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I came here today to share some plumps with you. Alas, the old thread died! Here you go /jp/, gifts for everyone!

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The only "gift" I'll recieve willingly from this thread is if it dies with no replies.
Give it a break and stop making threads so soon after each other dies.

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Go to /e/ already '"kudasai' '

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Guess I'll partially appeal to your request and won't make anymore threads this year

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One of the worst Mokou's ive ever seen.
Into the blacklist they go.

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Mmm. Nah. Stop next year as well.

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Ah wash mahself with a rag on a stick.

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post more fat bitches

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Not really my type of thread, but a necrobump for this gentleman

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Fat is bad and you should feel bad.

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Mating PressHus

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I want to date, cuddle and marry a chubby youkai. Use her thighs as a pillow on a warm Spring day.

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no!!!!!! this is not ran!!!!

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I love chubby, fat, and obese touhous but please give it at least a few weeks before you make a new thread. The last 2-3 threads have been basically dead because as soon as one dies another zombie thread is made.

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fuck off with your /e/ shit, there is an entire board for this type of content and you don't need to be clogging this one with what is essentially another general

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OP here, I understand, though I must say the desire to post plumps was hard to resist.

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tigg :DD

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Why don't you just say fat?

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Because "fat" is mostly pejorative, and denotes an excess of, while plump always indicates a pleasant amount of fat.

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bump for more meat