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Happy birthday /jp/! It's already the 20th in some parts of the world, which means it's been 10 years since /jp/ was created in 2008.

I made this to celebrate. I don't have much experience with graphic design so a lot of characters don't fit well together, there's blank spaces and the background is just a blue gradient, but I hope you can appreciate it still.

PNG version: https://a.pomfe.co/npxkmp.png
.psd file so you can edit it yourself if you want.: https://a.pomfe.co/lkds.psd

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It's missing one of these images

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oh wait I just saw it. It's too small.

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Yay! Happy birthday!

I want to die!

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Ten years already?

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whata fuk man xD

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somehow we made it through all of these years

well, most of us, kind of, somehow

happy birthday /jp/

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Happy birthday /jp/.
You should value yourself more, things did get bad these last years but you are still pretty good. I wish I were the perfect mixture of knowneldgeable, dumb, cute and fluffy you are.
(did you notice I actually said knowneldgeable instead of the right word, that was me trying to be cute and dumb like you, because I respect you /jp/)

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I wish i got here sooner to watch /jp/ grow.

Should there be another theme made in honor of this occasion?

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Can you explain this pic to me now?

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It’s /jp/‘s 10th birthday and it’s out here being left to collect some dust. Ganbare /jp/...

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10 years and still no one can justify not nuking the nips to the stone age...

¡Also fuck you janny!

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Bringing the party to /ghost/

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me on the left

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Happy 10th jaypee!

I Hope you purge the 3D Generals now!

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I hope we also purge those filthy fgo threads. Bring them back to their board, not ours

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Congrats /jp/!
I can't believe I've been on 4chan for 10 years.

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Shut up and go away.

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10 fucking years, maybe I'll actually get to learning Japanese one of these days.

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10 years. I remember it like it was yesterday.

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Get rid of that neckbeard and get a job anon.

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Shut your mouth.
You're what ruined this thread

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>2008 was 10 years ago

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What are you gifting /jp/ for its 10th birthday, /jp/?
Of course, you are /jp/ too, so give yourself some treat on this special day.

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10 years gone down the nagashi

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so ten years since 'the other velvet d.i.v.o.r.c.e" from /a/; boy how time flew, so here's to the next ten adieu!

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Happy birthday /jp/

Post chens

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kuso thread

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Happy Birthday /jp/!!!

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Whether you're harmful or warm, you'll always be here for me jaypee.

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Let us not act, as if this thread wouldn't have been so saddening

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Am glad to say I have only been in this shithole for a mere 5 years

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Happy birthday /jp/! This place is very comfy

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Post the "do you even lift?" one

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mook, you probably shouldn't tear down the wall anymore.

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I can't believe that I've been on 4chan for over 10 years now.

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Happy birthday to the Jay™

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I love this. Thank you OP. You weren't a faggot today.

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>10 years old
Too old
I'm outta here

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...now watch it multiply.

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Fuck the janiturd. The w will rise again. Praise be to niggy and shiteposter. One day we will purge the generals, and finally have our board again. The good old days are coming back.

*warosu howl of victory*


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e/b/ic post /b/ro

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What was it place before? I thought this board about japanese culture but all i see is idols threads , jav thread, gravure threads and anime threads.

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/jp/ - Otaku Culture

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All of those are part of Japanese culture, you dip.

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Is this what happens when normies discover our board

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Touhou is not anime

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There really is nothing like a shorn scrotum.

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moot is still a gay dummy

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happy b-

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the only valuable threads produced in 10 years are those about school uniforms, panoramas, and that train station webcam

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Happy birthday /jp/!

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>10 years
Happy birthday, /jp/.

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One day....

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happy birthday /jaypee/

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>Rhythm games repersentation is DJ Taka buttfucking Osu

I'm ok with this

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It's been too long.
I love you all <3
Happy birthday.

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why is this thread so terrible...?

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anons are scared of being trapped here for another 10 years

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There are mobile game threads too

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I've made so many quality posts on /jp/ in these last 10 years.

Glad I got to share them with you guys!

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Happy birthday /jp/!

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It speaks to me. Happy birtyday jaypee!

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Happy birthday /jp/!!!!

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don't you mean osu!

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>nuking the nips

you can't during the Olympic Games, it's an old rule
they're ending in few days btw :D

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Why do 2hu posters hate idols so much?

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damn, moot didnt think highly of /jp/

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as a gift hiro should give us a /celeb/ board so /jp/ can finally be /jp/ again!
to bad this will always be a dream for me through... maybe one day we will be free

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Congratulations, /jp/. Happy birthday. I'm so glad we got to spend the last 10 wonderful years together.

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It's weird, I started browsing here in mid 2009, but it always feels like I missed out on a lot despite the fact that I've apparently been here for 90% of this board's life.

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I feel the same way, but I started coming here early 2009. I suppose it has to do with the fact that a lot can happen in terms of online culture and growth over the span of 3-12 months.

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Happy Birthday /jp/!

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g2mgjXXy1s Irisu!

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Let's take this time to look back and reflect on the good and bad times we've had together. Are there any /jp/ memories you have that have stuck with you after all this time? What were your favourite threads, if you remember them? Were there any particular posts that truly struck you emotionally?

This is the thread when meido announced he quit. It feels like this happened only a few years ago...
Then this was an interesting read.

If I could remember better I would try and make an updated jp timeline image. 2013 to current wouldn't be so hard because it has been rather samey, but 2011-~mid 2013 all blends together.
>and remember that the whole point of this board is taking it easy

I almost forgot the people who translated Irisu Syndrome came here. That was fun to watch.

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Boards just become shit really quickly. I still miss 'old /b/' even though I couldn't tolerate /b/ by 2005 and hid out in /a/ until the split. A whole lot happened early on in /jp/, but then the 2010-2012 waves of shitposting and creation of /vg/ basically killed the board from back then. It's just been generals and various cute video game girl threads ever since.

Even then, all you missed out on was a bunch of autism mostly.

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this thread is fucking horrible

I wish moot would post with his founder capcode ;_;

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>idols threads

there wouldn't be anything wrong with idols threads if they were dedicated to talented people

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A decade has passed me by
I've done nothing with my life
Yet, life now is worse than 10 years ago.
10 years from today will be worse than it is now
Maybe its time

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You miss the "she's my wife dude" and the "your wife is my insert something related dude".

>> No.18449529

I haven't listened to this song in a long time. It especially hurts listening to it again now.

>> No.18449562

Autism and traps.

>> No.18449684

Same and I still feel like a total newfag somedays. Just what was our mark on this place?

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Happy birthday /jp/!

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>Are there any /jp/ memories you have that have stuck with you after all this time?
Playing MMOs with /jp/.
Kritzinger ruining playing MMOs with /jp/.
Wizardry spammer getting MMOs removed from /jp/ because no one wanted to play with him.
Being able to do things with /jp/ in general, since there was a /jp/ and not 500 /a/ and/v/ posters hiding in off-topic threads.
That one guy who streamed various game that I and like 3 other people watched before the game streamer era got huge
That jap internet radio guy who loved futagohime(wait that was /a/)
Illusion game threads, the Illusion cycle, and that one guy who made a couple of adventures about /jp/ with one or two of the games.
/jp/ mansion/manor threads/idea in general, as well as similar /jp/ meetup and self depreciating threads.
The guy who was obsessed by some namefag who named himself after Mokou spamming "PossessedbyPhoenix" every time the namefag posted because the namefag kept a link to his stream named that in his email field.
When [email protected] 2 was announced and seeing the character's new hairstyles and shit.

The maid you mentioned actually being a lazy piece of shit that came for like 1 hour every day, deleted half the board and everything posted after for that hour. (Nonetheless posting this again for the memories https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oVLLYhZFg4 )
Coming to /jp/ and seeing only 5 pages with threads
When /jp/'s janitor of the time got mad about something and deleted every thread on /jp/
Not /jp/ specific, but when moot rangebanned the whole world because of some spammer on /a/ and only the spammer on /a/ could post.
The last incarnation of that colored box spammer code /g/ kept making and releasing to people AKA Cornelia. (btw Cornelia and any of the prior iterations with junk static under the colored images were stealing data from people's computers to randomize the images so they couldn't be filtered. You can probably still get embedded files out of them if you find them on the archives)
This time a mod threadbanned a sticky because we told him to fuck off with his off topic thread https://i.warosu.org/jp/thread/S7631437

I miss /jp/ being able to talk about things as a somewhat unified board and also talking about doujin games with seperate threads a few times. I really, really hate the existence of /vg/ for stealing most of /jp/'s topics and promoting generals and associated autism, and then dumping their trash threads back here. I hate /a/ for not allowing certain topics and /v/ for not allowing certain games and then them all flooding in here when they saw how good /jp/ was, and ruining it. A time before that, before captcha was the best time.

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Will any old tripfriend pay their respects to /jp/ on this special day? Or did all of them leave to Gensokyo?

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I miss Homuha, and when Silo9 used to post here

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Thanks for convincing me to spend hundreds of dollars on plush Touhou characters /jp/!

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Hopefully their trips are still banned

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I have a feeling that something like pic related is needed.

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Already? I'm losing track of time

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I wonder what kim is doing these days

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I remember hot glue clan for that one korean mmo
Also cosmic breaku
Good times

>> No.18450071

Has he still not killed himself?

>> No.18450170

Everything will be okay...

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File: 1.01 MB, 2508x3541, __onozuka_komachi_touhou_drawn_by_kouzuki_kei__f24ed9dba8e3041c1973b0093e6f5c9f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A moment for those that have already made there way to the Land of Illusions and could not be here with us today.

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One thing I regret is not playing MMOs with /jp/ more back in the day. I remember playing Dragonica when it was in beta, but everyone stopped once it moved from closed beta to open beta because I think all our data was being wiped.

The community has really split off, hasn't it? I can understand why someone would want to move a general to somewhere like /vg/; the population is much higher so you'll have more people to talk about the game with. Who wouldn't want more people to enjoy their favorite game with them? But I miss having the rich variety of threads all in one place here, and being able to discuss them with like-minded people. Through people migrating elsewhere, and the general 4chan population increase, our content has spread around the internet too. Call me autistic but it just feels weird seeing "our" content being posted on big websites and being shared by those who would normally have nothing to do with /jp/. It was bizarre seeing someone on Facebook in 2013 use the word normie when previously I almost only saw it used on /jp/. It was bizarre seeing that wen dark days post spread around everywhere. It was bizarre seeing awoo~ threads being posted elsewhere. I'll never forgive those who tainted Momiji's image like that... She didn't do anything to deserve this. It just makes me upset that /jp/ culture is being used like this by complete strangers. It's weird but I can't help but feel protective over my memories of all the good times we all had together.

>> No.18450579

>I'll never forgive those who tainted Momiji's image like that
I'm still angry about this.

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Ich liebe...

>> No.18450619

I hope the janitor will always be an ugly cat
I hope I never come here again
I hope I will finally die

*warmly prays*

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Where has that /jp/ dream gone?

>> No.18450648

I feel like shit and don't belong anywhere. I am an eternal outsider. Enjoy your birthday /jp/

>> No.18450672

Official thread (besides this one)

>> No.18450675

You'll always belong on /jp/.

>> No.18450680

Why wasn't this thread used.

>> No.18450700

I feel the same, so at least we can belong together to the group of outsiders, the group you cannot belong to if you do. Let's celebrate /jp/'s birthday together!

>> No.18450708

Maybe it's not so bad. We can go slowly together in this thread.

>> No.18450757

Why didn't they just sticky this one? The OP picture is really good.

>> No.18450761

Two different communities, that image in the OP of this thread is made up of the original users.

>> No.18450777

I feel like I haven't seen a Nipah thread in months. Sad feelings.

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My fondest memories are from 2011-2013 when /jp/ hopped onto various FoTM MMOs. Aika Online, Iris Online, Cosmic Break, Vindictus, Eden Eternal, RO, TERA, and so on. Even though the guild would die within 1-2 months it was enjoyable just playing with other /jp/ posters.
I also miss /jp/ radio. It felt like it was just yesterday when I was listening to Banjo Finger Powerhouse after conjuring the spirits of the computer with our spells.

>> No.18451384

>It was bizarre seeing someone on Facebook in 2013 use the word normie when previously I almost only saw it used on /jp/
"Normie" Isn't a /jp/ word, it'd be normalfag. "Normie" was ever only used in "normiephone". The abbreviation is an off board creation by whichever board feels the need to abbreviate everything(probably r9k since they enjoy that normie-reee thing), and isn't really a unique 4chan concept in general.

>wen dark days
I'd be surprised if someone could prove it didn't come from tumblr, facebook, or pooshlmer or somewhere like that to begin with.

I think awoo was an /f/ thing mostly or maybe from one of the shitposting boards, and just pushed in /jp/. I don't remember a lack of hostility to it either, but it's probably changed over time. In any case it definitely came from some other board and is as cancerous as the maga hat.

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File: 455 KB, 1585x791, jp_posting_guide_circa_i_dunno_2010_or_so.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here are rules we should all love by for the next ten years.
Then ten years from now, /jp/ I hope we will drink tea and eat cookies, just like we are doing right now.
Promise to do this with me, /jp/

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/r9k/, came in the wake of chicken tendies greentexts and good boy points
>wen dark days
Comepletely offsite, ironic weeaboo origin
>awoo~ started on /f/, adopted by [s4s] became overused by /v/, forced onto the maiden /jp/, and then absorbed into /pol/ memes with momiji trump hat images.

We have fallen from grace, really

>> No.18451729

Their 2hus are not real.

>> No.18451764

We're in the only official thread right now. It's almost poetic how this happened.

>> No.18451833

They take up too many threads with the same thing. It's like not being content with a Yukari thread, so they make multiple Yukari threads.
Like first they just have a thread for Yukari and company, then someone decides that Ran and Chen aren't allowed in the Yukari thread, so they make one for Ran and Chen, then someone decides Ran needs a thread for herself. Meanwhile in the main Yukari thread, they can't come to a consensus about Yukari's looks so they make one for non-canon titty Yukari, one for loli Yukari, and another for Yukari who only wears canon looking outfits instead of low cut cleavage dresses.
They still aren't happy, so they go and shitpost in each others' threads and report each other so all the janitor's time is spent deleting posts from those threads. Then when anyone complains, they go "you have like 100 threads for all the other touhous, why can't we have a few?" while making Ran subthreads for Chanta Ran, Takanon Ran, and MMD Ran.

>> No.18451849

shut up

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i've never seen any of the meetups before. any pics on hand?

>> No.18455111
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There's not a lot of them, I think this is one of the few without covered faces

>> No.18455305

buncha dang cuties

>> No.18455814

Is this a joke? There's more 2hu shitpost threads about random girls while idols have clearly defined generals. The only one that even had a split were 46g from 48g because 46 had gotten large and popular enough to warrant its own thread.

Your autistic example made no sense.

>> No.18455871

oh hey its kanye. always knew he was a weab

>> No.18455887

May we stay together until death takes us apart, /jp/. And then let's meet up at Gensokyo to rape some fairies.

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>TFW my waifu will never be real

>> No.18456125

who are you quoting?

>> No.18456230

My friend told me that he said he liked Akira.

>> No.18457662

he sure does, buddy. he sure does

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That's actually pretty cool. I just stumbled on /jp/ thanks to a miss click.

...Yaoi! Ich kann wie ein Yaoi sein!

Koishi is pretty cool.

>> No.18465379

Because they're crusty old fools who've yet to notice Youchubas are the normie magnet these days

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Nice pic dude!
And I'm even on it, yay!

>> No.18465572

Yeah, I think on the internet you'd easily be mistaken for an ironic weeb by talking about 2hu, whereas even recognizing an idol would make people think you're a creep.

>> No.18466091

It's no wonder their threads fill up so quickly.

>> No.18466091,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.18466091,2 [INTERNAL] 


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God, I fucking hate this word.

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way to mainstream now

>> No.18473137

Why did the room threads and fig threads phase out? Tea also seems to be slowly going that way

>> No.18473146

I like reading the tea threads but I never had the energy to try out the different types of tea. I only drink English breakfast at home but I like the type of tea they give you at mom and dad Chinese restaurants. Fig and room threads probably came to be seen as blogging and discussion of that sort of thing might've moved to /a/ or /g/. Didn't we have a room thread last year?

>> No.18474293

Figs moved to /a/ because autistic 2hu posters, and the thread became a lot more popular once it moved.

>> No.18474293,1 [INTERNAL] 

The good old days...

>> No.18474293,2 [INTERNAL] 

I want to believe.

>> No.18477052

there's tea threads on /ck/ a lot. that way you can talk about more than just japanese tea

>> No.18477052,1 [INTERNAL] 

Funny that you mention the epic meido because the last memory I have of this shithole is seeing AoC trying to keep one of his shitty "have a nice day /jp/" threads clean from the posts with the leaks of him grandstanding in the janny irc and telling people to stop calling him AoC because he wasn't supposed to be a jan since his public resignation.

>> No.18477052,2 [INTERNAL] 


b-b-bu-but le take it easy!!!!!!

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>> No.18477052,4 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.18477052,5 [INTERNAL] 

Make the W great again

>> No.18477052,6 [INTERNAL] 

What're you gonna do when the captcha stops being supported in a few days and Warosu-ko isn't around to change it?

>> No.18477052,7 [INTERNAL] 


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