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How much time does Mokou spend tying her ribbons every morning? Also post cute Mokous.

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What if they grow back?
If they don't, how many does she have since they probably keep burning up?

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Hug the Mokou, kiss the Mokou.

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they don't since her body state saved withe elixer happened without them.

She's probably developed some form of quick tie method over the decades.

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Campfire fun

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Consider that when Mokou returns from total annihilation in the games, she is clothed.
Her sense of soul might contain the clothes, and her immortal soul is the one reconstructing the body.

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Isn't she forever 14 or 15?

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Who would win /jp/?

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Way to state the obvious. Captain O. Faggot.

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The Mokou.
Pheonix>Bear always.

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That wasn't a statement.
It was a question.

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Yes and no.
She is immortal and does not age.
No, she is oover 1300 years old.

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Does the bear owns a gun?

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The bear. You know, just like that dog in that doujin.

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Bear's fucked.

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I just masturbated to moko getting mating pressed by a stray dog!

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If that was a grizzly, it could be near 3 meters when standing on it's hind legs compared to Mokou's 1.5 or less. Bears will fuck you up.

Obviously Mokou could just burn it (don't have to obey spellcard rules vs a bear) or fly, but that's cheating.

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The mokou secret service is on it's way to make YOU have mating press sex with a stray dog.

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Mokou hasn't lived for thousands of years to lose to something's that just got brute strength.

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Unfortunately, that is a human limit , immortal or not.
And bears are smarter than some monkeys.

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If she can handle youkais she can handle a bear.

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You have absolutely no claim to know such truths.

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None, because I'm the one who ties her ribbons each morning.

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Does Mokou have any lewd underwear?

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Mokou doesn't bathe. As she drank the elixir, none of her skin cells die so she never smells!

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What if she drank the elixir being dirty and sweaty.
Or while having a headache.
What if she drank it while thinking "I fucking hate that bitch Kaguya so much" so that's why she can't just forget it.

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Mokou is nopan

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Pants but nopan? Don't be dumb.

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Why do you like her /jp/?

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That's not how it works, it doesn't freeze her body at one point in time, it makes her soul completely and utterly indestructible and immovable. Normally when the body dies, the soul dies with it, but when Mokou's body dies, the soul remains, and thus the body regenerates around it.

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>human limit
>in touhou
You know Reimu is a human, right?

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That's a relief.

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Don't forget to smoke today anons.

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She's a priestess.She getting her powers from something.
Her greatest ability isn't even confirmed to be naturally hers.

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She's more accurately a vessel.

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On it, chief!

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Good man.

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Fuck you!

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Hey fire girl, I think you've got the wrong door. The self-immolation club is 2 blocks down.

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Eirins drugs must’ve been like a steroid for mokou

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Wouldn't that make her very hungry? I certainly would be.

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Mokou is COOL!

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She looks pretty HOT to me. Here's a cool Mokou.

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Dafuq is that supposed to mean!?
Yeah nvm, makes sense anyway

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Actually yes. She can starve and die and regen but she should eat to avoid that feeling.

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Smoking increases testosterone.

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I want to smoke with mokou

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Get in line boy.

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Why get in line for one go, when you can line up and all have a go.
You could start a conversation with Mokou as well as other /jp/sies!

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Cute enough I hope.

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That's a cute clothes swap.

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looks like the cover to a doujin

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Moko is too cool for the rest of you losers lol.

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what is this? Heartwarming images for ants?

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Happy New Year Mokou!
Continue being the best 'hu!

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I think he mean pants with no パンツ under it.
You know it: just unzip an get delish.

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It's cute that Mokou desperately tries to hide the fact that she's a fan of the Prismrivers and would go as far as to dodge the question on if she really is one.

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So Mokou pairs with Mamizou in their story mode scenario. I was a disappointed, I would have preferred most other characters to the tanuki, but they worked well together. Mamizou likes to think and scheme and Mokou just wants to fight.

Speaking of which, Mokou is a fan of Dream Reisen.

><udonge> Perfect timing! My last opponent will be you, immortal!
><udonge> C'mon, let's fight!
>Mokou: Wow, that makes me so happy. I can't believe little Reisen is challenging me to a fight.

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my dick appreciates this image

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Pants is hard

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She should just switch to skirts. They're much easier to operate than trousers.

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Absolutely not.

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That Mokou sure looks like she's packing heat,

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image source?

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It's a pixiv album so the post number is in the filename

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Not him but where is reimu getting her "floating" then?

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thanks bud

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妹紅 is cool in the latest fighting Touhou.

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can you reach the moon with your immortal smoke anons?

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Pedobear always wins

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Mokou ROCKING OUT at the Prismriver concert!

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That's not funny.

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Would the child be immortal too?

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Yes it is.

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i love mokou

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24 hours.

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No it is not.

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How would you get Mokou to warm up to you? No pun intended.

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Giver her Kaguya's severed head.

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easier said then done

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what does moko smell like

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she just has Keine dress her

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A combination of charcoal, cigarette smoke, and blood from all the times Kaguya turned her into mincemeat.

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It comes with being a "vessel" or a priestess.

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Depends if the bear knows aikido or not

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A combination of charcoal, cigarette smoke, and Kaguya's blood from all the times she turned Kaguya into mincemeat.

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should i fuck mokou in the butt?

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it would probably make her pretty sore

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Mokou's tits aren't this big.

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They are anon, the shirt is just too big