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Hello /jp/, I am looking to become an English teacher in japan. What can I expect? What are the wages like, and are the people nice to Americans? I know there are some people that hate foreigners, but honestly that's a minority, and I believe by just spending some time with them, you can convert them. Any tips of advice would be welcome.

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I dunno. Probably depends on the way you do it. JET, etc.

It's probably better if you stop being a fucking weeaboo and get a real career instead.

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A shit pay check and you probably won't get a job but based on the fucked up foreigners I've seen in Japan perhaps anyone can do.

**I don't work in Japan, but I'll be trying to in a months time**

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You can waste a couple of hours here. This guy does exactly what you want to do and knows how to write as well.

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You're like a walking gaijin stereotype.
Just save up some money and go there on a 2 week holiday if you like Japan.