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anyone use a digital picture frame to display your fav aniem character?

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i hope not

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that might be a good idea.

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Same person.

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What a good idea.

I would never, ever do this.

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Enjoy your computer virus. Blame China.

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>Blame China.

Now where is that shocked picture of Meiling when you need it?

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I would if those things weren't so expensive.

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lol, death.exe

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Good idea but I can't afford that shit right now nor can I be bothered to remove the viruses.

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China nevar sleeps, expect at noon.
Have a better doorguard.

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gb2/noonnap/ China

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It'll be like she has been freed from my computer screen, but just printing out pictures of her face is enough to get me through the night. I sometimes wake up and see her face next to me. In that one moment, she's real because my brain hasn't fully woken up in this sad, cruel world. I look at her face and... what's this? A tear? Is this what they call 'crying'?

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now i can take her to dinner, watch movies with her, take a bath with her....

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ha ha oh wow

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Put her in the tub with you for an electrifying experience.

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nah, just cover her with a huge condom.

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