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Why aren't there any threads for AoCF gameplay or matchmaking?

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Why I need to play with other people when I can enjoy it solo?

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My sex life, summed up in one post.

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My pirated copy won't run.

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Update, then disable some tablet shit.
Use the archives. It works you dingus.

Inb4 show me proof faggot
My HDD is dead. I'd show you if i could.

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We have a thread for touhou games.
No point in making threads.

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There was already a thread for Sanae, does that mean there's a point in making 5 more with 3 of them having the same theme?

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They don't talk about AoCF in the gameplay thread at all.

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How does matchmaking work in AoCF? I'll be buying it in a few days once I free up some time at last.

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It doesnt.

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We don't actually play the Touhou games here

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You should go to /2hug/ on /vg/. They actually play 2hu games.

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My hot opinion.

The fighting games just are not that good. Plus they attract some really annoying people, though most fighting games are like that. Visually and musically they are always cool, but are not as interesting or as fun the mainline games I find, so i always have trouble investing any significant time into it. Also matchmaking is balls and lol Tasofro.

A fun (for some people) casual fighting game that can't really keep a sustained active playerbase, mainly because touhou is (and is known as) a danmaku STG made by ZUN and not a floater fighting game with spell cards/projectiles tacked on and NOT made by ZUN (I know I am oversimplifying here). The two are very different genres with very different playstyles, and the playerbases are not really interchangeable, which is why you don't see it discussed in the regular gameplay thread here.

That being said, there is nothing stopping you from discussing it here, it's just that no one has bothered to make a consistent fighting gameplay thread after the games are released. So get too it, please do discuss whatever achievements, frustrations, progress, strategies, matches, etc. here.

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So it's /jp/ with more normalfags. As sasuga'd of cancer.
And OP, there's no thread because YOU didn't make one. If you want to play with /jp/sies or talk about the game in general then make a thread for it, and hope there are enough people with interest in the game around.

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>playing 2hu game

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That's the quality I expect from /vg/.

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At least the janny there is not retarded

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Being retarded is a requirement for getting hired as a janny. It works out well because only a retard would apply in the first place.

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What's the difference between that and /jp/ posting

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I’m sorry, /vg/ janny is not as mentally retarded as /jp/ janny.

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Man, this post literally reaks of "fucking buttmad meido deleted my threads again".

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>casual fighting game
Play udonge in soku. Try doing any combo that requires cancels (pretty much most of them). I guarantee that you'll be dropping combos left and right until you've practiced enough. Make your point about them being clearly unpopular here, but to call the fighters casual is a misrepresentation.

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*jump and dash cancels
what kind of combo doesn't require cancels...

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Soku wasn't casual and there were constant netplay threads, the nu-fighters with their shiny graphics and hilarious memes and broken gameplay are.

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You sure took your time. I imagined an AoCF thread would be prime for Chileans to shit on because the game doesn't have RNG or EoSD overrated shitters in it.
>broken gameplay
As opposed to the game where you can't use your special moves until the computer randomly gives you permission. Sasuga Chile.

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lol What? SWR and Hisoutensoku is trash compared to even HM. Why the fuck is the game based on chance at all?
Im also glad TasoFro decided to do away with the shtich where you have to unlock your attacks before using them.

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everybody who actually wants to play the game is on the discord for it.

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i think the newer games are going in the right direction by removing random rng bs and deck building. aocf is the most genuine traditional fighting game out of all of them. the game still has lots of problems but i still have fun with it.

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Why don't you just play IaMP then.

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Go back to /v/.

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because its dead and people only play soku.

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fuck discord

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discord is shit but finding matches has always been on irc for the past few years so i dont see whats different about it with the jump to discord.

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I agree that weather and RNG in Soku sucked hard, but the game was very solid besides that and being able to customize your moveset was nice, even with its implementation not being the best. As heavily flawed as it was, HM had the best customization and it was a shame to see it gone in ULiL.

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Can't even bother defending Shitku, can you? Not that I don't understand.

>but the game was very solid
What a fucking joke. What's so "solid" about a game that won't let you use your special moves unless you beg the computer to pretty please let you use just this one measly move just this one measly time, pweeeease?

A game that has such a glaring flaw in one of its founding pillars (the goddamn special moves) is not "solid" or anything even remotely close. The other Touhou fighting games might not be "true" fighting games (whatever the fuck that's supposed to even mean) but at least they don't force you to play involuntary, invisible lottery to determine whether you can use your strong melee attacks. You just use them. And if you can't, it's because of your previous plays, not the computer disliking the cut of your jib.

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why do you play against the ai in fighting games?

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I already agreed that the RNG of decks really hurts the game. It puts too much emphasis on charaters with good default special skills and greatly hurts characters that only have good alternate skills. It's something I put up with because I enjoy the movement options the game offers, the heavy pressure style of the game, the mix of projectile and melee combat that not many other games have. No other fighting game gives me the things I love from Soku, even with all its bumps and bruises. I'd gladly play a Soku style game with HM style customization where you just use your alternate skills and specials without relying on RNG.

I'm not even damning the newer games either, even if I don't prefer them. Like I said, HM had great customization options, even for all the other problems the game had. AoCF did a lot of things right like the addition of grabs and the tag team system, although I dislike that you can't cancel an attack into a spellcard declare anymore.

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You're a shitposter who's been forcing your garbage /v/ memes on /jp/ for years now. There's nothing to debate with.

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I don't know how to say this man, but netplay doesn't get rid of the RNGshit. It wouldn't matter anyway, why is it even in the game in the first place?

Yes I understood you can't actually defend Shitku and have to resort to insulting me instead, you don't have to reiterate. It's fine! If I had to defend Shitku, I'd be at a loss too!

>It's something I put up with
So you ARE defending the RNGshit. That's a nice love letter and all, but nothing there actually matters. You could have the deepest understanding of Shitku's combat mechanics and you'd still lose depending on RNG's whim. Defending any of Shitku's bullshit IS defending its garbage RNG and the effect it has on the game, because Shitku itself is RNG. Awesome movement options! Rendered null by the opponent getting lucky. Wow, look at the heavy pressure! Stopped cold due to luck rather than player skill. Look at those projectile and melee special moves! You can only use them when the RNG damn well feels like it. It is an inherently badly-balanced, badly-made fighting game because you can never truly win out of your skill, it's all down to your luck and your opponent's luck.
In a fighting game, of all things.
The genre that best exemplifies skill-based gameplay due to its competitive, no-holds-barred 1v1 nature that demands the player have a strong grasp on strategy and dexterity. Reduced to a couple dice tosses.

Oh, you won? Good on you for having the RNG hand you a victory, now you can pretend you're good at the game and that it's a good game.
This is why I'll never take Soku-obsessed Chileans seriously and nobody else should.

By the way, this is an AoCF thread about AoCF netplay, in case anyone was wondering if Shitkufags were above targeted threadbombings to put down other, less RNG-filled games.

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You're putting words into my mouth. Liking a game despite its flaws doesn't mean you defend those flaws. But you don't really want to discuss anything. Not even AoCF. You just want to find the word Soku, then shit all over the thread.

You wanna know why there's no theads for AoCF netplay? The community simply isn't here. It was harder to find a way to play games like that with others, so threads were made for stuff like Soku and Melty Blood. IRC had a presence in organizing matches but it wasn't that huge. Nowadays, I imagine a lot of people just use Discord or something similar in order to get games. There aren't really fighting game threads around here anymore, it's not just AoCF.

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How do you "put up" with something that consumes the entire game? You either like the RNG, hence you like the game, or you don't like the RNG, hence you don't like the game. You can't act like a ULiL cocksucker and say you hate the floating shit because ULiL /is/ the floating shit. You can't play the game without subjecting yourself to the floating, just as you can't play Shitku without subjecting yourself to the RNG. Hell, you have even LESS choice in the latter, since ULiL at least gives you the option not to jump if you want to.

That aside, please don't lecture me about ruining discussions when nobody fucking asked the Hisoushitsoku Internet Defense Force to come into the thread to yell about how Shitku is mega-technical and not RNGshit at all (let's just completely ignore how being mega-technical requires you having good RNG and/or your opponent having bad RNG to begin with).

>You wanna know why there's no theads for AoCF netplay?
No, that was OP's question. I already know the answer to that, anyhow. Other games require actual skill to beat other players and Chileans can't have that. And since it doesn't have EoSD characters, it lost the waifushit secondary crowd too. Nice community, by the way.

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>a Soku style game with HM style customization where you just use your alternate skills and specials without relying on RNG.
I have no idea why Tasofro didn't do that themselves. Like, just put cards of an alternate skill in your deck and you'll start with them, then use them to get the level bonuses as usual. It would make the entire deck-building thing a lot more interesting.

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I like hisoutensoku

>> No.18252666

Because Soku is fucking garbage and nobody likes it besides secondaries that can't move on from their waifus from fucking 2002.

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/2hug/ was right

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I don't get how it consumes the entire game considering that a high level player can easily ignore their deck and still demolish another. You don't need any sort of RNG to do technical stuff with a character's default movekit. But even without Soku, he could have said IaMP and the point would have been the same, except it wouldn't get a dumb sperg flying into a rage about how it's a game of the devil, how it ruined the community for fighting games on /jp/ for all time. It's the big bad Chileans, they rule /jp/ with an iron fist, you can't have an AoCF netcode thread, you can't have an EFZ thread, you can't have a Melty Blood thread, all because of Chileans. How far up your own ass are you?

>> No.18252925

>I don't get how it consumes the entire game considering that a high level player can easily ignore their deck and still demolish another.
Objectively incorrect. And even then, there's the weather which you can't ignore unless you're flatout not playing the game. And IaMP doesn't have RNG to be consumed by (it's been a while since I last played it, but if there is RNG, then it must be fairly minor), your comparison doesn't make any sense.

As for all that other shit, answer it yourself because I didn't say any of it.

>> No.18252927

this chilean shit has no basis and is a terrible meme. not a lot of people play these old anime fighters, its as simple as that. if you want to play go to a discord/irc. melty is probably the most active fighter in the genre but you still need to join a discord to get active matches.

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All sanny threads have the same theme.
All they do is go on about how big a slut she is.

>> No.18253225

More like "I just got banned five times in a row 'for no reason' - fuck this. That board is better than this 'shithole' board"

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Stop bullshitting.
Liking a game despite its flaws doesn't make you a cocksucker for the damn thing.

The amount of shit you're spewing is incredible, and the amount of time you are wasting is immense.
Do yourself a favor and leave this board.

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You're saying it as if /jp/ didn't have extremely bad quality posts, not even counting the generals.

>> No.18253520 [DELETED] 

>Liking a game despite its flaws doesn't make you a cocksucker for the damn thing.
Going to unrelated threads to start preaching the holy sanctity of Shitku unprompted and immediately getting on the defensive and pretending the game is good when people point out it's a pile of RNG, does.

And no, I ain't leaving. I'm not the one that entered a AoCF thread just to derail it because muh soku.

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im one of the few people that actually plays aocf online in this thread. all you shitposters are funny.

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You are literally the person who derailed the thread in the first place trying to say the same garbage that has been said thousands of times before.
You have accomplished nothing.

This thread would've went well if you hadn't shown up to start bullshitting people.
Get off /jp/.

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>You are literally the person who derailed the thread in the first place
You know the rest of the thread is still here, right?
For all your talk about bullshitting, you certainly aren't very good at it.

This thread would've went well if you hadn't shown up to vomit your "but muh soku" all over the place, in a thread about AoCF and AoCF netplay.
Get off of my planet.

>> No.18253821

>You know the rest of the thread is still here, right?
WOAH! I didn't know that anon!
Tell me something I don't know!
Of course I'm not gonna show up to bullshit a bullshitter. It's pointless. I may as well be the person you were arguing with.

>This thread would've went well if you hadn't shown up to vomit your "but muh soku" all over the place, in a thread about AoCF and AoCF netplay.
Now this part is just stupid.
People will bring up relevant things all the time, whether it be about the subject at hand or not.

Also, restating what I say isnt an argument. Get your shit together.

>> No.18253879

>Tell me something I don't know!
Anyone reading this conversation can plainly see you're full of shit.

Actually, that first bit is all I really need to say. Have fun pretending you're not a massive bitch queen that can't stop derailing threads with unwanted soku shit, I'm out.

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nuke this thread janny, right now

>> No.18253904

>full of shit
Woah. That put so much useful information out there.
Good day.

>> No.18253908

This thread will be up for a while. Enjoy it.

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This is the quality I expect from /jp/. Can we all leave /jp/ and start having meaningful discussions at /2hug/?

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File: 111 KB, 800x700, __yorigami_jo_on_and_yorigami_shion_touhou_drawn_by_six_fnrptal1010__05cd826f9eb87531d5e22e0751d9f9a8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn, I sort of used the word "casual" a bit too freely and lead to all this. I'm sorry!

I just wanted people to talk about the games, matches, and it's mechanics, not this!

>> No.18253966

You first.

>> No.18253968

Its okay anon.

>> No.18253972

I am from /2hug/

>> No.18253980

Go back.

>> No.18254001

Anon, stop already. Linking /vg/ and /jp/ NEVER turns out well.

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Don’t worry, the janny here is retarded enough to delete a perfectly fine moonbitches thread. I’m sure his autism will never fail us here.

>> No.18254363

People really think that linking /v/ with anything will turn out well.

Go back and stop advertising that shit.

>> No.18254505

I don't get it, why was it deleted? Waifufaggotry? then the Remilia thread and like 5 sanae threads should have been deleted as well.

>> No.18254858

Don't question it.
Nothing good will come of it.

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it's really easy to identify and ignore a shitposter, don't worry your (?) thread is still fine. >>18250565 this guy saw >>18250111 as (parahprased) shitting on AoCF, and you know shitposters don't bother with reading comprehension.

If you're the one who wrote >>18248701, this post kind of sounded like the author did not like fighting games personally and extended that to the /jp/ touhou group, overall a very dismissive attitude towards the fighters. And it was worthwhile to nitpick the term "casual" because as I pointed out, it really makes you sound like you don't know what you're talking about. Compared to fighters like tekken and nu-street fighters, it has some very tight timings and combos aren't as straightforward as they ought to be, often requiring you to sometimes delay execution or recognize that you started the combo at the right distance from the opponent or the corners, etc. etc. To me that's enough to dismiss it from casual status, and considering other things you have to keep in mind: skill cards changing the movement set of characters drastically (like Meiling) forcing you to rethink your footsies, the weather pattern (which you can control and predict, by the way), it really drives home the point. Of course I'm only talking about soku since that's the only fighter I've played, and I know this is really an AoCF thread but soku is a fighter, which you called casual.

Other than that, if we were to explain why AoCF has no matchmaking threads, you may have hit the nail on the head already:
- Tasofro netcodes
- Subculture of a subculture, small player base
And my own personal addition:
- it could be true that /jp/ posters spend more time on doujin works than on official games (if at all), and that we are lucky to even get a non-shit regular STG thread going.

>> No.18255085

>EoSD overrated shitters
You're right on this at least.

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same reason why there is no soku threads

>> No.18255126

Stop smoking Tewi.

>> No.18257416

I like how you all decided to discuss stupid shit rather than actually setting up matches. But, if someone wants to play PoFV or AoCF (near USA) and can host then we could change the direction of this horrible thread.

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>it's really easy to identify and ignore a shitposter
Yeah, I'm looking at your post and seeing one, who can't stop with the soku shit even he admits it has nothing to do with this thread. And don't think I don't see what you're playing at, deliberately not quoting the post that did shit on the new fighting games. Very shitposter-like.

>it has some very tight timings and combos aren't as straightforward as they ought to be, often requiring you to sometimes delay execution or recognize that you started the combo at the right distance from the opponent or the corners, etc. etc.
>it has some very tight timings and combos aren't as straightforward as they ought to be, often requiring you to sometimes delay execution or recognize that you started the combo at the right distance from the opponent or the corners, etc. etc.
Why are you neglecting to mention the RNG? You know, the thing that randomly may or may not give you the options and tools to make any of what you listed possible. Try those incredible combos when you lack the tools to do them because "fuck you" -RNG. Try those cards that you equipped but will never get to use because "go to hell" -RNG. And you have no way to fight back against these, by the way. Have you ACTUALLY played Soku? Because it doesn't sound like you did.

If you're really so offended that someone called your precious RNG piece of shit darling "casual", then why don't you start worshiping a fighting game that actually takes skill to play, and won't hand you wins on a silver platter by irreversibly fucking over the opponent and/or throwing the best possible shit in your face right out of the gate with no effort required from you? Anon did the right thing by calling that game "casual" even if it wasn't his intention.

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Disregard people.

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Otherwise people will notice you don't have an argument.

>> No.18258279

Kill this fucking thread already.
That, or get rid of that fag. Fucking hell.

>> No.18258683

No, please don't. Everyone needs to have a chance to laugh at the Sokuhater.

>> No.18258695

Just make a new thread for AoCF netplay, this is a thread for asking where there is no thread for AoCF netplay. It's also been invaded by a VERY ANGRY PERSON

>> No.18258856



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The fuck is this stage

>> No.18259395

just get on the fucking discord if you really want to play matches. ranks are even split up between region so you can find non laggy matches easier. you dont even need to install the client, just use the web browser and then just leave when you are done playing.

>> No.18259506

Because the game is broken if you use a refresh rate higher than 60.

>> No.18259531

The reason there aren't any match threads is pretty simple, since around ULiL's release /jp/ has been invaded by these spergs from /v/'s Touhou fighter threads (that were rightfully banned for how garbage they were) who make it absolutely impossible to discuss the fighters, let alone having matchmaking threads.
Making up boogeymen and using buzzwords such as chileans, bringing up Soku when nobody even mentioned it and just all around shitting up any discussion about the fighters.

>> No.18259538

Yeah let me just loan my computer to the botnet for a second, I'm sure it'll be ok.

>> No.18259713

if you are on windows then you are already contributing to the botnet.

>> No.18259730

Not if you're running modded versions or win7 anon.
Or better yet, your own server for storing your torrented garbage.

>> No.18259793

win7 still has telemetry and you have to reapply the win10 fixes every few months because updates just re enable everything whenever theres a big update.

also if you use any microsoft or google service they are constantly collecting data on you. theres no escaping the botnet anymore.

>> No.18259850

I can’t believe they deleted my post

>> No.18260934
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I can't believe the posts talking about how soku is so great and so much better than skill-based fighters (with absolutely zero prompting, mind you) didn't get deleted but the ones disagreeing and giving actual points as to why that's false did.

But it wouldn't be /jp/ without shitty bias, would it? And people wonder why Sokufags are a problem.

>> No.18264483

This is what i have an issue with.
Normalfags really think serving either of those two is a good thing.
Whats this anon? Just google it!
Go fucking hamg yourself.

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