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How do you think ZUN will take the direction of the next game? I've noticed he usually completely changes the engine like every two games or so. I really hope he will keep the style of MoF and SA, though.

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>I really hope he will keep the style of MoF and SA, though.

Really? I hope it will DIE.
Fuck do I hate the HURR BOMBS=POWER.

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the next step:

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team Modo

Remilia is the playable character. Collect power ups to get Sakuya for more firepower.
collect more powerup for China.
Same goes for all Teams

Dragon for final boss to justify team modo

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Touhou: The FPS

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Touhou comination with VN

death will end in bad ends

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Touhou the RTS game.

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Touhou in FPS.

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Okay, with the exception of that surprisingly retarded mechanic, I wish he would keep certain things the same. Stuff such as the stars for spell cards, the heroine sprites, how the squares gravitate toward your character when you're focusing. I also liked the auto-collect when you graze enough feature in SA, though I doubt he will keep that.

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Touhou the RPG

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Touhou Fortress 2

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IN teamplay please

Maguya and Mokou team would be like the best thing ever

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I Wanna Be The Touhou : The Movie : The Game

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Touhalo is superior

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Super Touhou Wars

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Left 4 Touhou

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Patchcon (but then again it's more like a mobile Tower Defense game than a traditional RTS)

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Gears of Touhou

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The next Touhou Game will be called "ZUN throwing huge hissyfit because of Maikaze", aka Tôhô Shûchûneirôbôsomething.

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>squares gravitate toward your character when you're focusing
What? Do you mean options?

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Super Touhou Bros.

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Aya Climax

Now Touhou with more Aya!!

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Fire Emblem

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Red and blue squares, and those stars.

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Shoot the Rabbits.

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Reimu dies.

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Receive stew.

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PoFV 2 effectively

It's not the "best" Touhou game but when I first played it online I was very pleasantly surprised by it, so another multi player online danmaku game (instead of a pseudo fighting/danmaku game) would be nice.

But PoFV could be so much better, so it'd be cool if that's what's next.

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Ditch the extra lives system too. It makes me feel doubly retarded when I mess up a spell card.

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Yessss, Cirno's Perfect Math Class Part 2!

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Stage 4 must have another encounter against Reimu or Marisa depending on your character select, just like Touhou 4 and 8. Complete with new themes, of course.

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ZUN learns the wonders of the Inaccurate Demo. The levels and bosses encountered in the Demo do not actually appear in the actual game.

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I wish for Mima back and the return of a PCB type game. But yeah I think we can all agree that SA's lives and bomb stock set up is shit.

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Super Touhou Kart Racing 64

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TH12 will feature at least 3 playable characters.
The whole game is a misunderstanding.
The incident would have solved itself if Reimu didn't attack them.

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>The whole game is a misunderstanding.
>The incident would have solved itself if Reimu didn't attack them.
It's like I'm really in Imperishable Night!

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Goddammit, no.

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I'm pretty sure it will be an Arkanoid clone.

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TH12 predictions:
- Teams return, but this time you can MIX AND MATCH FUCK YEAH
- One boss will be 2 or even 3 individuals like the Prismriver Sisters no wait LET'S HAVE 4 LIKE THE NINJA TURTLES
- One boss will require you to shoot energy barriers around her before you can cause damage

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Touhou 12 will have hueg villians

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Rin Satsuki will be the EX-Boss.

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Yorihime will be final villian

Eirin EX

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Grown Up Rumia for EX-Stage boss.

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Touhou will never have huge villains like every other shmup.
That'd make it generic.

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>TH12 predictions:
>Teams return, but this time you can MIX AND MATCH FUCK YEAH
Maybe, I can't imagine Orin flying around alone
>One boss will be 2 or even 3 individuals like the Prismriver Sisters no wait LET'S HAVE 4 LIKE THE NINJA TURTLES
Haven't had that in a while, maybe 2.
>One boss will require you to shoot energy barriers around her before you can cause damage
Those energy barrier are really minions with low health. They explode in danmaku and fill the whole screen if you shoot more than one at a time.

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Evil eye sigma and flower tank

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... are actually pretty small.

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5 Magic Stones, next are either Shinki or the HrTP bosses.

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>5 Magic Stones

Multiple enemies don't really count.
Do you thing Concerto Grosso as one thing?


Not that big, and only because of her wings.

>HrTP bosses.

Not a shmup.

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Those are larger than the normal little girls, but they're not quite usual shmup faire.

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not moe enough

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you should have posted giant Suika

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Miko is better

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>Fuck do I hate the HURR BOMBS=POWER.

Why exactly do people hate this? I kind of like that new mechanic, along with the new life piece system too.

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because they are shit tier and need to bomb their way through the game

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There's a lot of strategy to using FULL POWER MODE and Bombs.
Forcing you to use them in tandem fucks you over as bosses typically do not shovel out mountains of Power.

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>There's a lot of strategy to using FULL POWER MODE and Bombs.

You mean holding on to them until the last boss and using them all in a row to save lives?

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Bomb more
be good at touhou?

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>Forcing you to use them in tandem fucks you over as bosses typically do not shovel out mountains of Power.

So basically, there is nothing wrong with that system at all?

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Yuyuko is huge when her background is included.

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Bombs should be weaker.
Bombs using power doesn't really work as they are now. Enemies killed while a bomb is in use should not leave any Power or Point items.

Actually, all bombs should be like Nitori's. (as weak as).
Sakuya could have her time stopping ability. Just like in SSiB, Sakuya can stop time anytime she wants. If there is a gap in the barrage, she can use it to stay alive, if not, raise the white flag. Time Stop costs XX power + additional power for every frame it is active.

Patchouli... maybe one of those blue watery bubbles around her. A big bubble that defends from bullets. It becomes smaller with every bullet hitting it (bigger bullets, bigger effect) until it finally bursts and erases all all bullets surrounding the player.
Something like that for every player.

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Leave bombs alone, you nerfing whore.

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Hmm. Very nice. I especially liked this simple and balanced solution.
>Enemies killed while a bomb is in use should not leave any Power or Point items.

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>I can't 1cc easy modo.

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Bombs could consume all power and start working from a certain power level.
Max power would be easier reached and be only about 2x (max) as strong as attack without power.

Or just leave it as it is and have one character/option with max power 2.00 for fun/being broken.

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Everyone of you should be able to see that ZUN is ditching lol Masterspark POWER bombs in favor of variable strategic abilities.

In SA, they aren't even called bombs anymore. They are 霊撃発動 (Spirit Attack)

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>TL;DR about bomb nerfing
Why would you do that to the spell cards you monster?

Also, China would be one of the playable characters due to popularity.

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I think that Touhou is about beautiful patterns, so unless these screen filling bombs show me beautiful patterns, they should at least not destroy the beautiful pattern of the enemy (even a whole life for that spellcard like in MoF)

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Lunatic Eyes

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As long as Japanese ZUN makes it nothing like IN, then he will be fine.

He knows what a blunder that game was anyways.

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I miss CtC's FUCK YEAH Master Spark.

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Then ZUN is wrong.

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...and you can make ZUN change his opinion?

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Hey, that was a good game! I just didn't like the point system.

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ITT: elitists hating on casual Touhou players which is worse than hating casuals that only follow the manga and music, I think

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then who is who?

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then who was phone?

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Fuck yes. I say they bring back the PC-98 style bombs, where it's all whiteness and a picture of the character and you don't know what the hell's going on.

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I like these threads because they are the only Touhou threads that are about Touhou.

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never said I hated it, just saying what it is

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You know, I miss the system from PCB where if you bomb while focused, it's a different bomb than if you bomb unfocused.

I'd definitely bring that back. Fuck, it never should have left. It would have been awesome if SA's AliceMarisa team could have had unfocused bomb be the laser, and focused bomb be Marisa pitching the doll at the enemy and detonating it on contact/proximity for a big-ass explosion.

Marisa without being flashy about her magic just isn't Marisa.

The other team-ups, and also Reimu's, should have been like that, too.

I mean, he gave us various tactical options with the shots themselves, why not with the bombs?

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No, >>1814249 is right. The point of bombs in almost every shooter is to clear a big area around you, to give you a breathing room. Happens in DDP, happens in Mushi, happens in Geometry Wars. That's what a bomb IS. In SA I felt like bombing was a reasonable strategy only in *three* places in the whole game. Because it was never, ever, EVER worth it to lose power in exchange for a bomb which doesn't even hit bosses unless you rush to their face (I play mainly MarisaB). Well, actually, that's not completely true, I did bomb with one character regularly, though. Marisa C. As to why, see next paragraph. The screen-darkening helped me a lot.

As to my own wihes... this is going to sound strange, and I know it's utterly impossible, but I'd love to have the mainly 2D backgrounds back. The new 3D ones disorient me something fierce, which is only aggravated by the much more intrusive spellcard backgrounds lately - I can beat PCB and EoSD Extra, yet I usually lose a couple of lives to Sanae in normal because I can't freaking see some of the bullets.

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FUCKING BACKGROUNDS, god they're a huge part of why I hate MoF, although SA wasn't nearly as bad in terms of bullet/background contrast.

Although one of the worst for me is Kaguya's spellcard background combined with yellow bullets, and when the spell circle gets in the way it's even worse.

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I think the most viable solution would be to have an option to replace the background with an image of the right size if you want.

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>You know, I miss the system from PCB where if you bomb while focused, it's a different bomb than if you bomb unfocused.

That IS technically how it works in IN.
I also liked the high-powered Counterbombs, but that makes it a bit broken. (lol Fantasy Seal ~Blink~ > everyfuckingthing)

You know, I liked IN the best even if it WAS the easiest. It was the most gentle to get into and the most in-depth with extras.
In short, >>1814313 is a fgt.

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PC-98 backgrounds are fucking hypnotic

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I hope it successfully utilizes the third dimension.

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Ugg, my eyes...
Also, are they really harder than the Window games as some have claimed? I randomly started Mystic Square and played it Normal on a small screen where I could barely see shit, was unfamiliar with Mima, and still got farther on my first attempt without continues than any Windows games. Heck, I died on Parsee the first time I got to her. Are the PC98 games easier or do they scale up in difficulty towards the end?

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Bombs should be more equal. Barrier-type bombs that aren't aggressive just seem useless compared to screen-clearing bombs.

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>I felt like bombing was a reasonable strategy only in *three* places in the whole game

Reasonable strategy? What the fuck are you talking about? Bombs are certainly used strategically for scoring purposes, but why should they ever be used for anything else? The strategy one should use when playing Touhou (or any other shooter) is to not fuck up, and therefore not have to bomb at all. To bomb at all (outside of playing for score) means that you made a mistake.

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Marisa B has the weakest bomb in the game, though.

>> No.1815351

People bomb out of mistakes? fucking shocked.

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I bomb when I'm scared of dying ;_;

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>Bombs are certainly used strategically for scoring purposes
>for scoring purposes

That's good to know, aniki.

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>People bomb out of mistakes? fucking shocked.

Bombing out of mistakes = super acceptable
Bombing as a "reasonable strategy" = fucking retarded

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This is one of the places where bombing is both a "reasonable strategy" and "scoring purpose". The yellow fairies in the top row can hardly be reached without bombing, and if you bomb, they replenish your Power by about 2.0 or even more just before the boss begins. The game just tells you to "fuck that shit and hit the bomb button"

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Yeah, I hate how the highest scores in pretty much every touhou game are reserved for whoever knows how to bomb in the right places for maximum graze.

Imho, the highest possible scores should be reserved for the people who can not only graze like the motherfucking fist of the north star, but also not bomb EVER in an entire playthrough, or extra stage.

At least ZUN had the sense to make it so spellcards can't be bombed through to get the most score, but pretty much everywhere else is free game. Make it so bombing takes away 100000 points or something, or at least something to negate abusing massive graze points during the bomb.

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Difficulty Normal * 1
Bombs used * 0.X

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Honestly, if ZUN used an engine's like PCB with some augmentation, it'd easily be the best game in the series.

>> No.1817880

I'd love to see the older games revisited with the polish ZUN applies to the newer games

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So, where can I buy this background made into a fan? Inb4 faggot.

>> No.1817884

>Bombs used * 0.X
You mean 1/X right?

>> No.1817896


I hope there is someplace that sells them for not inflated prices.

>> No.1817906

Paletweb doesn't have that particular fan by the way.

>> No.1817908

Uh... that's a lot for what I presume is made of paper.