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What are your thoughts about Shion?

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Mion is better.

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Hello wizard Mokou/Seiga.

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She looks like Mokou, except blue.
Mokou is best 2hu.
Instant favorite.

Helps that she's less of a pushover than I first thought.

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Poverty moe is great.

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>not Shaun
Fixed it for you.

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Hello P2 Mokou

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I want to smash her face with a brick so I can get a toothless blowjob

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First post best post.

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Shion poverty-forced prostitution doujin when?

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I can't wait

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Cute Mokou.

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I like her sister better

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Who? All I see is Mokou wearing blue. Good for her. Finally recognizing the superior colour.

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Nice job censoring the yamabiko titty.

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Dumb loli gyaru slut.

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How long till people start pairing her and Mokou together in fanart?

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File: 138 KB, 850x755, __fujiwara_no_mokou_and_yorigami_shion_touhou_drawn_by_robin_unlimited_world__sample-3f13251df47e75e74a6c30c0804b6ee4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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I like money and I like cute girls getting hit on the stomach so she's become my role model

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Her makeshift 'brass knuckles' are amazing.

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looks like idol shit kinda

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Why the hoodie? It's not like Shion will be able to pull that hood up - she has way too much hair for that.

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It's simple yet fashionable.
She may be the god of poverty, but she's still a 2hu, they need to look good.

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bully the newhus

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*Teleports behind you*
Not so fast!

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Not so fast!

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Favourite newhou this year, the hoodie sells it for me.

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Personally I'd rather see Jo'on being the slutty loli she looks like, picking men up and collecting used condoms. Shion is too gloomy for the usual prostitution, I'm sure that someone can do something more elaborate with her.

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Because she's poor.

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Looks like she doesn't bathe. I like it.

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She looks like a skank. I like her.

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>80's extortioner

So she's basically a Pimp?

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Why are they making trouble in Gensokyo and what is their relation to Doremy?

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I want to be her bitch


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I'm in love with this

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Shion is like me as a 2hu

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I can't tell if Shion has long hair or short hair...

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The artwork implies long hair, but the sprite implies short hair. I don't know...

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in her sprite it's hidden by her mystic ghost tails, but it's long in her art

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gonna take some time to get used to blue mokou.

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>Why are they making trouble in Gensokyo

They want money.

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she's just too fashionable

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What exactly are their abilities? Shake down cash (and luck) from people?

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Joon shakes down the cash, Shion shakes down the luck.

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If she's so poor then why doesn't she just sell her body?

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Edits when

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She looks like she is doing the blow job pose in the thumbnail

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She's more of a "steals money from you" goddess than anything.

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What attack is this? I tried all of her spellcards and none showed this screen.

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It's her ulti

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Oh, I see. How do you perform it

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im loving her even more

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Never mind, figured it out. C+D with a two-bar full spell bar. If you miss, you lose one bar and can't use Last Words or Tag-Team Spellcards until the next round.

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Is this the new fighting game that is coming out?

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already out. comiket started today

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Ah, nice. So, where can I buy, or otherwise obtain, it?

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That's her win pose!? Insta fav

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there was a thread with a dl link a while ago but it might be in the archive right now. it's going up on steam in about a week though, so you can buy it then.

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As long as we get games in advance at comiket, I'm fine with it.

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You gotta run the updater for it to run though

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Can't wait for doujins where Shion sells her younger sister's body for money.

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Don't call it a comeback! I been here for years! Rockin' my peers, puttin' suckas in fear!

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Building a shrine to worship Shion!

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Then you find out you owe property fines to Jo'on for illegal development!
It was her plan all along!

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Poor touhou kids don't have money for haircuts, anyway.

>> No.18121547

And who's going to force me to pay her lol

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Your goddess, Shion!

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I am betting that Shion will appear as the PS4 version exclusive

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The way people spell their names (Joon and Shion) makes them look like korean names

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Would you prefer jew and Shawn?

>> No.18122763

I don't think anyone prefers that. Just saying.

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Gooks and Jews are literally the same.

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She's not Jun, she's Joon.
If you're on /jp/, you should understand the difference.

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They are a S&M couple afterall.

Shion is a full blown masochist, when Miko meets her and is disgusted. Miko starts insulting her openly as a filthy degenerate and Shion actually gets off on it. Turns out Shion interprets insults as nothing but compliments and the worse they are inversely the more flattering they are to her.

Jo'on steals cash and her general ability is basically to induce mass consumption and waste in people.

The sisters take advantage of the full possession event to have Shion possess people infecting them with her pestilence abilities of limitless bad luck and poverty to make Jo'on undefeatable.

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Hemo's on the move!

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>take advantage of the full possession event
So they weren't responsible for it?
I wonder if we'll go further into TH17 or yet another fighting game to solve that.

>> No.18124179

The plot thickens

>> No.18124368

Urban Legends are still lurking around, Perfect Possession will persist to be a thing. Reimu has lost her touch. No wonder she got her shit pushed in by Okina before she got Yukari to help her.

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Yorigami's have nothing to do with causing the incident and if anything in their route end up helping with the cleanup.

The entire full possession incident is ultimately all a result of delayed fallout back from the LoLK and ULiL incidents and that one chapter from WaHH about Sumireko's dream bubbles ended up setting the scene for AoCF.

Doremy is in AoCF because this is effectively her responsibility and she is here on full scale damage control. Yukari actually doesn't understand what is going on and has lost control of the situation since the Dream World is out of her jurisdiction and was the one who dragged Doremy into Gensokyo to explain.

This might actually be the explanation for Okina showing up in TH16 as Yukari's backup. The fight with dream Kasen also points at this outcome since it reveals Kasen's deeper thoughts she has been holding back all the time. Kasen thinks Yukari is out of her depth and wants to directly take control of the situation by crushing the problems.

Probably. Especially since Shion & Tenshi are apparently now running around causing problems Seija style.

If anything maybe a ISC2 game...

Also I think dream Yukari is unaccounted for...

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Unironically supporting this anon's implication that a model /jp/sie should learn to read at least hiragana.

>> No.18125241

I miss his Hecka-chan.

>> No.18125682

Her art looks great, but het sprite is fucking terrible and I hate everything about it.

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Hey, to be fair, Okina is basically the creator of Gensokyo compared to how Yukari is only the 'gardener' to Okina's said creation. Reimu getting her shit kicked in doesn't seem too farfetched.

>> No.18125785

then shouldn't it be "Joun?" nobody romanizes おう as "oo" and nobody writes おお when they're sounding out a Japanese word.

or did ZUN/tasofro make that the official romanization just to be dicks?

>> No.18125803

よりがみ じょおん

>> No.18125829

i guess i would expect it to be じょうん but i can't think of a regular word to compare it to. maybe that is normal.

>> No.18125841

I liked the final fight with her because I got to spam Fantasy Seal, just like in a classic touhou game

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Shion is stinky, STINKY!

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>Yorigami's have nothing to do with causing the incident and if anything in their route end up helping with the cleanup.
>The entire full possession incident is ultimately all a result of delayed fallout back from the LoLK and ULiL incidents and that one chapter from WaHH about Sumireko's dream bubbles ended up setting the scene for AoCF.
Sagume-sama sure is amazing.

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From what I understand of it, the Yorigamis DO have something to do with it. From what I understand, they were the ones who spread the idea of Perfect Possession around to make it like an Urban Legend. Thus, by abusing the unresolved incident, they could carry out their "ultimate get-rich-quick scheme" and become an unbeatable pair.
In the end, they are basically coerced into the clean-up, since they didn't know it would affect the Dream World the way it did.

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she's trash

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I love her

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ZUN should do this to his new multi-boss characters. The fact they look and act very different from each other makes them much more memorable. I hope the next one isn't the new Tsukumo or Prismriver sisters.

>> No.18128828

Wew, it was hard focusing on the final battle with the Prismrivers showing her legs like that. This is the lewdest official game to date.

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File: 197 KB, 1000x1240, __yorigami_jo_on_and_yorigami_shion_antinomy_of_common_flowers_and_touhou_drawn_by_shan__57760c8248e6fdcec52c97d094531224.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want Jo'on abusing Shion yuri incest doujins!

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Too poor to afford a gelbooru character tag so she's a content tag.

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>Go outside and see this
What do you do?

>> No.18142346

give headpats and change

>> No.18142368

Ask for her sister.

>> No.18142415

She looks like something that Mizuryu Kei gets off to.

>> No.18142500

But she doesn't have weird feet or giant breasts

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Friendship ended with JO'ON

Now TENKO is my best friend

>> No.18142991

Around the same time as the Jo'on rape doujins.

>> No.18143179

I hate yuri but her dialogue about Tenshi is the gayest thing I've seen in official Touhou.

>> No.18143408

Exactly how gay?

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>C'mon, this celestial is amazing!
>She doesn't even mind me getting close to her.
>If I stick with her, maybe even I can find happiness.

>> No.18145675

Just look at the kanji of her name, then you won't be confused about the hiragana spelling.

>> No.18146211

Tenko x Shion cutest OTP.

>> No.18146935


I would let her live with me and take care of her while giving her hugs and kisses

>> No.18147133

OK, so hear me out here. What if you took Shion in, but regularly visited Hina and prayed at the Moriya shrine? What would happen then?

Better yet, just move in with Hina with Shion as your roommate, and watch the spinny goddess get fat from misfortune.

>> No.18147157

Urban Legends is on sagume, she ended up changing Gensokyo's root permanently or something iiuc. I think even she can't change it back. So even if reimu beats her up again, it isn't going to change back, probably.

>> No.18147843

>just move in with Hina
Hina may recollect misfortune, but she also give it without wanting, so you'll be pretty fucked up

>> No.18148020

>Shion interprets insults as nothing but compliments and the worse they are inversely the more flattering they are to her.
What if Seija's insulting her?

>> No.18148326

What about a happy married life with Shion as your wife and Tewi as your daughter? With lots of oyakodon

>> No.18148339

You could just give up all your fortune and live the ascetic life. You'll be poor, but you'll be rich in heart.

>> No.18148444

aaand time to look for porn

>> No.18148478

An ascetic who owns nearly nothing is still wealthier than most poor people are nowadays, since a lot of people owe more than they own. Your life wouldn't be ascetic, it'd be a constant run from the debt collectors.

>> No.18149325

>Jo'on steals cash and her general ability is basically to induce mass consumption and waste in people.
I didn't know that ZUN is woke enough to introduce goddesses of capitalism. I need to revise my view on him.

>> No.18152785

I like that Shion is more evil than Joon, based on their storymode's ending. (But I hate her sprite so much!)
Also, the sisters splitting and Shion teaming up with Tenshi is great. I love how Touhou has plenty of characters who are straight up bad people.

>> No.18152934

What's wrong with her sprite?

>> No.18153000

He has some political views which are... interesting, he even talks about weed and religion. I think it was in Strange Creators of Outside World but I'm not sure on which one, I think it was somewhere on the 4th volume.

>> No.18153005

>There are a lot of people these days who treat the law as absolute, but when you look into why the laws were written it's often really stupid. Like, it's easy enough to understand why you'd ban marijuana, but when you ask why marijuana is no good but alcohol is OK it just doesn't make any sense. That's just how the law is, but I think it's obvious that when society is like that then religion, which makes even more rules, wouldn't do well at all. So the modern tendency to make religion "the enemy" is the fault of the law. When there are both religious precepts and national laws, they're going to conflict somewhere.

>> No.18153053

I don't get it.

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is mugen aware

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It's official
ZUN wants it legalized.

>> No.18153159

I do not believe Yuuka would burn any plant.

>> No.18154103

What it sounds to me like ZUN is saying is that authoritarianism is inherently absurd. The laws and edicts imposed, and not only them but the seat of authority itself, is treated as being divine and above the realm of the common man, yet it's all based on arbitrary decisions that are often made for very banal, petty, or flawed reasons. The emperor can title himself the lord of heaven and earth if he wants, yet he still shits in a chamber pot just like a peasant,a nd he's ultimately not one iota any better than the peasant.

>> No.18154126

>I didn't know that ZUN is woke enough to introduce goddesses of capitalism. I need to revise my view on him.
ZUN's an anti-corporatist and a traditionalist - think of him a bit like Varg Vikernes but without the xenophobia and identitarianism.

>> No.18154568

Even the dead, dried out ones? That's like cremating a corpse at this point.

>> No.18154629

Doremy is my mom and shion is also my wife, so now doremy is shion's mother in law.

>> No.18154656

Haha, you're married to a god of poverty!

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even though we live in a cardboard box in the middle of arizona, we still have fun and enjoy drinking homemade moonshine with grass i find in people's lawns. mommy doremy doesn't do a lot to help out anymore. i think she's given up.
It's all worth it for my love!

>> No.18156697

Her eyes. Her hair. The excessive animation. It doesn't even look like her portrait (which is great, one of the best in the game despite her hands), it's like they're two completely different characters.

>> No.18158213
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Honestly I like her more than her sister, but her sister is just so much more memeable!

>> No.18160422

Ha ha ha those epic memes!

>> No.18160719

>no golden rush seija vs
>or seija and joon vs reimu wallet

>> No.18160753

what if ALISON is ZUN in disguise?