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Here's the thing: There's apparently a ton of great Touhou fangames lost in the void because no one at comiket/retesai dumped then, and they don't get reselled on DL site. Hell, last year's retesai happened and all that got dumped was some music albums, from doujin uploading sites there were fangames there but they were not dumped, just really makes you wonder how many of them. It just makes me sad because I really don't think efforts of others should go to waste, especially if they're well done.

Believe me, I looked through every single SFW Doujin game there. That said there were some note worthy fangames on DL site, such as a Fortune Teller game, a 3d Suika action game and a Touhou party game based off Dokapon Kingdom. If any of you are interested I can post the link to them and you'd be doing everyone a huge favor if you bought them and dumped them here. I made this thread to ask you guys if you had any of these "lost" fangames and if you would please consider dumping them.

In return I can play through some very obscure but great games here. This one is called Marisa Matrix, has some very pretty spriteworks and animations with fluid gameplay, I haven't gotten much farther into it so you'll be with me on this. This game has essentially zero regongnition, searching it's name up gives you a download link to it but there's no videos on youtube or a fourmpost about it to accommodate it. So essentially this will act as the only play through of the game in the world, ain't that something?

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Interesting thing about this game is that a lot of it is in English, if you go to the title screen, hovering over the words will reveal their Japanese counterparts however.

The title screen reminds me of some very early RPG's back in the day.

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Worksafe /r/equests go in /wsr/.

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Obviously the only playable character here is Marisa. The shot select screen is also in full english, however there's this female japanese robot voice which I've heard before that will tell you about the shot in well, Japanese.

Fair enough but I'm sure I can at least play a game here.

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The spritework here is very impressive but the controls are a little weird, holding your fire button will shoot your secondary shot but tapping it will let it fire your primary one. There's also no music but the gameplay here is very solid.

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I guess one of the reasons it's so obscure is that it's very poorly optimized, apparently my new graphics card is a little too much for this game. That said I'll keep going.

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And of course the one thing he doesn't translate is the dialogue.

Hey Reimu.

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Normally this would be pretty difficult but since the game is running at half it's speed it's not.

Also the sound just got fucked in this game so I have to mute it before it blows my eardrum.

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Very strange, muting the game from my volume control fixed the sound (it still plays sound effects and robot voice though) and and then made it run at full speed.

Anybody knows what this means? I didn't download a virus did I?

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After defeating Reimu, I got a one up and transported to the next stage, however I got Reimu as a buddy. SHe's now shooting the fairies with me, you can barely make her out in this image though but she's there.

That said I think I'll stop posting here now since there's no interest in my op or anyone in this thread game playthrough, oh well it was worth a shot and it was fun.

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Like, just review the game dude, you don't have to blog about it. This isn't fucking twitter or whatever. Play some doujin game, do a review of it with some images and move on. It's not really interesting watching you do something that could be done in a livestream or a youtube video.

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I thought I was reviewing the game with some images and moving on anyway. What does blog even mean? I didn't post anything about my personal life or something.

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Review the game in a single post or two, I meant, instead of tweeting a moment by moment update while in the middle of playing.

This board also isn't fast enough for people to care in a large enough amount at the same time for a point by point playthrough to look like its garnering interest. Most active posters are busy jacking off to idols, boats, or tranny-furries in their generals.

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Ah I see now, I just thought this board would've been faster since I was last here a few years ago, after all some game playthroughs were popular on v back in the day.

Oh well, thanks for clearing that up. I'll beat it, make one or two posts about it and cross my fingers my request goes through, if not then that's okay because this game is pretty fun anyways.

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Watching the response OP is getting is painful. Peak Janny's Paradise.

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Cute game dude.

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die bitch

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>a Fortune Teller game
You've piqued my curiosity. What is it, a SkiFree clone with Reimu as the yeti?

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There are even quality doujin by quality artists that got sold at some less-known-to-gaijin conventions and thus are only known to us by their samples on pixiv. Example: that girl who does almost exclusively pc98 doujin: https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=90042
None of these works are scanned and uploaded online even though it's safe to say that they're quality enough. The things I would do to get a copy of this Mima Marisa doujin... other than fly to japan and contact the artist to print these again, of course.

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what's with the Sting lyrics?

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i'm enjoying reading through his posts. and i dont particularly care whether he likes it or not, so i'm not sure what a review would accomplish that what he's been doing isn't. but it's nice to hear about games i wouldn't know about otherwise and hear what it's like playing them. everyone here is autistic. including me. especially me.

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I'm back, sorry for the delay. Reimu is still kicking my ass, can't really seem to get a hold of her without losing a life.

That said, there's an interesting bit about this game though. There are actually 9 music tracks in the games files, thing is though, no music plays within the actual game, which is very strange.

I would upload them on vocaroo to show you guys what it sounds like but they don't support the format it's in. It sounds very "alien" like someone mixed earthbound and touhou music together.

Here you go: http://www.dlsite.com/home/work/=/product_id/RJ187154.html

As for how it plays, I have no clue, the game's page only display one image, if I were to guess it's some RPG maker game

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How does having a powerful GPU slow down a game as well? I thought I bought crap.

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what about shitty freeware games? I've played some ms paint tier ones

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Well I still can't get much past Reimu, maybe I should take a break and come back to it, always works when 1cc'ing a 2hu game.

That said, I DO have another obscure fangame to playthorugh with you guys on Monday, it's gonna be a surprise. Oh and by the way I managed to get my hands on that 3d suika action game I mentioned in my OP, it was pretty boring (pic related) but I imagine some people might like it, you can get it here. It's like a bastardized Overlord or pikmin. http://doujingravity-remaster.blogspot.ca/2014/07/suika-to-hyakki-hei.html Now if I can get my hands on that Touhou Dokapon i'd be really fucking happy.

Well if they're shitty I'd rather not play them, the day I need to play shitty 2hu games to get my fix will be one sad day.

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This thread won't die just yet

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>PAGE 10


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Well big apologies for the delay but I finally found something for you guys. Here's a game that was sold only at Comiket and nowehere else, meaning if it weren't for someone dumping it so I could play, it would truly be lost in the void. Had to really scavenge about for this one.

We're greeted by a maximum edge flan as our loading screen

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Well now looks like we have yourself a quality game here, basically you just fucking wreck shit with flan as maid faries try to restrain you, an interesting remix of Owen Was Her plays over this game.

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This really shouldn't be as fun as it is.

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>It's okay because she's over 500 years old!

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Flan here can also fire a secondary attack using the right mouse button, it's not very useful though as it has a pretty short range.

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And sadly that's about it, once the timer is done you're awarded from the Kappa what appears to some money based on how much shit you've wrecked. If you wanna fuck around with the game for a couple of minutes you can get it here: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0ByN6SVwZ1pxJM082eGhSUnVtVWs&export=download

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Is it wrong to like this?

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>Upper left
Total Destruction
> Lower right
Remaining time

It's an invoice from Nitori for repairs to the SDM.

Invoice, dated August 30, 2004.
>レミリアスカーレット 様
MS Remilia Scarlet
>有限会社 河 城
>幻想郷 八ヶ丘自治区 府本3丁目2番地の7
Gensokyo, Hachigaoka(?) Autonomous Ward, Fuhon(?) 3rd cho, 2nd building, no. 7 (this is just a Japanese-style address)
>担当 河城にとり
Manager: Kawashiro Nitori

The requested sum
>12268 SFr.
The Fr. probably stands for Flandre, not sure what the S is for

I humbly request the above (sum) as payment for the repairs.

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If Fr. stands for Flandre, it's pretty safe to say that S is Scarlet.
SFr. = Scarlet Flandre

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Man why would Remi let her sister get her those change of cloths is beyond me.

Holy shit man thanks for this, definitely makes more sense it's Remi paying up and not Nitori.

Sadly I don't have any more of these obscure fangames left but if any of you have them I'd really appreciate it if you could post em here.

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very neat

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maybe not as obscure and tangencially related but isn't torte fangame qualify?

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I've never seen anyone mention this http://doujinstyle.com/archives/9601
It's sort of interesting in concept but not sure if it is in execution. It's an old game based around sneaking through the Scarlet Mansion.

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Indeed it was, playing it just made me wonder the potential it had if the developer wanted to make a full fledged game out of it and not some sort of 3 minute mini game. Would love to see a 3d Touhou beatem up with destructible environments.

Eh, sure but from the gameplay, it really did not age well at all, it's from 2001 so that's 17 years ago which means Danmakufu was in it's earliest stages so I can't fault the developer in the slighest.

What's most amazing about that game is that developer managed to get ZUN to compose the music for him, how did that happen?

I already knew about that game not too long ago, I didn't mention it or play it through here because looking at gameplay it just appears to be absolute shit

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>looking at gameplay it just appears to be absolute shit
It's not the most fun thing ever but it doesn't really seem any worse than how that Flandre game above looks.

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It does look like it's made by the same guy.

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I wouldn't say this is obscure as far as search engines are concerned. I found both a download blog and the creator's site.

Really cool game, but I don't quite see how it relates to Mars Matrix except for perhaps the story.

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>how it relates to mars matrix
The shot absorption on the secondary fire button..

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I mean it's still pretty obscure, there was absolutely no video or discussion on it and literally no one in this thread knew about it prior, that's why I brought it up.

Hell, this thread is the only form of a playthrough/discussion on that game, however minuscule that is.

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I knew about it prior

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