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Patchouli is supposed to be a lazy nerd so why is she so amazingly beautiful?

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so people can draw porn of her

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>Anorexic Patchy

I won't post any though, I'm 100% sure no one in /jp/ has the same fetish I love.

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Patchy has a nice body to help lure more men into the SDM for the vampires to feed on. ZUN confirmed it in an interview with me.

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Are you saying you can't be both?

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I guess being a magical monster helps.

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Since when fatsos are beautiful?

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Patchy probably smells awful. Staying in a library for days will do that. Please take a bath, change your clothes, and exercise, Patchy! You'll feel better!

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Youll have to clean her

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Cute Patchy feets!

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A shut-in like her would be very uncomfortable with some strange man seeing her naked and washing her when she hasn't taken care for herself for days.

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this artstyle is amazing

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Staring at Patchy's cute smelly bare feet until she gets embarrassed! Patchy feeling naked without her socks on! Playfully teasing Patchy about her bare feets until she's a blushing, embarrassed wreck!

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If anything she smells like books or alchemy mixtures.

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Books covered in dried semen?

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Does anyone have a picture of Patchouli with a pirate hat?

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Patchy has hips! PATCHY HAS A BUTT!

Yup! I know that it's lewd. but it's just a byproduct of the fact that Patchy gas a humanoid anatomy! She has two legs, and together they form a big fat butt for Patchouli! A Patchybutt!

Even though it's just nature, it's too lewd, and you shouldn't think about her butt though!

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HAS! HAS! She HAS a humanoid anatomy

Please ignore that!

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Patche's got the moves!

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>Patchy gas a humanoid anatomy!
Those are some pretty interesing gasses of hers. She should check that with a doctor.

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Such a shame she barely appears anymore.

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When was her last appearance?

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She was in one of the mangas. Fairies, I think?

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Being lazy doesn't mean you aren't beautiful.
But then again, 4chan exists and is filled with ugly and lazy ass lethargic motherfuckers so that's something to think about.

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Fatty Patty!

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I love thicchouli

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Patchy is not fat!

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It's time to face the truth anon

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I love Patchubby because she makes me feel more comfortable about my body! I don't feel like I need to be super fit or anything when I'm with her! We're not models, but it doesn't matter because we love each other!

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What kind of magic is this?

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Patchouli is my cute friend who masturbates to me every night!

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I'm not quite sure what it means for a graph to be representable. I looked it up and found a definition of a graph being word-representable, but I couldn't find any literature on Google Scholar that uses that definition with toroidal graphs. The only other use of representable I found occuring with graph theory was in the context of representation theory (i.e. group representations), which I don't know as much about so I wouldn't be able to understand the papers. Sorry Patchouli, I can't solve your problem.

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Graphs on a 2-dimensional compact connected manifold gives rise to a CW structure so you can just calculate its Euler characteristic and relate each term to the number of vertices, edges and faces.

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What is she trying to achieve dressing like that?

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I just wanted to see if she could fit in it! It's such a cute outfit, and it's so tight on her! She looks like a tightly-stuffed sausage! A cute sausage! The top is about to SNAP off and leave her big breasts popping out!

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I want patchouli to read me the SICP!

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She would do it in a sexy voice to try and turn you on!

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Reminder that your Patchouli is a fake if she doesn't look exactly like this.

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Patchouli is actually Yukari in disguise.
No wonder she has a nice body.

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So Yukari is fat?

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Fatchouli posters should be lined up and shot.

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If Patchouli were shot, her fat would stop all the bullets.

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>lazy nerd
haha literally me xD

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Don't be so rude she is trying to lose some weight

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I offer to squeeze her fat belly a lot to make her lose weight

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I want to cuddle with Patchu!

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she does exercise well in scarlet weather rhapsody
and danmaku must be pretty effortful

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Just how many fat men are there?

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8 at least, but patchy loves company

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Chubby Patty is best Patty

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Patche looks good with big tits but this fat crap is retarded.

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That's right, though it depends on your definition of big.

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Huge saggers which constantly leak milk into her robe

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No more desserts for patchy!

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Patchy's cute, soft, warm, ticklish, pale feets!

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Got anymore?

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>you will never cuddle with patchouli >you will never lay with her whilst in that hazy spot between consciousness and sleep
>you will never bury your face in the nape of her neck and become intoxicated by her sweet feminine musk, feeling a shiver run down your back

Okay so I'm just gonna kill myself.

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That's bad for books.

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She has waterproof books canonically.

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Patchy's heart going dokidokidoki as she hangs around you, trying to muster up the courage to ask you out on a cute date!

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real /r9k/ bro here

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Walking in on Patchy taking a bath! Patchy being the most embarrassed a person could possibly be! Patchy orgasming and squirting from the embarrassment!

There's a whole set on ExHentai, I can look for it late! I want to touch and smell Patchouli's cute feet!

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Don't startle the witch.

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O Patchy! My Patchy!

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I managed to find it quickly, thanks.

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yall need jesus

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fuck yes post it

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It's magic, she ain't gotta explain shit.

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Fatchouli is canon.