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So, what did you get?

My family felt sorry for me not going out, so they got me a new computer chair, $30, and comfortable 'hikikomori' clothes.

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>'hikikomori' clothes

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I got a bathrobe, PJ pants, gilette soap/shaving set, $100, and some more from my two eldest sisters but they haven't bought it yet due to snow.

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A red shirt with a rhino and bad English.
At least I got a GeForce 6200 a few days earlier. FUCK YES I CAN PLAY SA NOW

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Lounging around clothes.

Even though I'm just in a robe most of the time.

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real moneyz. on a sidenote: IS THAT A WAHA THREAD?!

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We don't celebrate Christmas so the only thing I got was a loud morning. On an unrelated note, does anyone have that touhou strip about touhou? I remember that there was a full colour strip with a "makers get very thin" comment in it.

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hahaha real hiki christmas goes like that:
mother begs one two weeks ahead to come on christmas .... then you go, alone, without anything of course, just to eat something nice. You will get a full dose of pity and a sweatshirt, socks or shorts and a chocolate. You won't say anything, don't give anything in exchange and after that you will go home. Alone of course. Yeah

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I got a candy cane from my brother.

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A pillow and Persona 4. Maybe 1 or 2 other little things, I don't know, haven't opened my presents yet.

I couldn't think of anything to ask for, so I'm not getting much.

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My mom made me lasagna. Fuck yeah.

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Funny, is it just me or all of us NEETs never leave our pajamas / robes?

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Nothing at all. ;_;

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What's the point of changing into anything else?

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i got a calendar from my aunt
my parents are going to buy me a new mattress

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My family's too poor to buy gifts (fuck no economic crisis), but /jp/'s given me quite a bit this last week.

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Lots of clothes, games, money; the usual stuff

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The gift from my brother was amazing. What could it be?

A knock on the door at 12:30 in the morning. I had just nodded off to sleep (I had things to do this morning so I decided I should be well rested at least one night out of the year), and then I wake up to the dogs barking. So I go downstairs and answer the door to find the father of my brother's ex-girlfriend. He shows me a rock with some threatening messages on it, and claim that they've been getting death threats on their answering machine since the two broke up. People apparently have also seen my brother in the area. I refer him to speak to my mother while I brew myself a cup of tea.

When that's all said and done, I'd finally gotten back to sleep again when THERE'S ANOTHER KNOCK. This time, it's the police. They'd like to talk to my mother and my brother. I don't know what happened because I sat inside sipping on more tea, when my brother comes back inside the house 30 minutes later and storms up the stairs. My mother comes inside yelling up at him "Don't talk to her, don't go near her!" I just look at her, sigh, and come back upstairs to try to get to sleep again.

Thank you, my dear brother for a wonderful Christmas morning.

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Merry Christmas anon

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Weeaboo shit (fuck yeah, final volumes of Monster!) and clothes. And that's only half my presents, so my parents went overboard again this year.

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Normal people ask for movies, music, and games for Christmas, but I don't need those anymore. I can download them all for free, so there are really very few things to ask for. I was thinking about getting a Wii game, but last week I soft-modded my wii, so now I can just download games for that too.

Everything else I want (HDTV, new computer, etc) is too expensive for a Christmas present.

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two shirts and a book

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Ah, thank you kindly. I've been looking for it for days, but my folders are simply too unorganized.

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I didn't get shit.

Man this christmas was shit. Every other christmas was shit too but gee, this one was particularly bad. Waking up at 18:00 just to eat shit they specially made. Goddamn it's not even good. Well GEE, look at that, they got sushi from some Zapanese restaurant, and GEE, it's all old and shit, because it's from TWO days ago. Goddamn shit. So here I sat eating my two day old crusty food saying nothing at all.
19:00 arrives, finally ate all shit, and I'm gone. Motherfuckers. Niggers.

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Why should NEETs get anything? We've shed our materialistic needs a long time ago, there's nothing we need anymore.

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Chocolate and money, I get the same thing every year.

My family's too lazy to think of any new gifts and I don't ask them for anything specific since they've bought the wrong stuff before.

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I was forced to tell them something I wanted.

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I didn't get anything. I've just sat around the house all day watching some Macross and smoking cigars. I did get a call from one of my old service buddies, that was a welcome surprise.

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Received nothing, wanted nothing. Today is the same as any other day.

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Received nothing, wanted nothing, gave nothing. Today is the same as any other day.

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I dislike them (mostly just my mother), so anything they would have given me would have gone straight back to them.

Or to the garbage.

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SR60 headphones (damn nice)
A couple books
And a purple with black stripes sweater

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>(damn uncomfortable)

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They keep my ears warm during the winter. Also, my head isn't severely deformed, which helps. I recommend seeing a doctor.

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Aftershave and showergel.I think my parents are trying to tell me something ;_;

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Those are some pretty expensive earmuffs then.

Enjoy your ugly headphones with awful build quality and overhyped sound.

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My cousin sent me Fate Unlimited Codes SP edition while she is in JET. Awesome shit. UPS dropped it off Christmas Eve.

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I will, thanks! Merry christmas!

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You're pathethic.
The only thing you can miss of any Headphones right now is the durability.

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>miss of

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About 200$ and some sweets. I always get money in occasions like this. There's nothing I really need, so I'm not going to spend it.

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Nothing, except maybe 50$ my dad gave me but it was not on Christmas nor was it a gift.

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SR60s are good for the price point, but they are definitely uncomfortable over long periods of time. I use the Sennheiser hd280pro set right now, which are really damn comfortable, as in for hours on end.

1 TB hard drive
gigantic watch that is loose even tightened as far as it will go (sturhling)
Arrested Development season 2 (fuck yea)
Holga camera, even though I have no clue what I'm doing when taking pictures
nice scarf
nice clothes

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Didn't get anything...

>> No.1819256

/jp/ is so slow right now. I guess even here most people have relatives to spend Christmas with.

>> No.1819258

Got nuthin'

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Much of /jp/ does consist of college students after all. I'm here because my family doesn't really celebrate Christmas. This is a day like any other weekend.

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Nothing. Well no actually, mom made me a chicken salad.

>> No.1819265

I didn't get anything, and I lost my internet connection yesterday, and it was just restored right now. I forgot to go shopping, and my cupboards are bare and there's no stores open. And I feel to ashamed to go buy crap from a 24-hour convenience store. So I guess I starve today.

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What does being a college student have to do with going see people on christmas?

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Dance Dance Revolution Wii
Mario Kart Wii
Spa Soap
Polo Shirt
Pink Shirt (grandma said it's a joke because she never saw me witha girlfriend...)
FUCKING LEGO from my aunt
burnt Berikore dual layer DVD

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I got the game in which the killer is Adachi, Persona 4

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your grandma just wants some great-grandchildren, the selfish whore. don't yield to her.

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I dunno man, Lego are pretty cool I still play with some from time to time, actually, I have some in my room.

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I wished for a girlfriend and a job, and got neither.

Actually I wished mostly for job-hunting clothes and manga, and got clothes and candy and 2 manga(s?).

Hopefully I'll get myself a job, then get rich, then buy all toys I never could afford, and around age 30-35, I'll see if I have time to grow up.

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Same here. Everyone was asking me what I wanted but I couldn't think of anything. I usually ask for video games but I don't have time to play them with all the free weeaboo entertainment I get off the internet. Instead I got a new external hard drive, some clothes, and money.

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I'm seriously considering mail order bride myself.

>> No.1819374

Too bad you can't get any 10 year olds through that service.

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I got the monitor on the right and an HD 4850.

Here's to true HDCP.

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A new matress

>> No.1819390

Cologne some diesel jeans and a shaving kit.

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Usually when asked what I wanted, I answered "nothing" and after that, it turned into " the same thing as usual".
Nowadays, I live alone, I haven't been faced with the question of "gifts" in a while.

>> No.1819402

HDCP was fucking hot, downloading that again now.

>> No.1819408

Junk food, an MP3 player, and some gift vouchers. I didn't really want anything at all, but people get upset if I tell them to pike off and leave me alone.

>> No.1819409

who needs HDCP, just give me DVI or HDMI out with no crappy encryption.

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How are you guys getting stuff?

>> No.1819430

2 books and a pair of sandals of the wrong size >:( . All I wanted was a new desk for my computer!!!

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My parents bought me this.

Merry Christmas indeed!

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I got a few books, a comforter, a sweater, two tshirts, and some boots.

Kinda disappointed because I wanted a subscription to the Economist and my little brother got 400 dollar speakers... But meh.

>> No.1819485

$1000 from my grandma as a graduation/christmas present, some clothes that are just ok I guess, that's pretty much it. It's a good christmas.

>> No.1819589

200 euros for comiket stuff.

>> No.1819712

So lucky...

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Missing the point entirely.

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Good work, bro.

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My question would be: why do you have a picture of a man's penis saved on your computer, moreover the penis of one of your bros ?

>> No.1819739

It even has the same filthy spots on it.
Why does this always happen with pictures with dicks/bulges involved?

>> No.1819745

You should have learned these things by now, bro.

If it makes you feel any better, my penis is about 1/4 the size of yours.

>> No.1819748

I'm not the one posting my penis on the internet, and my penis isn't that big either.
Not that I care, I use it for peeing and fapping.

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I woke up yesterday expecting absolutely nothing, like usual.

To my surprise, not only had my mother left me some food before she left so I wouldn't go hungry this year, but there were also two little presents lying around with my name on them. One was the portable Nietzsche, the other was two Lovecraft compilations.

Awesome Christmas. Now I just have to clear some weeaboo entertainment out of my schedule to make room for Lovecraft.

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Stuff I got:

Cooler Master HAF 932 case
Dead Space and Fallout 3
The entire Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons
A Japanese cookbook
Waterworld action figures in their original packaging (FUCK YEAR, DENNIS HOPPER)
Vintage Star Wars blueprints from 1977 (in damn near perfect condition)
An awesome weatherproof jacket
A new Kendo uniform (genuine indigo-dyed double-layer keikogi and #10,000 cotton hakama)
5 new shinais
A Duvel gift pack with a tulip glass and coasters
A Chimay Trappist gift set with a goblet
$51 in cash
$25 Best Buy gift card

>> No.1820002

A 20 dollar gift card to Best Buy, since my parents think of me as a "computer nerd."

I had a fig that was supposed to arrive yesterday according to the seller, but it didn't. ;_;

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>A new Kendo uniform (genuine indigo-dyed double-layer keikogi and #10,000 cotton hakama)
>5 new shinais
Isn't this on the order of several hundred, if not more than a thousand, dollars?

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That reminds me, I also have this Tama-chan figure pre-ordered. Was supposed to come out late December, but I think it got pushed back.

That was a gift to myself.

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I got tiny Petit Eva figures, and a Revoltech Yoko.

For non-/jp/ related gifts, I got 2 airsoft guns, a Gerber multitool, socks, pajama pants, a wireless n router, and a giant chocolate kiss.

I bought myself an MSI Wind for christmas, too.

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A harmonica, saxophone reeds, various piano books, a book about how to do things you shouldn't do, a movie (Tales from Earthsea), an electric shaver and a cardholder.

>> No.1820032

>an electric shaver
Man up and use a straight blade, you fag.

>> No.1820036

Tea stuff (new kettle, wahoo) books, film.

>> No.1820038


Around $200 for the uniform, and another $100 for the shinais.

The uniform isn't hand-stitched (if it had been, it would have easily been $500-$700), and the shinais were basic practice ones, the kind you don't care about breaking.

>> No.1820043

>Tales from Earthsea
Man up and watch Hotfuzz

>> No.1820045

Look at all these people actually getting gifts. How lucky you guys are.

>> No.1820051

My family got me three games, new portable harddrive, and earbuds for my MP3 player. It was an alright year.

>> No.1820055

I'm not manly enough to disappoint my sister by not making us of her gift.

>> No.1820061

i've learned never to expect anything good because any time i have, its always led to dissapointment.
since i get all my media/games via torrents, there isn't much to ask for besides hardware. even so, i got various japanese candies, $50, a webcam, new slippers, a scarf, and some board game.
now i have to spend a few day's at my grandparent's house, pretending to enjoy the company of people who are nothing like me.

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Mostly a variety of books and movies. The most notable /jp/ related things were a Godzilla Vs. Megalon/Godzilla 1985 VHS set joke gift from my sister, a Clannad doujin from my best friend (I'm glad he's not a bastard and gave it a note that said to open in private), and image related from my cousin.

I kinda feel bad about calling her a yandere now.

>> No.1820066

Gifts are mostly just a bother. First you are asked to make a list of stuff you want, even though there isn't really much you have a desire for, because you're very much isolated from consumerism. Then you're expected to find gifts for your whole family, and you have to choose between spending ages thinking up something, or disappoint yourself by not being able to surprise them because you picked something from their list. And then you get the presents, and you have to worry about appearing happy every time you open them, even if you're feeling kinda meh. And then you have to worry about using them enough to justify their purchase. I, for instance, have to learn how to play the harmonica, even though I already practice with two other instruments daily, just so I don't feel bad about getting it.

>> No.1820067

Yes, screw gifts for you, pampered middleclass ameritrash. Enjoy your parents paying for your college.

>> No.1820069

4 pairs of boxer underwear
$50 gift card for Barnes & Noble (I already used it up)
a baseball-sized liquid filled ball in a black net you can squeeze & it kinda looks like a brain when you squeeze it hard
a bag of mini reeses peanut butter cups i asked my sister for

got what i wanted

>> No.1820074

>a bag of mini reeses peanut butter cups i asked my sister for
I want some ;_;

>> No.1820078

Nothing. I actually said "Don't spend money on me neither on Christmas nor my birthday".

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Should I feel bad or something because I don't pay for college?

>> No.1820127

Persona 4
Pinky and the Brain season 1
16-inch model of TOS Enterprise
A number of books
$35 giftcard to Borders

Pretty good year, I'd say.

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I already got my record player a month ago, so I don't know if that really counts.

Today, I got two records, one of Martha Argerich Spielt performing Chopin, Brahms, Liszt, Ravel, and Prokofiev and then a record with some of Ravel's orchestral arrangements and Dukas' Sorcerer's Apprentice. Along with that I got hiking boots, water proof gloves, a new cell phone, and Barnes + Noble gift cards. All in all, a pretty nice Christmas.

>> No.1820167

Your tax dollars pay my college.

Fuck yeah.

>> No.1820174

>Martha Argerich Spielt performing
Silly, spielt isn't her surname, it's German for plays.

>> No.1820175

Only about half of it.

>> No.1820180

What's up turntable / classical record buddy. Though I mostly buy newer things, it's fun and a lot easier to get piano records because of how plentiful they are.

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File: 17 KB, 405x289, 1204116467909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah. I had never heard of the performer. Now I feel retarded.

>> No.1820184

I got 2 CDs, a DVD and $55. I'm going to see other relatives on Saturday, so I'll probably get some other stuff then.

>> No.1820187

wife - kicking my sisters out of our room for the night
sisters - clothes, games, and some miniatures.

>> No.1820191

No, all of it.

Every single dollar.

Thanks for paying for my school.

>> No.1820193

I received nothing and gave nothing. It was quite pleasant.

>> No.1820221

You're welcome. Enjoy your education, young man.

>> No.1820226

I will, thank you.

>> No.1820232

I just FINALLY downloaded BlazBlue's OST and I'm fucking happy.

>> No.1820236

Haha, restraining order. That made my night.

I got an expensive coffeemaker, a computer chair, and a pile of blank cdrw's.

>> No.1820237


>> No.1820240

$100 I'll convert it to yen to save for my holiday

>> No.1820274



>> No.1820285

Fucking 'normalfags.'

If the total value of your presents is more than $100, you don't belong here.

>> No.1820327

Protip - "normalfag" vs. /jp/sie is a false dichotomy.

No need to get jealous just because you got less for Christmas, or you didn't have anybody to give something to.

>> No.1820328

or they could be very lucky hikkis/neets

>> No.1820329

Most of us NEET who live with our parents, don't you know?

>> No.1820345

So do I, but I didn't get much...

...Because we do nothing and don't deserve much.

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>> No.1820406

a brand name scarf that's more expensive than my coat, from this girl I had a xmas date with, but then she went home because of "work tomorrow"


>> No.1820427

Hey man, that's further than 90% of this board has ever gotten.

>> No.1820440

That further than anyone here has gotten and want to get to.

He needs to go back to /r9k/

>> No.1820468

I got Valkyria Chronicles and a Target gift card. Ordering Persona 4 now.

>> No.1820480

What? We're helping prevent the overpopulation issue. We should deserve more than just chairs and scarves!

>> No.1820496

>>1 TB hard drive

Only thing I didn't get that I asked for. Which was a new pair of my old shoes, an effects pedal, and that.

>> No.1820503


What? Sisters? Wife?

I wish I could get a mail order bride and some mail order sisters. But I'm broke.

>> No.1820509

>mail order sisters

All I want to do is cuddle with them ;_;

>> No.1820518

same ;_;

>> No.1820556

brb gonna look for someone to finance my business idea

>> No.1820883

heh, funnily enough, the drive was the only thing I asked for that I got, the other thing being a pair of earmuffs.

>> No.1820897

Yes, Heaven forbid I have a loving family while also having an interest in stuff of Japanese origin.

>> No.1820953


>> No.1820970

I got some money and a bit of chocolate through the mail.
It was a tasteful yet soulless affair, as I have come to expect. However it is quite troublesome as now I am obligated to send them cards. I never know what to write in the damn things either.

>> No.1820972

be a man and write "Merry Christmas" and sign your name and date

>> No.1820990

Ah, but I always feel that I should write more than just the bare minimum. I mean they went through all the trouble of sending me a gift in the first place.

>> No.1821006
File: 111 KB, 602x640, 1219475147949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fine, but I'm taking the Patchycephalosaurus with me.

>> No.1821008

500 gb hard drive
2 gb RAM
A couple big plain sweatshirts, and a hat.

Works for me.

>> No.1821036

I usually only write "happy holidays, thanks for ***"

Why would you need to write more than that?

>> No.1821467

I thought that your parents spoiled you? Since you're a NEET and all...

>> No.1821476


>> No.1821507

$500 to save up for when I graduate and need to pay rent in Japan, in case I don't make it into JET.

>> No.1821530

>don't make it into JET.
Oh wow.

Enjoy your horrible future.

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File: 34.00 MB, 2048x1536, DSC01849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i got this from my best friend

>> No.1821563

Your best friend is awesome.

>> No.1821571

and wants to have sex with you... anal.

>> No.1821582


>> No.1821584

>>i bought this for myself

>> No.1821588
File: 25.00 MB, 2048x1536, DSC01850.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


well i gave him this

>> No.1821636
File: 29 KB, 360x337, Coal_anthracite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i had a warm Christmas

>> No.1821664
File: 26 KB, 483x243, 変態!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1824190

I got a couple silky undershirts and some lotions/soaps to help me with my skin disorder.

I bleed a lot because of it.

>> No.1824199

I got a penis pump. Apparently I wasn't big enough she said....

>> No.1824290
File: 523 KB, 2272x1704, 1230340416997.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

these shit =3=

>> No.1824709

/r/ing you to fap on that fig and post pictures of it.

>> No.1824755


>> No.1824809

nothing... my sister got a pair of headphones...

I wish I could give my little sister a better christmas. She deserves it!

>> No.1824835
File: 193 KB, 600x698, 1230348272609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got this today, finally came in the mail

>> No.1824936
File: 48 KB, 429x640, 1230349994008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fate/Tiger Colosseum Upper Megamori Box
Macross F: Nyantama
3 flavor popcorn tin

>> No.1824960

Nothing, but I prefer my parents spend their money on my sisters children anyway.

That, and I buy myself "toys" all year round...

>> No.1825168


I got me a Miku figma with that money, too bad it's going to take forever to ship, I couldn't afford EMS, just SAL, fucking crisis, it's fucking up my life real bad.

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