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Rhythm games thread
Previous thread


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I'm starting to HC easy/mid 11s but I still can't clear hard 11s and lower 12s

When will the suffering end?

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random is not cheating

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>Is it true that as of CB there is less latency?

>Will that translate to the eventual cracked data too?
No, since it has more to do with the environment and hardware than anything else. PC setups have already been benefiting from the switch from XP to Windows 7. Assuming your setup isn't shit, you should already have less latency than AC CB.

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How much longer to arcades have to update to CB? My local round 1 is still running Sinobuz.

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Having fun is cheating.

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Kits have been sent out so if your R1 doesn't have it it will probably get it soon. It's just a matter of whether there are competent mechs on staff and when there is time to install it, I think.

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>not posting the original kaiden cat

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Is s-random cheating?

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I played CB at my Round1 today. It feels nice.
It's sorta-cheating.

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what's the best ddr pad I can buy on the cheap for at home that isn't shit
never played much before and the backpack equipped fingerless gloves brigade at R1 hogs the machine.
this probably doesn't exist but im asking anyway.

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In songs like R5[a] it's cheating.

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sadly the best cheap option is to build your own pad atm, unless you can find a blueshark or cobalt flux in the wild

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I've heard stapling a softpad to a piece of wood makes it a bit better
In terms of actual pads you're either going to need to part out an arcade machine, find a cobalt flux, or risk a precision dance pads monstrosity

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Who in their sane minds would want to be a bride of a niinja?

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Cannonballers step up Qpros

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never, go back, play for fun

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there are no cheap pad options right now that aren't shit

the two options that aren't shit are impulse platforms and stepmaniax stages but they're both not actually for sale this instant. SMX is restocking another 100 or so soon and impulse hasn't released yet

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would something like this work for future tone?
i was trying to make a custom controller, and then i thought that something like this could work...

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Probably. No idea how it was done, but I've seen someone do it with other games.

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anyone know if djmax respect supports ps3 arcade sticks

>> No.18280880

Not the guy above, but anyone know if dao's PS4 adapter supports the Pop'n ASC? Seems perfect for future tone

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>when the game keeps giving small freezes in the middle of tne song, fucking up synch and your gauge/score

Man what the heck. It was normal yesterday too. Bet mom got some virus or something.

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No, just look at how is the official controller

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what was the best sinobuz song

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turning random off is cheating

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Amazing Mirage

>> No.18282013

Vermilion or Beat Juggling Mix probably

>> No.18282371

IIDX is a good video game.

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Beat Juggling mix will stand the test of time for sure

>> No.18282620

beat juggling mix
believe in you
papaya bass

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Why are they still pushing this bemani sound team shit?

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Using the turntable is cheating

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You can use the trap as your lanecover now

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thursday menu bgm

>> No.18285407

>not sunday
its like you are not even trying to act like you have some taste

>> No.18286600

Sense 2018

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same reason they have the "bemani" folder. to promote their secondary revenue stream of bemani label CDs and concerts, to keep the concept of "bemani" as a label/genre in Japanese consumer's mind. trying to correct the mistake of beatnation which never should have happened because it needlessly differentiated the label and the game.

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>tfw we'll probably get a full version of this before arabian rave night

>> No.18287651

pretty sure it's a meme at this point

>> No.18287858

Sinobuz really had a great selection in general

>> No.18288011

Halal as fuck

>> No.18288437

i'm a nekomata fanboy but sunday is boring as shit, not even on the same level as his spada and pendual bgm

>> No.18288788

sinobuz bgm poll


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So what happened to Nostalgia?

>> No.18289324

actually more alive than museca and beatstream

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>Mare Nectaris (A) / played by DOLCE. / beatmania IIDX25 CANNONBALLERS

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>Tatsh and Naoki

Literally who

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What would happen if mare nectaris [a] is put in CB's Kaiden course?

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It would be quite a bit more difficult, probably like at least halving the amount of kaidens.

>> No.18292897

It would be extremely painful.

>> No.18292918

You're a big guy.

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What is with the huge amount of dislikes on that video?
Is it really just because of the bga

>> No.18293337

Bad song, bad bga

>> No.18293355

low iqs don't like the song

>> No.18293377


I don't really think "bad BGA" is a reason to dislike a song, but i can appreciate a really well done BGA like Hades or whatever

Is this the first time LED has collaborated with redalice on a song?
I don't think their styles mix well together

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Why do I forget museca even exists a few minutes after playing it

>> No.18293485

Listening to this after seeing that artist name was the biggest disappointment.

>> No.18293818

Hence the massive dislikes. It sounded like a shittier version of Sigmund.

>> No.18293825

That bus is a sin.

>> No.18293999

Just saw that Voez Switch thread on sows. Is the game good? Would you guys recommend it?

There seems to be a lot of content.

>> No.18294333

why can't I pick 11s first or second stage even though I have 9D

>> No.18294338

You have to have 100 plays.

>> No.18294662

After about a week of playing like shit and coming back after almost a year the derusting is finally over.
I did it i actually had fun

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Mare Nectaris is stupid, but only the ending is hard, and you can mash it out pretty easily with the dan gauge. It's at most on par with Himiko.

>> No.18294729

What's the easiest 10dan course in sdvx?

>> No.18294770

Faggots, recomend me some controller for beatmania cheap and usefull

>> No.18294804

why aren't you 10dan yet

>> No.18294822

last message....



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KAC prelims
DDR already happened, SDVX in 45 mins and then IIDX after that

cute dolce commentating

>> No.18295303

This picture makes me very nervous.

>> No.18295351

KONAMI of all companies struggling to find music to play and looping the same song over and over

>> No.18295775

What is the longest IIDX song?

>> No.18295789

Scripted Connection long mix

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>we're adding these cameras for esports and shit
>don't even utilize them during KAC stream

>> No.18296202

Now they are look.

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What song is she playing?

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Try it on dan gauge for yourself, I've cleared mare I know how difficult it is myself at least. Don if you know him tried mare on dan gauge and even he struggled with it even though his level is wayy beyond kaiden.

>> No.18297239

>Try it on dan gauge for yourself
Sure, I'll give it a try sometime, but my miss count on it is under 40 and I have a Hard Clear, which I can't say for Himiko or Mei.

>Don if you know him
I haven't spoken to him in years. Doesn't he lose gauge on the first half of Mei for some reason and still manages to get through the slowdown/speedup despite entering it with 30%. I don't know if he's exactly an exemplary Kaiden.

>> No.18297268

I guess your density skills are just high compared to your soflan skills then, and the reverse for don.

But I guess it was exaggarating that halving the amount, but at least it's significantly harder than perditus, which would probably be the song it would replace, I'd think at least.

>> No.18297780

The one that starts with heavenly smile imo

>> No.18297785

XyHatte on ADV.

>> No.18298006

>I guess your density skills are just high compared to your soflan skills then, and the reverse for don.

>at least it's significantly harder than perditus
I can definitely agree on this. It's just unfortunate that Kaiden (and most of the courses, really) is basically unimportant other than the last two songs, so I don't see it making much of a dent in Kaiden clear rates.

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>It's almost a year when this song got removed

>> No.18298652

how do i get a rhythm game best bro (like mitsuba and utaka)

>> No.18299104

start sucking people off in a japanese arcade

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Don't mind me just waiting for my pocket Voltex to ship

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>tfw normies take two turns in a row knowing you’re waiting

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Didn't the second batch ship a few days ago?

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>normies fail a song and then leaves

>> No.18299295

Tell them to fuck off

>> No.18299331

Mon just said he was trying to get them all shipped by week's end.

Do these emails come from PayPal or Mon? It might have landed in my junk mail

>> No.18299399


Mon will surely deliver

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Is it bad that I actually try to teach Normies about more specifics of DDR?
I do things like helping them navigate the songlist, reccomending songs, and even teaching them about the concept of LIFE4 on occasion

>> No.18299945

>tfw at a set by dj genki and you know you'll never have kors k or the other big ones on your continent ever
Just why.jpg

>> No.18300164

>tfw holic music will never be in the mainstream US

>> No.18300356

Thank god I'm going to Japan for a longer period so I might be able to go to some raves/gigs

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Happy Wedding
She Is My Wife

>> No.18301116


>> No.18301151

What is this

>> No.18301469

Brosoni proposed to his girlfriend after KAC semis.

>> No.18301685


That's a woman?

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>> No.18303901

usatei obviously

>> No.18304405

reading manchildren throw temper tantrums online about ERM not having CB yet gives me life

get fucked norcalfags

>> No.18304500

t. korea

>> No.18304629

Is eamuse down at anyone else's arcade

>> No.18304729

t. SEA

>> No.18304928


>I'm just jealous I will never propose to someone I love and met through my favorite hobby.

Your coping mechanism is natural for betas, anon.

>> No.18305040

t. tranny's husband

>> No.18305136

>tfw no bemani wife


>> No.18305308

They're going to have no IIDX soon. It won't be long before eamuse is shut down for Sinobuz, if previous upgrades are any reference. At least there's another Round1 in the Bay Area.

>> No.18305678

>wife is 10th dan and i'm only 8th

S-she still loves me though, r-right?

>> No.18305802

I'm sorry to inform you that she's taking the kaiden dick.

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>> No.18305878


>> No.18305956

tury ur bast

>> No.18306039



>> No.18306092


>projecting this hard

>> No.18306106

guys i'm having fun now that i can clear 10s

>> No.18306236

10s never stop heing fun. They're just the right amount of challenge without getting too tiring or retarded.

>> No.18306247

don't worry you'll stop having fun after getting to 11s and 12s

>> No.18306335


Yeah but then HC/EXHC'ing 10s becomes fun

>> No.18306467

at least we don't live in the fucking uk lmfao

>> No.18306470

yeah 10s are always fun. iidx should stop at 10s honestly except for a couple unique 11s and 12s. they're the perfect balance of fun, musicality, and challenge.

>> No.18306547

Kaiden Approved™ opinion.

>> No.18306550

why is taisuke such a shitter

>> No.18306555

he has a lot of autism

>> No.18306577

The man just enjoys shitposting.

>> No.18306586

Why is it so hard to find a download for 10th style for PS2?

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File: 1.43 MB, 3264x1836, 20180128_185614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no one gives a shit about him because everyone would rather have the undisputedly best artist on konmail.e.d.

pic almost related

>> No.18308250

10s are objectively the best difficulty level on both SP and DP. This is why there are more 10s than any other difficulty level.

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>> No.18308398

Is there another good place to get a SDVX controller considering virgoo only sells stock?

>> No.18308710

So Groove Coaster IV has been announced.
It's called GC4 Starlight Road

I thought the name "link fever" was bad, but this

>> No.18309027


Projection is for subjective ideas

I have already won. Your deflection of facts don't absolve you of your beta status.

>in b4 you accuse anons for trying to troll hard for being right about your virginity

It's futile, anon

>> No.18309246

kors k is better than led though

>> No.18309431

Does l.e.d do gigs? And if yes, where? I've never heard of that.

>> No.18309440

reminder that tc is NOT better build quality than the svse5

people just like the led meme but it's way too light, the feet suck, sanwas dont fit, and the build quality is overall worse

>> No.18309470


The girl looks like a fucking teenage boy anon, she's not attractive at all.
That's the fact

>> No.18309570

Which sdvx song makes you press buttons the fastest

>> No.18309639

idk blastix riotz maybe

>> No.18309720 [DELETED] 

>reddit spacing and calling other people beta
double yikes

>> No.18309817

What's wrong with the UK community?

>> No.18310128

watching kac and seeing the high level sdvx charts really made me realize just how much that game is about memorization. I mean they certainly look cool but how could anyone play that kind of stuff on random

>> No.18310130

it'd take less time to list what isn't

>> No.18310137

yeah iidx is one of the few rhythm games that isn't primarily about memorization at a high level

>> No.18310165

It's like playing pop'n on random. You could get chords that are impossible unless you apreggio them (1-5-9 for example).

Random in SDVX is pretty new too.

>> No.18310255

but norcal has had cb for a month

>> No.18310285

1-5-9 is possible with big hands

>> No.18310405

do people even use the random on sdvx now that it's implemented?

>> No.18310455

Just for meme plays. Similar to changing both lasers to yellow or something.


>> No.18310512

does svm have it though?

>> No.18310529

no a private owner got a kit

>> No.18310835

So what you're saying is IIDX is objectively the most fair rhythm game and also the best?

>> No.18311007


>> No.18311383

Is Chris still the unbeatable dance game god?

>> No.18311538

he's really good but never unbeatable
it's fungah's year

>> No.18311623

chris will always come out on top in a leaderboard scenario because he's capable of playing something a thousand times and committing it to memory, but other players are actually slightly more consistent in tournament

>> No.18311780
File: 365 KB, 1440x1920, DUwlkXwVoAI0Slo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

japan's newest game

>> No.18311796

still more enjoyable than playing on working ERM cabs

>> No.18311888

iLLness or Immortal Saga

>> No.18311965


Hasn't fungah won like the past 4 big tournaments?
I may be wrong about that but he's definitely not unbeatable

>> No.18312166


>> No.18312249

Is mendes black another still considered the hardest chart in the series?

>> No.18312292

Daily reminder that theres a difference between cute and denpa shit

murmur twins is a cute song
dokkin summer is denpa shit

Know the difference, it could save your life

>> No.18312335

Yes. No other chart in the game even comes close to it.

>> No.18312388
File: 224 KB, 127x251, 1498350213518.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


candy rave > denpa

>> No.18312394

so denpa shit is what iidx needs more of

>> No.18312481

prim > momiji yamamoto >> nanahira

dokkin summer is a good meme though

>> No.18312797

>tfw this song is stuck in my head


>> No.18312836

nanahira isn't denpa, she's moe pop

>> No.18312944
File: 28 KB, 600x270, 27337012_10210882682051918_6024767230262603314_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same system as Buzra Arts I guess

>> No.18313005
File: 125 KB, 600x811, 27459570_10156151140588024_497799382897278124_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Exclusive to Asia

>> No.18313269

But america rules the world... we're entitled to all the cool stuff!

>> No.18313322

Why the fuck would you use that shitty alias to refer to Mayumi Morinaga?

>> No.18313445

Maybe worldwide artists can send their songs in SDVX contests as opposed to Asia in the future.

This means Brain Power can be revived

>> No.18313561

>no Round1 in my country

Why cant i have nice things?

>> No.18313926

nanahira isn't trudenpa though

>> No.18314246

It just means they're songs from a contest that was Asia only.

>> No.18314305
File: 166 KB, 819x626, 2018013017380500-1E9175739094EA812C0BB94786A49E66.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone here own Superbeat Xonic? I'm trying to find out if this is a global leaderboard, or if each platform/region has a separate one.

>> No.18314919

yeah, absolutely

like i 100% unironically believe that iidx is the objectively greatest rhythm game ever made and nothing else comes close except for maybe 5key, hard to compare because 5key was cut short. the game mechanics, timing, etc are perfect and the music is wonderfully varied and high quality

>> No.18314950

Candy rave is trash, both as a genre and as a network.

>> No.18314960
File: 85 KB, 360x360, Koisuru_uchuu_sensou!!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18315029

So you couldn't list a single thing. Okay.

>> No.18315068

Nothing; it's just a bunch of butt hurt manchildren/trannies spreading shit about a community they're not involved in because *insert person here* called them a mean thing on the internet once.
Source - from norcal and see these fuckos bitching all the time.

>> No.18315139

so that's how shit denpa is then

>> No.18315262

is it a good thing that i'm from norcal but don't know anyone

>> No.18315346

u fucking wot m8

>> No.18315509
File: 103 KB, 678x960, rnbpzmP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sadly I can see them just reusing the chart for High School Love from DDR Winx Club.

>> No.18315608

I'm gay

>> No.18315738

It's okay. All are welcome here unless you play Osu.

>> No.18316226

Cosigned. Been playing Beatmania since 2nd Mix in 97. Nothing else will compare.

>> No.18316685

nah we're cool. there are a few bad apples but they're contained to round 1 and none of the actual private circles

>> No.18316742

>owns their own cab
>cant clear a single 11

real cool

>> No.18316753

almost like being able to drop $5k on a cab plus the time and money investment to repair and maintain it takes a real job as well as most of your free time

the only people i know who fit that description though own tons of cabs. there are people who just own like a iidx and maybe one or two other games who are like 10dan good

>> No.18316833

you dont have to be good to enjoy iidx

>> No.18317496

that goes without saying here

>> No.18317523
File: 43 KB, 482x356, memes_171221_0019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>new sdvx4 chart finally uploaded
>voltexes iv

>> No.18318415

You mean osu!

>> No.18318530

>tfw turning 25 today

Don't tell me this is the point I become an old man unable to play bemani anymore.

>> No.18318738

Not really. I know an sdvx inf-dan and 7700 skill point DM player who's well past 30.

>> No.18318764

Tfw I saw Kors K, SLAKE and Mur Mur Kurotoh at a basement show and then again at some goth club. They're really cool people.

>> No.18318886

Donkey Donk deserves a leggendaria chart
You can't refute this at all

>> No.18319374


>> No.18319606

I've cleared 9Dan DP from Pendual to CB just last week. Just before that I turned 38.

>kaiden or fuck off


Anyway, just think of how many concert violinists and pianists are out there in their 70s and beyond. If they can do that kind of work at that age, IIDX can be done too.

>> No.18319887

Music is the Answer
This is (not) the Angels
Snakey Kung-Fu
Beat Juggling Mix

Honorable mention: BroGamer (will probably be one of the most recognisable songs from sinobuz in later styles)

>> No.18320590

Is it me or every SDVX song from lvl 17 and up just sounds extremely noisy and utter garbage?

>> No.18320759

You'll get used to it.

t. 10dan in sdvx

>> No.18320859

That's just how sound voltex track design is
Play IIDX or pop'n if you want decent sounding difficult songs

>> No.18320907


it's because there has to be a woosh sound everytime a laser moves so at high levels that's all you hear

>> No.18321049

Anyone know where that "WOO!" sample you hear in every bemani rave track comes from?

>> No.18321054

god created it alongside Adam and Eve

>> No.18321153



>> No.18321173

the 10 is already kinda overcharted

>> No.18321177

in-game all of the music sounds terrible because the track is dominated by the shitty virtualdj effects from lasers and fx notes

but some of the songs are cool outside of the game like blastix riotz, bangin burst, lachryma, 3y3s funkot remix

>> No.18321182

the heavens above (its not just limited to bemani, its just a legendary rave sample)

>> No.18321191

i like it

>> No.18321501

>osumania mappers primary source of difficulty is long notes with 4 finger patterns around them
really makes u think

>> No.18321686


>> No.18321698

>tfw lack of improvement is actually making me suicidal
it's like I hit a wall that I physically can't pass jesus christ

>> No.18321884

I've been there. You just have to keep at it.
It'll feel absolutely awful for a while, but you will get past it.

>> No.18322196

What do when the game gets gets off synch?
Tried Critical Crystal A and it was basically unplayable because the keysounds are completely off rhythm from the background music.

My PC isn't shit so I'm curious about what's the problem. it happens on specific songs with certain videos so maybe it's a video codec thing?

>> No.18322429

Checking some ancient threads I found the "start /high" thing on the gamestart bat and I don't know if it's placebo but I feel like the game is faster going from the result screen to song select now.

I still lag on some songs like Dynamite but it didn't get off synch this time. Gotta keep experimenting.

>> No.18322487

take this shit elsewhere

>> No.18322522

Piracy is bemani culture though.

>> No.18322579

Sows police shit meme, if you have nothing else to say other than act as some internet piracy police then don't say anything lol

>> No.18322585

ask somewhere else lol


>> No.18322593

why bother posting this shit here when there are dedicated places for it
borderline blogposting, fuck off

>> No.18322601


hi caroline

>> No.18322604

in case you're too fuckin stupid to figure it out yourself, it isn't that pirating bemani games is some grand secret, it's that nobody here wants to fucking answer your retard-tier questions that can almost always be solved with things like "recopy the data" or "check every text file to make sure you didn't fuck anything up" or "your pc/monitor is just shit"

there are people who get off on assisting others with that kind of question, and they live in tech support sections on forums. this thread is for discussion of rhythm games

>> No.18322608

What do you sugest we talk about? I HCed some 11s today. What did you think of the latest KAC?

Would you fuck Prim?

>> No.18322618

I'll hug prim any day, anon

>> No.18322621

It's precisely because they're retarded questions that people don't want to ask then on forums and out themselves as dumb.

Just don't reply and let other people help if they want.

>> No.18322626

>Would you fuck Prim
mayumi is cute but you'd have to fight acejay probably

>> No.18322635

I think this is the proper approach to it too, if you don't care about someone asking some question just ignore them then. Instead of adding useless shit like "hehee /jp/ isnt tech support for pirated games" or similiar.

>> No.18322648

if you don't discourage retards from posting retarded retard garbage, then there will be more and more posts that are retarded retard garbage and the overall post quality will decline even further over time.

>> No.18322671

Good metaposting.

This. There were times where fresh data releases or leaks caused these threads to be complete shitholes for weeks.

>> No.18322682

Well so be it then lol, it's not like this thread is super active anyway that something significant would be lost by couple more posts.
It's not like there was some "quality" begin with, removing those posts most posts seem to be just inane stuff like "X is good" and similiar.

>> No.18322686

only if she moans in her prim voice

>> No.18322726

What you say isn't wrong, I just don't think tech questions are super detrimental to the general. I'd kill ironic x is cheating memes before them.

>> No.18322775
File: 30 KB, 160x159, 1417318927865.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get a dj dao and start playing iidx over the summer
>still can't even confidently do well on 4's
im gonna keep trying but fuck, im really bad
Is it unusual to go into practice mode to try and learn some harder patterns at this level, or am I just doomed?

>> No.18322799

there is literally nothing wrong with practice or drill mode

they're in the CS releases for a reason

>> No.18322895

Mate, you should have understood by now that reflexes in relation to video games is a huge misconception. It's all muscle memory with things like rhythm games, and the only part that you might start to have difficulties with is high scroll speed.

I'm convinced that you can be a rhythm game pro until well into your 40's.

>> No.18323257


song sounds pretty good
i wanna see the another chart

>> No.18323929

always play with random on

>> No.18323999

this is straight up bad advice for someone struggling with 4s my dude

>> No.18324005

try playing the game more regularly, like every day at least for a little bit if possible

>> No.18324008

He's playing 4's. Randomly hardly makes a difference at this level and will likely hinder his ability to read scales.

I'd turn it on around 7-8.

>> No.18324219

Wish I could play Sinobuz, but alas I've finally reaped what I've sown.

>> No.18324329

don't tell me you got banned from sows without at least being cool with some other release group

>> No.18324389

does anyone play with gloves on or is that too gay

>> No.18324431

>Tfw ring finger keeps tensing up and rises higher when playing harder songs.

>> No.18324443


>> No.18324471

Lel I remember doing that when I was starting.
Just stop ny dude. Sooner or later it will get sore and will start to hurt.

>> No.18324485

Can I really proudly say "I HC that 11!" when I finished it with like 4% left?

>> No.18324600

It's still a hard clear so yeah.

>> No.18325418

Is this the trick to improvement? I can typically clear 7s well enough but I've been choking hard on 8s and 9s, will random actually help?

>> No.18325432

I fucking suck at drills. I played horatio and passed with like a 698k score

>> No.18325441

You can download it from Leggendaria, but you'll need jdownloader or megadownloader

>> No.18325578


>> No.18325781

Has anybody here considered on buying a cab for IIDX,SDVX,etc?

>> No.18325982
File: 394 KB, 470x470, GLuihfF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18326004

I've almost bought a DDR cab but I would have nowhere to put it

>> No.18326076

8s are hardly harder than 7s tbqh
9s though are like the hard sections of 8s expanded into entire songs

random will definitely help with 9s, but not immediately, if you play it at lower levels it will help your reading ability. Turning on random and jumping into 9s will probably fuck you right up.

>> No.18326078

if it's maimai/chuunithm sure

>> No.18326100

where did you bought it?

>> No.18326123

It's expected when you're at a high enough level at those games.

I remember a HK autist who never used gloves but smeared vaseline or something directly on the screen. Naturally everyone there hates him.

>> No.18326379

>only thing I do outside of work is play rhythm games
>every waking hour not at work is spent on rhythm games
>somehow I'm only getting worse at them
either I'm just bad or my hands and arms are failing and either one is irrepairable
I want to kill myself

>> No.18326698

Play some other stuff. I love video games in general. Everything is good but sports, mobas, most mmos and RTS games to me.

>> No.18326714

Sounds like you're playing too much desu. You should probably take >>18326698's advice.

>> No.18326792

>I'm only getting worse at them
Maybe you're not, you were thinking that you were better than you are and now you're self-conscious about your level.
Soon, you might become better.
Also, follow >>18326698 's advice

>> No.18326858

i hate other games. im uninterested in story/lore in rpgs or whatever and I never had any friends to play multiplayer/team games with. I only play rhythm games and fighting games now

>> No.18326880

What about shmups and other arcade games ?

>> No.18326956

that's why you play grindy jrpgs like wizardry and dragon quest

>> No.18327001

Where can I get and upload custom svdx maps?

>> No.18327030

go back to osu fuccboi

>> No.18327042

you don't
But you can get custom k-shootmania charts

>> No.18327079

I guess I'll look into that. There's some idol songs I wanted to make for myself, but maybe someone already did the work.

>> No.18327210

This game looks fun
Also, would it be possible to use a leap motion for seaurchin ?

>> No.18327504

Never really played any
Oh I guess I also have been recently playing osrs

>> No.18327730

Is it just me or does the grv19 chart for blastix Riotz look easier than the exh18

>> No.18327740

It does sorta look like that, though in practice it doesn't feel that way at all

>> No.18327766

What are some garbage songs that grew on you because the chart itself was fun?

>> No.18327772

zephyranthes in ddr is bland tagcore but i love the chart

>> No.18327842

mad attack has a great chart, really fun 9

i started playing rhythm games because i got bored and demotivated from fighting games

>> No.18327849

Will buzra arts songs become available again? Started out in sinobuz and pretty much didn't know about it.

>> No.18327851

mad attack is a good song you fucking whore

>> No.18327915

pretty much half of sdvx's song list

>> No.18328044
File: 142 KB, 800x1200, DOg-250VoAAiOZw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


most likely there will be a shop on 2dx25 website where you can spend leg to buy each chart, and the unlockable charts will be there, even though they weren't accessible during 24s run, so yes. if you mean will you be able to play the buzra events and get the extra stage at the arcade, the answer is no, unless its a bootleg arcade that enables the event on their server.

>> No.18328396
File: 2.17 MB, 4160x2340, 20180201_185147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anybody else get a Chinkoo Fever? I quite like it. Opted for the Chinese buttons because Sanwa was too rich for my blood. Even though they're knockoffs, the buttons do feel pretty okay, they've got a good action to them but they feel springy. Pretty much the only bummer is that the turntables are way too slick and kinda tough so you've got to apply a fair bit of force to get them to spin. I'm thinking about putting some grip tape on these bitches and seeing if I can break em in.

>> No.18328413

you'll get used to the turntables/they break in, probably. i dont really have issues with my portabledx turntable anymore, at least not in terms of grip.

and the virgoo buttons are impressive, as well. they've held up to about a year of intensive iidx play for me

>> No.18328557

Why do people here dislike osu!?

>> No.18328568

it's literally just objectively worse than other games like iidx, bms, pop'n music, djmax, even o2jam, etc.

there's no reason to play it

>> No.18328594

That's like comparing apples and oranges, the aim system makes osu! completely different from anything you've cited.

>> No.18328596


>> No.18328599

osu standard is just badly designed

guaranteed rsi in both hands, inherently non musical

>> No.18328721

come back when you're self aware enough thanks

>> No.18328727

I frankly don't think it's a very good way to play respect, and the way of selling it that you can play other games too! is total horseshit it's like a controller that does nothing well

>> No.18328736

also makes it like a touchscreen rhythm game, all of which are inherently bad

go away

>> No.18328815

Because it's just bad. Music gungun is better than that shitty game.

>> No.18328870

>it's like a controller that does nothing well
Works fine to me, don't know what to tell you. Besides the turntable stiffness it's really nice.

>> No.18328960

you can probably do a wax paper mod or something on the turntables and see if that loosens them up

a new sheet of textured rubber or fine grip tape also works on the top

>> No.18329178

>tfw local arcades carry nostalgia and museca but no pop'n or reflec beat.

>> No.18330509

osu is as inherently non musical as Ouendan and EBA. In other words, you're full of shit.

>> No.18330595

To summarize:

>the gameplay is out of my comfort zone, I like to play shit that I already got used to because I'm lazy

>I like clicking circles, but osu is just way too hard for me

>> No.18330658

is there anybody here with access to a sinobuz bootleg server?

>> No.18330674
File: 93 KB, 1000x917, IMG-20180201-WA0003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


aim has nothing to do with rhythm and is the main challenge of osu. this doesnt make it bad by default but definitely makes it less of a rhythm game. the other part of the game, masshing your index and middle finger at 200 bpm, also isnt fun. also the approach rate system and timing windows being tied to the map creator themself is questionable too.
also all the music is stolen which isnt that cool. and also yes the ergenomics are terrible and is basically guaranteed rsi if you play a lot

>> No.18330715

>masshing your index and middle finger at 200 bpm, also isnt fun
It's dumbed down from classical rhythm games, true, but fun is subjective. Building your speed and staying accurate are the main difficulty here, instead of a focus of learning to do all kinds of patterns with both your hands and fingers like in IIDX.

>also the approach rate system and timing windows being tied to the map creator themself is questionable too.
Learning approach rates has become an integral part of the difficulty there. That's not at all a bad thing, it's just different from Konami's approach, and that's what autists don't like.

>also all the music is stolen which isnt that cool.
I like how everyone starts caring about this when it comes to osu!. Well who cares if Stepmania does it, or most of the BMS community does it. But when osu! does it, that's going too far.

Who in their right mind cares where the music comes from. Fucking Bemani cares just as little about the artists.

>> No.18330774

You talk as if rsi is a big problem particular to osu, jesus christ look at IIDX, you think that those hand positions and flicks are ergonomic?

>> No.18330776
File: 269 KB, 1000x1000, 1508570754097.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will Serval-chan ever clear 7dan?

>> No.18330905

Yes? Lots of people have been playing IIDX for years without massive RSI problems.

Comparing it to something like kb stepmania, it's much healthier.

>> No.18330931

Lots of people have been playing osu! for years without massive RSI problems.

>people playing osu! have gotten RSI before
>therefore all people who play osu! get RSI
The shitty falacy you're applying to osu! could literally be applied to any other rhythm game.

>> No.18331142

It's probably the "who here from osu XDDDDD" comments on Youtube.

>> No.18331186

Persephone seems like an easier 12. Only the ending is dumb but that's a given.

>> No.18331215

osu! has by far the worst rhythm game community, there's no doubt about that. But if you can see past that, it's a decent game.

>> No.18331367
File: 115 KB, 708x1000, IMG_20180131_082936.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thats the jag

"zenzen wakaran"

i dont count these against stepmania too. and literally over 99% of all bms is original music, and 100% of what people actually make. (even if most is just shitty trance or touhou remixes lol)

and yes youre correct in saying that it's subjective, im just saying why people consider other games better in these subjective metrics. i find myself challenged in more interesting ways by ddr and iidx than osu and the reasons i listed are why

yes there have been no proven studies on osu causing rsi but it's just pretty well known that these "2 button per hand" kb games are tough on your wrists. both stepmania and osu share this and it's definitely more common than in any other music game even when played with correct form

>> No.18331378

oh ok you were just baiting

>> No.18331380
File: 148 KB, 707x1000, IMG-20180130-WA0003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*i do count these against stepmania too

same with itg. i guess theres just a different appeal of playing songs you know vs. the excitement of seeing new songs from artists. also i dont really care about the legality and lots of people
who pirate music games will be dumb and say that osu is evil for thriving off stealing music lol.

>> No.18331405

>and literally over 99% of all bms is original music
80% is being generous, 99% is blatantly false. They normally don't touch Bemani shit, though. As for the RSI, it depends on how you play. Some people simply have bad hand posture and if you mash two keys for hours, that's obviously gonna turn out poorly. It also comes down to the person. Cookiezi has never gotten RSI from osu.

>> No.18331454

>has never gotten RSI from osu
instead his eyes are fucked up

>> No.18331522

osu killed my father

>> No.18331528

>serious case of xerophthalmia
>chronic sleep deprivation
>gets horribly sick at least once a month
That boy won't see his 30's.

>> No.18331738

I played osu and now I'm shit at timing and I'm shit at hitting chords in other games

>> No.18331808

what do you mean? like, okay not all bms music is made exactly for bms but they all involve work from the actual creator of the song working with people to create the bms file. im not sure what youre talking about. at least thats the case with bms on the insane scale which is all thats really worth playing. also even if 80% was original thats miles better than the near 0% of other games

im not gonna argue with you on hand problems because that's such a known problem it's strange youre trying to refute it. someone needs to do a study or write a paper so there can be some concrete conclusion on this

>> No.18331873

why are we even arguing about this

osu is a undeniably shit game, all the modes are shitty ripoffs, and if you want to discuss it go to its forums, not here

>> No.18331907

I'm not trying to refute anything that has never been a worse problem in osu! than anywhere else. I don't know what "sources" you use as a reference for this argument, but I sure haven't seen them. I know of people who got RSI from osu!, and I know of people who got RSI from other rhythm games. I'd be happy if someone did a paper on it, just so you can see how retarded you are for thinking one button mashing game is more RSI inducing than the other button mashing game.

Then at least try to contribute to other discussions instead of yelling for people to stop talking about the thing you don't like, you entitled fucking faggot.

>> No.18331957

You only get RSI if you don't know how to stop. It's never really the game's fault.

I think I played 40 hours of the new Xenoblade game jn the lasy 5 days and today my arms are feeling sore so I'm taking today and tomorrow off. Won't play games and won't go to the gym.

>> No.18332398

i regret buying an fps, the tt is too small even for my girl hands

>> No.18332522

honestly i feel like tt isnt gonna feel perfect either way.

even playing on pee scratching feels soooo much lighter and better on my dao than on ac

>> No.18332599

>also all the music is stolen which isnt that cool.
>I like how everyone starts caring about this when it comes to osu!. Well who cares if Stepmania does it, or most of the BMS community does it. But when osu! does it, that's going too far.
>Who in their right mind cares where the music comes from. Fucking Bemani cares just as little about the artists.
one functional difference is that osu is a for-profit product and company that blatantly distributes copyrighted material and even charges money for it indirectly while stepmania is a passion project and stepmania charts are distributed by chartmakers, not the same people creating the game

>> No.18332669

Almost everything about this post is wrong. Do you actually know anything about osu! yourself or did some other Bemanifag tell you about it and now you're just parroting it?

Yes, peppy is the one running osu! and he profits from shit like supporter tags and merchandise. However, the process of making and ranking charts is entirely community based. The only thing he's affiliated with is the fact they're hosted on his site, and you can download them in-game if you paid for a supporter tag (something that isn't even a fucking option in Stepmania).
>not the same people creating the game
What the shit am I reading?

>> No.18332686

>However, the process of making and ranking charts is entirely community based. The only thing he's affiliated with is the fact they're hosted on his site, and you can download them in-game if you paid for a supporter tag

you're fucking stupid buddy

i know that the charts aren't -made- by peppy, but if you host charts you didn't make with copyrighted music on your website and let people pay you to download it, that's sketchier than any other rhythm game

>> No.18332703

The paying part is just for the option of downloading it through the client, you don't have to pay shit for anything. If you play it like you would play Stepmania it's entirely free. It's as indirect as it could get, and you're making it sound like he's literally selling someone else's music. That's just retarded.

>> No.18332717

>if you give me money, i will more conveniently provide you with an audio file (and notechart, but that's not the point) of this music that i didn't make and do not own the rights to, that i host on my server.

in what way is this not a form of selling someone else's music? osu retards love the "stepmania is stolen music too!" excuse but the developers of stepmania are entirely separate from the distribution of stepcharts and music.

>> No.18332721

>people pay you to download it
You don't need to pay anything to download, you dumbfuck, donating only awards you with a slightly more convenient method of downloading and some customization options, if anything it is mere courtesy and isn't worth the money you spent at all.

>> No.18332732

Because it's as indirect as it could get. And you're acting like he's some kind of criminal, when he's got by a proper DMCA system for many years now. A lot of the Bemani music you can't actually download from the site anymore.

>> No.18332768

>a slightly more convenient method of downloading
you are missing the point. it's still ultimately charging people money for things you didn't create. in order for this to not be a relevant point against osu, it'd have to not charge for anything

>> No.18332797

>it'd have to not charge for anything
Which is not an option. A game of that scale, it can't live on welfare. It's that point when you're either being a bit of a jew and letting your game grow, or forever bottlenecking yourself and be trapped in the purgatory of obscurity like Stepmania.

"point against osu" is also quite the bold statement. It's an entirely ethical issue that has very little to do with the game itself. Yet you insist it's the biggest thing ever.

>> No.18332808

>forever bottlenecking yourself and be trapped in the purgatory of obscurity like Stepmania.
which surprise surprise, is the right thing to do when you do not produce any of the gameplay concepts, charts or music for your music game yourself

>> No.18332829

>you see, this optional feature which doesn't affect gameplay or anything for that matter actually makes the entire game in itself bad
Fuck off.

>> No.18332842

no the game's fuckin garbage anyways, charging people money and distributing stolen music is just another check against it

before you
>typical bemanifag
at me, i downloaded osu with a genuine interest in like 2013 and it's just awful. i uninstalled it in a day. i have no idea how anyone could have such low standards for "rhythm game" to end up enjoying and playing osu

>> No.18332861

>charging people money
I swear to god, the way you're continuing with this. It's like you have some kind of brain damage. And what the fuck kind of criticism is
>I played the game. IT WAS SHIIIIT!!
supposed to be? That's about as low quality as just saying that you never played it, but think it's shit anyway.

>> No.18332874

you're baiting me really well, good posting techniques, this is my last reply

>hey why do you hate osu so much
>literally every reason to dislike it, up to and including "i tried it with an open mind and didn't enjoy it" gets thrown at you

>> No.18332886

not to sound like a pretentious douche or something, but i think it's simply that most osu people don't have any standards or other experiences in better rhythm games
teenbros, normies, twitch kiddies, whatever you wanna call them; probably install the game, think the concept is fun and then notice that "oh there is sooo much cool music here and it's all free and i can download anything i want right now!!1"

>> No.18332890

Well, there wasn't anything open minded about this discussion. You were literally hung up on just one thing, which you weren't prepared to let go off no matter what anyone said. And then you ended it with
>I played it and I didn't like it

Well, anyway, have a nice evening.

>> No.18332902

That's all true. Still, you can like it even as rhythm game veteran if you're just looking for something different.

>> No.18332903

>you see, I know you seem to be enjoying yourself, but this is not fun, this right here is

>> No.18333027

>pick an 11
>HC AA it with less than 30 misses

>pick another 11
>Get destroyed with 100+ misses

Isn't it about time they update the level system? There's more than enough new conte to justify it.

>> No.18333087

Just get good and remember the difficulties of individual charts

>> No.18333476

or just look at the clear rate

>> No.18333531

I got my Pop'n ASC in the other day, and when I woke up the next day I had an email claiming I registered for a Furaffinity account.

Should I be concerned

>> No.18333622

Sometimes easy songs have low clear rates because it's considered easy for that particular level so some players try it and lose.

Most of the time it's a good indicator though.

>> No.18333872

Jesus christ, osufags defending the game act like someone is picking on their child.
Sorry bud, the kid's ugly.

>> No.18333876

Are you sure you werent the one who made the account?

>> No.18334371
File: 325 KB, 1024x640, ouendan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you actually liked osu! then you'd be playing the original game

>> No.18334494

it's literally one dude shitposting, if people just ignored the retard this wouldn't have happened because baiting people in threads as slow as this one is boring as hell

>> No.18335372

we should play sdvx together jp

>> No.18335400

im in

>> No.18335405
File: 49 KB, 437x471, 1495459159695.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


okay we just pick a set of songs and a time frame every week or something like that
and since difficulty doesn't matter everyone can just play together and have fun!

>> No.18335454
File: 650 KB, 647x363, 1460183856949.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not the one brought it up, and I wanted to have a genuine discussion.

>> No.18335595

why can't i adapt to playing in the arcade, i spent hours adjusting everything and still felt gimped

>> No.18335652

idk what game you're referring to but it took me a while to adjust to iidx on cab vs asc/home setup even though i stand to play at home and my asc is technically ac turntable distance

and now i'm worse on my home setup, because i got more used to cab, idk if anyone can really perform at peak on both desu

>> No.18335654

if you like have to travel far to the arcade or just generally don't get to play on cab frequently though it's going to suck, not only because you have to spend your session getting used to cab but because you end up with performance anxiety that way

i'm fortunate enough to have several friends who own cabs

>> No.18335698

i guess i should just not bother with ac then, i'd rather just grind at home

>> No.18335739
File: 34 KB, 453x604, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I sat on the Groove Coaster machine during a dead weekday for three hours to grind for the voiced IA navigator and finally got her.

Out of curiosity how many of you guys frequent Round One in the US?

>> No.18335818

How accurate are the iidx12.tk ratings of 12s? Is there something better?

>> No.18335930


I got the arcade controller for Project Diva FT and I played at home a bunch and when I went to play the cab I didn't do as well as I expected. Buttons are way different, I had an easier time remembering the lay out but the button resistance made my timing a complete mess.

>> No.18335952

They are very accurate, about as good as it gets. You just gotta remember that there's two categories: general and individual skill. Where the individual skill songs obviously vary in difficulty depending on your skillset a lot, like scratch songs etc.

>> No.18336107

Hosting any music you didn't make for free where elsewhere you would have to pay for it or someone would have to buy a license to host it is still in breach of copyright, whether you are charging money to access it or not. If peppy didn't accept donations it would still be a problem

>> No.18336731


i live like 10mins from one and used to go all the time, i still go but not as much because i dont to be that guy thats always hogging the games (not that theres anything wrong with that)

>> No.18336892

>if I like it, it's PASSION
>if I don't like it, it's EVIL
Whole reply chain is bait anyway since the large majority of osufags hate peppy anyway.

>> No.18337328

also i learned to play mostly by wailing on a uskoc and then a dao with 60g springs, and i still havent found a cab that doesn't use 20g. i feel crippled on these lighter setups

>> No.18337552

If there's people waiting then just let them have turn? I'm also 10min from my local R1 and the IIDX cabs are rarely ever used so I can play for 4 hours in a row with no one else even touching the 2nd cab

>> No.18339079

if you profit off something, it is no longer a passion project, it is a job

stepmania accepts donations but it's not sold

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