bombs near the end and then unload on Shou and Byakuren so they threaten your life stock as little as possible.

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File: 2.72 MB, 1280x960, th143_001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

580 attempts turned into 3,536. Thirteen more scenes to no-item.

>> No.18564955

UFO is the best game by far, the story actually has things going on besides "Get closer to the bad guy lol" and yes, you actually have to come up with a risk analysis and can't just "route"(memorize to the point of rote execution)

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is there some trick to this btw? Why is a stage 2 card as difficult as PDH

the game has almost no static patterns. it needed a few more, its filled with "super dense RNG pattern" that make it the most difficult game by far.

>> No.18565173

Good luck anon, you're going to need it.

>> No.18565199

I admire your dedication.

Stop shitting up these threads with your baiting.

Not really. It's difficult for a stage 2 card but it's a bit silly to say it's as difficult as PDH. Stay under the boss and kill her as quickly as possible or drop a bomb.

>> No.18565249

>the story actually has things going on besides "Get closer to the bad guy lol"
Isn't the whole plot about you trying to get to the ship for money and then just immediately going "Guess I better find the bad guy"

>> No.18565599

>Stop shitting up these threads with your baiting.
Someone disagreeing with your opinions isn't baiting. You're the only one shitting up anything.

And he's right that UFO is a great game.

>> No.18567981

I'm giving up on Lunatic mode. That one Lunatic SA 1cc will be my only one. I'll stick to Hard and Extra mode.
Much less time wasted doing restarts. Much less frustration.

>> No.18568092

Don't give up. After the frustration comes the harvest and I'll tell you, its fucking sweet. At least that's what I tell myself trying to 1cc EoSD. Fuck stage 4.

>> No.18568738

lunatic mode is an autistic waste of time desu. to clear every game on lunatic would require thousands of hours.

>> No.18569002
File: 2.24 MB, 1491x1865, 1F30458A-5BCD-47A6-AE37-CB17B5A10D19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do we talk about fighting games here? Trying to get going on Antimony of Common Flower and have no idea what kind of skills I need to develop to clear.

>> No.18569068

Don't give up Anon! You will eventually start to feel the danmaku in a different way and your first lunatic 1cc will happen without you even realizing it. However, going with SA for a start is probably not the best way to keep your motivation. You could start with a much easier lunatic like LLS, or maybe a more balanced one such as IN or MoF. (Avoid UFO, it's too hard.)

>> No.18569120

Dude, I'm having enough of always restarting around the same point. I'm not playing often and I'm losing my reflexes, and this frustration is destroying my will to play.
I haven't even 1cc'ed most games on Hard so I'll stick to this difficulty mode

>> No.18569129
File: 43 KB, 400x1234, Summary.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you read? I just said that I actually did 1cc SA once and that it'll never happen again.

>> No.18569181
File: 41 KB, 384x448, Th12SC034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy shit fuck UFO lunatic fuck this cunt fuck RNG

>> No.18569264

Maybe watching a superplay replay is in order to pick up on some easy strategies for the non-random parts of the game?

>> No.18569274

That's the problem. I tried watching Yatsuzume playing and his playing style and movements are very similar to mine for SA. I'm honestly saying that I have not copied his playstyle at all. I'm extremely good at memorizing, just cruelly lacking when it comes to reflexes and pattern-reading.

>> No.18569308

Have you worked on perfecting the individual bosses in practice? It might be a suitable challenge to improve your reading. Parsee would probably be a good boss to practice a lot for some general ability.

>> No.18569315

>Trying to get going on Antimony of Common Flower and have no idea what kind of skills I need to develop to clear.
You just have to punch the other character

And practice dashing, cuz there's a story mode spellcard that'll be a massive bitch if you don't have a solid grasp of it

>> No.18569641

That’s because you don’t have any talent. Might as well begin scoring like a memoryfag turboscrub that you are.

>> No.18569654

Because you got any yourself perhaps? You're in the same boat so be a good boy and lay low.

>> No.18569673
File: 83 KB, 1400x466, 1516959555036.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I still job to Orin, fuck Spleen Eater.

>> No.18569676

Yeah of course not this isn’t discord you know.

>> No.18569707

I know how you loooooove bringing your stupid strawmen along with your shitposting. If someone counters you, it's discord. If someone writes in a way you don't like, it's crossboarding. If someone pisses you off, it's reddit. It never fails, you're a stupid one-trick pony.
Indeed this isn't discord, so you're nothing. Anything you might say, anything you show, are useless because you're no-one. And the fact that you're disrespectful actually marks you off as even lower than the "scrubs" in this general. That's a fact that you can't shake off.

Be a good boy and fuck off.

>> No.18569722
File: 148 KB, 640x480, th015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice boogeyman, discord. not every poster is one person.

Anyway how many lives should I be aiming to have after Stage 3? I havent routed UFOs yet but I feel like this isn't enough

>> No.18569730
File: 115 KB, 640x480, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

actually im pretty comfortable with this because the first half of stage 4 throws lives at you

>> No.18569741

Not only are you so unbelievably stupid as to contradicting yourself in the same sentence, but you don't listen to what actually respectful people tell you to do for the sake of this thread. At this point, the suitable advice is no longer "fuck off" but rather "kill yourself".

>> No.18569743
File: 465 KB, 640x480, th000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First Normal 1cc in a long time!

5 lives after Stage 3 is a pretty good amount, but I'd aim for around 6 or 7 if I were you.

>> No.18569771

its not just one person responding to you, you're also a retard. stay mad.

>> No.18570338
File: 112 KB, 1280x720, Yuyuko (2022).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Practice Start is your friend anon, don't worry too much about Lunatic being so hard at first, it's not your fault, it has a very high entry barrier.
Just keep at it and remember to only play when you feel like it, you will eventually break through.
Just remember, you are not alone, everyone is struggling for their touhou goals all the time, but always enjoying the ride for sure!

>> No.18570560
File: 33 KB, 182x182, bf0f8a1ecae2ea09112f040013455abd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do any of you guys here happen to have the full version of this image?

>> No.18571042

The main trick to this card is to start moving in advance of the wave ending so you don't get trapped and can get to the other side more easily. If you wait until the punches stop before moving you will get rushed.

>> No.18572231

If you've been called all these things you seriously need to fuck off. Actually, looking at your posting style, you need to fuck off either way.

>> No.18572411

I want to beat LoLK. In pointdevice I'm left with Pure Bullet Hell with no bombs. The first half is infuriatingly long and boring. I wonder if it'll be faster to learn to capture it or to just run legacy mode cheesing with Sanae.

>> No.18572978

>PDH with no bombs
Rest in peace, anon. Either you "git gud" or you simply restart and make sure you save one or two bombs. There's no miracle to hope for at this point.

>> No.18573900

is there a written guide for UFO? Im finding it impossible at higher difficulties.

>> No.18573953

Just watch replays/streams abouts it, that's the best guide you can find.

>> No.18574014

Watching replays on youtube and asking others for help always seems like a solid idea with practice patches

>> No.18575537
File: 198 KB, 640x480, reimuB normal 1cc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A 1CC after a month of not playing, ReimuB has the most cancerous Patchy cards for sure. I genuinely like EoSD because it doesn't have any gimmicks and it is the game that defines Touhou.

>> No.18575893

Learn Japanese and read their strategy wiki.

>> No.18575972

I think rank could be considered a pseudo gimmick since it's the only windows game where it has a significant effect.

>> No.18576140

true, but it isn't a gimmick that affects how you play the game. you can try to avoid point items and grazing if you're playing for survival, but the impact of that will be minimal compared to other factors. and you can't do anything if you're playing for score.

>> No.18576555
File: 117 KB, 640x480, dfawe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

finally made it to Byakuren but didn't have enough resources. I had 3 really dumb deaths in stages though, so if I eliminate those then I can clear. The game give you so many resources that you can literally bomb through everything for Shou / Byakuren if you play well enough to that point.

>> No.18576630

get talented

>> No.18577140
File: 43 KB, 400x1234, Summary.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post progress.

>> No.18577329

As someone who will be finally finishing their first Touhou game (by finishing I mean 1cc and extra stage), I was wondering if there was a consensus on hardest/easiest extra stages?

>> No.18577373

Ran, Suwako, Okina
Koishi, Hecatia

>> No.18577521

I don't know if this is the place to ask for it but does anyone have a download to the EoSC sprites?

>> No.18577595
File: 70 KB, 182x216, Yuyuko1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry, but I only have this one.

>> No.18578093

hardest are hecatia and koishi

easiest are ran, yukari, suwako, okina

>> No.18578175

Only listing the Extra stages I've completed or played enough to have an idea of the difficulty

On the same level of Normal: PCB, HSiFS (with Reimu)
Somewhere between Normal and Hard: IN, HSiFS (without Reimu), MoF
About as hard as Hard: EoSD, TD, maybe DDC
Between Hard and Lunatic: maybe DDC
What the fuck ZUN?: LoLK

>> No.18578245

Anybody know how to fix fullscreen crashes? Games 11 and 12 always crash whenever I try to fullscreen them. They work fine playing windowed however. All the other games I can play fullscreen with no issues. It is only these two.

>> No.18578279

Nevermind. Changing the compatibility settings to "Disable desktop composition" worked.

>> No.18578448


>> No.18579353

What is the easiest GFW route for a hard clear? C1?

>> No.18579435


>> No.18580388
File: 208 KB, 1178x765, 1483327976669.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>oh my, look at this ignoramus thinking yukari is an extra mode boss. I pity his inferior intellect.

Everyone knows yukari is phantasm u homo. Everyone classifies "phantasm" or "Yukari" or whatever the fuck as Extra because there is nothing special about Phantasm gameplay-wise except the unlock method. She just wears a nice "phantasm" title, but she fits right in with the extras and at least half of the extras are harder. So why the fuck would she deserve a league of her own? Being all pedantic when someone doesn't specifically say "oh and yukari by the way she is phantasm I am fully aware but she fits in with the rest of the extra bosses in terms of gameplay so I think it only makes these comparisons more thought-provoking if I add her because excluding her would just be terribly arbitrary" is gay.

>> No.18580820

Who are you quoting?

>> No.18580941

Everything from his quote to the picture, with his spacing and his writing style marks him as an idiot from another website. Just ignore.

>> No.18581371

Am I retarded, cause I seemingly can't get consistent at Yuugi's mid spell. I always get caught by something at the beginning.

Maybe I'm taking too long to analyze it when I should really just move through it without hesitating.

>> No.18581747

thanks, just cleared. was even easier than most normal modes.

>> No.18581776

the red bullets? im pretty sure its the same every time so it can be memorized. also be mindful that you can despawn bullets depending on where you sit. it looks more intimidating then it actually is, remember that those bullets have small hitboxes and that they move slowly.

>> No.18582487

The weird thing is I got the practice patch just to test that, and I did notice the same pattern but when I tried it in the actual game again it felt different.

Oh well, I guess its not that bad if I stay at the bottom, I just get too occupied looking for sideways bullets that I miss whats coming in front of me sometimes.

>> No.18582519

SA uses the Riri practice patch, which is OK but a few patterns are fucked up and not the same as their ingame counterparts.

I had this same issue with UFO because Nazrin's pendulum spell is broken with Riri.

In my personal opinion you can't go wrong with just bombing the card. You immediately get 0.5 power dropped from Yuugi, and in the top right corner are more red fairies. You can get most of the power back immediately.

>> No.18583897

Would you say if I can do PCB on Hard, and almost 1CC it's Lunatic, I'd be able to do LoLK Extra? Hecatia is my favorite Extra boss by far and I want to see her in action. I'm doing the stage now and I haven't had trouble up until Doremy's "Dream Express." It seems like everything is aimed directly at you, is there a way to dodge the fast rainbow bullets by just moving very slightly like with Ran's first spellcard?

>> No.18583941

HOLY SHIT what the fuck is up with Hecatia's non-spells. It's like ZUN took Ran and Yukari's non-spells, sped them up 50%, and threw in a few extra bullets just because it was "still too easy."

>> No.18583996

>Hecatia is my favorite Extra boss by far and I want to see her in action

I remember when I nnb'd eosd and thought I was hot stuff so I tried LoLK normal and got my shit pushed in

>> No.18584117

No, those are both easier than LOLK Extra. If you use Reisen, I would say Hecatia is comparable to Lunatic PCB.

If you aren't using Reisen then Hecatia is harder than most games on Lunatic in my opinion.

>> No.18584264

Can someone explain why Marisa A was even put into DDC?

>> No.18584780
File: 126 KB, 500x500, reisen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tfw your waifu is the easiest stage 5 boss so far

>> No.18584808

>is there a way to dodge the fast rainbow bullets by just moving very slightly like with Ran's first spellcard?
You can, but you shouldn't, you would end up just dying and having to restart, I recommend to unfocus move out of there, the ball circle is not that hard if you have quick reflexes, just read the position, but the priority is getting out of the rainbow express.

>> No.18584848

Serves you right for having Youmu as a waifu.

>> No.18584881

Implying that Youmu is the easiest stage 5 boss
Implying that Youmu in easy
Implying that Youmu is easy in any game
(Double Wheel of Pain is actual Pain; Slash of Saigyou Spring Wind is a bitch; Turning Angel Cut is a "you can't hit me haha" card; The Bullet-Cutting Spirit Eye from Roukan IS THE SHIT OF THE SHIT I CAN'T EVEN FUCKKKKKKK)

>> No.18585020

Youmu is easy.

>> No.18585039

i like to bomb dream express. you cant use a bomb on the next card (if you want the 1up), and its not like bombs are very useful for hecatia anyway.

>> No.18585042

youmo is on the easier side for stage 5 bosses but reisen is by far the easiest, with futo next.

hardest stage 5 bosses are clownpiece, shou, orin, sakuya.

>> No.18585081

Youmu is the easiest 5th stage boss in the easiest game in the series. I would put Mai and Satano as the second hardest after Clownpiece. Try doing that without releases. Behind festival requires more dodging skill to consistently capture than anything you will find in Shou, Orin, or Sakuya.

>> No.18585096

What exactly makes Youmu easier than Reisen?

>> No.18585102

>Try doing that without releases
Try doing Youmu and Futo without trance or borders.

>> No.18585106

TD is easier

>> No.18585121

Are you implying that Mai and Satano are easier than Youmu and/or Futo? Even if there were no Border/Release/Trance, the order would be this: Futo, Youmu, Mai and Satano.

>> No.18585166

This is /jp/ we usually talk about the vanilla difficulty here. With trance/border/release these affected stage 5 bosses are nothing special.

>> No.18585206

Futo is a piece of cake in any difficulty, the only remarkable part is her second non-spell. Youmu's first spellcard is actually pretty brutal on lunatic but after that the battle becomes a lot easier because of the gimmicks provided. Satono and Mai are beyond retarded, their spells require more skill that most things in the game only surpassed by Okina's last spells (mostly spring)

>> No.18585232

mai and satono are not as difficult as clownpiece, shou, or orin. most of their things are static. the one tough spell that isnt (behind festival) is not as hard as orin's Needles of Yore. And releases count as spell card captures, with releases they are even easier.

And this is ignoring the difference in resources. HSIFS gives you a ton more resources to deal with them, on top of shots (like Marisa Winter) that can kill Behind Festival in nearly 10 seconds.

>> No.18585244

>I would put Mai and Satano as the second hardest

Not even close. Shou and Orin are more difficult and you have fewer resources.

>> No.18585274

Youmu doesn't fuck with your visuals, making bullets spawn on top of you with you unable to do anything about it because the background obscures the tells (when they bother to be there).

False. TD has a drought of resources, so it's harder because the punishment for failure is much higher.

>> No.18585298
File: 631 KB, 1280x960, lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fired up HSIFS again and it's not even as hard as Sakuya's nonspells. Even without release they die fast, and I'm not even sure why it's a question because releases are captures.

Maybe if you picked Aya Autumn or some crappy shot I could see what you mean. Marisa Winter makes HSIFS a joke. Practice mode doesn't even factor in laser stacking.

>> No.18585370

>Youmu doesn't fuck with your visuals, making bullets spawn on top of you with you unable to do anything about it because the background obscures the tells (when they bother to be there).
Zun was way to scared to make Reisen more harder than he should so he sticked with fewer bullets on screen and more on gimmicks, which are easier, the only thing you need in Reisen is reaing her bullet track far ahead. Youmu on the other hard overwhelms you with bullets and crazy fast patterns with weird movements.

>False. TD has a drought of resources, so it's harder because the punishment for failure is much higher.
That doesn't make it harder than PCB.
The patterns are simple and easy (Miko's summon spell, for example).
It gives you tons of health and bomb spirits (along with the trance you get double the points so getting many lives is not an issue).

>> No.18585410
File: 384 KB, 1048x1500, moonlight_syndrome_12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18585422 [DELETED] 
File: 1.20 MB, 1050x1400, 1520071328571.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It gives you tons of health and bomb spirits (along with the trance you get double the points so getting many lives is not an issue).

This is wrong. TD gives you less resources than PCB.

You get lives at 10, 12, 15, 18 spirits. It is nearly impossible to get the 20 spirit life. The game gives you 4 extra lives, the least of any game.

You get extra lives at 50, 125, 200, 300, 450 and 800 point items, plus two extra lives from Stage 3 and 5. That's a total of 8 extra lives, which is twice what TD gives you.

AND you get borders in PCB, which are basically free bombs / lives. AND sakuya in PCB gives you 4 bombs per life, vs. 2 in TD, which far outweighs any green spirits you collect.

>> No.18585429 [DELETED] 

I forgot to mention that TD gives trances, but borders are almost the same.

>> No.18585446
File: 1.20 MB, 1050x1400, 1520071328571.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You get lives at 8, 10, 12, 15, 18 spirits. It is nearly impossible to get the 20 spirit life. The game gives you 5 extra lives, the least of any game.

You get extra lives at 50, 125, 200, 300, 450 and 800 point items, plus two extra lives from Stage 3 and 5. That's a total of 8 extra lives, which is more than what TD gives you.

AND you get borders in PCB, which happen much more often than trances and last just as long. AND sakuya in PCB gives you 4 bombs per life, vs. 2 in TD, which far outweighs any green spirits you collect.

>> No.18585456

>It gives you tons of health and bomb spirits
No it gives you less lives than any other game.

>> No.18585581

Reisen's gimmicks are "easier" when you have a lot of experiences with them. And by then, Youmu is an absolute joke.

>> No.18585589

I would say Reisen is easier only because I've grinded out all her in spell practice. Youmu doesn't come with a spell practice mode but if I did use it on her I would probably think she is easier.

>> No.18587179

How can one capture Jeweled Branch of Hourai? That's the only thing keeping me from 1CCing IN Lunatic.

>> No.18587203

Trying to 1cc my first Touhou game, EoSD and wanted to know who the "best" to do it with?

>> No.18587268

You mean hourai jewel? It's very hard to improvise, but it's entirely static and aimed bullets, so you can make a route for it. If you've gotten there in a run you can spellpractice it.

>> No.18587458

Marisa B just because of how strong her bomb is.

>> No.18587932

The shot type you use largely depends on what you're comfortable with and how much difficulty you want at Patchouli. On Normal ReimuA has the easiest fight and ReimuB has the hardest. MarisaB has the second easiest fight but she also can kill most Spell Cards with one bomb. If you're planning to try to clear Extra after clearing, MarisaA is arguably the best shot type for it so you may want to clear with her in that case.

>> No.18588541

Best shot type is the character you like the most. Don't listen to those other faggots.

>> No.18588653

Are "A" and "B" shot types different characters? Are there two Reimus and Marisas?

>> No.18588694

I played almost exclusively MarisaB and yeah her bombs are fantastic compared to the others but after playing around with the other shot types, MarisaA seems to really make up for it with how fast she kills with standard shots compared to just bombing through some spell cards.
I do plan on going through Extra immediately after 1cc so then I will just play more with MarisaA.

>> No.18588731

You know what he meant.

>> No.18589914

How does scoring even work in EoSD? I tried for a better score and got less than my first 1CC. The reason is that I tried some risky strats and died a lot, I beat Remilia with zero lives and zero bombs left.

ReimuA if you don't want to spam bombs (and for Patchouli), ReimuB if you're good at staying under the enemy and you can handle Patchouli's hardest, MarisaB if you like to shotgun bosses whereas in a normal 1CC I'd have at least two lives and a bomb or two left.

>> No.18589974

anyone gonna join the new and """"improved"""" drc?

>> No.18590034

I suppose I did, but shot types still aren't characters. Unless it's TD or something, where there's only one shot type per character.

EoSD scoring is getting a lot of graze and then getting big cancels for the most part. The graze makes the cancels worth more. Cancels can also be gained by spamming bombs at certain parts (like stage 3 Meiling), Other than that, POCing items and spell captures are good.

No, but what's different about it this time? Maybe I shouldn't have asked.

>> No.18590096

Ended up finishing my 1CC with MarisaA, time to grind my face off with Flandre now.

>> No.18590335

Utsuho just melted my face off. I thought the hard part was over after getting through Orin, but Okuu is not much better. I wish I could unlock stages for practice just by reaching them like in some of the other games. A lot of Okuu's attacks are really fast shit that wrecks you the first time you see it.

>> No.18590361


>> No.18590474

This is all true but remember that you get 1/3 a life for anything you get through without dying. And her first nonspell is free. Her rotating suns is free when you use the graze spot. And any card you use bombs on is probably going to give you a life too.

I don't know what shot you are using but just bomb the shit out of her for resources.

>> No.18590485

wasnt it a disaster last time? no, avoided the redditors / discorders.

>> No.18590501

It's organized exclusively through Discord now, with no public forum sign-ups.

>> No.18590523
File: 138 KB, 514x609, 1420429240732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18590549

I believe kusoplay caused a mess, as seen from that forum. There wasn't anything wrong with anyone else that participated as far as I can tell from the public posts.

>> No.18590717

May I ask for the purpose these things exist?

>> No.18590740
File: 178 KB, 1398x1700, DAVl3aYV0AEdlxb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For the completition of Papa's Rod Expansion Project, all in the name of Das Vaterland.

>> No.18590791

I was trying different shots and just happened to make it to Stage 6 with 4 lives, so I figured I might as well give it a shot. The shot type was Reimu+Yukari which I don't usually use.

>you get 1/3 a life for anything you get through without dying
I thought it was 1/6 of a life, or is it different on Utsuho? If so then that makes it almost too easy.

>> No.18590859
File: 257 KB, 1280x960, pcb ph NNN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18590868

Very nice.

>> No.18591031

They love scapegoating kusoplay when that irc/discord/whatever already died years ago

>> No.18591444

You picked Reimu A for the first time and did ten times better. Stick with it, SA has bad shot balance and it's way better than the other shots.

>> No.18591658

Reimu C tho, if you can press X and not hold down shot/focus during stages they basically don't exist, and you can sit on the bosses the 1cc is basically free

You get 1/5th of a life without dying to a boss iirc, definitely not 1/3rd though lmao

>> No.18592265

For fun anon.

>> No.18592388

What's that?

>> No.18592468

they should have a price money and smaller self made teams
but the organizer is a literal nigger on welfare so that wont happen

>> No.18592556

Get a job instead of wanting prize money for your loli shooting games

>> No.18592598

sounds like you're the one on welfare if you want money goyim

>> No.18592626

>no one joins

What happened to the spirit of light-hearted competition

>> No.18592635

They'd rather sperg while playing boat games and watching Aikatsu! all day, anon.

>> No.18592973

You got a problem with Aikatsu?

>> No.18593679

>but the organizer is a literal nigger on welfare so that wont happen
made me lol

>> No.18595011

I haven't been able to normal 1cc EoSD as MarisaA in past two days. It feels like she doesn't have the damage output of ReimuB or MarisaB to clear stuff fast enough. And I'm not even stuck at specific spells (except maybe Patchouli's lasers and ironically Misdirection if I fail to misdirect), it's just a slow trickle of stupid deaths every time. Guess I have to keep trying.

>> No.18595730

Been fighting Flandre all day and I can get to Maze of Love somewhat frequently but I can't pass it, I hope this progress is decent for my first day of attempts.

>> No.18595835

You should get SpoilerAL with the 4.6 SSGs. It'll make practicing way more convenient and efficient.

>> No.18595938

I was actually just thinking that a practice rom for Touhou would be perfect too.

>> No.18596842


this ssg > the other eosd ssg

>> No.18597481

Marisa A is the highest DPS shot in the game by a good amount, but she has the hardest stages because her spread is low.

>> No.18597846

There's a really easy way to do Patchouli nons. You can sit inside of the spell circle around her to get some easy pointblank dps at the start. Right before the laser is aimed directly under her, just go near the bottom to left side of the screen then stream right and if you time it properly you'll pass through the laser right as the hitbox despawns. Continue streaming the aimed stuff and once she starts the second laser cycle just stream back in the opposite direction.

>> No.18597963

No use complaining about the shot. It's never the shot type's fault.

>> No.18597993

SA Reimu B
UFO Marisa B
DDC Marisa A
LOLK Marisa

>> No.18598002

I didn't understand, what's childish of being bad with monsters and green peppers?

>> No.18598136

Nice job trying to sound "cool" when you have no idea who's posting

>> No.18598142
File: 2.77 MB, 1344x1008, 東方弾幕風 ph3 [.1 pre6a] 12_03_2018 22_37_36.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I make danmakufu scripts that don't suck?

>> No.18598159

Those are some nicely spread out arms.

>> No.18598193

How are bullet paths defined in danmakufu? You probably need a good grasp of parametric equations and a dash of creativity to make neat patterns.

>> No.18598388

When you die because the pattern lasted longer than it should or because you couldn't hit the boss properly i'm pretty sure it's the shot type's fault. Not like you can't manage a shot type's shortcomings, I like playing shit shots and do pretty well with them but it's naive to think shot differences don't exist.

>> No.18599052

How do you form teams for touhou?

>> No.18599087

People put down a variety of categories and then people are matched up to the same category. For example, 4 people who put down eosd lunatic survival could get matched up, taking into account skill level so that the competition isn't one sided.

You could put down only 1 category, but unless it's a popular one, you're probably not going to get matched

>> No.18599674
File: 319 KB, 640x480, th6_ud0013 (EoSD) Extra Clear - ReimuA [No Bomb].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wasn't expecting to get this really, but it was nice, her last card gets pretty crazy near the end. Also for some reason it's harder to move in diagonal in this game than the others.

>> No.18600447

Shot differences exist. I'm not denying that, but they don't matter nearly as much as you make it out to be. A spellcard lasting a few seconds longer is irrelevant towards anyone decent and doesn't equate to the shot being at fault. It is literally your own fault for not dodging the bullets well enough that you get hit. If you are having trouble to the point where a few seconds of added time to a spellcard is making you die, then you aren't as good as you think you are. How about you practice and better yourself instead of pushing the blame onto something else? This isn't even about "getting good." You faggots come here and complain about retarded things instead of analyzing what you did wrong and trying to learn from your mistakes.
Like this faggot.

This general is fucking terrible and full of newfags. This shit is annoying. The discord circlejerk that comes here often is just as bad as well.

>> No.18600463

>A spellcard lasting a few seconds longer is irrelevant
It is relevant because it means your chances of dying go up.

Go ahead and post your King Kraken Strike history since you're so pro

>> No.18600474

>Shots don't matter nearly as much as you make it out to be
Okay, how many TH15 LNNs have been done with Marisa or Sanae?

>> No.18600522

If you picked the better shot you wouldn't have died. You're dumb.

>> No.18600525

>It is relevant because it means your chances of dying go up.
Which doesn't matter at all when you can consistently capture the card. The fact that you are even complaining about this means you can't and blaming the shot instead of practicing to be able to do so.

>Go ahead and post your King Kraken Strike history since you're so pro
Are you referring to those charts? I don't have one. Don't see the need for one. I also never claimed I was a "pro".

We are talking about spellcards. LoLK being hard with marisa is due to the stages. You can kill bosses faster with her. Even then, simply being harder to 1cc with doesn't make her a "bad" shot.

>> No.18600529

I asked for your Lunatic King Kraken Strike spellcard history. You won't post it. You were shit talking someone complaining about it, so surely it's an easy card for you.

>> No.18600535

>Which doesn't matter at all when you can consistently capture the card.
No one has a 100% capture rate on difficult cards. There is always a chance of death. If the spellcards last longer, then your chance of dying goes up.

>> No.18600540

>Are you referring to those charts?
You don't even know what spellcard history is. Nigga, ur dumb.

>> No.18600541
File: 11 KB, 240x240, https _assets.ifttt.com_images_channels_1352860597_icons_on_color_large.png version=0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18600546

>Are you referring to those charts?
No he's referring to spellcard history you brainlet crossboarder. Go clear Lunatic UFO with Marisa B and tell me shots don't matter as much as we think they do.

>> No.18600597

You only need the creativity. People greatly overestimate how much control you need to have good patterns when really it's all about how things unfold. Most people end up trying to do overly fancy shit and it plays awful because they're more focused on doing something "cool" than having something playable and well-designed.

I would make these waves more packed together in some way (less uniform). There isn't much cohesiveness to the pattern so especially once the slower bullets start coming they look just stuck in the middle of everything. The overlapping of waves across time is good though, that's what creates interesting situations.

>> No.18601105

Git gud is a lazy excuse for shot imbalance. The harder the achievement you're going for is, the bigger the difference in shot types gets. I personally find the extra challenge fun to deal with, but most people can't be assed to deal with that and will just use the better shot type because what they're doing is really hard in the first place and they don't need to put more sticks in their own wheels. Also when it comes to patterns with heavy RNG variance you want to end that stuff as fast as possible, even then, the longer a pattern lasts the higher your chances of dying are in the first place, and if your goal is to not die or bomb at all you're still inconveniencing yourself. All those lowered capture rates add up after a while and become pretty significant. Scoring's a bit of a different ball park depending on whether you want a good scorerun relative to what shot you're playing as or just big numbers, like for example in DDC Sakuya B makes big numbers really easy to get compared to the other shot types who'll struggle to get as much score as she does, no matter how good your play is. You just have to know what you're getting yourself into when playing a specific shot type, and saying that the differences are irrelevant and stop complaining since they could just play better doesn't account for exactly how much better one has to play, and in some cases it's quite a significant amount.

>> No.18601407

Anon, no one has 100% caprates on cards or sections that matter. Doing a DDC SakuyaB lunatic 1cc is leagues above doing a DDC ReimuA lunatic 1cc. ReimuA in EoSD also does worse than the other shots. Having to sit 3 more seconds on Killing Doll can easily be your demise. Not to mention that this would happen for all difficult RNG cards.

Also, post your King Kraken Strike history

>> No.18601477
File: 198 KB, 640x480, eosd marisaA normal 1cc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I finally did this, thus I've fully 1CCed Normal EoSD for all shots. That took waay too many attempts compared to other shots, including dying at pretty much everything. I'll continue to practice for SA 1CC Normal, as I've almost done it before.

You're right, I actually thought I wouldn't make it as Remilia kept fucking off to distant corners at the last spell.

Thank you, this was really helpful. Though I timed out the first laser non-spell, but hey, it's not like it matters. Before I just misdirected those aimed shots so that I'd have space to get to the other side, but I've never done that consistently.

Some shots are just worse and there is nothing you can do about it. As other anons pointed it out, the more time you spend on a hard or RNG spell card, the higher are the chances of missing. It's a statistical thing really.

>> No.18601604

Man for some reason against Flandre my mind does not know how to not fuck up on Cranberry Trap. I feel like I can do most spell cards except Cranberry and Maze pretty fine and I accept I am just shit and can't really do Maze well, but I feel like there is no excuse why I am not learning Cranberry.

>> No.18602140

Congrats anon!

>> No.18602269

Imagine not knowing what spell card history is yet having these strong opinions about the games.

Are there any legitimate non-score motivated reasons to use the anything but the strongest shot?

>> No.18602490

Variety, self improvement, and fun.
Isn't there a guy in these threads that cleared all the windows lunatics just for shits and giggles or something?

>> No.18602539

Shot type bias, waifu bias, doing multiple shot achievements, for a better achievement, for fun/curiosity

>> No.18602560

Is there a list of "best" shots in each game?

>> No.18602669

6 - ReimuB / MarisaA
7 - ReimuB / SakuyaB
8 - Border Team
10 - ReimuB / MarisaC
11 - ReimuA
12 - ReimuA / SanaeB
13 - Reimu / Youmu
14 - ReimuA / SakuyaA
15 - Sanae / Reisen
16 - Reimu

>> No.18602760

16 - Marisa

>> No.18602809
File: 83 KB, 438x438, 1442159944936.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is a alternative way to do Maze of Love. You can try it.
>border team

>> No.18602822

I believe you mean SanaeA.

>> No.18602835

UFO SanaeA is a bit like PCB SakuyaA, easy to use for beginners but ultimately a poor choice once you're good enough to stay under the boss.

>> No.18602855


>> No.18602865

Thanks, this actually might solve my Maze problem.

>> No.18602872

I've played DDC and god fuck, SakuyaA is OP and it has the most atrocious music and incredibly boring copycat characters. Stage 5 and 6 do not apply to this though, and I really, really want to fuck Seija.

>> No.18602926

16 is pretty debatable, so that's fair. I just picked Reimu since she has the best Extra and is solid enough for survival play in the regular game.

I considered putting Netherworld as well but I wasn't sure whether to include best scoring options or only general survival play.

No I meant B. She has the best stages and does great against bosses. She also has one of the best bombs in the game.

>> No.18602927

I see people say PCB is easy overall, is this also including Phantasm Stage?

>> No.18602988

Phantasm Stage is about on the level of other Extra stages. It's also quite similar to the Extra Stage, so you'll have more of an idea of what to expect going in. Add in the border system and overall I'd say it's easier than most other Extra stages, except perhaps HSiFS.

>> No.18603097

Where can I download all of the touhou games in English, I keep finding shit versions

>> No.18603133

All in one pack on nyaa. And don't abuse spoiler kusadai.

>> No.18603138

Didn't even check nyaa, thanks. I only used spoilers to not out myself for being an idiot.

>> No.18603361


>Are there any legitimate non-score motivated reasons to use the anything but the strongest shot?

I started using bad shots at first when starting and I'm pretty accustomed to them, also the extra challenge is fun and it feels nice to have a non generic run.

>> No.18603387

I agree but what do you mean, should people always use the easy shots or should people that use the trashy ones get some more respect?

>> No.18603402
File: 51 KB, 739x847, Yuyuko (2247).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I've fully 1CCed Normal EoSD for all shots
Congrats anon! Gl with SA!

>> No.18603434

People that use trashy ones should get more respect imo. Though it really shouldn't devalue anyone doing stuff with good shots, I hear too often stuff like "Reisen isn't a 1CC in lolk" or "HSiFS extra with Reimu doesn't count" or even people doing stuff like LNBs and feeling bad about using the good shot types when it shouldn't really matter what shot you use as long as you enjoy using it and are proud of your accomplishments.

Man shot types are the most stupidly controversial topic nowadays rofl

>> No.18603489

>People that use trashy ones should get more respect imo

I agree, and people should be made more aware of this. Imagine a ReimuA LNB in DDC vs a regular lunatic 1cc using SakuyaB. Which one is harder? Feel free to think of another extreme example.

>> No.18603813

They shouldn't be controversial it's just people who suck ZUNs dick and refuse to accept that he makes mistakes

>> No.18603820

There are a ton of LNNs people haven't been able to do. Marisa / Sane LOLK is a good example. Scarlet Team has also never done an IN LNN, their fast focused speed and big hitbox makes it impossible

>> No.18603904

How do you motivate yourself to get into harder stuff? I've noticed that I'm just playing things that I know I can beat, rather than attempt more extras or 1ccing other games.

>> No.18603972

Just try it when you find yourself bored of what you're currently doing or you accomplish whatever your current goal is.

>> No.18603974

>Scarlet Team has also never done an IN LNN, their fast focused speed and big hitbox makes it impossible
Didn't Ya*s get Scarlet team LNN but fail a last spell? Either way he's super close to NNFS and just needs a lucky run.
I won't deny that there's real aids LNN(N)s out there though. I long for the day some madman comes out with a IN Sakuya NNFS or AyaSpring NNN or something similarly stupid.

>> No.18604008

>When using Marisa C (with Nitori) it is possible to reverse bomb at the exact moment that will allow you to not only live but keep up your kappa shield.
what a description.
choosing based on sound effects.

>> No.18604025

Recently I've just been stuck in HSiFS hard, since I beat it a few times and want to do more. Meanwhile I haven't 1cc'd 1-6, 11 or 12.

>> No.18604078

Forget all about being proud of your accomplishments and get into the mindset that nothing is good enough, everything you're able to do is total garbage, then stop playing anything but Lunatic if you aren't going for something like 98% of WR scores.

>> No.18604126

sounds like it would encourage someone to get into harder stuff. weed or booze might not be enough.

>> No.18604164

im convinced some are physically impossible for a human. Like Alice solo LNN is physically impossible for the 7 billion people on Earth.

>> No.18604373

>Alice solo LNN
I don't think it's THAT impossible, just that it would take forever and nobody wants to try.
If you magically get all the superplayers together to grind for it for a long enough someone's eventually gonna get it. The only truly unthinkable goals would be shit like Chiyuri PoDD no hit no bomb.

>> No.18604388
File: 54 KB, 256x256, Th06Flandre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure if right thread to ask but are there larger versions of the in-game portraits for EoSD? I want this smug Flandre but all the game rips are tiny and blurry

>> No.18604566

Alright lads I'm not sure this is the place to ask but I don't know where else to go.

I've been trying to get my hands on a data rip of Antimony of Common Flowers (mostly sprites, backgrounds, assets) I've tried using the tools someone linked in the Shrinemaiden.org forums but I can't get them to work.
Could any of you help me out? I would appriciate it.

>> No.18604589

I'm trying to figure out how to dodge PCB Yuyuko's spellcard Deadly Dance "Law of Mortality -Dead Butterfly-" by going around her at the top. There are two reasons I want to do this:
1) It's for a scorerun, and it's easier to graze this way.
2) It seems like if I can figure it out, it will be more consistent than dodging at the bottom half of the screen.
I've noticed that the orientation the butterflies come out changes every few cycles. Than in and of itself is not a huge problem, but I'm having a hell of a time dealing with the big bubble bullets when I have to change direction. When they are first fired their positions are fixed, but then they become aimed at the player, which usually closes off the space I have to go through to switch directions. Has anybody else tried capturing this spellcard this way?

>> No.18604781

Start on the top left of Yuyuko. Do two spins, then do the thingy at the top left, then two spins then do the thingy on the bottom right. Then repeat process.

>> No.18604787

by thingy I mean redirect/restream

>> No.18604975
File: 28 KB, 400x413, 1475157195493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally reached stage 6 in SA and even whittled down Okuu quite a bit! But I had to use a continue in Stage 5, and can finally practice the stage I suck the most. Does anybody else think that Stage 6(Okuu aside), is easier than Stage 5?

>> No.18605064

stage 6 is shorter and the only hard part is right before okuu with those spirtis using BBWP (or whatever it's called). There is a certain route for stage 5 to make it easier consisting in avoid shooting certain enemies to reduce the amount of bullets in screen; you can waste time in Orin midboss if you want to skip the bonus waves after her.

>> No.18605771
File: 215 KB, 850x1171, __kirisame_marisa_and_rumia_touhou_drawn_by_gotoh510__sample-9cbc693934f600643a60ae199d2128eb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a ranking from the easiest to the hardest games?

>> No.18605830

It really depends on the chosen difficulty and if someone considers heavily exploiting the resource system to affect how difficult a game is. You probably aren't going to receive an accurate answer without elaborating a bit more on which difficult and whether you're asking for pure survival play or no bomb / no miss play.

>> No.18606423

This is literally more difficult than the intended strategy. Just bomb it for now if you have that much trouble.

>> No.18606431


>> No.18606713

I just want to mess around a bit, but I can't get the file extractors to work

>> No.18607882

This fucker is posting endings of the games, help me report his channel into oblivion.

>> No.18607972

How do you report channel?

>> No.18609040

So I know how I'm doing, how long did it take you guys to beat Flandre/your first extra?

>> No.18609179

It took me about 10 days for PCB's extra. It's an easy one though.

>> No.18609199

Ran or Yukari?

>> No.18609211

Practiced flan for around a week using the spell practice tool and then cleared it on my first attempt.

>> No.18609325

Ran was my first and didn't take too long, about 7 days or so (not too many runs about 30-40) but someone gave me all the strats for it. Flan took me even less time, 4 days but was much harder and I played her more.

>> No.18609476

I don't know what I am doing wrong so I want to ask. I am using SpoilerAL in English and I assume I am doing it right by opening EoSD, toggling Power MAX on and clicking the Spellcard Rush I want against Flandre and going to Extra Start, but my game crashes after Flandre pops up. What am I doing wrong?

>> No.18609554

Are you using the vanilla japanese version of the game?

>> No.18609607

No, I assume that is the problem then?

>> No.18609672

Should be. Vpatch is fine, just can't use retexture or english patch.

>> No.18609689

One last question, after googling a bunch I cannot find an unpatched version even on nyaa, where can I find an unpatched version?

>> No.18609712
File: 256 KB, 850x1133, 1499084139301.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You sure man? I've been using this strategy with no problems and compared to Junko this spellcard is easy peasy. But I don't know if that anon met pure Mama so depends it on him.

>> No.18609721

That moriyashrine site has a download which has both the english patched and vanilla game in the folder. If you just throw your vpatch stuff in it, it will automatically default to the vanilla one.

>> No.18610026

Orin drops 2 power so you can spend 2 bombs on her and each spirit drops 1 power so you can just bomb both of them.

>> No.18610182

That's my problem then, I was starting at her bottom left instead. I'll try that later and see if it works. Thanks for the advice.

On Normal for pure survival, in order of increasing difficulty, I'd rank them as the following (from my experience):
MoF < PCB < HSiFS < IN < EoSD < TD < DDC (SakuyaA) < UFO < DDC (Not SakuyaA) < LoLK Pointdevice < SA

Here are the reasons for some of the rankings:
MoF: can bomb through the whole game, moderate amount of extends
PCB: borders can be broken and used like a bomb, get a lot of bombs and extends
HSiFS: game throws resources at you, can use releases like bombs, really easy to get a ton of extends
IN: get a lot of extra bombs, moderate amount of extends, very generous window to use bombs when you get hit
EoSD: danmaku is not that dense compared to later games, get a decent amount of extends and bombs
TD: really easy patterns on Normal, resource system requires routing to fully game it but not hard to get enough extends and bombs to carry you through the game
DDC: SakuyaA is broken, easy to get an insane amount of extra lives and bombs
LoLK: Sanae and Reisen are broken, if you have the patience then PD mode makes up for the difficulty
SA: easy to get a lot of extra lives early on, easy to lose them all later. Much less power drops than MoF, so you have to be stingier with your bombs. Patterns are difficult all around. Fuck Orin and her stupid zombie ghost fairies and fuck Satori for having such a bullshit boss as a pet.

I haven't really played LoLK Legacy on Normal so I don't know where it would fall. Probably depends more heavily on the shot type.

>> No.18610641

I'm saying that the circular movement is easier to execute once you can do it at all, and that if you have difficulties learning how to do it at that level of skill (which many do) you should just bomb the card anyway instead of trying to squeeze because ultimately that's more reliable, and it only takes one bomb. There shouldn't really be an in-between where bombing is too much but circling around is still too hard.

>> No.18611512


>> No.18611636

>MoF: can bomb through the whole game
Nice exaggeration

>> No.18611688

Nobody able to help me out with this?

>> No.18611948


Bombs every single boss pattern and still has enough resources to clear the game despite unintentional deaths.

>> No.18611950


>> No.18612973

>despite unintentional deaths
note that even these were mostly "unintentional" from them trying to emulate how a bad player might dodge things, like how kanako's final is all done hugging the bottom

>> No.18613031

>how a bad player might dodge things
i feel like this descibes a new bad player.
as an experienced bad player, i constantly find new and creative ways to die to things.

>> No.18613873

Extra, Ran.

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