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ITT: You are learning/trying to learn japanese because of Anime and or manga.

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Don't forget VNs.

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get out of my pathetic weaboo head.

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But I'm not learning Japanese.

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Ha, thats like learning english to read the articles in Playboy.

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I'm trying to learn Japanese entirely so I could fap to a more VNs

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Ha.. I'm *trying* to learn. But I'm to anti-social to actually try taking classes, so.... ;_;

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But how else will we know why Ayumi is being violently gang-raped by alien catgirl lesbians?

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I'm doing it for the Japanese console games, bro. There are many great games out there that will never be in English.

It's an easy ass language to study anyways. If you want to enjoy your anime/game/VN obsessions completely, then you might as well learn Japanese.

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Any advice?

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...I am? Wait, I'm learning Japanese? Huh.

Learn something new every day, I guess.

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sora wa kuraeshi

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Hello. I Japanese man who wish to converse with you. I study many hours to speak to you who know of cultural delicacy called sitcom. I have watched many episode of Seinfeld. It is compared to anime show Lucky Star in my home country Okinawa of Japan. After watching many episode of Seinfeld I know you celebrated festivus recently. I wish I could your time honored holiday! My family do not understand your customs and when I tried to show them the Airing of Grievances and Feats of Strength, they got angry and threatened to even throw away me forever. I will not talk about the dating problems of me. Wise foreign men under Festivus pole, are you also alienated during this season?

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>Wise foreign men under Festivus pole, are you also alienated during this season?


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Seinfeld needs more lolis

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and touhou

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sage for weeaboo faggotry

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I'll never really understand this as an insult. What may or may not be part of someone's reason or motivation for learning doesn't really matter, what matters is the effort they put into it. I mean, sure the people who give up after 2 weeks are sad. But if someone pushes all the way and learns to fluency, who are you to call them on what they use it for?

What incredibly important purpose do YOU use your language skills for?

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Normalfags usually use their language skills to go to a foreign country, ignore all the important historic and cultural sites, and then call it a life changing experience because they got laid.

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And then forget the entirety of the language soon after.

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If you're talking about hipster faggots or college -aged douches, then yes. Someone older than that sort of subhuman slime uses their language skills for the purpose of making money.

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Translating/interpreting never pays very well, though.

Anyone whose language skill helps them with that probably didn't learn it expressly for that purpose. They just turned it into an asset later in life.

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I did Heisig 1 and now I'm going through guidetojapanese.org. I really think one should know kanji first, or you're going to feel frustrated just looking at the examples.

Does guidetojapanese.org cover every aspect of the grammar? I assume it doesn't, right? I mean, if I swallow everything that's in there, can I just go and read text right away?

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The only language I can think of that's immediately profitable is Chinese, and that's only in conjunction with a degree in either Business or Economics.

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Like in most civilized languages, literature in Japanese purposely warps grammar.

So you can know all the grammar in the world and still have to play around with it to fit it to texts.

Especially when it comes to dialog.

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There really should be some site/book covering all those lazy modes. Like how they can skip い in -ている.

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If you read regularly, you'll absorb the "lazy" methods.

That's why light novels and manga are handy; they're easy to read and show you colloquial use of the language.

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I thought that too, especially trying to read some mango. I found some sites you might find useful.


I recommend the first link for word contractions.

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Actually, interpretation pays very well. I'm a spanish-english medical interpretor and MY minimum wage is $25/hour. Some of my jobs pay $60/hour, and a few (rare) jobs pay twice or three times as much.

Interpretation pays well. Legal (court) interpretation also pays well but I don't actually do that.

The problem is that the demand for Japanese-English interpretation is VERY low. There's very few Japanese people who are in the states who don't know english well enough to handle themselves in a medical situation. There's the occasional tourist, but you have to live in an area with high tourism.

I live in the midwest, I know the only guy who works as a japanese-english interpretor. he gets like, TWO jobs a year. And half the time they call him for asians who aren't Japanese.

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To those of you who did Heisig, how did you go about it? Did you visualize your stories for each kanji, or did you just remember the words of the story and extract the primitives from that?

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