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Sanae does NOT play fair.

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how many dicks can Byakuren take at once? This is important

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Three plus infinity.
One paizuri, two armpits. One face.

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Byakuren can't compete.
This is a twincharged slut we're talking about here.
You only have god dier paizuri to your name among the list of hienous "Youkai apologist" stuff you've done in the past

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no way she can compete against sanae while using only such parts of her body

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I know right. No way. No way Byakuren.

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If she does Mommyplay she can easily outperform Sanae

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Only to a small number of people. Horrible Idea.
Wha makes Sanny great is her shameful ability to treat every dick in her proximity despite being a Miko. Whether it be right in front of her, or miles away, she hunts them down like hungry children to unhealthy candy.

Byakuren needs ro broaden her range, and throw away her pride as a Buddhist and- you know what. This is pointless.

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Am I the only one finding Byakuso more attractive lately? Like her face is a little more punchable now and she looks to be built for hugs, eve though she has a horrible track record with human relations.

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Hijirin is a hug-able mommy.

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Cutest twintail coming through.

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Later Yukari.
You have threads often. Take a break.

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Im getting BLEACH vibes from this.
Dunno why. The first panel looks similar to Bankai Byakuya in the SS ark.

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No rest for the wicked.

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I hate needles thank you very much! Please point it the other way Eirin!

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Where's Yuuka?
Why isn't Yuuka here?
Yuuka should be here..!

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Wait no. It looks like Kenpachi.
Speaking of Kenpachi, is there a KenPatchy/Kenpatchi?

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Yuuka is busy.

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>Yuuka is busty

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I don't think there are enough men willing to have sex with Byakuren for that

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Is Hijirin a sadist or a masochist?

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I notice that this guy really loves to draw close ups

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I doubt Byakuren could even double-anal.

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She had it coming.

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Sanny can't compete with Buddha boobs!

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It's cute when an old hag pretending to be a cute girl

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She clearly failed, though.

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Bhuddism is better.

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Boobs way too small.

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>armpit or underboob
Hard to decide.

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Yuuka is at a sleepover with a friend

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Sadist, probably.

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Shit, meant to post an image there.

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I want to marry Byakuren!

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That doesn't look like typical Buddhist clothing

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She has to use all measures possible to attain followers

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They are superior to Buddhist clothing.

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Oh! Okay! Thanks anon! I was worried about Yuuka! It's nice to see she's getting along well with Letty!

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implying she have to even try to compete with worst 2hu

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Sanae is NOT the worst 2hu.