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Hey other ZUN, do you have that song ready? I'd like to witness some AWESOME.

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Nope. I haven't even started mixing/mastering yet; I've been posting here and drawing crap all day.

You got a thread on that other imageboard, right? I'll drop it off there when I'm done! When are you planning to finish your game, anyways?

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not your blog niggers

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What board?

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TAKE IT TO PM, ZU- oh wait, carry on!

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Heh, pretty nice of you to respond and thanks for informing me of your progress.

Should I hand you the thread link directly or just tell you the title to look for?

November 2008 is our release date, so have fun, it'll take a while but we'll get there.

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>November 2008 is our release date, so have fun, it'll take a while but we'll get there.

Can I borrow your time machine, bro? I've got some things I need to take care of in 1994.

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>November 2008 is our release date
>Currently December 24th, 2008

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>November 2008
>December 2008

I hope you meant 2009.

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Yeah, totally, we're going

Okay, so the cold's gotten to me. I meant November 2009.

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Choja from that past? Is that you?

Also, what other stages are you making? My pants will explode if there's a Sanae or Kanako stage.

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Oof, I'm attracting more attention than I wanted because I made a mistake. AWESOME!

There is a Kanako stage but it's already taken.
However, it's best you finish the one you have right now, there's the need to evaluate.

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Of course. I can't wait to hear what your music bro comes up with for that stage, though.

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What are you guys talking about? I want to hear music.

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Oh, I thought I was being ignored because I'm from P-Word.

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Philippines is close to Gensokyo so it's okay.

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Oh ZUN, got a great idea. You can post the song you make in the Music Thread. It'll be related and it'll be excellent (and your eyes won't burn from our existence, AHAHAHAHAHA, oh right).

Win-win situation.

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In other news, unlimited ZUN works.

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Could you guys please explain what the hell your doing, Its like getting trolled by tripfags, and /jp/ doesnt need this shit on christmas eve...

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Oh, that's easy to explain.

I'm making a project called MegaMari X, an anon in /jp/ managed to mention it, I confirmed it, ZUN wanted to be a musician for it, I asked him for a sample of his style, ZUN arranges Letty's Stage Theme so I can evaluate it and see if he's good enough to work with my other musician.

Is that good enough?

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And I just realized that if people didn't know what I was talking about, they'd think I meant the real ZUN and that would be hilarious.

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I was going to create a thread, but this seems appropriate enough.

What programs does ZUN use for his music? I know I've been told this before, but I totally forgot. Forgive me.

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good enough answer for me.

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That sounds like you're not satisfied. What more would you need?

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What on earth are you doing.

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Recruiting another member to be in my staff, what else?

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Well, all right. If you insist.

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I've already given the information to them, so I have no other business here.