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Fuck yes, you are the best visual novel ever!

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Its a shame the h scenes were drawn so poorly

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better than fsn

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The moment I installed it and popped up on /jp/, I got spoiled hard...

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Princess Waltz, not so good.

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And yet Lun Lun will always be second. Isn't it sad, Lun Lun? ;_;

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poor Lun Lun, hehe.

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So who would win in a fight, Saber or Iris?

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No, we are not fucking starting this.

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does the fight involve card games?

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i beat them both with this
*grabs dick*

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Anything is better than Saber.

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After downloading the HCG, I have noticed that there are no H-Scenes for Iris. Instead, loads for Chris.

Japan love reverse traps? Iris = Chris?

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Gradriel > Agrias > Gwendolyn > Saber > Iris

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It would've been better OP if you actually got some sort of choice in the fucking 1st chapter. Chrissu was moe and all but I wanted my crazy,blood thirsty, stuck up drill girl. Or my constantly annoying yet surprisingly awesome at times transfer student.

It's probably because Arata had a face despite being a VN main character that the game felt so unsatisfying after finishing it.

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Waratte lun lun lun
Lala lun lun lu lu
Naita hi mo sawagu kaze ni yureru egao
Kokoro hareteku
Kyou mo lun lun lun
Mawarun lun lu lu
Taiyou no shita de kimi to odoru kimagure na dansu

Nanigenaku sashidasu te ni mitorete
Tsugi no kotoba maigo ni nacchau no
Otonabite tsutsumikomu manazashi ni
Tsuyogari wasurete yuku

Sotto furetete
Nemurenai yoru no nagai toki mo

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Can't be any worse than Tsukihime's.

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Tsukihime had h-scenes? I didn't see any when I played through..

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Jesus christ that has to be the worst pun ever.
I wanted to punch Shiki through the screen for being such a retard.

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Why is it that every time I see Arceuid, I think it looks like grown-up Ilya?

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You probably installed the non-ero version, silly.

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I only played through arc's route and I had a couple of h-scenes.

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Man, I can't wait for someone to translate Hollow Ataraxia so I can finally read the bathtub H scene.

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