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Seiran is the best lunar rabbit, prove me wrong

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Literally who

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Looks like a Tewi recolor.

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Her ability is literally bullshit

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Being the best in a sack of trash isn't a notable achievement.

Reisen is better though.

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>literally bullshit
She can turn into a bull and shit on things? Or does her shit just naturally have the same composition as a bull's?

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I hope OP doesn't like Seiran, because this is some hardcore bullying.

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She can throw bullshit at you as if it were danmaku

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It’s hard to make her likable

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She gives me 3 lives in her stage. Of course she's the best.

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oh so you're into handholding

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People fucking love LoLK according to the last year poll

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I graze them fair and square. Thank you.

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Kusoge, but also masterpiece.

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Useless rabbits only good for ___

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Taking care and cuddling during weekends.

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>Seiran is the best lunar rabbit, prove me wrong
Seiran a shit.
I think you mean Reisen is best Lunar Bunny.
Not Rei'Sen, Reisen. Reisen Udongein Inaba.

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Taking gentle care of and Cuddling that'll eventually go lewd after a few months since rabbits are prone to being in heat. Quite often.

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Why do people think I joke around when I say that Reisen Blue is my favorite lunar rabbit? She's so cute and adorable! I loved it when the military rabbits were all puzzled by her lop ears.

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all these girls have crazy-eyes

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who the fuck is the rightmost girl

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is very OPish for me

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why do they wear ear helmets??

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Because that way they can access the moon rabbit network.
Why all use ribbons except for Reisen, though. That's something I can't answer.

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Cutest rabbit. I wish I had her as a pet.

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I just realized that she is in fact very cute

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You don't pay the right people to write about her then.

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Secret paramilitary global unification through usurpation of homo sapien governments for the greater destiny of mankind in the Milky Way...and beyond.

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But Reisen can communicate with them and she doesn't have a helmet nor a ribbon.

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All Lunar rabbits are equally bad on account of being from the moon.

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LoLK basically confirmed that they're literal slaves, that will get killed if they disobey. Lunarians are the true cunts, the bunnies are just victims.

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Is she cheaper than Tewi?

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Because people have shit taste

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People who like DDC and TD have shit taste.

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DDC is good.

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I like TD

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Stop liking what I don't like!