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Anonymous, you're hungry, so you walk into a coffee shop to grab a muffin and a drink.

While on line, out of the corner of your eye you instinctively spot the pale blue of Burichan. You see a girl with long black hair and a violet sweatshirt, typing away at her laptop. As your eyes focus, you realize that she is in fact browsing 4chan. No, not just 4chan, she's browsing /jp/. She's posting in a Touhou thread.

You can't see her face directly, but you see her reflection off the storefront glass. She's... perfect.

What do you do, Anonymous?

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I wake up

Because real life will never be this magical

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Walk out with an awkward air, regret never talking to her forever.

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I tell her that I'm that ZUN!bar guy and then get hot coffee thrown in my face.

Good end.

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post about that slut on /jp/

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I'm a homosexual and already have two /jp/ Anon husbands who love me dearly.

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All replies end with ronriness

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I push her out of her chair, commandeer her laptop, and respond to one of her posts telling her to get the fuck back to /r9k/.

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Just because a girl browses /jp/ and likes touhou, doesn't automatically mean she's your ideal lover. Shit I like touhou just like everyone else but going by that alone and saying "she's perfect" is pretty shallow.

On the other hand, you should definitely say hi to her

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>She's posting in a Touhou thread.
She is very likely a shitposter.

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I ask her if she read her SICP today

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I'd walk up to her and crack some touhou joke, instant chemistry. If she's on /jp/ she can't have high standards.

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Start the thermo-nuclear war ive been dreaming of my whole life. Fuck da hoe, bro!

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while doing this face > "XD"

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::walks up to her and sees her posting in a diaper thread::

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Oh. You don't mean Buri.


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Well, first you have to close the gap between you and her.

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I get *frumple* and then it is *dancing* to *dissolve* the *campers*

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That's fine. I only draw the line at 3D idols.

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And then you'll leave the *happy campers* to return to *below*, right?

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"You are also a fan of Miss Marisa-sama, eh?"

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Wouldn't happen. I would never walk into a coffee shop. Even if somehow by chance I wake up at a coffee shop and see this girl, I'd just walk past her. Most of the 4channers I've met are annoying.

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I'd go into the bathroom and start fappin.

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I sit down next to her.
I watch until she makes a post.
I enter the thread.
I quote her post.
I wiggle my eyebrows suggestively.

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I approach her calmly and state bluntly that I intend to get to know her. Then I stop daydreaming, admitting that there's no way I could approach her when I can't even avoid being silly in my fantasies. I proceed to eat up my muffin and leave, feeling a little bad because I know I'll never see her again.

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Oh anon you card.

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make a thread and tell her to gtfo

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She's posting in a touhou thread that was derailed into a women can't be ronery thread. She was linked there by her 'LOL SO RANDOM XD' internet buddy and is posting angrily about the misogynists on this forum.

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what if she's gay?

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First, I throw random danmaku at her. If she grazes it all without dying or bombing, I use my spell card Ronery Sign "Whine about Women". If I find out she's not a slut, I go away anyway because she wouldn't like me. Then I get home and drink coffee while posting about sluts on /jp/.

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Tell her that no girls on the internetz and get the fuck out.

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Holy shit, I'm sitting in a coffee shop and OP just described me perfectly.

..that means he's one of the guys with a laptop. Fuck, what should I do?

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I would calmly sit at a table behind her so that I could see which threads she was posting in.

Then, I would get out my laptop and go onto /jp/. The instant I see her post, I will go to that thread and respond to her "You, Anonymous, in the coffee shop. Look behind you."

She'll look back at my smiling face and there will be instant chemistry. In my dreams. ;_;

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Pretend to be /b/tard to make her feel awkward.

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How does it feel to be perfect?

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That, just replace the last line with:

She'll look back and see me holding up a napkin on which I wrote "you just lost the game".

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why not rape her

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this thread..

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Look at her for 10 minutes wondering whether I should talk to her or not and then end up not doing anything because I dislike bothering people, as well as getting bothered.

This is what I ALWAYS do.

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Shit that'll be pretty awesome actually if it ever happens

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Dress her as Alice and rape her

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Marry me.

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I'd post a thread like this, except with a far more exact description of her, and watch her stare around the room wondering who the hell at the coffee shop was a /jp/er.

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Bitches don't wear no motherfuckin goddamn sweatshirts anymore you jokin nigga.

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Now wait a fucking minute. Long black hair? VIOLET sweater? LAPTOP IN DUNKIN MOTHERUCKING DONUTS!?!? No way Jóse, theres something fishy here. Other than its posted on /jp/ that is. BURN THE HERETIC WITH FIRE!

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Feel embarassed if she saw me looking at her, keep my head down the rest of the time, finish eating/drinking, walk out of the cafe before she leaves so it doesn't look like I'm following her. Isn't this what everyone does?

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Tell her that I'm athens, then dodge the cup of boiling hot coffee that ensues.

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Lies. She'd probably start talking to you!

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I only date girls who have the same version of Mac OSX as me, and use a Mac Book Pro, otherwise they're just unworthy of my utter adoration.

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shout /b/ memes at her

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I'd pull out that gadget I use to browse the internet and post in every thread she posts in calling her a woman, claiming to be the reincarnation of Athens.

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Wow, I cant believe you just typed that.

What a loser...;_;

>> No.1829197

Tell her I'm "Klein!klan" receive smiles, promise of friendship

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Find a way to not bother her, but still getting her attention. Not by saying a meme but by some other means. I don't know.

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Probably rape

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It's MacBook Pro.

You lose points for that. Make another mistake about it and you shall not be allowed to touch it.

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Because you're a girl, silly.

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get her screenname, and rage when you realize she abuses emoticons such as :3 and ^^;

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based on a true story

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>Because you're a girl

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Nothin' wrong with colon three.

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post a thread exactly like this one

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true story

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Talk to her for a while. Then drop her Dox on /jp/.

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Guys, it's really not that hard to talk to girls. I promise.

You're all very smart. As a result, you're more than likely to be more articulate than you give yourselves credit for, regardless of awkward personalities or whatever else.

Chances are if you talk to any girl(without being creepy) she'll respond favorably because people aren't as judgmental or evil as you think.

Putting that aside, if you were to approach a girl who you saw on /jp/, well, most otaku - for lack of a better term - are generally fairly sociable and acceptable. Easy conversation but they're also pretty hit or miss. You'd know that if you actually talked to other god damn people at cons instead of scurrying away immediately after acquiring your doujins!

And don't say you don't want other /jp/ friends. Because you do.

I went on a tangent but tl;dr - IT'S OK TO TALK TO PEOPLE GUYS.

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>She's posting in a Touhou thread.

>She's... perfect.

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sure as hell she's better than you

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>You'd know that if you actually talked to other god damn people at cons instead of scurrying away immediately after acquiring your doujins!

Tried that, wasn't too bad indeed. Avoid rabid fangirls obviously, but they're easy to spot

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>sure as hell she's better than you
Oh you did NOT just go there

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>You're all very smart

Oh, man, that's the funniest joke I heard all day.

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A girl I know who claims to be lonely posts ads looking for sex partners on Craigslist.

So I honestly think that women can be lonely. They just have horribly low standards and will do anything for dick and money.

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>at cons

I don't go to no fucking conventions. And I won't lower myself to trying to fuck nartutard women either.

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>Im smart, youre smart, were all smart
>people aren't as judgmental or evil as you think.

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Boys have a penis. Girls have a bagina.

>> No.1829406

Just because you are dumb it doesn't mean everyone here is.

>> No.1829410

>people aren't as judgmental

actually Anonymous is pretty judgmental

>> No.1829421

In the internet.

>> No.1829423

Judging by the posts? I would say a good 50%, at least.

>> No.1829427

Well yeah but not open about it in public when he leaves his house.

It just seems that there is this impression that everywhere people are openly scorning Anon for one reason or another. Just be more open to other people and you'll find yourself happier.

>> No.1829429

what the hell am i doing in a coffee shop i hate coffee

>> No.1829433

>Chances are if you talk to any girl(without being creepy)
>without being creepy

I don't think you know where you are.

This is a place where we, despite being adults, watch cartoons, read comics, and play video games.
These media artifacts have erotic or titillating drawings. In some cases, these drawings sexualize children.
We are, largely, virgins.

We are creepy by virtue of our existing. We are creep incarnate.

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>talked to people at cons

Get out. Seriously. Leave.

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>> No.1829437

Either call her a slut, or think she's a trap.

No girls on the internet, back in the kitchen, etc.

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She's using this tumbler.

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Everyone who browses /jp/ has this certain /jp/ mind. If you want to talk to her, think as if you're talking to yourself, and that's where it gets complicated, because you anonymous are sensitive, uncaring, love-needing, rejectful, wannabe-tough, understanding, responsive, hyper-active, distrustful...
All these paradoxical attributes at ones, you'll see how hard it is to get along with someone such as yourself and you know it.

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Back in elementary school, the girls called me Boogieman.

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>> No.1829462

you all assume she likes touhou. she is probably trollan

>> No.1829466


I'm more interested in the muffin then, thank you.

>> No.1829477

>she is probably trollan touhou

I'll be all over her in that case, cheering her on, and when i see one of you fags take the bait, I'll congratulate her with a "successful troll is successful" pat on the head

>> No.1829482

I wish someone would pat me on the head... ;_;

>> No.1829525

I would, provided that your hair isn't full of lice or excesively greasy or something. Thinking about it, given my real-life experience with people, I think I'd be an enabling sort of big brother figure.

>> No.1829551

I qualify for a perverted onii-chan

Is anyone here a non blood related imouto?

Onii-chan will always be by your side

>> No.1829561

Why do you assume you're older than me! I'm quite big you know!

>> No.1829577

Wonder how many men she has had sex with.

No, I'm being serious.

>> No.1829588

Every men in the planet except you

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"Hey, move up!", the voice of someone behind you wakes you from the shock you're still going through. A girl looking at /jp/ in broad daylight. This is a blue moon chance, and you don't even know how to deal with it.
Shaking, you take a step forward and make your order, thoughts lingering in the back of your head of what would be the best way to act right now.
A torrent of dating suggestions, of call of becoming more confident, of how to pretend you're a normal human being flood your mind. They all contradict each other, and the cashier is now looking at you with stern eyes, asking you to step aside.
The cup of coffee is hot, burning through the paper and cardboard towards your palm.
All or nothing. You decide it would be better to have another story of how all women are sluts than wonder wide awake in your bed at night if you could have had a shot at happiness. You try to be one of those normals and approach to her table, all your will put into moving your feet without giving away your panic.

"Excuse me," she looks up at you with glassy eyes, uninterested in you. "is this seat taken?" You smile. Your brain shouts commands at your facial muscles. Don't look creepy, don't look creepy, don't give a rapist look, look casual, look human for fucksake.

She breaks eye contact and makes a couple glances around. "Plenty of empty tables"
Shit. You're panicking, and your confidence is wearing off. The goddamn coffee is scalding your palm. What would a normalfag do?
Laugh at you, probably. You can't play it cool, it's all lost.
She kicks a seat next to you away from the table, her eyes back on her laptop screen. "Don't talk, don't stare, and never mention this on the boards. Think of it as a favor, anonymous," she looks up at you again, a smile dancing on her lips. "You're not subtle at all, and I'm in a good mood, that's all"
You stiffly sit down. It could have gone worse. You take a sip of the awful coffee, burning your tongue.

>> No.1829597

The reason that I avoid anime clubs and shit like that is because I'm pretty sure at least a couple of people know of the 'athens'.

>> No.1829601


Fearful for you life, eh?

>> No.1829619

How would they know you're athens in real life though? What do you go up to random guys, point at them and go "I know you're a woman!"

>> No.1829621

>She kicks a seat next to you away from the table, her eyes back on her laptop screen. "Don't talk, don't stare, and never mention this on the boards. Think of it as a favor, anonymous," she looks up at you again, a smile dancing on her lips. "You're not subtle at all, and I'm in a good mood, that's all"


>> No.1829622

Wouldn't sitting there but being forbidden from speaking be worse than not sitting there at all?

>> No.1829624

It's not like you're going to say HI I'M ATHENS at every opportunity you get.
Oh wait, maybe you will.

>> No.1829629

come on athens, how can you hate a tsundere female anonymous that is not an attention whore for a change.

>> No.1829639

>Wouldn't sitting there but being forbidden from speaking be worse than not sitting there at all?

No she's telling you to hit on her NOW. Never take what woman say at face value

>> No.1829641

He's tsundere for femanon.

>> No.1829644


Nobody in my school's club browses /jp/.

They're more /a/ material since they have the attention span of a fly.

>> No.1829645


No, athens. You are the femanons.

Seriously you shit up the board more than a brigade of camwhores could. You are worse than what you hate. Go back to /r9k/ and never venture outside of the quarantine area again.

>> No.1829648

It's a change of character, but I'd be paranoid personally about her judging my 'confidence levels'. The mere fact I've plucked up the courage should merit something at least. Hypothetically speaking.

It's more like aspects of your character would eventually come through from knowing someone.

>> No.1829651

Athens is actually a woman.

>> No.1829652

Because most real life tsunderes are tsuntsun moreso than tsundere or deredere.

Bitches 24/7 who expect you to kiss their feet because they're goddesses who're letting you bask in their glory moreso than the cute "I-i-it's not like I like you" anime kind. It seems cute here but it'd annoy the fuck out of you in real life, especially when she refuses to take responsibility for any wrongdoing.

>> No.1829659


>> No.1829665

It's this, it's also the fact that one would be fearful that if say.... Ramiro the Champ or some other confident guy came in she'd be all smiles and marshmellows.

>> No.1829672

I slightly tilt my cartridge, making everyone in a 1km radius do a weird dance.

>> No.1829675

Fuck yes, you are the best choice ever.

>> No.1829676

I'd have sex with a female tsundere Athens. Two tsundere in bed would mean the sex would be extra hot.

>> No.1829680

Fuckkk, I know a girl just like this.

>> No.1829681

I think it's more of a weary anonymous that knows what it entails to browse 4chan in public.
After a while of you sitting silent, feeling foolish with your burnt tongue, she'd just laugh and say that she didn't mean for you to stay completely silent, to not take things so seriously. She's not judging you, but seeing if you have the courage to actually be there instead of running away like the other boys. Everyone can approach with some impulse, but it takes more to stick around and deal with the embarrassment, and shit this thing writes itself.
Back to writing then, I guess I could finish the coffee shop scenario tonight...

>> No.1829682

At the risk of invoking cliche I am 93% sure you are a woman.

>> No.1829683

you're suppose to rape the tsuntsun, that's why they are acting like that, it's their way of asking for some hard dickings.

Or if not rape, at least not put up with her shit, she will then come crawling back.

Yeah I know, it doesn't make any sense to me either

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cry moar
es pretty

>> No.1829691

[X] Genuflect

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Greetings from /ck/... I'm bored.

At first I was all going to ask why are weeaboos so pathetically castrated? The perfect example: >>1829165

But then I read >>1829433 and was all =/

>> No.1829695

Not that into gay sex I'm afraid.

only joking

Elaborate, I'm up for a good rage.

Fuck the part when she actually lightens up makes me feel happy inside. Godspeed AoC.

>> No.1829700

I'm both happy and unhappy at this accusation. Athens, you idiot.

>> No.1829702

Oh come on. Scissoring is so much fun.

>> No.1829704

Am I perfect if I'm the same but instead, a guy? I'm even posting from a kotatsu right now. I'm so bored I'll even post a pic on request

>> No.1829709

Post a pic

>> No.1829716

>What do you go up to random guys, point at them and go "I know you're a woman!"
Oh god I lol'd.

>> No.1829718

hm, why?

>> No.1829725

I had a girlfriend that was a tsundere cripple childhood friend.

Fuck yea that was awesome

I asked her out on the beach late at night after she kept saying 'Its not like I'd refuse you if you asked me'

I was the one trying to push the relationship further and she wasnt really participating, so I decided to stop calling her and see how long it took her to call me instead. Turns out I timed that bad because she went to the hospital for a month and I never found out. I guess she wanted to tell me that she got hurt and was there but somehow couldn't.

I never did end up calling her. I heard this through email after I sent her one letting her know what I did and that it was over. Apparently she cried all night when I dumped her.

So anyhow, it was sweet while it lasted.
Her cripple was leg paralysis from snowboarding, but she was slowly regaining movement.

Tsundere cripple childhood friend

>> No.1829730


>> No.1829733

>Troll thread
>136 posts
>athens !SysNpnp3nU
>ZUN !barYV1VtIA
>Remilia Scarlet !!0l42/w//XuF
gg, /jp/

>> No.1829735

Well it's your fault for dumping people

>> No.1829744

Is this really anything THAT amazing /jp/? I mean, I'm basically what you described, except hate purple and coffee.

>> No.1829746


Woman up and apologize for a misinterpretation.
If she's not a cunt, you'll at least be forgiven.

>> No.1829747

I was thinking it would have been hot and got all dere on me for dumping her. Didnt happen.

>> No.1829749

Congratulations on finding out that real life is not like anime.

>> No.1829750

She'd be off fucking other guys when her leg healed, anyway

>> No.1829752

By not cheating.

You are sticking two fingers up to biology and base instinct. That's the way I see it. What better way of proving the superiority of the human race like that?

>> No.1829758

Also, AoC, can you work the lounge meme Pleasure of Being Cummed Inside into the script somehow? That would be so damn awesome.

>> No.1829760

Fail horribly, that's what.

>> No.1829765

You have lived anonymous, that's what you did. You made mistakes that are obvious on hindsight, but you followed a course and stick to it.
Keep on living, collect amusing memories and laugh at yourself.

A shame though, but you know the thing with people, old flames that haven't been extinguished properly can be aired back to health. Give her a call right now, ask her how is she doing and if she would like to go somewhere and talk to "catch up". If she asks why, tell her you were thinking about her, and realizing that you were an idiot and what you had was nice.
Worse case scenario she says no, but at least you won't have that lingering doubt of "what if". So go, go anonymous and seize the world!

>> No.1829766

Because I find your female accusations amusing and because... It's not important.

>> No.1829768


oh shi.... didn't see you there.

I'll add you to my primary MSN account tomorrow. Sorry for neglecting the other one, I only use it for emailing.

>> No.1829769

But there are animal species that themselves remain monogamous; are you sure that you aren't merely acting on your own biology and base instincts?

>> No.1829776

>>1829766 and because... It's not important.
You shouldn't just keep hiding it; go ahead and let him know your true feelings.

>> No.1829788

Because he's a guy, obviously, and wants to be the little girl. Now he can legitimately claim to be one since athens thinks he acts like one.

>> No.1829789

I looked it up.


>> No.1829793

You're worthless if you don't like coffee.

>> No.1829799

I'd still like the muffin.

>> No.1829801

intelligence and rationality kills romance/sex drives
vice visa

That's why we're all here on /jp/, sad but true

>> No.1829805

>Anecdotal evidence aside, why are women so dumb when they're sluts?

Men are dumb when they're sluts, too. And men can be sluts: just look at your average guy who goes out trying to find as many women as possible to pick up and fuck.

It's a pathetic, useless lifestyle.

Now, contrary to what Anon may believe, there are just as many women who believe this is totally pointless as there are men who believe this is totally pointless.

Many of them are posting here tonight, in fact. And some of them might be in coffee shops posting on 4chan.

And if you sat down to chat with them, they probably wouldn't think about fucking you for the same reason you wouldn't think about fucking them--it just isn't who you are. You'd rather fap to 2D--and that's fine.

>> No.1829806

Fuck the web of lies, and tell your mom that she should probably talk to your sister about safe sex. She is that age after all, and you can never be too safe.
They talk, she finds out, your sister gets rid of that parasite. Make it look like a coincidence from a concerned brother, and then give her a stern talk about not being a goddamn idiot human, or what, do you want to wear a NASCAR sweatshirt and boss around a small pack of fat imbecile children from 4 different parents?

Hopefully, basic shame brings sluts around. I'm sorry to hear about it, but be strong.

>> No.1829810

People tend to lose intelligence when presented with that. Kind of like when they're in front of a computer. Common sense just shoots itself and gets buried in a ditch.

>> No.1829812

Are you PURE though?

Well she clearly isn't pure. The concept of purity has to come up in AND doesn't it AoC (if you are listening?).

Anyway, as for your sister - Is she usually a clever girl? It's always the saddest when it's the most creative and intelligent girls who behave like that, though it's rarer. I remember some dude asked in a girl gamer thread on /v/ once why girl gamers (of the archetypal variety) were so slutty and some asslicking normal replied that the reason they were slutty was because they were 'more intelligent' than normal girls.

Made me lol.

>> No.1829818

I go to an all girls private school, so no chance of being "ruined" here.

>> No.1829825

I always laugh when these "smart" sluts tell me to go read de Sade.

>> No.1829827

Isn't it customary for daughters to talk with their mothers about things like that?

>> No.1829832

>I go to an all girls private school



that is SO hot. You aren't underage b& though, are you? What do you think about the whole concept of purity and monogamy and all that?

>> No.1829833

so did I, pre-k till senior year.
In some ways I miss it, but I like having guys around now!

>> No.1829838

>I like having guys
Fucking cum guzzling trash can all woman are the same.

>> No.1829841

Ask them whether they honestly believe that De Sade's lifestyle of wealth and opulence and indulgence was actually sustainable and possible for 99% of the population next time they mention it.

De Sade was a degenerate with a penchant for writing pretty decent erotic literature. Nothing more.

>> No.1829843

I turned 18 last year, so no. We're nothing special though, since we know shit about communicating with males.

>> No.1829845

Anyone who refers to their prior girlfriends as "tsundere" is a legitimate creepy asshole who was probably hated severely by said girl.

"Leave me alone you creepy perverted fat idiot"

"Oh haha you're so tsundere..."

>> No.1829848

Not all girl private schools are like Marimite.

>> No.1829857


Would you have preferred to lose your virginity by now? And in all honesty, no offence but it doesn't matter what your communication skills are with guys, we are the ones that are expected to be proactive.

>> No.1829858

yeah. no.
I do have a boyfriend now, though. previously I didn't get to hang out with many boys (not prevented, but just never met any). And he is very kind.

>> No.1829860

I know, a friend got a low level weeaboo girlfriend like that. I told him from the very start she was most likely an attention whore. A few days later he comes to me telling me how right I was.
At least he enjoys the whole thing he has to hide the injury marks.

There's a reason for being anonymous, ignore me as usual. I post a lot and I'm never noticed, let's keep it that way.

>> No.1829862

So, can a tsundere and a yandere get along well?

>> No.1829863


is he into /jp/ stuff?

>> No.1829866

It matters not, but I think /jp/s desire for a "tsundere" girlfriend is fueled by the fact that they think girls who hate them in real life will suddenly start to love them or something.

>> No.1829877

I think athens is a manslut

>> No.1829878

nope, but he does 4chan. fancy that. (sometimes fun, but sometimes annoying lol)

>> No.1829882

I'm not sure what I want to say. If I say "yes" I'll be labeled a slut, and just saying "no" would be a lie.

>> No.1829887
File: 137 KB, 585x600, 1230434639064.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>that is SO hot.

You sure have tastes similar to the Japanese, Athens.


Why so tsundere today, Ponpo?

>> No.1829889

True enough I guess. But it's more the whole innocence factor. Despite that a lot of girls who go to private schools turn into sluts don't they? When the go to college?

>> No.1829890

The whole attraction of a tsundere girl is that you are the one that she opens up to.

Like taming a wild horse.

>> No.1829898

I think we've found a basis for a VN.

Now to make sure both of them are female...

>> No.1829902


>>1829680 here. Let's just say that I really liked this girl because I thought she was an IRL tsunderekko with a dark past. It appealed to me.

I was friends with her for around a few months before she started openly flirting with me. Most of the time she was really selfish, and I wouldn't have put up with that shit from anyone, but she started to confide in me and went as far as telling me that I was the only person she cared about anymore. She would never actually go any further than hugging (in more than a "just friends" way though) and stuff, but being the ronery nerd that I am, that was enough. She tried to pass herself off as being somewhat broken on the inside, and that made me feel protective over her. I was fucking pathetic and she knew how to use me.

For over a year she had me doing whatever she wanted and all she had to do was smile and show me her "happy" side. If we ever went out anywhere, I would pay. I she ever needed help with something like her studies, I was expected to do it. The one time that I tried to call her on this shit, she started alluding to our hypothetical future together. She appealed to my roneryness and won every single fucking time.

A few months ago, I introduced her to a college acquaintance I had known for a while. He's popular and wealthier than me. Her personality around him is completely different, and I have become nothing more than a shoulder to occassionally cry on. They're not actually going out yet, but she has pretty much replaced me with him and then some. And seeing how she can act completely fucking differently around him pisses me off to no end. She acts almost as if she doesn't even know me whenever they're together. I don't know where the girl I knew before has gone and I very much doubt she even existed in the first place. She has no need for a socially awkward nerd when she has a confident rich kid to leech from.

I should have listened to you, bro. ;_;

>> No.1829903

That's a start. Seriously though force her into a concerned mother scenario forcing her to take on a healthy sex life.

>> No.1829905
File: 251 KB, 400x520, 1230434750046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Easily solved.

>> No.1829906

>If I say "yes" I'll be labeled a slut

Rightfully so, you are only 18, if that. Why the hurry?

Seriously though, why actually hurry?

>> No.1829912

Not sure, just in a tsundere mood, brother.

Minus the dere.

>> No.1829913


If anyone that know of the term acts like that I'll bring it up just for the sake of being an ass since it just pisses them off more and provides for cheap entertainment.

Oh, and I'll do it to both guys and girls although it's more of an impact humor-wise with guys (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

>> No.1829914


does he watch anime at least?

>> No.1829923

duh! of course he does. hah... actually, we met when I commented on his Haruhi shirt. sad, right?

>> No.1829935

Don't feel bad, I think most of us have a story of being used around and not batting an eyelash at it. So naive, so innocent. I guess that's what they find unattractive, they want the manipulation to go back and forth.

>> No.1829938

Sounds absolutely awful. When I read stuff like that, combined with the whole aspect of just _how easy_ it is for nerdy girls to get boyfriends it puts me off.

Is there any greater constant in life than the treachery of women?

>> No.1829942

that's very true. He's only been a channer for about a year, while I've been here for four years already.

>> No.1829948

A violet shirt, black hair 4chan posting laptop owner is your fetish? Seems kind of generic.

>> No.1829950

I don't think that's the case. Most people on /jp/ realize that there are no tsunderes in real life, just bitches, and I don't think any of us hold delusions about the 3D girls who hate us secretly liking us.

>> No.1829951

It's okay, Anonymous. You have learned your lesson. Just allow it to be left at that.

>> No.1829954

>Haruhi shirt
Anon hate people like that
But yeah having no shame gets you chicks

>> No.1829966
File: 101 KB, 850x617, sample-f7e044c6e19c3061dae64be660118f84.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You can thank ZUN for that.

>> No.1829967

yeah. i thought so too, initially. but honestly he isn't nearly as weeabo as he sounds. THANK GOD.
plus, it's the only anime shirt he even has, so whatever.

>> No.1829969

Good lord, how old are you? 8?

>> No.1829977


does he browse /b/?

>> No.1829978
File: 28 KB, 500x500, parkF5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1829979

19. and you know what? he's a great guy and HE now has an actual girlfriend, which is more than many of you can claim, apparently.

>> No.1829991


>> No.1829993

>intelligence and rationality kills romance/sex drives

but we have neither......

>> No.1829995

Oh wow, this kinda looks like me.

>> No.1829996

It's not as if I'm dying to get laid. But I also have hormones telling me to get a boy being 18 and all.

>> No.1830002

>which is more than many of you can claim, apparently

You're treading on thin ground here missy.... Maybe if we could swap genders for a day you'd see how hard it is to garner attention from the opposite sex.

I doubt you'd have the balls to randomly approach a dude and ask him out, roles reversed, would you?

>> No.1830007

Yeah, seriously. That was the final nail in the coffin of my delusions about 3D women.

These days I'm like Diogenes with a 2D complex.

>> No.1830010

Generic cartoon body, shoulder length dark hair, glasses. Whoa, uncanny.....

>> No.1830014

that's what i did, exactly.
it works.
people like to see that you're confident.

>> No.1830018

What I meant to say was, when you go off to college, you'll have ample opportunities to sleep around if you are so inclined. Regardless of how socially retarded you are (remember as a girl they are going to be approaching you, you don't really have to do much apart from not be ugly or morbidly fat).

>> No.1830021

Sorry for being late, I can't upload on to 4chan today for some reason.


>> No.1830030

not so. you just have to be yourself. trust me it works; it will get you the kind of guy who will actually like you the way you are.

>> No.1830032

Marry me.
Nah, just messing with you. But I'm sorta interested now. How good do you look in a sweater and glasses?

>> No.1830034

>people like to see that you're confident.

I'm sure he initiated it, anyway, why the fuck are you criticizing us because we don't have girlfriends? I'm sure this guy will become a 'jerk' as soon as he dumps you or you dump him anyway.

Besides, fuck confidence and fuck bravado.

>> No.1830045

Well that was kind of my point you know... It depends what she was looking for. Either way she can be socially inept and get someone and we can't.

not raging

>> No.1830046

Hey, fuck you. I have a Haruhi shirt.

>> No.1830049

nope. I completely initiated it. but it doesn't have to be begun by a specific gender... either side is fine! had he asked me i would have been fine with that as well.

>> No.1830062

yay! don't worry. it's not the clothes that matter, it's the wearer.

>> No.1830064

You're that girl that was raped, the one whose picture is heavily reposted, aren't you? You're the only person on /jp/ that doesn't capitalize the "I"s.

>> No.1830065

It's okay, I'm shameless most of the time anyway.
It comes down to basically:

Be a faggot -> get chicks
Suppress powerlevel -> so ronery

It's all a fucking game, might as well play it better than other people

>> No.1830066

and before I get questions, the kotatsu is beat up because I inherited it from my parents when they got a newer one.

>> No.1830067

tl;dr 3D world is full of drama; I hate drama; I hate the 3D world.

>> No.1830069

That's one in a million. You must acknowledge at least that being a socially inept woman is no impediment to getting a boyfriend to the same extent it is with a socially inept man.

>> No.1830072


>> No.1830074

...wtf? um sorry, think you have the wrong girl in mind lol!

>> No.1830075

I don't quite get the appeal of a female /jp/ poster. /jp/ is made for people who are attrcted to girls. Tuohou is pretty much only girls, the VNs discussed here always involves dating girls, you probably know what I could say about idol threads, figure threads are always about female figures...

Seriously, this whole board is dedicated to raging male hormones.

>> No.1830084

perhaps because there is MORE to japan than just girl games and idols, etc?
like, what about architecture, religion, or geographical beauty?

oh wait. this is 4chan; what was I expecting?

>> No.1830086

I feel your pain bro. Even the fattest fuck at my college's animu club has had a boyfriend. It's just unbearable at times how easy the female gender as a whole has it.

Hell look at this thread, even /jp/ femanons have boyfriends.

Our lot is to suffer, let's just fight on, get a decent education and job and pursue whatever we want monetarily, because women are simply out of the question for, well, forever dude... I accepted it wasn't going to happen a long time ago and I'm happier with myself as a result (last year of college now).

>> No.1830099

hey, don't be down. your time will come.

>> No.1830104

I don't see what you're insinuating, but I don't like it.

>> No.1830105


Hell, my club's fat fuck has switched boyfriends 4 times already.

>> No.1830112

I was going to say that i wake up but >>1829068 WAY beat me to it.

>> No.1830119

I missed the chance with the love of my life because of my shyness. Long story short:
-Met girl
-Girl and I start talking
-I like her from day one
-We become close friends
-I can't get myself to confess
-We become closer friends
-I finally confess
It was too late. She even told me that the reason she started talking to me to begin with was that she wanted to be with me. Had I just opened my mouth instead of waiting more than half a year we'd have been a couple.

tl;dr it's better to go home embarrased, burned or covered in coffee than to not have tried

>> No.1830135


Goddam, I wish I had a kotatsu. Tired of wrapping myself up like a mermaid...

That reminds me, wtf are those nice, warm looking jackets called?

>> No.1830136

I get the feeling a lot of you who say women can't be ronery want sheer vengeance, you want women to feel the kind of despairing, longing, painful loneliness you feel.

And it's only natural, I'm not bitter but I don't blame you for it myself. It's only natural to come to hate them as a result. That's why it always amazes me when other people express amazement at 4chan's misogyny. I mean, fuck ME, do you expect these guys to LIKE women or something?

If it's vengeance you want, it's coming alright, just wait another 10 - 15 years, when those girls are in their late 30s they'll realise, as their looks fade, that men aren't approaching them any longer, and they'll have to cope with what you coped with in your youth.

The only question is whether they put their head in the oven or put a bullet in their brains as a result. Because we all sure as shit know women can't deal with that kind of loneliness.

So there is your vengeance anonymous, and athens and anyone else. You'll have it soon enough, don't worry. There is a growing demographic of absolutely lonely women in their mid to late 30s. And it will keep on growing

>> No.1830138

Hey athens, stop complaining about how hard it is to get women. It makes you look desperate, and despite what some people here might say, that doesn't suit you.

Being able to approach women is a bit like being physically strong. If you never use your muscles, it's gonna suck to suddenly start exercising them again. But then it goes over pretty fast, and all of a sudden, it all goes automatically. All you need is a little pain tolerance and some patience. Even tolerating pain and tolerating nervousness are quite similar, as all you have to do is remember that it's just an abstract concept that cannot harm you in any way.

Besides, being able to take on challenges is manly, and you have to act manly if you expect to actually be treated like a man by girls.

>> No.1830143

A beautiful whore is like poisoned honey.

>> No.1830148

I wish that I was like an amoeba so I could reproduce by splitting myself, then all my problems will be solved and I will never be ronery

>> No.1830153
File: 78 KB, 800x600, IMG_4201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1830155

Jesus fuck, what don't you people understand about "fuck bravado"? Why should we have to act like someone we're not?

I would rather be lonely than lower myself.

>> No.1830156

People assume that meeting a girl with the same interests will make their social ineptness magically disappear and they will finally be able to talk to a 3D girl.

Basically the same thing happened to me, except I never confessed and then I left for college and never saw her again. I would like to say I've learned my lesson, but I'm still too cowardly to approach women.

>> No.1830157
File: 87 KB, 800x600, IMG_4203.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1830158


I don't feel any desire for vengeance, except when I'm at my very worst. I just find it edifying to believe that somewhere out there, there's a woman my age who knows what it is like to go 20 years of her life without any intimate contact whatsoever. It's a long shot, but maybe a few actually exist.

Misery loves company, but that's only because misery can relate to misery in a way normality simply can't.

But yeah, I am staggered by just how much of /jp/'s female userbase has boyfriends, I mean I'd expect it of /v/ or somewhere like that.

But this is fucking /jp/, land of visual novels, touhou and gargantuan power levels. It just strikes me as woefully unfair how easy it is for them. I wouldn't mind as much if they'd just stop with the advice.

>> No.1830159
File: 54 KB, 800x600, IMG_4202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1830163
File: 71 KB, 800x600, IMG_4204.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1830169

Architecture is a niche interest anyway, shintoism is glorified bushmen "everything has volition" bullshit that's worse than monotheism, and geographical beauty. . .well, ok, but that doesn't even matter since that was never talked about on /a/ the way VNs/figs/idols were.

>> No.1830178

I mentioned this earlier in the thread, but I know a woman in her mid-30s who claims to be lonely. She meets and has sex with strangers from Craigslist.

>> No.1830179

My dream is to somehow convince people from /jp/ to make an orchestra with me. As lost souls, we would dedicate our lives to the only pure thing left in world, the one thing worth dedicating our lives to: Music. With that dedication, we could do everything to make and perform great music. Whether people would actually bother listening to us, whether we might have more success with girls due to our success as musicians, well, time would tell.

>> No.1830185

It does fill me with a wonderful sensation to imagine she is, sooner or later, not going to be able to do that anymore. That she is going to lose her looks and her appeal and as anonymous said, men will stop approaching her.

Really. Sounds horrible to say, but it does give me satisfaction to imagine these bitches who told me to develop this 'attractive arrogance' and 'confidence' are getting fucked over sooner or later.

>> No.1830189

I thought the plan was for /jp/ to make awesome VN together

>> No.1830195

Girls don't date guys who play real instruments.

Learn to play a few chords on the acoustic guitar instead. Oh, and remember to smoke weed while you do it.

>> No.1830200

my bf plays the violin. i like that.

>> No.1830207

Athens, you still have to have attractive arrogance to get ladies in your 30's, it's just that it's no longer the only thing that's required.

Or if you're rich/successful women would want to have sex with you, but they love the money not you

>> No.1830211

This thread is depressing anyway, where do we go from here guys?

...Where DO we go from here? What do we do? I just can't get over how easy they have it guys, no matter how much I try to convince myself they don't have it easy. It's just blatant lying, anonymous is right. What do we do?

There has to be something... anything we can do!

Also, who else is drinking?

>> No.1830215

Oh, she's already losing her looks.

She sleeps with guys up to fifteen years older than her, skinny or obese. And after fucking these guys, she complains about how cheap or bad in bed they were.

I personally find it hilarious that she's so desperate for attention that she would allow herself to be degraded so much.

>> No.1830219

I'm drunkposting at 4:20am. Shit is awesome.

>> No.1830223

>Or if you're rich/successful women would want to have sex with you, but they love the money not you

As opposed to loving a facade of confidence.

Seriously, I'm not seeing the difference here. I don't see how I could ever love a woman who didn't know what it was like to be alone. I'm being honest there. Can you imagine how annoying it would be to here a hypothetical girlfriend/fiance/wife talk about how lonely she was after boyfriend #4 broke up with her?

>> No.1830230


Seriously... women... they have it laid out for them man... a golden road that they just have to walk down, they don't have to do shit, and deep down they know it.

What the fuck is up with that man? Why do they have it so easy? I mean, it's not just easy, it's a fucking cake walk!

>> No.1830233

a lot of women know what it's like to be alone.
often men and women can have similar experiences, you know...

>> No.1830239


>> No.1830246

We've been over this. In theory, yes. In practice, no.

>> No.1830251

You mean a hanten?

>> No.1830255

Hey ahtens, post your MSN before this thread dies. I want to talk to you more ...intimately.

>> No.1830258

Entitlement issues, just like every woman.

Tell me anonymous, what will she do when the last vestiges of the memories of good looks that line her face fail?

Could she deal with ronery? Could any woman deal with true ronery? Tell me anonymous, honestly, could they DEAL with it? Like, could they hack having that kind of ronery? Or would it destroy them?

Bro, I admire that. I respect it a lot.

But let's not give women the satisfaction of saying 'we'd do this to get chicks', that's what they want.

We'd do this shit for us.


>> No.1830266

We're all stuck in a sort of paradox. We desire passivity and feminine qualities, yet we refuse to have the courage to take the initiative they can't take. No matter how unfair such a situation is, as long as she's a flower, she has to be picked.

>> No.1830268
File: 62 KB, 500x281, 827049115_1f332ba667.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seriously. If I fail at studying and a career, I'll end up homeless or dead. If a woman fails at succeeding on her own, she can always fall back on a more successful male.

I would have no problem with feminism if it worked both ways. Maybe I don't want to work my ass off just to have some whore live off of my money.

Why not the other way around? I've had a shitty life and can't hope to live up to rich kid "alpha males". Where is my Nagi?

>> No.1830271

It's an email. If you want to chat, I don't care about what or what gender you are or whatever.

But I don't give out my MSN address instantaenously, so just fire off an email instead. I'll add you after I trust you.

>> No.1830274

If you've never had a relationship, how would you know how it feels to lose one?

Were I to ever actually find myself in a relationship and then lose that relationship, I would probably feel worse since I'd come to know what I'm missing and become somewhat accustomed to having the girl around.

OK, now you have to accuse me of being a woman to distract yourself from the cognitive dissonance. Quick! Quick!

>> No.1830280

These qualities don't exist in real women anymore.

>> No.1830282

Well you can say what you want ok?

But at the end of the day... You probably have had a relationship. So what I'm trying to say is, is that basically the pattern of ronery is unrelenting ronery. It is not intermittent. Try to understand that. mmmmmmmmmk?

>> No.1830287

Yes! I'm glad that you came to that conclusion yourself after misunderstanding me. If girls find us attractive as successful musicians, it's a small bonus, as what matters most of all, is joy and music. We should from the beginning know that there will be no complaints if music is all we have in the end, because we'll just know that we won't ever love any woman as much as we love music.

>> No.1830288

The only thing to do is accept the way the world works and wait for a miracle. If there are guys like us who don't want to play society's game of putting on bravado and arrogance just to get pussy then there have to be girls out there who similarly reject those social norms. They're an extreme minority, but I'm sure there are a few out there.

>> No.1830295

meant to link to
I only tolerate serious discussion.

Also found a manly quote:

"Stalingrad is no longer a town. By day it is an enormous cloud of burning, blinding smoke; it is a vast furnace lit by the reflection of the flames. And when night arrives, one of those scorching, howling, bleeding nights, the dogs plunge into the Volga and swim desperately to gain the other bank. The nights of Stalingrad are a terror for them. Animals flee this hell; the hardest stones can not bear it for long; only men endure."

Look, if being a man was about working hard and shit like it used to be, then I'd have no problem stepping up to the proverbial 'Plate'. ok?

But being a man these days involves going to nightclubs and shit.

So fuck you whoever thinks that modern ideas of masculinity are rooted in anything but bullshit feminism residue.

Feminism destroyed all the real men! Turned them into metrosexuals! Now all we have are thugs!

>> No.1830300

Anyone else watching this? They're debating some interesting stuff.

>> No.1830316

listen, dude, here's the thing though.

those girls exist, but then, some confident dude comes along when they are in their dorm room and is like 'hey babe, wanna come out to such and such club tonight?'

and graduallly they turn into one of them, even though they were quiet and shy at first. and it's all an act to get those guys.


Man... I respect your love of music seriously. That's passionate. I don't want to descend into garfaggotry but it's manly passion, the passion of real men doing real things. You see real men all the time, they are conducting orchestras, standing up for what's right in the parliaments around the world and so on.

But for these girls friend... they aren't real men if they aren't CONFIDENT. So if you've got this kind of Mr. Smith goes to washington kind of figure in the modern day, if he didn't go to nightclubs and pop e and stuff, he wouldn't be a masculine man by today's standards!

>> No.1830325

Remember that a virgin's imagination is limitless. Without a base, one would start worrying about things that shouldn't be worried about. How do you face a problem that you don't understand? You'll start to doubt to everything, stumbling at every turn. Once you start doubting your doubts, you've truly gone mad.

>> No.1830344

Probably the most widely accepted "manly" attribute is having sex with many different women. That sure as hell did not come out of feminism, it's a lot older than that. The concept of masculinity has been shitty throughout the ages. Your hated bravado and arrogance has always been a part of traditional masculine expectations, so don't look to history for better gender roles.

>> No.1830350

But can I without sounding superstitious claim that there are ideals of masculinity that will always remain in our hearts, though unwritten and unspoken, regardless of the abuse and tyranny gender roles become victims to? Is not a man still a man even if people around him change their perception of what a man is? And is it not in the nature of man to stand by these ideals, even if he gets no praise for it and can only do it for his own sake?

>> No.1830360


If you really want to be a man, you'd already know that by acknowledging your 'goal' by analysis of said circumstances.

Perhaps the age of the 'Gentleman' is gone, to never be ruffled by any one situation, but a Modern Man doesn't get anywhere if he doesn't know that he has potential. You can theorise all you want about what a 'Man' must and should do, but that's really missing the proverbial point.

Perhaps you just need to lay off the juice if you hit it regularly, but the only way to fix anything realistically is to convince yourself first.

>> No.1830367

Aww, it's over.

>> No.1830373

Dude, have you read meditations? Aurelius BRAGS about how he lost his virginity later than his peers.

>> No.1830378

Is this thread even /jp/ material anymore? It's turned into /gender battle/.

>> No.1830392

Man NEEDS no praise. Woman NEEDS praise.

Such is the concept of validation.

Still, to us, the reconciliation is 'may meet someone interesting down the road somewhere'.

Maybe at least. It hangs upon a thread. And it is, I might add, the most tenuous of threads.

You remember when Red tells Andy in Shawshank 'Hope can kill a man'?

It's kind of true isn't it.

There's a phrase on the grave of Nikos Kazantzakis, an author, a favourite of mine, he wrote about libertines, but not in the byronesque sense, his libertines were men of tradition and so on, the phrase reads:

"I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free."

Such is man in my opinion.

>> No.1830409

Some writers and philosphers of the past had good ideas of how a man should live, but they were always in the minority, and their views were never shared by the population as a whole. The reason you hold such an idealized view of the past is because you've read writings from the smartest men of those times and assumed that everyone back then thought that way. They didn't. Humans have always been decadent, pitiful creatures, and society now is no worse than it has ever been.

>> No.1830410

What makes me depressed about threads like this... Is that it's like we are similar people. But there's a gender disparity in dating success, the girls all have boyfriends and we have no one. So it befuddles the mind, it wracks and wrecks it.

How can you have faith that you will meet a girl who knows what it is truly like to be alone when a girl in an environment as alone as /jp/ still has had boyfriends? I mean, you DONT go lower than this, unless you wanna hit fatty territory.

>> No.1830416

the reason half of you can't get a significant other is because you act like pseudo-intellectuals.
which I doubt you all are.

>> No.1830422

>the reason half of you can't get a significant other is because you act like pseudo-intellectuals

No. No, that's definitely not the reason.

How's that vagina working out for you?

>> No.1830429

nicely. my boyfriend adores it.

>> No.1830431

I dunno about you but I go to a university that is top 20 in Europe and top 50 in the world.

You are a nasty, spiteful little girl. Let the men discuss their manly matters in peace.

>> No.1830432

Somewhat, for me, it's just that most people (not just women) are pretty shallow and quite frankly not too bright. I'm don't even want a genius, that'd be way over my head. I just want someone that's reasonably intelligent and not a complete moron.

>> No.1830442

Your boyfriend is a faggot and a stupid one at that probably, if you think quoting people as well known as Aurelius constitutes pseudo-intellectual behaviour.

But isn't that always the path of the Junzi? To be one step above the rest.

>> No.1830444

that's fine, then! and remember, intelligence IS possible to show without pretense.

>> No.1830450

... wow you even assume my post was directed towards you? vanity too, huh.

>> No.1830455

No, I personally despise pseudo-intellectuals. The reason I can't get a girlfriend is because I'm too much of a pussy to ever ask a girl out. I know why I'm alone, so I don't need you to grace me with your vast knowledge of human relations.

>> No.1830461

Pretense to you is mentioning any well known author you haven't heard of.

Vanity? You accuse ME of vanity? From the same gender that brought us motherfucking cosmopolitan and articles on 'what does he think of my spots?'

You aren't worthy of my presence. I hate you. Why do you bitches have to behave like this? Why can't you just be honest? You know it's easy fo r you to get boyfriend! Surely!

>> No.1830463

hey, recognizing your faults is the first step towards fixing them. don't be down on yourself! :)

>> No.1830478

>But isn't that always the path of the Junzi? To be one step above the rest.
I won't deny that, nor am I saying that you shouldn't strive to be the best you can. I'm just saying that you shouldn't look to the past for an ideal society, because society has always been consistently shitty.

>> No.1830479

That's similar to my problem, maybe I'm not going to the right places or something.

>> No.1830481

Wow this is still going.

>> No.1830499

Fix your own damn faults!

>> No.1830542

Just in case you didn't notice, your email is showing.

>> No.1830558


>> No.1830671

athens, why do you have to be such a weak faggot? If you stopped all the woman faggotry and the crying and stuck to the philosophy/history shit you'd be a good poster.

But I guess that's too much to ask from someone who loses his virginity to the sluts he despises and goes to strip clubs. Sow the seeds of /r9k/ elsewhere.

>> No.1830698

Funny thing - when I look back at my life, I have had at least three golden opportunities to get involved with a girl I was really attracted to. I just never made the first step - even when they were giving me obvious signs that the attraction was mutual. I kept putting it off - telling myself shit like "Its best to become friends first". Eventually, they would become bored with chasing, and just give up.

I was the cause of my own problems. Looking back, I feel sorry for those girls, when I met them I seemed like a genuine nice guy with a sense of humour - but they couldn't see what a neurotic head case I was underneath it all.

I don't blame the opposite sex anymore for my loneliness; I've come to blame the true culprit - me.

>> No.1830796

>314 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

How the fuck did this happen?

>> No.1830798

I think you're overanalyzing things again athens.
Making broad statements that blanket whole genders is naive, seeing how humans wildly flail around with their preferences. After all, there are people that likes the complete opposite of what's paraded around as the ideal specimen, if the upsurge of feminine scenester types is any indication. Even if there is a majority of humans clamoring for the standard ideals, there are always outliers that don't want to even relate to them.
I see a lot of women renouncing to the idea of getting silicone tits and ass in order to nab a rich guy, at the same time that even more women sell everything in order to get the same. That's the thing with humans, they are too random, even when they present some common behavior patterns.
What I'm trying to say is, it's probably not them, it's us. We are looking in the wrong places, giving off the wrong cues. The moment we give up, they sense it and move on. I'm not saying to get confidence out of nowhere and project a person you're not, but to instead face them with some level of optimism, to acknowledge that not all of them are the perceived betraying sluts, and that you're probably just not good enough.
The gender ratio in the outlying regions it's tough. An off-track girl can easily pick a best-of-the-bunch male through the sheer numbers, but that's the thing. It has always been a competition. So if it's not strength, looks, or money, crush the opposition with your unique charm points. Improve yourself to become a well rounded person.
At least you have some hopes, still able to feel anything and relate to the humans. So go and swallow your bitter self. It could be worse.

>> No.1831975


Authors use all-one-gender casts so they can avoid romantic subplots and have *completely innocent* friendships. See Azumanga Daioh for a classic example. You can't write believably if you take a mixed group of genders and never once drop in a thought of a sexual relationship.

And why female, not male, for this all-one-gender cast? You can't draw frilly dresses on males.


Anonymous is ronery. Some trip/namefags are faggots.

>> No.1832032

this thread is the story of my life
wow, /jp/

>> No.1832312

I don't like confident girls, I like 'em shy.
Then again, when I approached one she was too shy and left the scene with an excuse. Either that or I was rejected. Either way that made me decide not to approach girls for the next 10 years.

>> No.1832316

Actually quite a few tend to forget capitalizing I's since they don't live in the states or UK. I have the same problem too but I try to focus on it.

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