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I want to be Youmu's girlfriend!

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You're too late, Youmu is already with me.

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Udonge, Eirin will not let you stay with Youmu.

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Boys can't have girlfriends

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that's forbidden love.

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You what!? But why!?

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Because Youmu is CUTE!

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But Yuyuko is so much cuter! And prettier! And she's so smart and personable and influential and just so much better a woman than Youmu. There's no reason at all to peruse Youmu over her!

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Pursue, even.

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Smart and influential yeah, but in any other things Youmu is totally superior than Yuyuko.

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Half cum, half human!

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Don't be stupid. She's short and flat and sweaty and muscular and physically unappealing. She's not very sociable and not a great conversationalist. She's not fun.
If you'd pick her over Yuyu then there's something very wrong with you.

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That's a funny way of describing Sanae, anon.

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Yuyuko is, like, not pure enough

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Careful, anon.

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desu I know a real-life Youmu and it's literally what >>18421036 anon said.

Though I wouldn't date Yuyuko as well, she'd be annoying as fuck with her proto-bitch carefree attitude.
I think Kaguya is the pure patrician's choice...

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Nah, that fatty lazy and retard ghost can't compare with the gardener, clearly, not debating.

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Youmu's gonna have to kick your ass if you keep talking about Yuyuko like that.

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Why are you guys fighting? Youmu and Yuyuko are both great alone, and even better together.

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That's right.

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The face that knew men...

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This face?

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You just know

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I really don't.

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Drive away with youmu!

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pls be in G E N S O K Y O

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post pics so we can determine whether you worthy

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I want to lick Youmu's inner thigh

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She'll cut you.

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What is sex with Youmu like?

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And soft, of course.

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Swimming with the ghost

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Youmu can't swim.

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I brought a swim ring for a reason

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I wonder if butthurt retards like you will ever calm their tits. Forced memes aren't funny.

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I want to be Youmu!

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>That's a funny way of describing Yuuka, anon.