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Do not bully the crown prince!

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That's not justice.

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Reisen is a huge bully! I can see that the real hero of justice here is Tewi, who has single-handedly kept Reisen suppressed for the longest time.

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Please do bully the crown prince.

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Someone needs to put the rabbit in her place.

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Prostitutes can be a heroines of justice.

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How did you think that it was worth intentionally misreading that entire scene?

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And you're not Mami Tomoe or a Kryptonian merged to an American Freedom Shielder.

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Your cosplay sucks Ringo. Go suck something else instead, if you'd kindly.

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The crown prince died to betrayal long ago.

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I've sinned a lot lately,the only remedy is for Eiki to administer to me some stout spankings

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Is this the thcrap translation or did the steam release come with something?

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Isnt thcrap translation buggy, like displays words out of the box and screen, and sometimes not at all?
Its the main reason I havent started AoCF yet.

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Never used thcrap but I don't get the hate. Just don't use it if you don't want to. The text box is originally vertical anyway so there's bound to be bugs.

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It's possible that the translation itself is not fully complete even if AoCF is supported now. They shouldn't be long now though, it seemed quite a ways along when I checked a few days back.

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I meant for AoCF only. Is there another English patch of AoCF?
And arent some games not translated at all outside of thcrap?

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B-but, Miko is a piece of shit character that should not exist and was better off not appearing in any futher games...

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>Miko is a piece of shit character
The fact that such shit taste can exist in this world is lamentable.

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I agree, liking the Miko should be punished by death

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Who taught Byuckuren how to use a computer?

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Maybe he's a poorfag that's offended because Miko is disgusted by and secretly wants to kill poor people.

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Miko is amazing

good stuff ZUN left buddhism behind and the MikoxByakuren story is only about Miko

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Miko and Byakuren are friends now though.

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Will manletshit fags ever recover?

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At least she made a friend after all this mess.

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Is Joon dressed the way she is because gyaru girls are going extinct in Japan

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ZUN did say he wanted Nemuno to be one, so he had interest in adding some to Touhou. Might even be why Cirno was tan.

The question is if she's even a gyaru though.

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Yeah, after making Shimmy realize she's a terrible judge of character, only takes a few years, a commie AND a genocidal womanlet to do it.

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Given how their latest patches have gone, I have a feeling Tasofro will give up on an official English patch. Maybe they'll add Steam Workshop for translation mods.

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Yabba dabba doo

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Why is the crown prince so cold in AoCF? She should put on a shirt with sleeves rather than wrap her cape around herself like a blanket.

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>ZUN did say he wanted Nemuno to be one
I can see why he didn't and am glad it worked out this way. A reclusive mountain hermit being a gyaru would be nonsensical and retarded.

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Where's the English patch?

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It's not finished.

Maybe Team Occult will do a complete one when it is.

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If you mean a static patch, they already said they wouldn't make one.

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but the Crown Prince is Justice Incarnate
but you would never learn that, you Foul Xeno

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No they aren't.

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No. Reisen was a cute bunny girl who was nice until mean bunnies like Tewi decided to bully her to no end. Now Reisen exacts justice on her own for everything that has transpired in Gensokyoland.

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Please delete this

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What she meant by "people"? Who hates Miko besides Byakuren?

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Reisen is a moon-traitor bunny who deserves only death.

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Lunarians deserve death though, and the Lunarians enslaved the rabbits so they have no legitimate claim of loyalty.

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That image makes her look like Satan.

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Reimu hates Miko

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