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I switched from playing sitting down to standing up after going to the arcade once, i think it makes a difference.

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i only play on the right cab but can never find a comfortabe hs/sudden. shit is stressful

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>no egret and willow, hades, static state, arca or midnight lady long version

Time to kms

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>tfw a IIDX character tells you to go play SDVX

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>that unpopular song you like no one ever talks about

What is it?

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left cab is better actually lmao the right cab monitor is garbo (just settings but good luck getting r1 monkeys to fix it)

the burn in doesnt affect gameplay in the slightest its just static ui elements

left has newer i/o

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shit tier bemani for shit tier waifu

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yeah there are a number of things that change. just different like, foot placement and stances while standing up can seriously affect your play

for example scratch songs are gonna feel impossible sitting down because it's way harder for you to apply downwards force to the turntable

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maybe i should, iidx is suffering

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kecak is insanely underappreciated

i know it got removed and all but everyone plays omni anyways sooo

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I love spinning around but people make it seem like its one of DA's lesser tracks

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What went wrong?

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well it is, but it's still good.

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>egret and willow, midnight lady

Dirty Androids seems to release an album every 3 years. Maybe look forward to it in 2019.

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At least midnight lady has a good chance of being on vol. 2 since there hasn't been a vol. 2 yet without a dirty androids extended

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personally i wanted xperanza and back spin sweeper
coolest songs of the style so far 4 mi

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I love kekac

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>志方あきこ gets another song in IIDX
cannon ballers is fucking saved

i wanna fuck ameto

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bangin burst exh doesnt seem like a 19

>> No.18512022

It's great for increasing your volforce. It jumped by 26 when I first AA'd it.

The funny thing is the GRV is also a 19.

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Well I will say that listening to the key clacking from this song from people that can AAA it is very good
Song sux tho

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funkacity literally released end of last year what are you on about

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I’m still pissed that a song called “For Ultraplayers” didn’t receive a 20. For god sakes man, it’s for ultraplayers.

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It got a HVN chart. A high tier 19.

Discontrolled Galaxy MXM is still a "why the fuck is this not a 20" tier

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Are there any big rhythm games that have Super Eurobeat as part of the official tracklist and not just custom maps? I remember DDR having a few tracks.

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Older IIDX versions had tons of super eurobeat songs

Its a shame super eurobeat is getting killed off

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The virgoo turbocharger has 0.15g springs and switches that make it hard for me to pass 14.
What are the optimal switch/spring weight used on cabinets?
Is rakuten the best site to order springs from?

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Contract now with double scales

Much better than the last final song

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How do I go from decent BMS timing to decent IIDX timing? I am just not getting enough PGRs.

I hear a lot say that 100/100 is stock, but a lot of people go 100/50 to simulate the wear that cabs get from so much play. Though it's all preference and arcades can and often change the setups on cabs. You're better off buying sanwas since they come with springs, the stock BT buttons suck.

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Well that’s what I was referring to. They had a plan to release a HVN chart, and despite all of the hype, made it a 19.

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How do I exit out of pfree mode properly? I've been alt f4ing and I think the game bugs out and says I've cleared things that I haven't

>> No.18515771

The only tough parts are the AB-BC-CD bursts and maybe the one-hand sections at the halfway point. There's very little tech other than pushing buttons fast.

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VEFX + Effect

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>local dnb just got prime2 upgrade and is now online

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東京神話 is very good.

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100/50 "simulating the wear that cabs get" is bullshit, btw. Most cabs that people care about, at least in Tokyo, are way lighter than that. Most of them are under 100g total weight easily, and some are even as light as 40g.

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>cleared things I haven't

if you're using the offline server, it does that wether you quit out right or not

>> No.18516317

>custom maps
pls go osu fuccboi

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I did 60/50 in my Dao and feels gr8 m8

>> No.18516881

I'm getting 3 v-discs per game and it saves them toward the dj pass tally too, playing Cannon Ballers in the US. Is this a new addition?

>> No.18516937

it's v-disc day, use em to play leggendarias in normal play if you want. you can do 3 leggendarias per credit

>> No.18517002

random should only be used below your current level right?

>> No.18517019

His solo albums. Moments was in 2016 and Wanderlust came out in 2013. Both of them featured long versions of some of his songs from IIDX.

>> No.18517040

maybe at first but around 9th-10th Dan not really

>> No.18517045

You can also use DJ VIP BLACK Passes on Saturday to play leggendarias on all stages which is new as of CB

>> No.18517108

sometimes I use nonran for lamps depending on the song but after that you better use ran

>> No.18517331


playing with random is like eating your spinach.

>> No.18517666

when you're still learning the basics of the game (1s - low 10s) it's not a great idea to use it because you'll do a lot worse and have less fun without learning much more

its useful once youre really trying to improve at hard patterns and increase reading ability for things like high 10s, 11s and 12s though

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I figured that was the case but put it out there since I couldn't confirm or deny. Having played a bit on one Tokyo cab, I remember it being a fair bit lighter than the 100/50 setup on my SVSE5.

>> No.18518285

Most setups in Tokyo are like 20/25, shit is light af

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i cant believe sound voltex is fucking dead

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Fuck keysetups with over 20g springs to be honest, sucks to play shit like mei on some heavy ass 50/100 setup.

>> No.18518780

one of the cabs at magfest was like fuckin 75/100 with mechanical keyboard cherry switches and apparently it's entirely because one autist asked the cab owner to change them to their preferred heavy setup

nothing above 50/60 is playable tbqh and 50/20 sw/sp is ideal

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I enjoy playing on the heavier setups but I would like to try out lighter springs

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I guess 50/60 is still passable, but like 50/20 and 25/60 seem to be the two most preferable setups. I guess some people can play on 25/20 too though, utaka recently switched to playing on that setup.

>> No.18518831

for some reason a lot of americans who are bad at the game parrot 50/60 as god or unironically use heavier setups

>> No.18518932

why is springless "good for beginners"

>> No.18519100

Inexperienced people usually put more force into the buttons so they prefer 50/60 and above. I felt like I'm killing the keys slowly on ligher setups.

t. been there done that

>> No.18519604

50 switch and 100 spring is a little heavy, but it's hardly noticeable unless you're playing 200 BPM 16th chord stream shit. 50/60 is probably ideal, with 50/20 being fine if you prefer something lighter. Feeling the switch is important to me, so I don't like it when it's lower than 50.

>Inexperienced people usually put more force into the buttons so they prefer 50/60 and above.
People who score well press the buttons very forcefully.

>> No.18519700

Play verflucht leggendaria, or even something easier like rengoku no elferia and you'll definitely notice the difference. It's the worst when you are handicapped by the keys.

Idk about ideal though, UTAKA used to play on 50/20 and now plays on 25/20 and he has 1/3 of records on 12s and Dolce has 25/60 in his cab. Literally no ranker uses 50/60 except for 1048, so I wouldn't claim it is "ideal" at least if you look at the good players.

>> No.18519776

hey licht plays on 100 100
but yeah it pisses me off when people who cant even pass 12s recommend heavy ass setups

>> No.18519801

I would file Verflucht L under the same category as "200 BPM 16th chord stream shit", so we're not in disagreement there. I can still get a solid AA on it on my local 50/100 cabinet, though.

>Literally no ranker uses 50/60 except for 1048
This is funny, since I've actually played on one of the machines 1048 prefers, and it was my favorite cabinet in Japan. I guess it's my preference, and I don't see anything wrong with 50/20 or similar lightness, especially for doubles play. 25/20 doesn't feel good to me, though, and I found myself getting all kinds of BADs and excess POORs from various parts of my hands accidentally grazing keys.

I find it strange when a bunch of 4~9dans complain that mildly heavy setups are "unplayable", which I've encountered way more often than bad players recommending heavy setups.

>> No.18519840


Well yeah the annoying thing is that heavier keys affect light key players more than lighter keys do heavy key players.

Nothing wrong with 50/60 in practice, but I just said that because a lot of people throw around the old argument that "good players play heavy", which is false.

The annoying thing is just beginners preaching on heavy stuff really.

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These are the swear words censored in Sound Voltex.

>bagina is blocked

>> No.18520007

I just noticed "nigger" isn't censored. Hundreds of words, and they miss something that obvious.

>> No.18520200


They got "darky" though.

>> No.18520372

>censor "darky"
>there's a blacky among your artists
nice hypocrisy

>> No.18520388

guess what my next dj name is then

>> No.18520416

Anyone here ever switched their dao keys for sanwas? I just fear something goes wrong during the exchange and things are never the ssme again

>> No.18520697

If I keep failing an 11 and my score is in the middl of a bunch of people who HC the song, does that men my accuracy is good or is their accuracy bad?

>> No.18520873

>faggot isn't blocked

>> No.18521286

>Make offensive name
>Is banned from american arcade

>> No.18521381

Some of those i don't even understand why it would be blocked or is offensive

>> No.18521385


I have done it before, it's incredibly easy, If you're not switching out the microswitches and just doin the buttons it's even more simple

>> No.18521441

maybe a little bit but also some of clearing on 11s and 12s is consciously sacrificing accuracy so you dont lose a shitload of life

yeah this is the most important part. sure you might feel slightly more comfortable on 50/100 but if i play a 12 on a heavier setup my hands scream in pain and i literally miss notes because my technique is as minimal as possible and tuned for lighter buttons that i use at home not to waste energy.

>> No.18521838

Why is aunty a bad word?

>> No.18521889

Maybe they're afraid it'll trigger lonely cakes playing sdvx.

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>brogamer [a]
>78% AA

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File: 59 KB, 600x320, 1516990766059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>outright cheating
>will always fuck up the chart
>no one ever uses it anyway

>> No.18522529

the fuckin 123 1234 12345 123456 pattern or whatever it is is brutal

>> No.18522586

I can barely do the hyper, the chord scratches fuck me up every time

>> No.18522608

that part's honestly like similarly difficult on every single chart for the song. aaaing the hyper took me forever

>> No.18522625

took me forever to get that lamp but now that I have it idgaf ran ez bar all the way

>> No.18522771

you, a fool: only using random or only playing nonran

me, an intellectual: building a database of charts in memory along with the most optimal modifier for each, be it random, r-ran, mirror, s-ran, or nonran

>> No.18522776

It's not even hard but it gets me every time. I on't know what I'm doing wrong.

>> No.18522789

its the kind of thing that is very easy to develop bad muscle memory on, and also the kind of pattern that can make you panic and not know what to do even though it looks easy on paper

>> No.18522910

Bad muscle memory?
Sounds like someone needs random.

>> No.18522936


yeah this p much
chord scratches have become easier for me lately because random helped me use my non-scratch hand for such a wider range of notes

>> No.18523055

All lf a sudden I can pull chord scratches but chord scratch jacks or a complex sequence of chord scratches in a row still kill me.


>> No.18523381

literally random, not even memeing
random will give you all sorts of odd chords and scratch+note combinations you won't see in nonran charts that you're guaranteed to improve if you play enough

Of course it makes charts harder (most of the time), so just play charts a level below what y ou normally do

>> No.18524192

what's the difference between echo and reverb

>> No.18524668

are you retarded anon

>> No.18525398

i think this is the first time my whole forearm/wrist has gotten physically sore while playing some mid 11s
i stopped playing immediately but i like to imagine that's how your muscles improve

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How do you guys do this pattern? It's from Bangin' Burst EXH. My left thumb just spergs out on the triplet and this is where I lose a chunk of health, however I'm fine when the tempo is slow of course. Sorry I'm new to button mashing games and I come from Drummania and DDR. It reminds me somehow when I started learning foot independence on drums.

>> No.18525569

No. Wrist getting sore isn't good at all.

>> No.18525912

is chuunithm kusoge


>> No.18526000

what the fuck

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>"Benis" not censored when "Baginia" is.
>"Naizuri" not censored.
>"Berk" being censored.
>"loli" not censored

>> No.18526093

Its essentially the same as foot independence. Just desync your thumbs for the bass FX and the pattern turns out to be pretty intuitive with the sound of the song. You will need to change your hand position for the middle measure of chords and quickly get back into the triplets position.

>> No.18526412

how come in iidx people put the difficulty after single or double play (spa, sph, dpa etc) but in ddr they put it before (esp, csp etc)

>> No.18526470

Chode is a valid name...fucking hell.

>> No.18526985

World's end charts in that game are all meme charts.

>> No.18527380

Loli isn't really a bad word.

>> No.18528419


When I started playing only 11s and playing the higher notecount ones over and over trying to improve, I definitely experienced what you describe. at the end of a long session my hand/wrist would give out and be sore but eventually it pushed through, and I have around 40 12 clears now. I'm not saying that soreness or tightness is okay... just that I experienced the same thing at the same level and pushed through and was fine.

>> No.18529266

"g'day everyone dj darky here"

>> No.18529694

What's the name of this song? I know it's from IIDX.


>> No.18529941

it's true

>> No.18530030

Keep it-秋葉工房mix-

>> No.18530487

discovered kecak listening to iidx red OST on the way to work, now I love it

>> No.18530621

this game also is the original source of Take Me Higher in Resort Anthem

>> No.18530740

nonran is for casuals
random is for people who are too autistic to grind on nonran to memorise the patterns
s-random is for cheaters who can't do jacks
r-random is for people who don't know what they're doing
mirror is good for playing scratch charts and for pranking friends

>> No.18530782

just like osu

>> No.18531097

that's a recreation of a 14k shd from ez2dj
of course not many can play it properly

>> No.18531636


>> No.18533475

how the fuck do i clear the safari

>> No.18533639

Most arcades in Japan now run 20g or 60g springs now, most of which opting for the former. I know taito stations sometimes have signs that say which springs they're using, but for micros most feel like 50g.

>> No.18533745

I will become kaiden so I can honor aniki!

>> No.18533785

push the buttons when the notes cross the red line

use random

>but i cant use random in 7dan
dan gauge is so much easier than nc or hc stop being shit

>> No.18533791

Cheat by using Mirror.

>> No.18534123

Forgot there's a 2nd one

>> No.18534231

you can check 2dera, most arcades that matter have switch/spring weights posted

>> No.18534453

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJpplgZzGrQ looks more like a bad joke than an actual chart.

>> No.18534502

>desync your thumb
But that's my problem at the moment, I can't separate my thumb from other hand movements. I get the pattern, but my hand isn't following. So far I'm jusg practicing it by playing it really slowly, but I was hoping if you could give me any specific tips about that.
Also that's one of my problems in general, I can read most 18s in voltex, but my hand just tenses up and becomes too slow.

>> No.18534780

What an awful game.

>> No.18535206

how do i read knobs

>> No.18535219

Not the whole game is like this. World's End is for people looking for meme charts.

My personal favorite

>> No.18535236

It's something that will click on its own.

>> No.18535253

Not even complaining about the chart, it's just ridiculous that he just wiggles his hands back and forth and it basically gives him FC, which is most obvious at 2:10

>> No.18535326


>> No.18535330

You play the game and don't think about them too much.

>> No.18535395

first you distinguish knobs which must and must not be turned. then you just turn the knobs like as you see

>> No.18536682

i've been playing a 100/100 dao that I bought from a friend, is it retarded to think that it's good for training finger strength before I hit 10+dan?

>> No.18536707

IIDX isn't really about training finger strength. You're doing nothing but straining your arms. This is like playing on a poorly maintained DDR pad with ridiculously undersensitive pads to train "leg strength" when most of DDR isn't about how hard you can stomp the pads, but rather how quickly and efficiently you can go between them. Same goes for IIDX.

>> No.18536766

It'll help a little bit.
Lighter setups will certainly feel easier after playing on that, but unless you really like the feel you should probably change to something lower, cause you won't get much finger dexterity by crushing and locking them up with excruciating force.

>> No.18537015
File: 377 KB, 672x657, hmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18537105


remembering the gay master
I will become gay for kaiden aniki

>> No.18537181

Well I would understand "loli" in isolation to not be censored, the fact that "lolicon" isn't on the list is quite odd, given that "Berk"bin on there. What does Berk even mean, besides what I presume to be "bandit" from the one mention i saw in Recettear?

Oh, and "hentai" isn't on the list either...

>> No.18537336

That looks like it was made for DDR players.

>> No.18537389

there is interestingly a custom stepmania chart that's very similar thematically: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1MMa3ZGJ_g

>> No.18537679

this this this this this this this

retards who say "playing on heavy setups makes you stronger and then playing on lighter setups is easier anyways" deserve to be thrown off a fucking cliff

>> No.18537682

There's a K-Shoot chart too, only works on v1.50 and below though.


>> No.18538218

My SVSE5 pcb board died. Is there any replacements other than buying another one from Gamo support? I wanna see my options before I order. I know custom builds use an Arduino board but how easy/hard would it be to set it up on the svse5.

>> No.18538475


>> No.18539158

What encoders do you use? If copals, then arduino isn't hard at all. With the ac ones, it becomes a bit trickier since those are really pots and not encoders iirc.
However, the foolproof one is an arcin board, like >>18538475 said.

>> No.18539334


looks like the same one someone posted saying they were thinking about buying and restoring a year ago

>> No.18539340

touchscreens were a mistake

what's that chart where you're just literally tapping one spot to the beat again?

>> No.18539784
File: 46 KB, 640x480, 運命論.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seriously how the hell is anyone even supposed to read this shit

>> No.18540096


>> No.18540180

>tfw accidentally played casino fire kotomi chan at the highest volume

Life will never be the same again.

>> No.18540185

Those are swipe notes I think

>> No.18540221

did you use echo 4 and spam the TT at the end

>> No.18540262

did they ever start publishing bemani and popn games on a home console again

>> No.18540269

Try playing Electric Massive Dive with echo 4.

>> No.18540548

popn no, but infinitas/sdvx eacloud exist

>> No.18540978
File: 588 KB, 452x452, Nexta_GRV.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

those games have exclusives too

pic related

>> No.18541320

with your eyes nigga

>> No.18541348

freeleech when

>> No.18541358


>> No.18542023

what is there to even get

>> No.18542622

Pabaru papa pabara

Two two two
Two dee ecks

>> No.18542716

>that awesome bemani song that's not in the game you play

What's her name /jp/

>> No.18542792

>DropZ-Line- in IIDX
>Infinite:youniverse in Gitadora
>All Noah songs in Gitadora

>> No.18542851

Hastur not having a footswitch-filled ddr chart is a shame

>> No.18542858

Try to read it as chordjacks and pray you don't drop too much
Vibrate like you were born to be a dildo

>> No.18542957

god i want to fuck rasis dressed up as grace

and grace dressed up as rasis

>> No.18543217

himitsu dial

>> No.18543661

>All Noah songs in Gitadora

god-tier taste my man

>> No.18543823

pretty much everything gekidan record makes that's in jubeat

>> No.18544050

arena mode when

>> No.18544337


>> No.18544750

how do i change the art on my fp7? i was gonna put gay furry porn on it

>> No.18544786

unscrew plexi, get printout sized, put it in, screw plexi back in

>> No.18544806

It's hard. Super hard. Near impossible, actually. Might as well never try.

>> No.18544822

Reading it isnt the hard part, the hard part is having speed to hit the patterns. Also that isnt even the hard part of the chart that you took a pic of.

>> No.18544847

are the fucking anon that keeps posting about ERM

>> No.18544911

what's wrong with ERM aside from it being located in a shithole

I've been there a few times and never really had an issue playing anything there except that one IIDX machine has a monitor that's way too fucking big and has burn-in like camera flashes in your eyes

>> No.18544955

it's less about the round 1 and more about the furry continually posting about asking if anyone is going there to meet up

>> No.18545052

ERM has some of the most garbage cabs stateside

>> No.18545453

erm and svm are two of the worst r1s in america

also the iidx monitor isn't too big and that monitor is actually better than the other one which is too dark

>> No.18546734

what's wrong with svm's iidx

>> No.18546887

My FP7 with dao keys and omrons never sounded like the youtube videos.

But now, 1 year playing with it, the click clacks finally sound like what you hear on the internet. Does that mean the buttons have "broken in", whatever that means? Or am I just imagining?

>> No.18546966


I noticed that too on my RED. it seems like after they are broken in they are a bit "looser" and have more free movement to make the clacking noise

>> No.18547109

Out of curiosity, are those R1s shit because of niggers smashing on the cabs?

STM here, that would be the reason for mine being trashed but luckily two of the mechanics are BemaniBois.

>> No.18547345

What the fuck

>> No.18547474

Guys, do yo know if is there a place like baidu or torrent to download GUITARFREAKS & drummania movies in descent quality (hope ripped)?

>> No.18548652

how do lr2 hard/exhard gauges compare to iidx?

>> No.18548969

touch the player 2 side turntable sometime

no the normals are behaved we just have zero competent techs

>> No.18549500

MACAOD is my hero

>> No.18550613

LR2 is a little more strict

>> No.18551223

encounter is a cool song and a free 12 clear basically

>> No.18551458

GAIA from Gitadora
SEED from Reflec Beat
Twinkling from pop'n
Tears from DDR

>> No.18551720

How do you pronounce Lapix?

>> No.18552005

does iidx have any fun meme songs like blastix riotz

>> No.18552072

Depends on chart, usually a bit harder on average. Though sometimes it's a bit forgiving because it's easier to mash in lr2 and hit.

>> No.18552085

la as in last then picks

>> No.18552111

no just fun songs

>> No.18552180

Yes, all of them, if Blastix classifies as meme to you.

>> No.18552275

These games aren't fun. Like at all.

>> No.18552352

Does it have to be?

>> No.18552446

Stop playing them if you aren't enjoying at all.

>> No.18552538

reflec beat's catalog

>> No.18552629


No. The only value these games have is getting better at them.

>> No.18552660

That's a pretty big value, but unless you have put in thousands and thousands of hours in I don't think having that as the only reason is that good. If you have done that though then understandable.

>> No.18553057

And that's what makes them fun. I can't think of a game that both gives as precise of feedback per button press and has as high of a skill ceiling as IIDX does. For everything else you either hit the ceiling too fast, or the game has too little means of showing you doing things better than your previous plays or other players, or you have to voluntarily self-impose challenges to keep things interesting.

Improvement is its own reward.

>> No.18553156

Are rhythm games more autistic than shmups in terms of practice and mastery needed to clear/master them?

>> No.18553210

Better go clean the streets or comething. Dump thousands hours into it and improve steadily cleaning more and more each day. Way better than pointless letters on screen and hands damage.

>> No.18553217

>a skill ceiling as IIDX does
Hold on a second, that's bullshit. Every rhythm game has equally high of a skill ceiling.

>> No.18553393
File: 169 KB, 400x455, 1412464429547.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I get consistently better scores on the 18 version of Crack Traxxx versus the 16. I can't even come close to beating the 16 while I've come close multiple times with the 18.

I don't understand this fucking game.

>> No.18554201



>Every rhythm game has equally high of a skill ceiling.
This is not true, for even the most lenient definitions of "skill ceiling". There are music games where the maximum score has been achieved on every single chart, by multiple people. You're silly if you think jubeat has the same skill ceiling as IIDX doubles.

>> No.18554212

You can now make the timing tighter. Still didn't stop some people for getting an EXC though.

Then there are those people who can stealth EXC stuff.

>> No.18554318

>There are music games where the maximum score has been achieved on every single chart, by multiple people.
Your definition and understanding of a "skill ceiling" is backwards. Even in SDVX, where most hard stuff has already been PUC'd, it's very apparent that the players don't stop getting better anyway. Not to mention there's stuff like KSM, where custom charts allow them to test and hone their skills even further. Jubeat is just an example where they didn't properly expand on the formula to adapt to the players getting better.

You can further increase the difficulty and have players cope with it, and that goes for any rhythm game. IIDX's skill ceiling isn't any higher than even fucking osu's.

>> No.18554365

>Even in SDVX, where most hard stuff has already been PUC'd, it's very apparent that the players don't stop getting better anyway.
That's because there are still a small handful of charts that haven't been PUC'd, and those PUCs are achieved by a relatively small number of players. Compare this to jubeat, where very many players boast EXCs on every chart, or IIDX, where many SP world records are below 94%, and DP is much worse.

If you're going to include custom charts, then obviously there is no skill ceiling, since any retard can make the newest HARDEST SONG EVAR LOL. That's like saying tic tac toe has no skill ceiling just because you're allowed to make the play field arbitrarily large. If you're concerned with what people could possibly do and not what they actually do, then skill ceilings don't exist for anything ever, and there's nothing worth discussing.

>> No.18554497

>and there's nothing worth discussing
That's kind of what I was implying. And what else do you see in it? Skill progression in rhythm games is more interesting to me than in fighting games for example, but when we're talking about a "skill ceiling", there is none in either of these types of games. It's a pointless discussion and is only brought up by people who don't actually understand it.

To say that IIDX has a higher skill ceiling because its end game charts cannot be aced by any person alive is just nonsense. Talk about how interesting the skill curve is, or learning techniques or finger positions, but for fuck's sake, leave out this "skill ceiling" bullshit.

>> No.18554547
File: 392 KB, 500x1359, 05-extra_front.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, in Diverse System's ULTRA BADASS album, there's a small paper with the song titles and artists turned into katakana. And in the 6th track, lapix seems to be pronounced as "lapis". On the same topic, Hommarju is pronounced "homage" (oh maj) based on this.

t+pazolite and lapix should collab and go under a jewel name.

>> No.18554686

We have niglets who stomp the DDR pads nonstop and randomly run up and hamfist the buttons on EVERY cab they can find. We also have high schoolers sit on the controllers, particularly the ones with the least architectural support, like IIDX and SDVX. Drummania gets abuse for obvious reasons, the only one that gets touched the least is Museca, and that’s because the lil shithead kids enjoy watching the pads spin instead of wailing on them.

God, R1 is turning me into a racist.

>> No.18554705

In that case, we can probably agree that "skill ceiling" in the strictest sense does not exist and/or is irrelevant most of the time, but most people use it loosely to refer to the time and effort distance from being completely unskilled to being competitive with, say, the top 0.01% of people, which often happens to coincide with how "interesting" a learning curve is, without needing to go into extreme detail. Other arbitrary but nonetheless useful metrics may be how relatively difficult it is to achieve 50%, 90%, or 99% of a world record in something. Skill in a vacuum isn't nearly as interesting as relative skill in the context of competition.

>> No.18554706

I dunno about you, but the kinetic feedback is satisfying, exposure to the music allows me to treat rhythm games like one big music streamer but with me being involved in its manifestation, and there’s a handful of songs that I can get -down- to when I play them.

>Pop’n: Oshama Swing
>SDVX: Error Code and Fin.ArcDear
>IIDX: On the FM and Dynamite
>Museca: Invitation and If

>> No.18554718

Groove Coaster vs. IIDX.

Ok, I’ll use a better example.

Museca vs. IIDX.

>> No.18554738

You’re fuckin weird, dude.

>> No.18554796

can beatoraja run HD LR2 themes? it runs and the popup menu loads the themes, but when in-game they're not in the right resolution, even though beatoraja is running in 720p.

the default theme seems to be in a SD ratio even if you run the program itself in 1280x720?

>> No.18555062

Is Line 4 Ruin Ryu (star)'s best song?

>> No.18555074

why the fuck is there an "x" in the name then when reasonably the only way to interpret that would be ラピクス

>> No.18555102

Not really. Can easily be ラピス which is how it's supposed to be pronounced

>> No.18555122

Such is life in San Jose, especially that portion of it. Learning racism is part of growing up in cali.

>> No.18555197
File: 89 KB, 652x420, 17F43775-2617-43A0-A739-524AAAA1216E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who is hype for Dance Rush?

I think they’re some of the sexiest damn cabs I’ve ever seen, and you can finally dance without looking like you eat cock in your spare time.

Plus the soundtrack is delicious, 1v1-1v2-2v2 play is an option, premium mode, a new spin on LED effects, and confirmation to arrive at all US R1 locations this summer. Hopefully they aren’t terribly fragile but I think bemani knows what they’re dealing with at this point to reinforce it properly.

>> No.18555204

Dunno why but since I tried to update beatoraja, most of the charts's difficulty has become "0".
How can I fix this ?

>> No.18555372

Stylization. It's like how t+pazolite is "topazolite" and MYTK is "maitake"

>> No.18555531

objectively wrong. if a human can perfect the hardest charts the game's skill ceiling is miles below iidx.

>> No.18555545

t. someone born without an autistic sense of rhythm and a passion for music combined with a lack of ability to actually make music

you could take the postgame score screen out of neon fm entirely and i'd still enjoy it i just want to slap buttons to music

>> No.18555554

in motion. not even close

>> No.18555566

This song in IIDX when

>> No.18555895

china express

>> No.18556499

how do get good at knobs

>> No.18556884

Stop blindly wiggling, try to get a feel for when you should be moving the knobs and when you should let them stay in place.

Just play more generally, I eventually just got a better feel for it the more I played.

>> No.18556910

my friend is almost inf dan and he wiggles through every knob section

>> No.18556937

Doesn't make him good.

>> No.18557526

how would you rate rhythm games from easiest to hardest?
Tiers: X,SSS,SS,S,A,B,C,D,E,F,Anything Lower

>> No.18557574

Osu! Is X jo matter what people here say.

>> No.18557615

excluding that normie trash game

>> No.18557636

iidx dp > popn > iidx sp > everything else

>> No.18557640

From the top of my head





>DJMAX games
>project Diva games

>Rayark touch games (Voez, Cytus, Deemo)

And after that whatever console stuff like Rhythm Heaven.

>> No.18557696

Some people I know say “in motion” is a good song, but I think it’s one of his weaker tracks.

“Line 4 Ruin” on the other hand is really good, with the long version being even better. But IMO it shouldn’t be hyped as his best song, even if it’s Top 5.

>> No.18557698


>> No.18557733

I don't think chuunithm can be kusoge as long as nostalgia exists.

>> No.18557779

I play the last song just to spam TT

Machine gun

>> No.18557786

Almost all touch games, including bemani ones, belong in B.

Put nostalgia down there too, it's pretty meh.

>> No.18557835

Djmax is way harder than jubeat though.

>> No.18557981


>> No.18557992

What is a normal scroll speed for sdvx

>> No.18558013

550-800 seems to be the range most people play at

>> No.18558051

yeah its a very bad list

>> No.18558057

sdvx players inject liquefied adderall directly into their veins and read at like 850bpm

if its not your main game or you're completely sober try something like 600-650


>> No.18558170

Should I play LR2 on a keyboard or on a controller? Is there a difference between playing either?

>> No.18558202


nostalgia owns eat my ass

>> No.18558219

nostalgia sucks ass if you've ever so much as touched a piano, you're just mashing in the general location and there aren't even any black keys for interest

Either is fine, there's lots of people for both styles.

>> No.18558227

Mermaid Girl is

>> No.18558608

So I asked my friend to buy me bitcash in Japan, and he bought me a 1500 yen card over there and now I can't convert it to paseli because paseli site doesn't allow 1500 yen as an amount through the paseli site.

What do I do now?

>> No.18558791

Solved it, got a wrong hiragana

>> No.18558935

I cleared my first 20 on ksm tonight
Feels good man

>> No.18558948

How long did it take you to get to that level?

>> No.18558954

Anons I need help choosing a controller. I am an avid DJMAX player but want to finally invest some money and try out IIDX.
Dao EZMAX controller looks like a good deal with its varied layouts and compatibility with ps4. I never played in an actual arcade cabinet so don't care how truthful controls are as long as they are comfortable.
So basically Is EZMAX a good choice for a first proper controller?

>> No.18558964

I would just get a proper IIDX Dao controller at that price.

>> No.18558990

I mostly want to know how good its layout will be for iidx compared to say FP7. I'll probably buy it just for djmax repsect but if I'll be able to properly play other game it'd be a huge bonus.

>> No.18558991

Started with basically no rhythm game experience in July 2017

>> No.18559077

How often do you play? Started around the same time and I'm barely working my way into 17s, not the first anon btw, and well done dude.

>> No.18559256



>> No.18560519

Where can I get a DDR ASC in Current Year

>> No.18560531

holy fucking shit he's going to MAX something soon

>> No.18560541

He has MAX'd many things already.

>> No.18560985

it's shit for iidx and other games

>> No.18561210


>> No.18561273

Either Impulse Platforms, StepManiaX pads or buy a neglected machine from a bowling alley.

>> No.18561685
File: 3.45 MB, 4032x3024, 20180307_144852[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found this at Savers. There was a US one too. 7 bucks

>> No.18561826

i improve really slowly

>> No.18561945

How many level 10s and up?

>> No.18561949

impulse, smx or buy a cab

>> No.18562137

Lucky bitch
Make sure to mod it if it isn't already
Get the US one too, if nothing else you can sell it on eBay for $60

>> No.18562157

I try to put at least 30 minutes in each day, I don’t live super close to a cab so I mostly just grind kshoot at home, but I just got my 11 gold wings about 2 weeks ago

>> No.18562307


damn. how much was the us one?

>> No.18562484

I have a friend with that controller and he never uses it because it sucks.

A jack of all trades is a master of none. Just get an FPS or FP7 if you wanna play IIDX.

>> No.18562495

adding to this, the controller is not even good for Respect because the TTs are much harder to hit than analogs
All in all the Virgoo djmax controller is way better but again just get an FP7 if you wanna play IIDX and just play respect on pad

>> No.18562532

I too want to get into iidx after years of restraining myself from buying expensive controllers. Whats the main difference between those https://www.gamo2.com/en/index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=274 ?
FP7 seems to be smaller and cheaper but since I am willing to spend a fortune, might as well buy the best version available.

>> No.18562539

7 dollars as well but it had some scratches.

>> No.18562571

If you're TRULY willing to spend a fortune just get the Real edition double so you can play single or double mode easily.

Get it with omrons since they last longer than honeywells. Sanwa buttons are optional and adding them to the RED makes it a little too expensive.

Difference between FP7 and the more expensive single controllers are their TTs which are arcade size while FP7 has smaller diameter (but the distance between buttons and TT are arcade accurate) and are more fancy.

>> No.18562582

But again, make sure you actually like the game before buying an expensive controller for it. I played arcade data on kb for 1 year, being bullied by everyone here until i bought my FP7 and now I'm better than Iever was the "proper way" than with the keyboard.

>> No.18562653

Well if the only real difference is TT then I'll just buy FP7 I guess since I don't think I have enough space for the arcade size anyway.
Which Omron switches should I choose? Which are closer to arcade weight?

>> No.18562867

50g switches with 20g springs are the accepted standard in many japanese arcades among good players

sanwa buttons aren't that important for play they just feel nicer and are better quality

the fp7 turntable being small will mess you up if you get really used to it then go play on arcade, but not too much.

eh i think you can tell if you love iidx or not just from playing a few credits at an arcade. i don't know anyone who has regretted purchasing a iidx controller. pop'n and voltex, lots of people regret buying ascs for, but iidx is such a good game

>> No.18562910

>50g switches with 20g springs are the accepted standard in many japanese arcades among good players
So Sanwa buttons and Omron D2MV-01-1C3 0.49N=50g (+$30.00) is the way to go?

>> No.18562951

you'll likely recieve 60g springs i believe that's the default you'd have to order the springs later

some people find it easier to learn the game on slightly heavier setups though, it can just be very liberating when you start getting into harder and denser charts to play on light keys, your technique can be more minimal and you'll preserve stamina

>> No.18562956

Where can I order the springs later?

>> No.18563137

i'm deep into 10s and am trying to teach myself to hit s+3 with my left thumb (1p) instead of using my right thumb.
how do i drill this into my brain?

>> No.18563201

same site under spare parts

>> No.18563219

oh right I am blind, thanks. Well, I guess its settled and I'll order maxed out fp7 soon then.

>> No.18563231


if it's that cheap I would get both, the us controller had the buttons redesigned, and you could swap between the two panels depending on which you prefer

>> No.18563241

I did end up getting both yeah, I'm not a IIDX player though so I'll probably sell one and give the other to a friend who will actually use it.

>> No.18563587


Insane BMS/Stepmania/osu, shitty Project Diva edits or anything where anyone can do overcharted shits


DJ Max

Project Diva Arcade/FT

Taiko no Tatsujin

Project Diva

Most mobile rhythm games (Arcaea, Voez, Cytus, ...)

Kinect games
""Special"" rhythm games (things like Rhythm Heaven or patapon)

>> No.18563630

You listed osu twice.

>> No.18563631

>DJ Max over SDVX and DDR
>Jubeat over SDVX and DDR
What? I mean, I haven't played Respect, but I've played all other ones including Trilogy, and there were only a few "really" difficult charts, and they were pretty simple and gimmicky. You can't be serious putting that above either SDVX or DDR.

>> No.18563662

The first time I listed it was only the "way overcharted" part of the game, normal gameplay isn't that hard

I dunno, playing on the Dualshock on Respect felt harder than playing with my feets or with something as comfortable as the SDVX controller

>> No.18563674

>jubeat higher than real games


>> No.18563686

That's a weird way to judge things. If we go by "how long it takes to do the most difficult stuff", SDVX and DDR are leagues above DJ Max, and that's completely excluding any custom charts.

>> No.18563699

Respect hurts my hands at the highest levels. That's why I can't plat the game even if I can clear objectively harder stuff on IIDX

Never had this issue with the PSP games.

>> No.18563705

If you're only looking to this then yeah, this chart is broken.
I mostly judge it to "how hard it is to get into", with jubeat being that high because of how strange the controller and visuals are or IIDX DP being the hardest because of how many buttons you have to keep in mind

>> No.18564360

Where's a good place to buy BEMANI artist albums?

>> No.18564514

>""Special"" rhythm games (things like Rhythm Heaven or patapon)

Those "special" games are better than half the games on that fucking list lol

>> No.18564617

Sanwadenshi rakuten shop too, they might have cheaper springs.

>> No.18564668

Listening to the Cannon Ballers OST and I can't tell if half these songs are annoying or bangers

>> No.18564857

xperanza is annoying until the drop, where it becomes a 10/10

>> No.18564909

Was it Freedom Dive

>> No.18565030

I think this is a difficulty tierlist actually

>> No.18565068

Is there any way to run LR2 in 1080p?

>> No.18565204

theres a thing called lr2fhd but I forgot where you get those

>> No.18565209


there's a 1080 patched version and required skin just like there is for 720

>> No.18565217

I have lr2hd already (and it just stretches 720p so its all pixelated). I can't find any working links to 1080p patched version or skins.

>> No.18565649

use beatoraja

>> No.18565666

Is it the best bms sim right now? I wasn't following the scene and just stick to LR2 for years.

>> No.18566014

It's the one under development.
Lr2 is vaporware, raindrop seems dead.

>> No.18566040

I wish SDVX had IIDX timing windows.

>> No.18566616

Heavenly Haven when

>> No.18566675

One more question. Is everyone playing P1 side? And if there is a way to manually switch FP7 to P2?

>> No.18566796

Yes you can open and turn the plate 180 degrees so it becomes 2p.

Or you can specifically order to come in 2p already.

>> No.18566820

Are there any benefits of using p2?

>> No.18566842

its already out b

>> No.18567335


>> No.18567377

Are you living under a rock?

>> No.18567604

going to and from BM/BM3 ez, deck on P2 is usually used less so it's in better condition, playing Free Plus with friends

>> No.18568049

Way less players. Sometimes you can ask to join in with someone playing on 1P too.

>> No.18568233

Weird, at where I play it's like a 50/50 split between p1 and p2 players

>> No.18568253

Can I use FP7 with emulator to play the PS2 games?

>> No.18568297

so in the end who the fuck was the blonde poster girl for cb

>> No.18568315


yes but it'd be better to just play bms at that point
playing it on an actual ps2 is also nice

>> No.18568397

How would I go around configing it, if just for the sake of testing? I do have a PS2 but would need a modded memcard before I can play on that.

>> No.18568584

anyone had trouble with this?
or adapting playstyles in general

>> No.18568650

I had that problem and then I just forgot all about it and started covering 3-7 with my right hand.
Same as anything though. Play more.

>> No.18568730

you get to be way beyond your peers in scratching ability and piss them off. like yeah you're chuuden and i'm 9dan but you can't exhc beat juggling mix

>> No.18568821

Seriously tho Is everyone just playing in ugly stretched low res mode?

>> No.18568834

you need an hd skin, I just dowloaded the pre modded lr2 from pig website

>> No.18568842

could you give me a link? Everything I find seems to be dead,

>> No.18568943


>> No.18568987

http://desout2.lv9.org/ opens a blank page for me.

>> No.18569531
File: 19 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you wanted to introduce a normie to IIDX, which song would you pick?

(Cannon Ballers edition: You are now permitted to activate the cameras in order to hide an extremely cringe video)

>> No.18569564


>> No.18569592

GHOSTBUSTERS, so they can turn around and save themselves before it's too late.

>> No.18569802

summer probably

>> No.18569838

chemical cookie so they think i'm a gay pedophile

>> No.18570084

I'm Coming

>> No.18570138

get wmix then, litone is hideous

>> No.18570141

My cousin says the music in IIDX sucks but I secretly saw him nodding his head to the rhythm when I played Dynamite.
He's a chad manlet by the way

>> No.18570172

normals do like dynamite yeah i've noticed that

it goes hard

>> No.18570187

on a more serious note 99% of songs with a cool mecha in the background are great and fit the bill

>> No.18570869

how did mitsuba get 7 characters in his name

>> No.18570891

i might be retarded

>> No.18570985

All IIDX controllers have scratches, anon. It's kind of half the point of the game.

>> No.18571020

>am trying to teach myself to hit s+3 with my left thumb (1p) instead of using my right thumb.

Why? You should be training to use your right hand to hit even more combinations of notes.
You're just asking to get fucked further down the line

>> No.18571054

I think he's getting fucked by S35 combos probably, which is why he wants to transition. However, keeping 3:5 for certain combos and sticking to 1048 or whatever he's on for others will end up being better.

>> No.18571295

>I think he's getting fucked by S35 combos probably
That's exactly what I'm having trouble with. I was just concerned that not using my other thumb wasn't viable.

>> No.18571488

Will USAO ever make non-bemani music that isn’t shitty hardstyle?

>> No.18571540

Australia never ceased to amaze me

>> No.18571585

TaQ/Outphase songs

Can't go wrong with those

>> No.18573051


>> No.18573144

Last Burning

>> No.18573447

On a scale of 1 to Danevo how gay is this?

>> No.18573524

but this ruins all the fun of hitting a giant fucking plastic drum, now you're just waving around in the air

>> No.18573925

Motion controls are a joke. And It'll be very uncomfortable to play on joycons for sure with tiny asymmetrical buttons, even worse than on 3ds.
I hope they'll announce a new tatacon for it, like a Pro version or smth. Because ps4 tatacon requires hours of (though rather easy) modding to make it good enough for Oni.

>> No.18573958

How do you actually get into 12s? At which point in the session should I try to play them etc?

>> No.18574006

Are there any mobile games that mainly use slides instead of taps?

>> No.18574026

He does that like, all the time. Actually, he usually only does Hardstyle in his Kicks for Liberation album series. Everything else, whatever it be a guest track or what, has a 10% of being Hardstyle. (Though if MNK is in said album, I say the percent increases)

>> No.18574403

when you start clearing hard 11s

>> No.18574584

I guess I have awful luck clicking on random videos then. Could you possibly link me something?

>> No.18574590


>> No.18574730

iirc he uses his "Shandy Kubota" alias for dnb, drumstep, and dubstep songs

>> No.18574740

I managed to convince someone to start playing IIDX from this song. He's now clearing 10s.

>> No.18574917

I got my first 12 clear on the same day I cleared 9th Dan so I guess around then

>> No.18574943

You could always hit a dummy drum and it would probably still work(?)

>> No.18575165
File: 6 KB, 1150x68, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how does blaster gate work? i want to unlock completeness under incompleteness grv

>> No.18575259

DAO RES vs PEE. Whats the difference aside from a leather thing? I mean if real edition is the closest to arcade as the site claims then why pee exists?

>> No.18575274

Fill you blaster guage by clearing songs with excessive guage (difficulty doesn't matter)

Reach 100% and you can access the blaster gate folder.

For your song, you get a choice of the 3 songs there. Play it and you'll damage the barrier (up to 1000 for a PUC). You still damage it even if you fail.

When the barrier reaches 0 you get the chart permanently.

Alternatively, you can pay extra for blaster start for 2 rounds of this.

>> No.18575302

Oh yeah I forgot, you can also go to Omega dimension instead of this when your guage is maxed.

>> No.18575449

that would fuck with the accelerometers big time, you'd get bad hits
not like switch controllers are really meant to take a beating either

>> No.18575882

RES is just for the arcade aesthetic. PEE can be easily switched to the opposite player side and is smaller in size due to the lack of the arm rest. It's just a cheaper alternative for those who would want an arcade sized turntable.

>> No.18575936

Do all dao bemani controllers have the same pcb and are built from the same materials? For example, I get that RES is mostly about aesthetics but PEE and FP7 look the same on pictures but the price difference is pretty big.

>> No.18576349

Arcaea has lasers which you follow with your fingers as well as 4 tappy lanes and sometimes the tappy notes are flying

>> No.18577209

That feeling when 78%

>> No.18577793

yes, yes
getting something more than an FP7 is generally a bad idea unless you play doubles, there is insanely little payoff

>> No.18577938

the pop'n controller PCB, while similar, has a different # of buttons and is therefore not compatible with the others

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