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Yo dude, I'm a fairy. Let me in

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I'm calling Reimu.

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begone, slaneeshi breed
the inquisitor is in home

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It's cold out here, cmon

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He can't save you.

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get naked and waggle your butt in front of the window and I'll think about it

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>hags looking at you through the window

kinda spooky desu

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You are not a fairy. Please go away!

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I'd let her in, to RAPE her!

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She is a youkai anon. She is infinately stronger than you.

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I would gladly let yuuka in.

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You don't get a say in this matter anyway. She lets herself in.

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My door is always unlocked so fairies can get in easily, but they always unhinge the window frames. Atleast Yuuka won't do similar? Right? Like removing every wall in my house in one direction?

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*open door sound*

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Not true though.

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Girls are to be more modest Rumia. Don't talk while chewing your food. It is bad manners.

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I want to bully that nerd but I don't want to satisfy that smug smile by letting her in, what do I do?

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I do NOT believe in celestials!

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Wait for it.

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Sakuya cleaning up after rude 2hus putting their oily skin all over the glass!

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why is there an explosion?

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Proof that Rumia is not dangerous, just highly autistic

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"This day's lunch menu is fine too" she's probably thinking there.

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Because she's a cool girl, and something obediently exploded itself so she would be able not to look at it!

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Why would a man let fairies into his house in the first place?

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If you're lucky it might be a brownie that'll clean up your house if you give it a glass of milk.
But it might also be any number of other fairies that'll just fuck your shit up.

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to give them headpats

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isn’t being highly autistic with sharp teeth kinda dangerous though

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Dude I let the fairy in but now all it does is sit on my lap and eat all my cake.

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No. Not t all.
Rumia is a cute girl. That negates anything considered bad.
Come on, she won't bite.

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s-stop that anon, I legitimately have oily and sweaty skin and I'm really sensitive about it

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Nice tits.

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Thicken your skin anon.

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I don't want to do hard labor and scrape my skin everyday til I develop rough palms and lose sensitivity in my hands

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I meant it figuratively.

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I let a fairy into my house but now I've developed pedophilic tendencies!

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Bullshit, they're over a 1000 years old.

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it doesn't matter how old your wife is as long as you're 100% devoted to her

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Why are fairies so cute /jp/?

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So they can seduce you and harvest your semen for their vile witchcraft rituals.

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I'll let it in a fairy, dude

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How cruel!

What is their usual semen extraction method?

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Tripping over something while pulling her panties down and their dresses up.
Their inviting aroma and pose entices all males to spend hours ejaculating inside.
There's been talks of more aggressive, well-developed fairies raping poor men with their tits.

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It clearly hurled Yuuka and she crashed into the window.

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I think you have cause and effect backward!

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Yo fairy, I'm a dude. Let me out

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So everybody wins. Where do I find a fairy? I've always wanted to partake in a ritual.

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This one consorts with the fairies! A witch!

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File: 106 KB, 850x1008, __cirno_hidden_star_in_four_seasons_and_touhou_drawn_by_minamura_haruki__sample-e403d628374ddfa07e3bf8dcae8742ec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are not safe, you know. Not consorting with the fairies says a lot about who you choose to lay with.

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I honestly don't know what you're implying

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You know exactly what I'm implying, bender.

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Tanned Cirno is the best fairy ever.

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I want to sniff Rumia's panties

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I will not buy this noseless dork's meat!

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I hear you can get some exclusive cuts from some weird pork at Rumia's for cheap. It's a nice deal, but the way she smiles at customers when they ask for it is kinda creepy.

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But who was butcher?

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This picture makes more sense if you assume she's either a regular customer of our modern word's fine meat-offering establishments or is robbing the place.

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She's behind the counter so I doubt she's a customer.

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Rumia-chan is the belliest!

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A bit like putting Remilla in charge of the blood bank there.

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I bet she doesn't even have ten fingers!

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several were devoured in times of weakness as tasty snacks

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Let the loli grue in. Let it be pitch black and get "eaten" by a grue.

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I know you're not from around here! Heathen!

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I don't know if she's hungry or thirsty

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that is so sexist i cant even

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Christmas cake is fine with me anon

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Wow, a Touhou 6: Koumakyou ~ Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - stage 1 (Marisa playthrough) reference in /jp/? Color me surprised!

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I wish she didn't have so much human eater art.

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Let. Me. In!

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That monitor was expensive
Not cool Marisa

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Shes probably cold out there I'd let her in, that smug face of hers is pretty cute as well.

>> No.18108153

she's gonna beat you up dude

>> No.18108298

Beat him up?
More like set up a target to send a meteor hurling towards.
Tenko is more liable to rock your shit than actually be helpful, them mock him saying "didn't your parents tell you to not let strangers into your house?" Afterward.

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She has tears streaming down her face anon! What did you do to Marisa?

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It wasn't worth losing a few hundred dollars!
Maybe it was...

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I let the grue in. What now?

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I think I got duped. She just smacked the back of my head and stole my second monitor.

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A few hundred dollars is NOTHING compared to Marisa's happiness!

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Regret not making a will to pass your belongings onto Reimu.
You are D O N E- Dead friend.
See you in the afterlife. I'll be sure to tell you of everything you missed in Genso-land

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Please do come in..

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I would if I could! She just won't listen to me right now.

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Can I come inside too?

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How can you say no this that face?

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Close the curtains.

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File: 100 KB, 850x480, __master_chief_and_rumia_appleseed_halo_game_and_touhou_drawn_by_hetza_hellshock__sample-7183eb584a4788032cc63a10c7f7ee87.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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How to survive the grue.

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Aah, Rumia's shapely butt!

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Overexposure to Rumia’s private parts may result in death or new life, depending.

>> No.18122500

>new life
This is never the case.
Rumia may be stupid, but she isn't stupid

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Let her in! Clestials a-
Yeah. About that.

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Thank you!

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Rumia is a holy creature!

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You're supposed to use that opportunity to bully them. Squash the cake into their tiny fairy faces

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I might consider it if you show me your panties.

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A girl.

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Yo, dude, I'm a fairy. Let me in.

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Yo dude, I'm an in, let me fairy.

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Absolutely frightening.

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Yo in, I'm an fairy, let me dude

>> No.18171966

I'm yo dude, let me in a fairy

>> No.18172706

Thanks for posting THAT tenshi

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Hey now! Let me in!

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>>18171966 is only correct version

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Oh no! Run Anon! Komachi has come for your soul! Its your time to leave Gensokyo!

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tell me your email please

>> No.18186198

[email protected]

>> No.18186548

The door and windows were unlocked Yuuka...

>> No.18186638

There's nothing scary about Yuuka! You all just naturally piss her off!
She's REALLY nice once you get to know her!

Maybe the reason why we got along is because we're both fond of Fairies!

>> No.18186750


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Fairies aren't real

>> No.18189312

they actually are

>> No.18189399

Have they been going through a genetically mutated dormant phase? Asking for a halfling friend who posts here often.

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Prove it, nerd

>> No.18190126

I dont think so pal

>> No.18190129


you're a fairy. a real poofter.

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She is a spooky momhu.

>> No.18196149

maternity is a spook

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nooooooo poor suika :(

>> No.18211835

Only if you believe it!

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